Tuesday, 27 April 2021

A Windy Hot Plymouth Afternoon out

 With the weather being like it is, time off work was meant to be and does feel good, sure there are extra stages to be done and also the chance of new projects to overcome, but with some people still not working as normal until later on in the year, It was time to spend the Sunday with family. Since it just means content for others and also money for the fun future will have to wait. Sure some bits were purchased for an errand and also for a upcoming review, but it was also a rare chance during the maybe near end of the pandemic. 

But for now lets begin this day

The Day before. 

So actually it was coming to the end of the second week of work, this past week as been quieter than usual. Even with batteries ordered and given a box of mini eggs and also moving around a bookcase purchased actually on Thursday. 

Moving headsets above a cabinet 

The new bookshelf on the right hand side in darker brown 

The new bits of stock on the top of that bookshelf 

The box of Mini eggs from a supplier 

It also meant that I finally had to start shifting stuff on amazon, well just the games and put them at competitive prices on games The business has already lost the money on and nearly had for like 3 years so it is a fucking craze. But that gave me to have to run back and forth from the post office to get to pay the £21.10 for 7 games to be posted which only 1 of them was a parcel, the rest were large letter, on RM 2nc class signed for, which that does make the losses worse but its better than sitting there on the shelf forever in most cases. But that was done then it was time to come home, which was okay and then another walk of the dog before it was time that mum says we will have the final indian takeout for a while due to the 20% until end of April. Which we tried dome different items this time, which was nice and it still reminds me of nearly 2 years ago.

The Indian takeout 

Then it was time to catch-up with online questions to make that little bit extra money for the future, Since there are  weekend bonuses about to be had as well, but i managed to get 20 done until 0:20 which meant a nice rest for the sleep. Which then it was time to wake up later on. Plus it was hard to type and deal with a phone call 

A Morning.

Well it was the 8am alarm according to Google Nest Mini, and then it was time to check the phone to see how things have been, Some small updates here and there is the vibe here of the choice of what to do, either work or spend time with family since mum and dad really wanted to get away from it all, But eventually after that it was soon time to get up and then the nice vitamin C drink before my sister called and she was eventually free and not doing anything, so it was time to get changed and check details and emails before the drive to Saltash was to begin. This was also the time to try some shoes out which I had in my cupboard for a few months at least now, When i tied them on, they did make me worry they would slip like an old pair of them from shoezone did before. 

The shoes from Lidl

As the drive happened, some music was playing, My dad asked me if I wanted to learn to drive in Mum's Dad's car since he is no longer comfortable to drive after the recent revelations the past months. I did decline it and I know I've had some anxiety about the choices that could lead to a fair bit of complications and even legal issues, one day I'll have to talk to someone about it. 

The Devils journey 

But then we got to my sisters and we greeted her and shortly after a little chat, we all got in the car and then it was the drive over to Devil's point, passing the Tamar bridge and even  passing the road I had my 2nd and 3rd date nearby, which was 4 years ago now. The sun was out but the wind was even stronger. 

Crossing the Tamar bridge 

As we drove there, we almost lost that car parking space but we got one but had to get out of the car and then the wind really shown its presence here, then we got out of the car and then views were really amazing to see, well its not one to get bored of too often anyway. 

The view of Plymouth from here 

A look to the Cornish coast corner

Then it and the most western point of the Coast was to walk on the path and pass the Devil's point, from the deepest or not really, part of the estuary and then we made our way to the steps to Royal William Yard, which going to the stairs, it was actually a case of going to head a headache or dizzy feeling as I went down the stairs, it reminds me as I felt the same back in 2019 with the escalators on the tube. 

Looking North 

The blurred looked at the south

Using the Redmi Camera app to take the pic 

Then it was passing places such as the wagamamma I had my hear broken from one piece of **** that stole a love from years ago on one very day back in 2014. We then got to the green area and then decided to have something from the Bistro Rapid red van and then it looked soo good. But with them, the baguettes, they had butter on them so instead it was easier to have a Fanta and a muffin. It was since and it was some good talks too, from realising my mum's hair is the longest its been since she had given birth to me a long time ago. That and we were planning to take the wall to the other side after the carpark.

The muffin and the fanta 

Then we all decided to walk to that other side and the devils Point cafe was the plan after a quick one person pay 20p then let me in after before the door shut toilet, which actually the toilet was cleaner Than I thought it was going to be too. But the Lemonade refresher was nice and the walk over was short but a good time for more jokes, even if some will say they were insensitive too. The Wind was also weird wth it being bluestery jn one part but slightly further up and it was quiet, it was also the place I wanted to try to go swimming in one day but since its right next to a ferry port, it might be toxic in the long run. 
A look at the island for us to see 

The view of the mainland almost direct line of sight.

The lemonade Ice lolly

A Barbican late lunch

Then we decided to walk back and then it was to drive to the second part of the day out, the hoe or barbican . Which more talk about memories I was not involved in and also passing memories I had been involved in too from Wedding Fairs to the hotel fro the apple interview even 9 years ago or so. 

But then we parked up just after the restaurant on the corner of the hoe, we then walked our way down to the barbican to then pass the smell of fish and chips, which with the spur of the moment, my mum wanted some, so we walked our way to the centre of the Barbican and then to pass a place which I've not been eating there since the first date I ever had . This makes it easier to have a nice sausage and chips. 

Battered Sausage and Chips 

Then it was squeezed into a bench with all of us there and it was a hard one to comfortably eat plus i was getting full when eating the rest of the leftovers the family didn't want, it was also a spare drink out so i had that and it made me burp, which I was loudly doing and then got told to behave according to mum. But the views of the glistening ocean and the marina is nice. 

The marina looking out to sea 

The marina and barbican

But then we were going to walk across to Vue and the east side but mum and sister REALLY wanted to go to primark and it  was also time to really get the eye on the prize to get some bits and extra pieces, It was lucky i transferred £50 from savings just in case we did go shopping, since I had some errands to get done and last time was to town was actually august last year.  But first was to menkind since some bits and pieces were to be looked at and well there was actually more bits at work along the lines of what was on offer, sure other places were closed and also I  passed a shop,  saw someone that one broke my heart from what feels like another decade ago was only 6, even though that someone that did break my heart a decade ago actually likes some of my instagram posts and even tried to add me on Facebook a few months back. 

Eventually though it was to Poundland to get more tricks done and well jeans to buy and need to cut, I feel like I've lost my sense of style and also could be a tiktok video when i get the chance to film it. 
We will see how things play out but for £5 thats actually good value. Lets be real here,  Life ain't without its bad sides but its time to start getting back to me as I can  slowly add things on the go. But then it was time  to get some extras, the snacks and sauces got tempting but budgeting is important since part of me has not felt in this out of control. But instead the slush puppie ice lollies were really good 

The shopping from Poundland 

Then it was the call to get back to meet up with family, which said they would be at the costa about a few minutes, But I got there and did not see them, so went into game and looked around and even saw a Series X for the first time too. But then it was time to go around the long way and find them from costa like actually more near kfc than costa. But As i got there, they greeted me with a Costa smoothie which last time I had one, it had milk in it and i argued with them since they could have said or put milk in it, luckily it did not. But then in the heat, with a bit less wind, we powerwalked our way to the car. Which was actually the 5 minutes shaving off time before the ticket was up. 

The finished cup of smoothie as I got back to the car

Then it was the drive at the end of the day. 

The end to a warm family day: 

Then it was driving via the back roads where we came to come in, from the same roads of passing the pub with the tortoise for my second and 3rd date. But then we got back to the Tamar Bridge and then back home but before, we dropped my sister off first, the pugs greeted her and then one had a seizure but then we made sure it was okay and then time to head back home and reflect. But with the evening upon us, it was soon time to walk Rosie and well we left home to walk her about 6pm and then walked to the river for more ball to play. She really did enjoy that, some other dogs were there as well for a little bit and they barked but rosie ignored and played ball. 

The sun in the sky at 6pm 

Rosie playing ball

Then it was the time to get home which we did by 6:50 odd. then it was the time to relaxing with family and get some movie time in with them while having a bit of leftover tiger bread on that tea. But the curiously cinnamon was a nice touch to the ham and also to the teriyaki and lime pickle. But that ham is not too bad and the bread was going hard. 

The Sandwiches

So there we have it, the day out which was might be the last bit of family time for a while, there is more spoils to say about soon and I still have videos to film as well as both jobs to sort out, but we can see how it happens. 

so long for now