Monday, 30 August 2021

A Summer Final Family Bank Holiday outing

 So, its the final week of the UK summer for the most part, for me its been just intensive as pretty much working to the fragile point of snapping. From people knocking on doors to even just very long days. But it had some good points as well as the feeling of well just to freeze. But with stress actually easing off with the gaps in-between big stresses of demands to fulfil and nearly a whopping £2,000 spent in only a week or so. Ouch. 

A Renovation of work . 

There have been some positives such as a Renovation on the shop, with the Panels fitted up a week ago now and that does make a big difference. With the family helping out on that, it made it feel decent, then it was getting the next plan of more panels to fit together and then that even got me some blisters. But that was a nice morning spent doing that. 

Progress Halfway through

More walls and cutting the sign 

The panel on the wall 

Then it was the stage of hanging it over, well the stock on the wall and things like that. Which was after another cycle of work as per. But one customer was demanding me to visit me in the shop due to a second refund for a purchase so that put it off, but eventually it was getting more like a shop. 

The stock before preparing 

Part of the stand  sorted 

One stand done, the wall and other stand to go 

But then it was more to finally get it sorted, even with taking an extra 45 minutes closed to get it renovated to help it get done, since it was actually needing that time, heck some was on a timelapse but the timing to get it done, well it hasn't existed in all honesty and this lead to me just feeling stretched to fuck. Especially with the week before missing a fireworks vlog to get done due to this. But in the end it was time t really get some things caned, from the hanging of the stock to even sawing up some wood. 

The selfie of the morning 

The sawing of the wood

Mostly there and nicely laid out 

The Wall mostly completed even with the desk having some way 

Back to the Grind

But then it was back to the grind and catching up, some people still handed in a laptop when the door is shut, but it was good since at the same time, there were gaps so I could actually even start tackling the accounts, which I was wanting to get done at the same time as seeing if i can get a video editing session sorted for the vlog of getting that hanged up. But Things were getting sort of eased off. Sure I had to get some flowers and beers as thank you presents even if it was another delay to be done for that to work, But hey it was also the first time to eat lunch during work since the friday.

The flowers and beer 

The Pasta was actually quite nice

But the plans get to confuse me, lets be fair on the clear part, the work was not done. But with some delays from long days and also from exhausted emotions, even when it was nice to reach out to friends from the past and ones recovering from their crazy life too. Plus getting the chance to order a new product for a omracer's review as well. 

mum dropped over a nice vimto flavour drink 

The new item for a omracerreviews

A lush indian takeout 

But then to it gets to the Weekend, it was having to rush and prepare for the next week of a fair bit of intense work, well on the bank holiday Monday  at least, But that also meant with a long day which I did not get home until 6:30, but that day was also ruined via trying to put Google Services on the Huawei MatePad T10 aka AGR-W09. Plus not getting my work keys in the morning means there and back again to home and back to work, but that helps towards the 10k steps a day mark. 

I eventually got home and then got a voicemail regarding parents going out to spoons, But the minute i walked in the back door due to a side door being faulty lock, Rosie Wagged her tail and that means, well having to walk her, which means more being in clothes before getting to finally change and then have a late tea while still working on that tablet, but alas its been no luck, but then it was time to get pics uploaded, well on the socials since its been that long of a week since Posting. But that and my energy and motivation was low and feeling it was easier to just close and reflect, but well, luckily it was nice to finally have that refresh for the sunday. 

The tea from Saturday night 

The night light to show i was exhausted  

The Sunday: A Sunday Looe Family Outing: 

The Morning Dogwalk

So once it was waking up to the next day, it was another sunny Sunday to deal with, now there were plans for a trip to my sisters since she had the sunday off. But eventually after waking up around the 8:55 mark from a fap, me and mum took a trip up to the moors with Rosie, for a Sunday early morning #dogwalkingwithmumracer, it was nice, the weather was sunny, a little wind in the air, but with the chance of the campervan being shown with some people that camped overnight. 

Walking Rosie on the morning 

But as we got to the leat, Rosie dropped both balls there and that means we had to ask another dogwalker to help reach for the ball with the plastic holder, but then we both carried on, she trotted in the water and then we carried on, crosses the lead to get back to the car, she was then hiding in the ferns due to the heat but snarled at me. Eventually we all got to the car and then back home. 

A view from the leat before I crossed it 

Time for the Prepare and ride down to there

Then we got home and I made a smoothie just as my sister called asking about the plans, so it was a apple, strawberry, vitamin C tablet and pineapple smoothie. But then it was charging the watch and getting ready, I did get a text from someone special too with reminded me on going back to bang bang and then it was time to leave.

The smoothie

Then it was the car ride, it was time to get in the car and we drove off, the Sun was out, there was some earpopping due to a window and then it was clear once another window went down, but then we got there, there also was a plan to take the train but from checking Train Pal, the changeover time would make it a bit tight too. So we didn't.

The route

The Drive to Looe:

The meet and greet was nice, I did step in one of the pugs dry dogshit but that didn't stain, but after seeing a revamp o a Kitchen, we decided to drive to looe via the back roads, Which we headed out around the 11:50 mark, from passing roads, caravan parks, smelling chicken shit and then Seeing Road closures and cafes I want to try to visit again in the next year or too. But then it was soon to head to the big 

The road to the Looe

But then it was time to get to the car Park and well this was chaos, it was a good 7 minutes of searching for a car space, But then we left since it was THAT crowded and especially with the ticket, some people would be paying for parking without actually parking up, But then we crossed the bridge and went to the East looe and just as we were debating to drive to Trago, a Parking space appears and we got in, which was Close, sure it cost £4.80 for  4 hours but it was well worth that factor. This was at around the 1pm mark. 

The Car Park

The Looe Exploration: 

So then it was first off to get lunch, which Kelly's just by the car park is the go to, and they did not disappoint, sure we went in the wrong way but found a table then we went to order. For me it was Battered Sausage and chip, and the rest had Fish and chips. 2 Rio and 2 Fanta to cover each of us as a drink. 
While waitng for the food

The battered Sausage and the chips as well as those wooden sticks 

We then chatted away and eaten, I finished mine first and did have some of the others food too before we eventually finished and it was time to explorer the town. So there were a few stops for me and the family to visit. 

The shopping and exploration. 

So first up was the plan to go to the market just opposite the fish and chip shop, It always has some nice titbits and actually since the grtabtab decided to die on me, so it needed to be replaced and well for £3.50 there was a basic white one in stock. So I got one, there was a chance  of getting to the 
make sure  I have less chance to break the phone, its plain but it would do the job. 

The Finger Grip from the market 

Then it was exploring and going past a few shops, but that ended up to get to pas crowds in Looe, But it worked, to pass places. From going around the left by steakhouse to then pass the bar and turn right to the beach.  Its the same route taken every time we get to loo and explore it. As we past, there was a sweet shop or two with loads of imported snacks and well last time i remember they had koolaid in stock, later i found out why he didn't. 

The streets to walk by with the sun out 

But then we walked to the toilet, which mum and sister wanted to go to, we then waited and walked our way to have drinks in the beer garden in the boscarne, which actually is the first time I've ever been in there, in the end 3 of us had Lime and Lemonade and dad had a korg. The heat was nice but almost skin burning, but there was even more of a cute vibe with a ginger cat called sonic, but some guy was petting, Also I swear I  saw an ex a few tablets behind me but maybe its my imagination. 

The pint of Lime and Lemonade

A sea breeze afternoon

Then after slurping and taking for a bit, it was time to head off to finally dip the feet in the sea, which mum and sister thought it was cold, but my feet adjusted quicker than it was before. But that was nice then it was time to walk to the side tro have a quick rest, well all of us did to be fair, soaking in the sun is the best term here. 

The Feet in the sea

The view of the sea 

The Duckrace to watch and bites to eat 

Then it was the case to finally walk and explore more on the quayside, which includes lazy jacks, lifeboat station sales and also a lush oreo brownie, which was nice, even if it was starting to melt in the sun as tiny bit. But it was finally time to get back to the shop of sweets to ask about Koolaid and turns out the owner got lectured due to the sugar but that was 5 years ago since I remember getting them. But instead we went for a Polar seltzer and a Fanta strawberry. 

The Oreo brownie 

Actually me and mum shared the Polar Seltzer which actually for it to supposed to  taste of mango and Lime but it was actually just tasteless. But the fanta strawberry for actually another day. 

The Fanta Strawberry 

Then it was actually going to be the chance to view a duck race on the estuary, turns out the local lions club were doing that, Which meant it was time to watch the view of the rubber ducks down the current, especially with the other hundreds of them. The crowds were quite busy. for that. 

The nets and the preparing for the ducks 

After waiting and starting to make our way back to the car, but the ducks were finally caught and it was classic duck race, it felt like old times in that way. But then it was later an ice cream time, i skipped since I wasn't feeling up for one either. 

The duck race 

The Final part of the day 

As it was nearing the end of the day, We passed some more shops and then it was time to head back to the car, which there was theories of doing a stayover in looe for experiencing the night life in looe along with the restaurants n the back alley. 

The back alley way

But then it was the sunny drive back to my sister's place, it was a nice ride, the sun was still clear for that and the memories were nice, but eventually we got back and then chilled while checking a few things. But it was then time to get home and sort Rosie out for a walk, But the clouds were coming in and that was the fair point, Instead we just played ball in the garden. Then it was another nice bit of leftovers for tea before the day was done and to type this up. 

Then it was basically the last 2 days of the months Which I'll go into in the next day or two, since its the end of the BPD to check on the boners this past month. 

But for now, we will catch up and since free time is coming, it means I can get videos sorted.