Friday, 31 December 2021

Another year of pandemic and revelations - 2021 year in review - Part 1

 Well, here we go again, as the meme from a remaster gets shown later on in this year, heck, even a week from when I typed this. But 2021 has been one year of lockdowns and also working in overdrive, vaccines and chest pains, delay on freedoms and vlogs and the social side that is non existence. But this is going to be the start of this review of the year. There is a lot to sort out here so it will be time to begin. This will be split into 2 parts to make sure phones and dvices do not crash when reading this . 


Well here is comes, it was only going to be a few days before the start of #lockdown3, which this was going  to be a tough one but refreshing in some ways, sure there was that relaxing time it could have and some customers were cancelling visits due to the higher outbreak, plus it was also time for clearouts to be sorted, well in the shop anyway. But that is where out bits begin,  Well after the end of 2020 music video. 

We start from that first night of working non stop of video editing that music video, which I've noticed i've been slacking, but I did not have energy as much as now, weird as i've gotten older but more energy isn't it ? . But what was to happen for this year, seems liked this was only the beginning of change. A Roast always has the start for it Plus taking family out before things were going to be chaotically bad, sure there was a snapchatting with someone off and on for a bit of that but to be honest, I wasn't as interested anymore, especially with the future holding with something special. Especially watching cartoons on netflix was going to be needed for the lockdown

The first roast of the year 

and first fryup with leftover party food for the year 

A view from weir quay

The sunset in the clouds appearing

A selfie on the pebbled beach

Which it was only those small days to remember until it was gong to be the words, #lockdown3, which then it was also the time to get things cleared out, which also introduced me and mum to get some fakeaways,  

#Lockdown3 begins

A nice fakeaway to start lockdown3 

But this is where it was to get back to working online, which I knew it was going to be needed more than ever, but it was also the end of some stories with customers to come, and the start of new supplier relationships in the coming months. But  it was that day after cleaning out which I almost collapsed in the bathroom after getting out of the bath, maybe it was the heat but nerves caused a part of that and I know nerves in the future were going to be there and it will get worse in that way. 

This was also the time the Resolutions were checked out, but for that, it was a fair bit of time to wait and that will be in another post to talk about some of them. Some didn't go so well, even with PS Plus purchased and other things too. 

It was also visits being sorted to make sure its ready before it really kicked in for the lockdown, sure its not as bad as lockdown 1 but it goes to show that its a mix of lockdown 2 and lockdown 1 in one go. Plus it was the time in america for things to show their true colours, especially with Trump now leaving and Biden going in, Plus it was also the time that it was going to plan out some reviews which it was my introduction to Kickstarter of all things, this month was anyway

Which those will arrive in their own time, some that never do actually either. In all honest, only 2 have turned up, one in April and one in November, The other has not turned up.But with more time at home, it means more time to get some online work done and have lunch during the day as well. Which I cannot complain at that and well sure weight goes up but that will even out again, But the sandwich filler with tiger bread was nice to get sorted. 

The Bournbon Egg Mayo sandwich

This leads to work being done and low and behold, it was going to be a case of running to get a visit done, since it was better for that and there was going to be a clean for it to work and that in turn was over 10 years since my first ever vlog and the editing was to be in the same format as that for it when making one up, wait that was last year. No, that did not happen and it was the case to do a vlog of the first few days of 2021. 

Running on Roads for visits 

Around this time was actually one last time I spoke to a friend, which it was her birthday, and after that, there was no more replies after a month later of all those celebration days in the next month. 

But this was soon to be more of the change of Tyres  since the inner tubes have had that mention of breaking and it was going to the point of having to change them at last once every 2 months, which later on that would change from a surprise, but for now it was the pain of taking the wheels out, changing the tyres and cleaning them, Plus with more cartoons watched and get trending on twitter, but it also means the return of the toasted sandwiches to get started of what could be a more relaxing time. 

The toasted Sandwich for it 

The Bike upside down 

After its been cleaned and tyres fitted 

But then it was just the knuckle down to get some work done and with it being the case of plans and even being able to maybe stream fall guys using the PS+ and also working online to save up for food funds in the future and well that was going to be some change towards that maybe. One of my laptops used for Video editing was finally sold, which is good since they have started to struggle with editing for the most part too.  That and toonme

It was coming on to the part of  new releases which were of the plan to be some of the most memory based as that hits me in the feels, and that was Scott Pilgrim, But that was going to be one of those moments and even I resurrected a channel just for gaming and to be honest, that only last 1 month since it got abandoned,  plus this android box got broken when trying to sort it so thats the end of that part really. 

But the plan with gfuel was a long way off and this was going to be the plan for energy to give for later on But for now it was coming to more visits over places and time, this doesn't change one bit,. Yelverton was one of the longer ones to visit in that time, heck if i recall it might have been a battery for replacing. There were more toasted sandwiches to be had and the plan. Especially as the week ahead was another PS5 drop. Plus with being able to stay home and work online is what I wanted

The sausage roll pineapple chocco nussa toasted sandwich  

The same then add some pineapple after it on the plate 

Then it was coming up to that first Ps5 drop of the year, but things were going to become uneasy, which on both the family side, and maybe even money side, but this was to be the combination of both. Waiting lists for the console has been a almost fucking pisstake but alas it was going to be the case,  But This was good on reps to help out as always. This was also the time of watching Wandavision since well, Marvel and Disney + was really pushing itself to work as it wants to showing the expanding universe to explain films later on. 

But the dualshocks are always that popular, the PS moves are like diamonds on selling/stock in twice a year and well the Pulse Headset for the vibes of popular indeed, well actually not as much later on. But it was overdue and time for a vlog to catch up with things, 

The Consoles finally in stock

Stock of them still grows 

The surreal of the empty streets

But as it comes to it, This was that time of making sure rhey were sold without too much noise being made due to risk of more allegations such as what was november 2020 and well, that vlog was overdue for it to work out and involved some of the plans for this year. Especially as time for video editing I did have and it felt nice to get videos done, which later on the videos would be almost at a standstill in the late future sadly. Plus I did buy some bits from Menkind which were going to help with content creation in the future.

Which then it was to catch up and more to be done, some family laptop repairs to help on things and it was something with a FF chat but this has been overtime and to be honest, one of those moments of existence has to ponder and also saving up to hopefully enjoy it with the right timings too. Since that was helping its in its own time, with small payments in Boots and M&S here and there..

But then it was getting some time to spend with family, well helping to tidy up the Paddocks my dad owns, which was to clean up fallen apples off the trees and also shared ruslters burgers for lunch on that time, It was this point that also the Ruslters UK account did follow me on twitter too, a verified food brand i might add...

The Ruslers and the naked noodles

The fallen parts of the trees and apples to clean up 

The Plane in the clear evening sky

Now it was the next week which was when it was time for having to deal with some parts and helping favours of friends which end up with some paypal disputes, Which things really did act bad but its that worry of repetition, but the future of 22 might be making amends on that. But working until 2am on rave for nights is not ideal but needed in some cases. But this was also the week of getting some extra money in for other foods and takeouts.  But also it was the time of Egg and bacon PAsties to enjoy from um as well, this was a lockdown habit that did work out nicely. Plus Shaving on Instagram Live again is one of those habits that is a rushed out quick video.

The Egg and bacon Pasty

The mini order from Menkind which might help for vlogging in the future

But it was nearing the end of the month, the snow was on its way back, Time to knuckle down for online work and actually the snow was always that small part of it, the icles by the railway line was a helpful hint on some of the beauty of Late winter (early February nearly). 

The icicles on the granite

Snow on the moors

and yet its always Rosie wanting the ball 

Plus it was a first Payment from Google Adsense in over 6 YEARS, since getting the partnership back in 2020 and the balance was slowly growing from the blogs, in pence and not £ so not rich. Speaking of the Finance, this was the time of the Wall streets bets to buy into gamestop, and I did not make that buy since i forgot i can buy microshares of companies, Some of those shares i STILL have too, but Blackberry I did sell in the end. 

The Adsense payment

Investing for the first time 

Then it comes to having the back to the shopping in Tesco and Lidl, from Daim cakes one time to later on it would be Oreo desserts, which actually, both are incredible rich and fattening and will buy for when i get to meet again. Plus it was that memory of when a Bike got stolen from 2017. Plus purchasing some drive thru clip that was on off wasn't bad but american so meh. 

The shop from tescos for the Essintals back in that lockdown 

Ginger biscuit ham sandwiches are a thing too 

That story of a memory from 4 years ago 

But it was the demand for visits that was going back up, which means less time to focus on jobs and well, more time for other things, well real life jobs. But soon  the clouds were coming over, and it was when my nan had a fall, and this was going to be the start of a few months of uncertainty and how lockdowns make things much more complex. Ther was also the retiring of the sonic voice actor (ignore that, changed when it comes to steptember, aka back again) . This was evident that February will not feel the same..

The moon ver the clouds

The part of news ofr this is that I was able to have more time to myself, but was it right to use that time to get what needed to be done, in hindsight I do regret the wasted time but tat the same time, things were very uncertain back then indeed. 

Playing games in the car while waiting for the ambulance to leave for safety reasons 

But the last day of January to myself, with some chores to srt off more and more, there waa that coincidental moment of a AZ vaccine causing the mild stroke a day after, sure there was anice roast port and mum was going to be pushed to her limits but I managed to sort things out in my own way. Plus this was the time of joining a OF sub which was like £4 for the month which seems too good to be true but had its good moments. But its remembering that realism for me is a long way off and with lockdown, the dreams are the only answers to hidden questions that we seek. Plus with more me time, i can cook more what I want, like omelettes. 

The Roast pork with gravy

2 egg omlettes

And then it was leading to the second and most uncertain of the months so far, February. 


So we begin with that mentality of how things were going to be bad, it was the second month, and well it was to be the time of having more freedom but when things could be uncertain, The first monday was the regular visits being cancelled, but this was going to be a bit of responsibility to handle, especially as lockdown means no normal lifestyle to open that way. But it was to try to count things to being some references to this article about finding love in a lidl. 

But then it was to be watching the original pokemon series on netflix which is nice to be able to catch up on some of the cartoons of childhood and ones I actually missed like not having a Sky subscription, but it was nice to finally do this while working online or even have to cope with a few anxieties over the lockdown like phone calls were become stressful and realising when the lockdowns hit, its not been much of me socialising online as much as people thinking, I mean i've never joined a Zoom meeting that was not about Teaching people how to use Zoom, so that was that and alos it was time that baking was done, which actually special friends and more were doing some baking of their own as well, of course my cooking was very filling and not nice looking. 

But as the day when it gets to being further inwards, FNAF VHS tapes are horrifying, especially when watching in a dark room and also nice to catch up with how Interesting Wanda Vision was getting and knowing it could lead to a big twist on how that cinematic universe was working. But this was finally the time to get a vlog sorted out and t here was another time for the weather to come in the way it has. Since it was time to go back to shopping in LIDL and yes this was when face mask were back to a legal requirement, which it was good to vlog more, but as I find out, Editing was going to be trickier with how the Laptop was becoming a pain to use and edit, more the rendering and the smaller resolution. Plus it was getting an OF sub to see how a gain goes . 

But that evening Dad stayed over and this bird was left on the road, almost like it was dying and well I managed to pick it up and put it safely on the bird table, shortly after me and dad looked at it on the table, it flew away. Which after this was another turn back to get to the time of going to nans and checking up on mum. Some Pizza was spent on that night as well from being a good feeder in a long winded risky way. 

The Bird on the road 

Safely in the bird table 

But then it was back to nans and this time it was that Oreo Torte purchased from the shop in Lidl as the next port of call and well, it was very rich and very nice, especially would buy for feeding if i ever get the chance to do that again. But of course it was not the mood for that at all and that sombre moment to help out that bit more too, Plus it was a Windy walk to Bere Ferrers for some fresh air while the sun was out in the late Winter months, 

The Oreo Torte 

The park in the wet for bere ferres 

After this it was going to be some exhausting runs to work, since the tyre was flat on the bike, it was best to run for the few visits I had to do in Tavi and some went to run on the road to princetown, well actually its back from that direction since of a visit easier to go over the moors instead of back tracking, the hills are steep an the road can be dangerous for sure. But with a beanie and some jeans that did not chafe, I was ok. Sure some texting while running was not too bad either, thought it was Beast from the east and that means high winds. 

The Road to run back on

It feels like classic me

And a nice all bran on soup to take the mind off things 

But it was also soon to be a collab with 2 different brands and this was looking like since it was then to luckily to stay in that bed a bit longer, even with Rosie cuddling and taking up my bed more so now since she was getting lonely but her attachment was making it hard to do things at night in some ways, even more so later on. Especially as soon it was time to clear the ex family room for another desk to be built at one point ot make things that little bit easier for me. 

A Cuddle in bed with Rosie 

The Ham toasted sandwiches 

Then the Chicken pastas mug shots in a bowl instead 

But that desk did have some arguments behind it but it was then to be cleared. Which that weekend was some Hard drives to organise and that involved having to order a new PCB for the laptop hdd that was in my desktop which the sata port decided to die on it and a backup from 2019 would do the trick, not much was lost but it would have been nice, later on it was an attempt to get it back *cough*November*cough and  well it was also to help me edit that little bit better which did not work as planned .

The before 

The Clearing out of that side of the Room 

The Desk fitted and the PC next to it. 

But this was also the time when the GPU pricing was getting noticeable, as I told a friend that ended being a sponsor/affiliate  since he won like 3 giveaways from them. Plus this was when MPs were spending more thsan me on food as gifts like Hotel Chocolat.

While some visits over at nans, it was time to get the vlog editing up since it was going to be that case of making sure to get it done, especially as a omracer eats was going to be special for that weetabix heinz collab and no, there was NO sponsorship on that. This part of the year was the main winter for the most part. But Mcvities have tweeted something about the beans and it was the same conbination of Dark chocolate and beans. 

But then it was finally to see nan when she came back home after 2 weeks in Hospital and it was also learning how her dementia was setting in and this was getting to be the heart breaking part but a part we also had to start to accept, since lack of movement and with the lockdowns comes the mental health aspect. Which as i type this months later, has been a improvement in some ways but it will get worse in the coming months and this could repeat again, even with carers and the like being setup, which that was coming soon on the agenda. But with some errands paid and the video editing coming through that timing was the way to be and productive was what i Wanted. Plus cooking for me and dad as well as Fires i could see from the garden is a very impressive and scary sight, which was not going to be the last of them. 

The Hunter's Chicken Fajitas

The Fire across the skyline 

the Skyline with the fire dying out a bit more 

But then it was getting to the day of finally getting the chance to getting the video editing and the chance to make this omracer eats, which did not turn out as planned it was nice to make the meal., 

The Preparation for the meal

the meal in the end 

Then it was being to tha pet of using Dolphin on the 6 Pro 35100 using Bluetooth now the dolphin extra drivers with make it work with Wii Motion plus so wii sports is needed. Plus some cake eating clip was on offer too.  Plus there were some Train Simulator DLC i wanted to purchase to eventually make some old routes re-created. 

But it was then going to be the case of nearly valentines day and one text was the end of things in that side but other text was good since seeing some donuts around too. But it makes things special on that side and well give me hope for the future is important, since it was coming to the part of over 1 year since seeing any people outside of family and work aka no social contact. But then it was the weekend of some home made dartmoor ice cream which melted. 

The black Forest brownie 

The Sweet chilli cookie ham sandwiches 

Then we go to catch up with some evening meals and then back to doing the visits in the morning and then soon  it will be the event of Pancake day which normally i do a vlog for that, but since the schedule it was getting stressful but seeing mcdonalds everyday was a nice treat.  But the pancakes this year was a Fibre version of them, Maybe i'm hoping to make more pancakes this holiday season as i Type this during the time we have left. 

The Pancakes 

But we get to the sad part of half of the month which it was the End for Google glass and that means vlogs were going to be a shame, which then it was trying to search in spare time to find either a replacement or to get something alternative, but that was the plan since of when lockdown ends, it will be time to have some freedom before going back to work. Especially as a day or so after, the strap from the Amazfit Bip S was time to rip .  

The End of Glass, RIP 

The End of the Strap, May 2020 - Feb 2021

Well not exactly, I taped it while waiting to buy a strap from ebay 

But it was Also the time for #dogwalkingwithomracer and getting some bits and pieces such as Paper and also the frozen food which always helps plus some birs for Rosie too since her chew habit can be a pain to deal with as the future will tell me. But as things go, it gets wet and working all weekend and I'm not talking about woring inside the house, I'm talking about having to accept deliveries and also taking to get more PS5's Sold since another Batched arrived, especially as Soon mum was going to be back home like what normal times are. 

A nice Shop from Tesco

More PS5s arrive 

Also other delivieres due to Price Rises for PS4 AND a limited Edtion switch that got locked away for 4 months 

But it then leads to that glimmer of Hope I might be able to start filming again but with not the time on my hands, this was going to look bad but with the potential of only 2 months left ( which future me was only starting to hear from the news) that the end of lockdown will appear, it was also for me to plan about different ways to feed, sure the mcdonalds and just eat was good for that choice but for when places do open up, getting to save money to enable is a good sign and well Tastecard has been advertising and well its could be time to give it ago. 

But it was also the learning of the Vaccines and how things can be risky of how some make some feel like shit and some were fine, the ones that were fine were pfizer and it was the Astra that was causing some nasty effects from that. But at that time, it was not known about the way the guidance will change, But the out of lockdown means some gains, both for me and people online but for that, it was going be a case of never getting to see that s a hindsight for well it is just fantasy and imagination of what that would be like. 

But that was to just be put back into thoughts for the most part and got for the cold pies with some gold bar which Gold bars are a lush weakness but even they have shrunk as the rate of inflation grows apparent. 

The lunch on that day

The Pineapple and Beef Toasted sandwich 

But as the sauces are to be apparent, the taste buds are always to be changed with new flavours and contents and this year will be no change to that rule for the most part. Also those Streaming those workouts, it was on this date in the end. 

But it was strange how Lidl was running out for the easter chocolate in FEBRUARY, maybe production is getting shorter and also it was the time to get addicted to the second best drinks of Nix and Kix. Which actually that is part of the Beer Festival that lidl do for some strange reason, and like £0.42 cheaper than even their own Website in the pack of 12 ? 

The Shopping total 

Then it was more importing trouble when plugging in the Phone to FCP X on the mac which 8.1 mod was not importing the h265 files and that was a shame since soon there was an upgrade for that, but that also caused havoc with attempting to get vlogs sorted or edited for the most part.  But eventually the strap arrived and finally got myself a working Smartwatch as well as the near end for Wandavision, plus the nice texting that kept me feeling not as hopeless which later on my doubts and anxietes will really go to struggle. 

The replacement Bip S strap 

Then it was cooking a buch of leftovers which ended up making me beyond full.  But it was soon to be this time which Work got to the big closecat of when fraud happens and this was going to be the chaos for over the next 2 months, even into the back to starting out normal vibe here. But when a supposed water leak comes through in work but doesn't actually affect work, it also gives me a bill which was 2 weeks to pay off when i only just got a letter, even with no water usage it was like £60  (ok a quarter  not a month), but it was soon to be a result from this attempt to pay that a card on the account was going to be a problem. 

Halfway though the unique bake 

The result of the bake 

Then it leads to the Sunday, with arranging with the family to get thing helped out and spend time, which I did, but before that was yet more walking and also having to organise lifting a recliner out but that was hard when waiting for the right time but the cat escaped when we did that, even though he did not return home when I woke up but after walking the dog, I returned to see him on the table. 

Then after that , we went to lidl to pickup some small shopping then off to nans to having lunch with both and spend time with the grandparents while one was a sleep and one was not sure what to do with herself. The Roast is nice and the cheesecake one of nan's neighbours got was really tasty too. 

The shopping from Lidl at £8.04 

The Roast chicken for lunch 

The cheesecake from the neighbours 

Then it was back to me on my own and using this time was maybe the chance I needed to get videos started, especially with March around the corner, Life needs to go on and cannot feel on pause forever,  even with visits coming back on a weekly basis again which was going to be that type of energy I need to give and work on. But it was also the risk of the end of grandad in this case since of that recliner to help his back, which even now its never been the same since and if feared, could have been the end of their freedom due to their health deteriorating in a bad way. 

Things were looking bleak and the important aspect of outside work and family was the only stable part and it did not fall appart in the main outset but months ahead cause that doubt and it was getting too scared to ask but that comes later. Especially now as we get into the 3rd month. Plus it was getting over having to pay for some things which is for the next month. Plus it was also the issue of having get some money sorted out which then fucked up a payment for some Glasses, now this was for a review in the coming weeks and i ended up paying £40 MORE than it should have been since the seller had no fucking IDEA that its not just EASY to contact paypal and when going in the ebay route, it turns out she was pissed at that..  


Now this was getting to the spirit of the final month of lockdown in all honesty, maybe for some positive signs and even for some of the fact that the bubbles were still going to the sounding of back to swing, it was back to getting regular visits, more PS5s were going to be on the way and more of the family stress which Grandad now being unable to walk which means more time to myself which helps. Except that we will find out. But we begin with getting some Gfuel picked up as well as a Desk that arrived which was eventually sold on again. Especially it comes to the point that I had to try to fit #dogwalkingwithomracer back in and it makes it tricky. 

The fazeberry gfuel with water 

That desk that arrived 

Because i had the chores to do, it means food was not on the take time agenda and the quick meals like noodles and extras to go with them were really good. 

Those mini meals 

 Which from the chaos of the issue with the payment a week from this, in the end it did arrive and this was for the Immortal Sunglasses, due to the way it was the closest replacement for what i used glass for but being it in good quality. But eventually they arrived. While that was happening, Family was in and out and this was also some extras like a Half of a pasty as well as leftover spring rolls and the microwaved meals.  It was also good that the weather was starting to pickup again since it felt nice to have that summer vibe, well it was like this back But the wind was picking up, like it did many years ago for the first ever date I had. 

The grass on the field in the hazey morning

Leftovers combined for cooking

The special pancake

Also the PCB for the drive did turn up, but  it will be many months before I attempt to change it and that ends up the issue of the bios being died or ANOTHER PCB to be ordered, but its not the end of the world. 

The hard drives to be changed

It was also more power cuts were becoming prevelants, It was also nice to play some of the games that were given free from Epic Store in the past year. It was nice to be texting someone at that evening too, since it was then coming up to the first week of reviews to be had,.The weekend was getting to be one last one of PS5s arriving in the shop, plus some laptops to be ordered as well, and Finally some time to get videos sorted was what I was getting around to doing. Plus on the way home it was a shopping trip which was the start of the end of work being simple for the next 2 months and even for longer. 

The shopping in lidl

Then I got back, as i was running home, i got a text from the bank work uses and mentioned a £300 charge in Sainsburys, So naturally I replied N and heard nothing until later on. And while that was me cooking, the call hung up on me, so that was it.... Works card was not cancelled for longer than others would expect, How long I'll tell you when you read on. 

The chicken and the mushroom

But this was then the time to get some of the videos I wanted to Sort, plus it was the start of more food being purchased in odds and nandos parts too. 

So this is when we start to get the videos film and made for this.. We now start with the Review of the glasses

The box 

The glasses on with the  UV lenses 

The quality of the camera 

As you can see it is not as nice looking as Glass is, the colour is less vivid but it is much cheaper than glass itself. But it was nice to get the video up in the end. And this was getting the argument of the time with that rep I Purchased the glasses from and it was the time of the #harrymeganinterviews as well, well watching the live tweets from it, since it was a few days later which we see it and truth was to be found from that and how the system is corrupt. 

But in between the second video and review  to be done. It was some calls to do and one of them ended up with Life insurance and this was also still expensive at £10 a month even for a virgin that has been tea total and well only 57k if I die is not very much. 

But with that out of the way, alot of mental stress and scary thoughts were beginning, this part was with the fact that some care insurance providers do not provide learner driver insurance to the over 30s which isnt scary as such but that pressure from outside can make this a bit nerve wracking, maybe being on my own is another cause of that too but its how things are and the way the life falls at you. 

Plus it was the issues with the AZ vaccine which was making me on edge and at this time it was not to be worrying about since some get it early and even my mum were soon to have theirs, what happens from that and she was knocked out on the first day she was meant to start work. I'll be honest and dad was paranoid about it and that also causes MORE pressure and later this year it gets to fallouts and big changes due to this.

But with this emotion in the due, the distractions were getting a bit more here and there, from the TMNT game announcements to even dealing with Rosie not feeling her self and eating grass as night and that means walking her at 1am to 2am. But it was time to get a Ring light review sorted since I will need a replacement Tripod and actually it does well for that purpose, even witthout the light itself 

The ring lights 

It is quite tall in the end 

But that was when a Carport was recent winds were really not doings its work and that causes Rosie and finley to worthy overnight, I got nagged for not calling parents at 3am in the morning for it. But it was lucky safe and sound did not have a ruined neighbours roof on their hands, but this was their first carport so maybe why things went wrong, but then  review was out of the way. I could get some work done while getting it uploaded. Plus a Kickstarter got purchased which even months later has not turned up, Good old USB Type C batteries (AA and AAA but have a Type C port) 

But this was also bad news that one of my friends from work had passed away, she was a lovely customer that said and felt like I was a son to her and even when lockdown started last year, I still made effect to make sure sure was ok but her illness sadly caused more pain overtime and even back in November,  I went to bring flowers to her care home. 

She knew some truths I've not shared even now, months later and with that that can be secrets which she would be up in the sky giving me advice even now.  But this was how things were going and in most cases it was like a second opinion i could talk to in real life about things I worry on, now its easier to talk to myself or keep it inside. 

. But it was the last thing me and her talked about, she did call me on the mobile a few times by accident, But the lockdown 2 and 3 mean its  now too late. This was also time to go to work and have jeans off while video editing and turn the blanket as well as making bagel sandwiches too.

The hoodie used as a leg blanket 

The bagel, crisps and the cold baked beans from a few weeks ago not used .

This was then the tensions mounting in the politics and news, From police  officers murdering an innocent girl in London  which was making things aware more of the fact that violence againt women is always happening and it gets more and more louder on the actions. But it was then to get a cooking video done on how to make crispy seaweed since I wanted to finally get it right and I do get it pretty nice but that extra salt is not the best. 

The crispy seaweed with the extras 

This was also more chores and getting mothers day prepared, since it means its to make sure I appreciate her and also it was nice so me and dad did get some shopping done after such as the flowers for that day and even Catfood too. 

The shopping in Tesco including the mother days presents 

More shopping in Lidl 

Then more visits were getting booked and had to sort out a PC to build like last minute on the other side of town due to a motherboard that some Retailer GLUED to the CASE using that HOT glue stuff. Then that took longer and family called since I was gone for a 3 hour stint. But then it was the time to enjoy mother's day which had some nice food and the Daim cake that did not melt for that most part and it was nice too, like an afternoon tea of sorts from the shop near work that provided it but later on the eye to eye ness will be well not tested but just never happened. 

Then goody bag to take with us, 

The first plate of the Sunday afternoon tea . 

As itr was then to get more TV setups and wifi sorted, it was also learning about how Phone calls are getting to intensive for me and its causing me stress and its making me just feel to give up with parts but like things, stopping does not work. Plus the family negativity was quite high and gets like that more so in the future. But this does affect things in the short time until its only less than 4 weeks of being back to normal in some respect. Dementia is not one thing to mess around with and I do empathise with others that go through it, heck one day family members if i get any offspring might be having these doubts and fuck, might even read what I went through however long ago being 28 is from what age I deteortiate if i make it that long. But seeing mcdonalds spent daily did cheer me up. 

Due to how things were, I had to post cash off to get this Bill paid due to people not listening, of course during #Lockdown3, people were not in the office So it was a wonder if it would even arrive. But in the endgame, some lunch bits here and there as well as more just fair. But there was an idea, since of the fun times of eat out to help out was good for some weight gain, there was an advert for tastecard, now that was to see if it would help out with some food bills and eating out as places were opening up, So that was Tastecard to be introduced, Which £20 for 6 months is a good idea to try 

The Tastecard 

But then it was actually to be the case of how to find them, like it really was hard to find and even family could not find it But Tesco locally had it so, that was where it was from. Later on it disappeared but somewhere even closer to me was selling it, so keep an eye out for that. It was also coming up to the anniversary of the Lockdown 1 and when I left, which means the anniversary is emotional at best. 
But even with this is twas the case of cooking for dad. which in this case was the plan to use the Lidl based Fajita Kit to make some nice food. Which using the frozen mince, it did work out nicely even the spice was a bit much from the nandos. 

The fajita kit 

The results

Now this was a start that mum was starting to stay home and come home more often now the granparents have recovered better than hoped which especially as that felt like normal life was waiting to be resumed and it was getting closer and closer to that. This was also the time of finally planning out a reminder to sort out the Power of Attorney for 2030 which can help sort things out in the 10 years left to make sure its done before both parents have their mental state problematic since it is one of those things and it is getting that age. 

As the weekend was approaching Friday was the case of a nice bit of pasta and weetabix in the a toasted sandwihc, there was a nice spend in a garden centre for someone and also more creating cooking, but since the next week was planned out for more PS5s coming, things were going to be busy for the most part. Online work helped with things as well. 

The leftover Pasta in a toasted sandwich with Weetabix inside 

But as work progressed another walked happened and later on was the cooking of my favourite rice, Nasi Goering and added some Tikka Masala sauce to it. 

The nasi goring tikka masala with the extras as well

As things were doing their job, it was doing shoutouts for people's birthdays and other events, Even while going shopping in Lidl. 

Some bits and pieces just got the cash amount for 

Which then it was to get more sorted and in the shop it was for some clearouts while being able to get a printer delivered as well since people always want printers during that time. The Sacktruck has been such a good help with it being moved around, come to think of it, the food was always good and the devils cake was a suggestion from someone that I didn't know if they were real at all. 

The box with the bits in 

Now I got home and did get calls as to why I'm late and well it can be annoying but it made me then decide to get some tea and a omelette was the best choice for this, especially when watching Pok√©mon on Netflix too. 

The Omelette with Cookies and other bits and it was lush

As this was now the weekend since Lockdown 1 was on the verge of the day away, its been changed on how things have changed me for the maybe worse. Google was getting to show signs of server issues and also  it makes it worse when Vigils were getting violent. But all you can do is just hope for the best and even to make the small changes to see if it works out too. 

Now this weekend was going to be soon the final times of having the place to myself in small cases, and it was nice for mum to be home again, with both granparents not knowing its been 1 month, nan's dementia was thinking shes been there for one night when tis nearly been 2 months. But Helping dad move the recliner back in since grandad nearly fell off it is one thing. Plus those alarm calling systems were going to be setup but they did not really use it, in the long term anyway. And some reflections on the past and graves too. 

Then it was more of the chance to sort out PS5s, 8 turned up and one I sacktrucked to my Ex bosses neighbour in exchange for a Cabinet (No, he paid in full, just a skip the queue as a favour back then)  and those lidl smoothies are nice too. 

More arrival

A smoothie for lunch

Then it was soon time to get the sacktruck and walk to collect the Cabinet, which actually was the same as the other ones I've got in the shop too. After visiting, we both got it strapped and taped in, which then one chatting to get some Gridwall in the next 2 weeks is a chance too, But Eventually, another 20 minutes and I got it in there, and then to unpack and move it around, which looked like it was going to work nicely. 

The new cabinet is facing us

Then it was that wait for those to be sold and it did not slow down as much as it sounded. So those were gone and that helped fo the massive plan to get some time to get online work done, due to a big dentist plan to sort out for a favour in one way, but sometimes its important for those things. 

As it comes to the end of that month, with still no confinece to get the card sorted out, Work just adapted to BACS and making non direct debit standing orders ot others, for that one I pad cash, I had no choice but to use a Paypal card. Plus toasted sandwiches were soon to end for a fair bit of time as well as the First indian takeout of 2021 was approaching. 

Toasted sandwiches 

The indian takeout

Work for online was getting busy as usual and using the laptop did help for times of typing up for the future, heck even as I type this up at 1am in bed at least once a day until the end of 2021, its been getting to know that privacy to finally work harder is there and it pays off for the future projects and helps some things stay stable in that way. Especially as very soon, the clocks go forward and Summer time has appeared which is now less than 2 weeks until I have to open up again the shop. people get confused and well this happened with family, since most of them forgot the clocks changed, I got a text from one customer on how to change their device. First it started out with a dull walk on the moors with a air uncertainty. 

The air and the cloudy view from the moors 

There was also questions about who some people were and that it was going to be about asking who are they. Plus the final meal over granparents as well as the last times of being able to use the Strawberry slush thats lasted over 1 year from when I got it from Approved Food. But at the  time it was seeming to be some improvements with the first week of them two by themselves, even I helped nan get to the dining room which is the first time this year she went there. 

The Roast Lamb with the extras 

The Ham, coco pop strawberry white chocolate and sweet chilli toasted sandwich 

The final drink with the calippo slush strawberry 

But then it was the final 2 days of March, with some plans wanting to take action an also knowing I'' be in the shop for nearly the rest of the year, IT was wanting to get some things sorted, yes I did exchange a faulty dualsense which Sony never let me send back and its in my office even as i Type, just that muffled headphone jack but the controller works like normal apart from that . Plus shopping on the way back is to find out and actually some good bargains were to be had here. Like £5.37 for a handful which is nice. 

The handful of bargains from Tesco

This was then time to catch-up for this and actually get some extra bits sorted out too. But a sunset walk with mum with the later on the sky blue at nearly 8pm is so rare but so much nice memories of summer coming up,. 

The sunset across the view of the town

But as this was being Typed up too, it was even more signs of the good weather to the point that we started Taking Rosie to go into the River which for her is a nice refresher and makes it easier to spend time with her, from the cold water to keep her cool to hearing the wind or even the somewhat silence around too .Especially after that there was YET another powercut so working outside via tethering for an hour or so is a pain but it does help, and seeing the lights off is that pitch black feel of tranquility and makes me wish i could sit on a city rooftop at night and watch the traffic pass by, hear the honks and the shouting from apartment windows, especially with someone that i care about and we both make effort for each other, little did I know that chance will be a very long way to find.

Rosie in the River playing her ball

And then its on to the busiest of the months in vlogging wise to be fair, with trips, back to work and realising the last PS5 drop of the year was about to happen. Especially as in 2022 parts of what happened I might be revisiting. 


This was going to be exciting but first ir means its going to be a case of preparing a Review for the Bike which soon would be redundant, which this was going to be the part of getting Tiktok setup, Since it was nearing the easier weekend. But this starts with naked noodles to get sorted. Especially as those are nice fillers and also the ginsters pasties are quite nice even when hot or cold 

Then it wea

This  was the way things go and are, there was some excitement in the air with being able to finally do what I wanted to without any legal repercussion since of the sort of relaxed restrictions coming up, But this weekend was the Easter weekend which things have gone so quick on that too, Like it can really show how time flows fast in this.  But it was also that catchup after finding out about various appts I helped out with . 

But this weekend was the one to look for since it was time to plan for this review of some LED bike lights, since the bike was needing some lights for possible long journeys to be made and this was that extra bit of safety, since in the longer time it would be needing to visit these places which these lights were good and work quite nicely, They did make it easily work well. 

The lights on the bike showing its glow 

Just how it screws on is clever. 

As well as that it was time to see granparents for easter weekend which was nice to go on a walk which is to see a viewpoint. It makes remind of what  could happen and that walk was alot of good time to reflect and it makes you think on what could be possible. The sun is and has been always good for that easter weekend. 

This was also time to get Tiktok setup for the most part of finally joining that crowd. I mean I still have alot to learn and even wanted to have to use the app to sign up since the site did not work even after 3 atrempts, but now it was ready to shave and then get the prep for the next day. 

The Tiktok profile in its beginning 

So this lead to the plan of finally being able to put that to the test and this was the time of going to Okehampton, to test out how the bike was, my stamina and also how that renovation was coming along, it was going to be 7 months before this was complete at this point, so for me it would be a 2022 model of goal to use it. But it was a great bank Holiday monday to use up this time. So that will be the case of this journey which it will not be a short time until I make this journey again. 

The Route was nice to take, sure the hill from the customer's to lydford was a exhausting journey, especially in the wind that followed and was really strong, it was very mucusy in some ways. But then it was to explore how the route was since it has been over a decade since going on it. and now its a continuous path to then Get to Okehampton. 

The gate on the Lydford Path 

The end of the gate which had the bumpy trail behind it 

Then it was to get to the last section, which was the part of Meldon, from the old quarry to the railway line rusting away and then soon to reach the station, Which was having its time of the being a 12 mile journey which was not too bad, even with that detour due to the visit in the morning to the regulars customer. 

Looking towards the next section 

The building was abandoned and years ago I walked in there 

The Zeep route

But then it was just the exploring of the Station, in the park and then a shop at lidl before getting my way home. The sun did make it nicer and it felt like a nicer ending to the time off I had. Since it felt memories of childhood here from the Model railway shop to the even the cakes and teas that used to be there, I mean months later trainspotting was a trend of twitter from that go pro angle. But it was a part to reflect on. 

The station from the other side 

The Gate to go to the Park 

Its more clear how its laid out 

Lead to another 

The Cartons of the Juice 

Then it was that cycle back, which there was alot of pumping heartbeat and also that time of things to be for it to be that back way home, But it was to be a test of me. 

The Path and the railway

The Sourton 

The route back 

This it makes it that direction home and then it was coming to be the plan to be preparing the shop fo the future and maybe 2021 was the time to a project working for an arena. But this was to be first to enjoy a rewarding meal after. 

The rustlers burger with a microwave black bean and crisps too 

This makes it easier for me to deal with and then it was time to rush getting the vlog up, since the time was not limited or unlimited in that regard. But there were plans to get some renovations done in the shop and this was going to be not expensive but very hard to twist and screw in which causes some pain the in hands, this was on top of the face that another PS5 drop was about to happen , and this time it was with the digital console. But toasted Sandwiches are the first on the list to deal with . 

The Smoothie and the toasted sandwich

But this was the time to finally go to Jewsons  to get some of the MDF panels and ask for them, Which are over 4 panels or neary 2 sacktruck loads. Which a few customers were talking to me as I was carrying it down, like it is very very hard to multitask for this. Which alot of wood screws and poor measurements were the case here. 

How it looks from the front

Then after this, the Consoles arrived and then time to finish the back panel, Which I got lucky to get it done and then it was time to keep it on and then instead, there was one Phone call while screwing in the back. Then it managed to stay in and well, it resulted in a Desk made. Even holding PS5 consoles. 

The consoles on the desk

After that and a fair bit of organising, it was finally time to call it a day and go home, even with the carboard to sacktruck home with. And over timer there was ALOT more cardboard to come. 

Rubbish to take home

Plus with Falcon and the Winter soldier out, it was memes of how night clubs would be opening on the June 21 which we know that turned out to be a lie and it was more to a special time for me to enjoy things. Plus it was also the time to enjoy the introduction of a new rep of the gaming side of a supplier which was and is even now one of the best helps i've had, PHone calls were a bit over the top at first but in the end its something I got used to and she has this nice accent too 

 Then it was to wait for an indian takeout, (2nd time in 2 months as well) to arrive which actually is REALLY REALLY good even though I miss the prawn puri from December 2019 as well. Fun fact, this was ordered online and then collect and there is an App for it now. 

The indian takeout 

But as it approached thew weekend of which Stage 2 was about to begin (and months later might Re-begin)  we come to the fact it was that final weekend to prepare for opening and it felt more like a Shop over time, the Boxes were going to be there for a long while longer and the Cat loves to relax on the sofa bless him. 

The cat on the sofa

The stock on the longer part of the desk

The other look of the desks 

But then it was getting to have one more weekend of not having to work at home (as much as i MISS it badly when looking back) But tit lead to a family outing, even with a nandos for someone the night before. But this starts with a nice roast before driving to calstock for a walk to Cotehele. which the back path was nice and the glasses did work reasonably for them. This even let me see the train on the viaduct and reminded me of what could be to come if I had the time. P some clips werre purchased and this was ok, some from one of those tiktok fame and also one from an up and coming model too.

The Roast Pork and Yorkshire puddings along with veg and mustard too.

The Train over the viaduct

Eventually after a walk over paths and the chance to walk further, we made it and it was to have a nice ice cream down there. Since their ice cream hut was really busy.  But a nice one to cope with and just enjoy with the moment while people watching and seeing the river go to past the hill i was on over 3 weeks ago. 

The Toffee Apple ice cream with a flake

It was interesting that mum said to me she prefers the sun camera glasses to Google glass, since well they do look like nice cool glasses but shitty quality compared to an ugly look and better quality even with the older age. 

But after this it felt like normal back to , oh fuck now i had bills to deal with that did not go through due to fucking direct debits which I've learned to FUCKING HATE and if i could, i would rather not. But that means having to pay overdue bills due to this system and this did not Stop until JULY of all things like really, and yes even out of contract the rate is still actually good but due to wanting phone calls, it means I'm limited on the upgrade paths, since even now the full fibre was ready for the town to have and I was going to see the effects of the speed in the future of that. 

But it was then this sentence that made things feel the time of freedom is over and this lockdown has been a pretty stressful one but not as bad as the 1st and second. 

This was then the first week of work and it felt bits of painful parts of getting back to customers here and there. But it was to then carry on and even one of the kickstarters and also the addiction to Katsu Curry too, since it was to get the sauce the get the powder and even more of the taste not being there.

 Plus the usage of Vitamin C Tablets was stating to be there and also later on it makes things painful in the morning and more like a sickly tummy start to it which in the months ahead, I would be screaming this in Home park. Which also with this time being When i used to go on nights out in Plymouth my mind reminded of of that from seeing Stories and Snaps about it. 


##howto ##start my ##day of the ##first ##drink

♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker

This then lead to another day and well One of the kickstarts first arrived and it would be 6 months later of this getting its review, THAT FUCKINGF LONG OF DELAYS. Plus it was back to swing of selling on amazon and also getting smoothies on the sundays off that i did have. 

The ShadowCast

the smoothie to wake up to on sunday 

But that was easily to get going with, time was going to be a bit more compact next week I thought, but it was also the time of getting the heatwave started, the weather was getting much better. So first it was the Monday of cycling to normal work, down there of get to the customers. It was also the time to get the plan of working as normal. Plus it was Lady Dimitrescu arriving to see me, 

The POS and the door

Now this will eventually give me jumpscares when trying to get in the shop . And that was to be the case of the scare for it to be making me a bit nervous at the best of times. But it makes the sense to be that it was going to be a important time since the BLM agenda was going to get some justice from what happened to George floyd. and this was going to the be the be the time of it to have it as a half victory for the way of racial hatred in the world.

As I also was on a vist that evening to deliver a mouse, it was making sure I could go to Tesco to get some extra bits and boy did i find a great deal of Food I've not seen since going to London a fair time ago of nearly 2 years  ago with Itsu, which was a brand known up that way and even in Euston. And Tesco had some of it, well even if it was £3.75 each and looked really good. Plus more Clubcard offers like lidl plus and actually some larger savings there, even getting to use a Tesco voucher I got posted a month or two back along. 

The Bang on £10.00 shop with Clubcard discounts and a voucher used

As it was going to be written in with that and the unofficial plan to have a rape day so lets be clear, never do that shit anyway, but not even on that date. Plus it was nice to see a peanut butter and onion sandwich, which I've had in a vaous way once or twice before. 

This was also when #whatthefanta came out and had some icky taste to some but some tasted a bit like blueraspberry and some did have elderflower taste to them. But Lidl or Co-op had it on offer for like £1 which is cheaper.  Plus some bakery was nice to buy from when I'm not there in one way. 

The bottle of #whatthefanta

But that night was also the time to finally have the food from Itsu.

The Meal with the dumplings and the gyoza 

Now this is the start of when road works were getting chaotic, this was really noticed when dogwalking and when having to run to work, like you have Gass construction works making jokes about me running and also tractors being blocked. Plus that autopilot mode means I was working alot and nor as horney as things sed to be but that was ALOT of that to come from the stress of non stop working. Sure even one of them was to be getting another bookcase with more games/ 

The bookcases and the new one on the right hand side 

But this is where the fake carphone warehouse calls start to happen more and more, Like one of the times I said "Am i high" Especially after 420 had hit only a few days ago. The winds were beast from the east level and that meant the sign was not staying up in the shop well outside the shop for sure. But as the week went on my mind was to make sure on how to survive, sure screwing the sign was a big help and also it was going to be fallouts with old work partners from missing parts and the inroduction of razer headsets from that new gaming rep, which was nice of her to be more involved and then an Indian takeout 

Then it was the plot of one final weekend to do with family before it was another month gone and more restrictions will ease. But this introduces the fun fact of getting some amazing trainers from Lidl and i mean really good, just a shame I end up killing them only 5 months later 

The shoes from Lidl

But then it was a browse at Devils Point from going from Saltash to Royal William yard, which the wind was still strong but the sun made it nice to look at as well as fact of being able to hear secrets about How mum had not had her hair as long as she did. I was no feeling hungry at that time too. 

Crossing the Tamar bridge 

A look to the Cornish coast corner

The muffin and the fanta 

But that afternoon was to then walk another part and a lemonade ice lolly for sure and seeing how the wind was and the sea and the sky. 

The view of the mainland almost direct line of sight.

The lemonade Ice lolly

But then it was squeezing on a bench to have fish and chips from the same place i had my first ever date and even a customer calling me for some advice for maybe remote access regarding this software if i can remember.

Battered Sausage and Chips 

But then it was to go to town, Granparents did call and mum wanted a mechancial keyboard so that had to be purchased as well as some bits from poundland. But lead to a costa after losing parents but it made me want to go shopping like I did on a date back in 2018. 

The shopping from Poundland 

The finished cup of smoothie as I got back to the car

Then it was the evening home and looking like it was then to have a nice playing ball in the river with rosie to help her cool down. Then it was tiger bread sandwiches for that evenibg. 

Rosie playing ball

The Sandwiches


But as work got back int o the swing, it was some deals such as Salt and Pepper crisps from co-op which a influencer on instagram recommended on her page. But I also loved the Korean BBQ crisps they ad on offer as well at that point.  Since as well, it was also me trying to sign up for Cameo and actually I never got a reply in the end for that and was a shame but other sites hopefully might sign  me up in the end., thought that was 8 months later. 

But as it was the last days, it was nice to see a cute coffee shop visited and even more mcdonalds on a daily basis to be seen before It was the 5th month and the rollout of vaccines was going to being plus the other sections of restrictions easing a tiny bit more. But for me it was time to work during May, the heat was on in that sense. 


Well we start for the proceedings of the habit of dealing with hopefully a chance of getting to sign up to cameo to get paid for making shoutouts. 

It was going top be the start of most of the summer for the roadworks outside the house which was to cause alot of that stress of the road, but this starts out to going to Plants Galore which Last time i was here, a girl chatted to me on insta and then later lost her phone when she was on a night out, but that made fate much better ofrm em on who actually makes the effort with me. It felt eery going to it with how there were some people around. 
The Roadworks

But it is nice to go back to more toasted sancdwiches which combinine leftover nasi goreing with choocoussa is so good. 


for ##breakfast today, a ##nasigoreing ##chocconussa ##glutenfree ##toastedsandwich which was nice for a ##omracereats

♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker

Plus before the day starts we deal with those autofill tweets for using the predoictve text again, thbey have been a turned every so often and just pup out of its hole.

The trolley and plants at plants galore. 

Plus it was nice to finally enjoy some KFC for the first time this yeaer as well which the clouds which made me whish i could be feeding a girl udirng a drive thru date and this was really to have that remind of how cute this would be in the future for sure.  

The KFC under the clouds 

This was then to be lead to passing a swimming spot on the moors which I've not been for years and there was the ice cream van there, which wasnt making a killing but it was popular and especially withj the chance of the cold ice lollies and also soon to come home and maybe it was time to to catch up, since it was soon to be the chance to maybe giveup with midnight releases for the future, this is important as I never got any midnight releaes all done this year. Hopefully that might change for 2022. 
The roast with the choco nussa and the spicy bbq Pringles

This was then to learn of the fact that the laptop was going to be struggling to video edit which made me feel less and less movivated to get editing sorted. So i would have to budget getidng Editing sorted and especiall as it was the end of one of the laptops, I had to sort out transferring it for a more powerful one to maybe run Catalina on and maybe 2022 was BigSur. 

But this was also the chance of realsing that the end of the Card issues were not the to be ending and more was to be the case, since I had to finally call the bank up to get it sorted. It was a stressful call and this was to finally be the case to get back to finally pay in over 1000 in cash over the 2 months of working for visits during lockdown 3. Especially as it makes it sort of harder to sort oput the bookkeeping which  actually makes it the case of orgnaingi paypal with bokio whci later they becom ne greedy and ask for £8 per month in 2022 too.But this makes it rewarding to have pasta after. Plus OMG Burger sauce was in all places for the next few mo nths, the Hellmans is actually the best.

The Pasta and extras for that night's tea

This is when things will go back up to having to re-list games on Amazon which is one of those clearouts that makes the cashflow better for around the 2 months from this part, wait it was 3 due to some shit with getting lego games missed up. But that night was also the first time to check and test out Instagram Captions, which for me might be a nice way to make vlogs interesting and later on was a chance to try it, But it was actually pretty accurate, But it was also time that shaving was needed to be done soon too. 

The Caption bath selfie

Captions are a pieces of edting crap in terms of making it easy, you have to literall Key in layers from what I was about to find out and fuck that was not going to be easy for  this upcoming vlog to test out how captions work.  But that was another time to remember later on on how it works. But instead its dealing with how a Fly gets in my mouth and makes me chok like I've had a sympton of covid ( this was before I started testing a month or 3  later) 

The Fly that spat out 

But this makes it classic to make sure it works as intended to catch up with what was to occur, well which is actuallty being able to have lunch in work since its queit, which later on it gets very much the once a month to have lunch type of vibe in the summer when catching up from choices later on . 

The 2 days of lunch, the Pasta was for the Friday, the Chicken Tikka Slice for the Saturday. 

But i finally got home and with tea, it was nice to have a cold slushie lemonade, which was from the blue raspberry syrup purchased when it was the day out to Plymouth over 1 month ago. But with the added Vitamin C tablet, it turned it green.  So

The Vitamin C and blue raspberry drink 

But as the mind for this to occur, it was the action to also have some wagamammas as a treat for some as well as also being able to have a shop of my own which is in the Co-op which always has some small bits reduced from the day just gone by. 

The Shop from Co-op after work

This makes it also good since it was coming up to the first of the relaxations of that you are legally allowed to hug someone from at least next tuesdday or another day at least. 

But this was one of those weekends which I wanted to film but it was to check up on granapretns and this ended up a nice long walk as well as making the point if having to wait 45 minutes just for some spicy spuds from one one of the places In Tavi on the way back, "we'll only be about 10 minutes" and also it was that pet talk wiith mum, since of whats going on. It

The Spicy Spuds

But that anticipation of how thigns can work from this is the astounding factor. So it was another Tyre Tube for the bike that blown and that means running to my regular customers to wat could be potential the final time, which luckily 2 layers of socks will be the best way to not have that sting from december last year repeated. 

The sunday Roast lamb for lunch

The boot of bits to take in from the car to their house

Eventually we got home and no takeout to stop for on the way. And it was me craving a lot from the tea which was lunch, to then potato and lamb sandwiches and then more  chicken lamb sandwiches as well as ice lollies. 

The tea which wad the same lamb but it really had some extra bits like the sausages and the gravy 

But when I felt better it was anotherdelivery to the granparents and also having that roast as a leftover, But this was also me not being careful and not taking enough vitamins, but this did not matter too much as that next day, was a chance to finally get another product review done. But this monday was the first time resutrants can open inside since lockdown 3 began  as the fact  and that was the time to ignore that and get it up, so this was the review of the Vlogging lightt which actually nicely clips on to that desk from wowcher in all honesty.


The box in the green screen behind 

How it looks when clipped to the desk 

Now this helps to make sure of how it goes for the last 2 weeks of the month of may. Which the Bike tyre was fitted in, there might be news about a passing relativ'es will being sorted but it will be time to get that fitted inbetween working online and making sure that things are ok, som FF chat but is is real os no easy guess, But some deals in work anc even working late means leftovers to bring to the table especially as it makes life feel semi normal to me. 

Then we decided to go for something nice for cooking tea, sure I had a customer call up and sure some posting  bits to get done but that was nice to have a chinese curry Paella with noodles and mayo. 

The Salad , noodles and the chicken seafood paella 

The £0.80 bargain of 2 boxes of chicken  

But videos from here on out were a month away while a new laptop was going to be prepared, i mean not really prepared but the plannong ongetting an upgrsde to find what is compatible and how to use opencore.Plus  Socks on the heatmat is a good way to dry them, months late another drying too, l will be used for this and can help me with a fair bit of unboxing too. Plus parents were then fully vaxxed and the under 30s were yet to be announcedand it was going to be months before that panic was mine to face. 

But this was also the realisation on how tasty the salsa dips actually are , I might have to see if there isa hot one  to try one day. but I had that for a few meals since it is a runny sauce .

A Sunday evening left overs with added salsa

Now it came to another wet Monday and this was the first time i hitched a life to the first customer with my dad, well okay he did insist of me going with him and it was on the way there, which meant it was  easier for a little bit longer lie-in too. First though I managed to get up after 10am, then got the bike loaded to the van, then it was driving over there. It was a improved and dry for that part, which it was small bit of rain, then it was the cycle to another visit after which was just up the hill and that was seeing a electric Porsche for the first time too. Then it was getting better weather as i cycled back to one more visit with some TV and NHS app bit, which then it was finally time to head back home and more light bits for that dinner. 

The Sausages, hash browns and the mild salasa

but this was leading to more food from late evenings in work to even getting some bits from work to help clean out devices and some cheap lunch along the way, Plus it was over 1 year since the review of the watch Bip S and its still working, sure the strap died as mention in March/Feb but it is how it is.  Plus it was coming up to the final bank holiday weekend until we get to August, so this was to makesure it was as it should be and the money was topped up for spedning on food now places were open as well. 

But some admin and omlettes were the way to go, now it wa also the time to explorer a place i've not been for over a year since in lockdown 1 it was not even open. 

The nice omelette for a nice end of day, mum wanted an omelette too 

But then it was time to get that 360 pic sorted as well as have a cookie for lunch.  Then it was to have the chance to get the indian takeout for another meal in the world of spedning money on food.

The Cookie for lunch 

The 360 of the Shop 

Plus it was then time to expler a viaduct and a patch that i've not walked for year,s which some vandals undid the locks and makes for that nice view and remiands of local history. The viaduct was dry and the greenery was lush and a nice smoothie before my walk with rosie while paretns went out shopping. 

The 360 of the railway line 

Rosie on the path 

The other side of the bridge is up ahead 

The smoothie 

But that then leads us to June and how it makes over 5 months of t this year gone already with little to show for it in some ways and well the next 7 months were ahead of me and to top it off, it turns out the Works card had the FRAUD AGAIN AND Another 2 weeks was to follow with no card to use and evey money to pay in was going to be delayed and some orders did fail because of it as well as one order not being processed due to BACS not accepted and only months later i got aa email about that BACS payment too. Plus it was the mall I went to back in 2019 now full and locked in with COVIDITS too and maybe in some ways they were right in party ways others well they deserve to be locked in .


Now this can make it the start of a new month via working having a Xiaomi order in from day packs to some of the powerbanks when its offered to me and that makes it fine for the most part which for me , it can helop some brand advertisting since it was that part of it gettign that in and still some of thos is ins sto0ck today like only the day packs, the rest has sold pretty much a few months ago. 



Its crazy to think that even this was niot far off tbhat the desk would be holding the stock compared to what was planned for it in 2022 i say that since well its a fair bit of wroking in progress for that and fiancifing which later on gets tought due to mistakes and the BBLS. But as time gone on, it was time to finally change how thigns looked and it was a overdue chance to dye my hair prioperley again and this was going to happen in one way or another. 

Blonde + Blue Raspberry

Blonde + Buffalo Sauce . 

This was also the time of mnore snack addictions from co-op of  the Koren BBQ crisps and this was best to take home while the beltiva was alwasy that nice snack but little did i know that they were going to be the best tasting for many weeks and have been in stock.  

then this is what was for the lunch 

The Crisps and the water and belvita soft bakes 


But polls happen and now they do make sure this is going to be the case of it happening which I did not get chance to in the end as later you will find out. 

The Insta results 


The ideas with bleach did not get some drawback and risk and some advice here and there includi9ng the fact someone offered to POST over some DYE to me. 
 but it was tbhen to be reaslisinsg Just eat and online food deliver is still a LONG time from this town I  live in, maybe months later might change that on a Whim there. Especially as residents later on complianed how dangerous touching cash can be. But whining aside

But thatg excitement did not last since it the card ended up blocked again and well that means more delays and this time was the case of £139.89+60+90. and that in itself felt like it was going to be more stress and this time customers orders were going to be delayed for it if any did happen. But with also the nhs it was more data that I decided to opt out of and especially as things stress and escalate from how the announcement of jabs and vaccination was going to be, i think i did the right thing there or even as i type that this has been undone. 
The form to sign and hand in a few days later 

The Chinese takeout 

But soon it was to finally dig down and get  a few things sorted minus watching some insta live streeams from somewhat past encounters and date. Then it was the completeltion of all the pokemon anime watched on netlfix as well whixch i that a decent achievement for me in less than 1 year I will say yes. For this to really work, things have to be focused and well things were far from it and it was getting to also realise some stressful moments were to hand and it was making a nice biscuit sub. Since it was more money for plans next week. 

The biscuit sub
Plus it was showing from how my flakes in the hair was actually like some type of gecko according to Google lens. Plus more Taxis to be paid. literall in 4 days of each other .

This leads to having to cope with preparing a innertube to see if it was pumpted up, and well that did not last so much long since I had to run to the shop with nasty chafing as per usual, well it probably going up to that size 36 in jeans which still I'm just getting under that many mothsh later but thats all fine since Jeans change from that part of time. 


The flat tyre to run home with 




@omracer The #tyre was #flat, so i #ran 6 #miles with #it ♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker

This was hopefully a chance to get the plan going for seeing if i can book in vaccines and just because Az was out of the picture does not mean things will turn out o, but we can just hope this doesnt....spoiler alert, this is the 1st attempt for how health locally is not  ideal. Plus having to test out amazond discs that do not work is not ideal as welll but that leads to just refunds more than it should be be and well, that had to be tested for a pointless reason. 

Testing films


But this was also the weekd i finally  dived into getting a replacement laptop, sort of. I managed to find one brokewn on ebay for £139.99 and actually it seems like thats the perfect one, core i5 quad core, 8th gen so still compatible with MacOS and has botrh NVME and SATA,  so this was able to dual boot and well it was going to be some time going to get it ready t oedting due to FCPX not compatible from cataline until upgrading and opencore is a shit hard ton to learn too. APCI is not easy to understand but some EFI fiels are easier to source and it ended up working as I wanted it to which means If i travel, I can video edit much better. From headphone jacks working to even the HDMI out. Plus Loki was actually fantastic too watch too. 

The laptop as i got it for £140

@omracer A #new #screen on a #laptop. To finally get better #editing done and all under £250 for a i5 #whiskeyelake #ultrabook ♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker

the £80 screen arrived and fitted 

The salad and korean bbq crisps 

The rest of this week was waiting for orders and also some phone calls here and there, but even it was a litle gift from #gener8  which is like a adblock plus but with pugs replacing ads and also getting currently for maybe purchases. But it was good to finally get in the usb drive and sticker. Seriously, it taken a year of being nagged to sdhare a link then use their browser for like 5 days and I can then get in free USB Drives and then had to sell this months later like FUCK SAKE. Plus it was going to be more stupid exchanges like this which would make me rage

The sticker and usb drive 

This was also when PS5 Games and supposed to be a PS5 drop byu my rap had been told zilch about that so it was going to be a few morre months before Ps5s will be in front of my very eyes again. Lidl plus was showing thje Asian week and that app really does show trhe best optinos to get from Wasabit Ice cream I have STILL NOT EATEN yet. Plus it makes some nice meals  out of it too. And that scalp of mine was getting REALLY itchy and like loads of lumps, even with washing daily.

The £18.58 purchase 

Some of the above used for the tea after 

But after a few customers in the morning, it was time to focus on the laptop and the graphics were sorted. So video editing is nearly back on form. 

Itchy scalp 

The laptop mostly up and running 

Then it was getting back form work after some accounts and paying in, to then to have a nice bit of dogwalking after tea which was a bit of a kick, Then to watch more E3 and see what the weekend holds. Like E3 felt not as different but still different without Sony there but some expected surpises and some nice new reveals made it cool too see.

The bike before cleaning and the new tyre 

The bike after it and works fine for now. 

But this was going to be the fiunal weekend before Actual freedom was announced and it was on a special date in my heart, 20th july. But before that was more Inner bike tubes to be changed sicne work wass back to normal, even in the lush heat this early summer we were having , which then leads to even getting a catchup with a customer of mine who is also mums good friends while Rosie was having her walks and it was also the time of films going in good quality some time later. 

Rosie enjoying the river 

But this was the monday of nice sunny days as well as that annoucement for the end of the restrictions. This now makes the exciting time. 


The cycle was then on to go to some of the canal path and that makes the sun really nice. Especially it was nice to work on passing the moments of the tranquil path. 

The canal 

The seat at the end of the canal path 


 But it was going to be the plan to finally get more of the laptop setup with my files and content and soon it was time to get a vlog done regarding the vaccine booking. 


 The worry was going to be then how this works, from cycling to a GP before work to finally book it. But that did not book it. Since there was going to be some stress on this for the future. But getting up first on that day and being called a lazy bugger like a joke is one way to call it. From then to have a shave as well then it was that cycle before it was time to go to work to finish the day and from an estate agent with pritning issues. 


@omracer it's #time for a #overdue #shave ♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker


Plus alot of startbucks was needed that day as well. But with no luck on any vaccine booked , It was just time to ignore it and then get some work sorted out. The Anxiety that parents were eager and keen to move now some inheritance came though for them can scare me thoguht htre roof and makes me unhinged all bit and maybe even caused more of the stress. 

But then while edting it, it was time to See how the ISO of windows 11 was going to be and well actually it feels really good and actually it was later on when it was time to get that done and this can be that painful time of how this can mess up the problem and make thigns really problematic. But it was a nice takout before Fathers Day weekend approaches, even with a meal that reminds me of my 6th date. 


Windows 11 being setup 

The indian takeout on the Friday night

 Saturday make it nice to have more toasted sandwiches to enjoy which still I stil miss on occasions an shreddies was tgcraving at that time too. 

 As work inclined and also a Fathers day present to build a nice little hamper box that was form someone in plymouth but via etsy. But then it was to deal with #Fartherday especially when working until 2am and having a headache as well  which was a day out toi the Hoe and even other places but that worry of checking in with NHS app but still, as of december the chance to now have to show covid pass. But this was nice to visi this place on the barbican and eat outside in one bench or tasble vrom where we were back in 2020 summer on a much better day. 






The views from the Hoe 

The Pancakes with the bacon and the maple syrup 

 But it was then time to try that beatles pose photo using that is welded to the grass on the hoe and also Xiaomi use some of the nice stickers to help less chance of the family being spotted and worked nicely when mum sent me the original pic.


The poses in the beetles place 

But then more drinks and expesnive pubs on the barbic which lead to then driving to my sister's Fiances work to look at a car which eventually was decided about 4 months later  which was not from that due to the tatic of it sold already the car he was looking at when just about to leave.  But even walking on the hoe brings back amazing and sad memories from mornings before #crappycityplym to even when staying up all night and seeing the sort of sky light up in septembers. Plus the range is always ncie to visit as well.

It does get busy here 

Then it was time to drive to drop the sister off first and also give out the presents for farther's day, which was nice with this crate along with actually other bits like beer and crisps etc. But  it was good to have those TGI Fridays buffalo chicken which was actually not coated on and just dipped in the sauce, which reminds me the buffalo sauce is running out and soon my hair needs to change....

The buffalo chicken with garlic bread and half of hunters chicken bit with no cheese

 This was then to make out thst pna of action for the first ever batch of Series X courtesy of the rep i've been dealing with for the past 3 months or just under and then this is how bad it gets since well, the customers were not jumping for it compared to PS5s. So that was a long way of selling, this was als the time of actually going to have to risk a visit where i could have died and also lost £200 in a manner of skeapjing and leanred how shit EE were being on the matieneence side with masts in Gunnislake. But that was going to be some hard cycling to almost the middle of nowhere and behalf of a regular customers friend and even to this day, its been no word to see if they have had any signal improvement. 

The consoles 

More Switch Games 

Work online was taking its to and it was the case to finally get some more lunch to catchup before things were going to be REALLY busy and stressful so its nice to have that chance to get lunch when i can. plus this was the start to having to do a LFT back then was not the nickname for a Lateral flow test. There were some big spending in boots and Pizza as well. 

A heavy lunch for that Saturday 

Also it was nice to watch Avengers Endgame while eating it and some nice to have salt and pepper squid/calamari, I miss that stuff when seeing someone special which it seems like that is next year... Fun fact this was from the place which I had my 4th Date with someone that used to work there back in 2018 (that was when the 4th date was) .

The Chinese takeout 

From this weekend,doubt was put into my mind of a serious conversation of adulthood and if financially I could afford my own place, since dad was really keen to go for this place but I pretty much made him realise Its not going to be viable to live on my own like that for the current time, even though if they bought elsewhere and kept home now, I still would not be able to afford it and if that did happen, things would be bankrupt in a short space of time or basically it would have to be a big crash of career to have to work 2 or even 3 jobs. I could tell things were not good from the clouds in the sky and the reality of future would crash very very hard in the next year. 
Maybe i'll collapse but for now its still trying to keep it not blowing up and even vent on the blogposts. This was after going to the shop to sell a Series X to my sister's fiances's mate.  Plus this was the start to having to do a LFT back then was not the nickname for a Lateral flow test, the first in many, I mean maybe 15 until December, which LFTs have been at least 4 times a month currently.

The nasty cloud in the sky 

Time to take the first test of my life 


 But that then leads to the special month of Anniversaries, Vaccine more planning and shouting out as well as ALOT of work to prepare to sort out for the chance things could be expensive and even with people only showing their face when they want a Vote and I don't mean Geffory Cox, that drama is many months later we talk about. But instead BID.

Now for July and onwards, it will be in a second part blogpost which is below