Wednesday, 8 December 2021

The Dickensian Weekend of a 3 week peroid of non stop work

 Well, Happy December already and the last few weeks of this year. Things have been an exhausting push since the time of the Sales before Christmas are there to ruin the body. But this has also got to a push of what could become a end of a chapter from scared truths. 

The Week of December beginning: 

So this was going to be the time of the last of the 3 week, there has been some nerves of anxiety for the past 2 of those 3 or so weeks, but maybe we can see what that appears with, especially after the weekend of having to help grandparents out, especially as things there were going to be tough for that. But tthat detail will be in the review of the year which is the short time for it to be done. 

So we'll skip to when it was actually coming to the final week of November, it was black Friday weekend, things were going a bit of the sales of hetic and its been that non stop, on that part of it. And on top, it was getting to the point of recovering the superflu/cold that has been going on. But that previous week has been the case of dealing with that and taking up to 4 vitamin c tablets per day to keep me active and working, since it was the weekend. 

The raspberry vitamin C has been a lifesaver the past few weeks

Gulping it before work 

The meal when I got home

Now this past week has been a case of having to double up on things like the visits since I knew that the Friday was going to be off the cards due to that late night shopping to be happening, which little did I know that was going to make it hetic for me, in the case it was going to be double visits. The Sunday I had off had some interesting things form downloading games to getting other parts sorted. Plus it was the trend of the name on urban dictionary. which means it made me fee like a bit of a odd choice, especially when Mattie is a she in that side of things. Plus enjoy the chance of being able to watch fornite plays while being able to wait for a bath too. 

Downloading games for the future

The chicken pie when i got home

The Christmas tree was up 

Especially as it was also the time to make the most of discount from lidl. Since they even had MonsterClaws snacks are really good, like fake monstermunch is well worth a 12 pack for £0.89. 

The bag of monster claws and the amazing mild salsa

Plus it gets to the point  of Tesco doing reduced and clearance fattening ice creams like the cookies and cream one as well as the sandwich filler always do, with the chicken and bacon and the mayo, it works out really nicely. 

The sandwich filler and the cookies ice cream sticks

Then it was to carry on with work as normal, since it was going to be time to cain the visits, since of this being after black Friday, was the deals ending and repairs to be done but wrong information means wasted money on parts, but it was also the time of dealing with the parts for Gaming, some 1050tis arrived as well as CIT cases as well as even decent power supplies for a build later on in the December to come. But reps to be chased was also the time for it, since another console drop was about to happen and it means more of having to stay in the shop for longer, especially as it was the chilly in the air that even some customers were noticing the cold, but then again work's had a 63.39p standing charge per day for the past month of electric usage which is a WTF even for prices moment of the wholesale electric, which has been alot of just prices rising. But its also the case of being able to have nice meals to bake when its back late from work. 

The leftover diet cola chicken, sandwich and sausage rolls to go with the monster claws

This leads to the next stage to coming to the end of the November month, with important ends of the goal, it was to enjoy the start of Advent calendar, which I did purchase one for mum, and mum purchased one for me, so for me its the peaut butter reeces which is the second year in a row in that honesty. But they are incredible and peanut butter has become a thing of beauty and it was 24 days of this, so this was just to begin. So a little treat for each day if i can handle it. But it also goes to having a visit before hand which 

The advent calendar for the December month

So it was that full day and it meant alot of work for this to catch up with, stock had to be booked in , deliveries were being 5 minutes after me running down to the shop. Like it means having to wake up earlier which means less chance to ease stress on that side of things. But that day had a vimto from home which I could use for lunch on that day, but this was going to be a long day without knowing it. Since it was a double shift and that was going to be the unexpected turn of events. But when running back in the fresh cold air at 10:30 at night after attempting to make a Ethernet socket, But then it was late night food while watching Hawkeye. 

Cabling is not easy

Leftovers for a late night tea while watching Hawkeye

Then it comes to the thursday which actually was meant to be another long day, but this luckily makes it a bit easier since of one less visit to deal with, and it meant to me to get it sorted with online work, since that was the only night of getting it done that week, even if it was going to be harder with other things to take prioity, such as the chance of it not having time to get the start of the season of christmas. Saving up for presents to get for family and others to plan out for. The review of the year is going to be started as well which actually it means there is not going to be a dickensian vlog on this side of things. 

But then it leads to the big day, Dickensian, which I did get the costume out and planned out for the work even of the long day that was ahead.  I was wondering if this was gonna fit nearly 2 years later. 

The costume what I still could check to wear

~Then it was to be the day. 

The Day of Dickensian: 

Well it was that Friday and things were going to be long. So it was time to prepare for that day, which I did get up a bit later than planed, but it was time to get the faced washed with Coal of all things, to make the chimmey sweep look sorted for me. Then it was the fitting which actually it did work but some ripping, especially when putting jeans on underneath it. 

The time to change into this look 

Then it was getting to the part of running to work, then to get signs up and well, work for most of the day, the jumper was out during the day and various jobs to get some, from cracking lenses on cameras when trying to replace to even just making sure things were tidy for it to be ready and waiting on my end for the night to arrive. Also banners were getting caught in the rain too. 

Banners outside the shop, ready for some advertising at little cost 

Then it was the chance to deal with the preparation of that night, since there was a console that was to show the aspects out of that night, since it was entertaining the crowds and maybe more sales to plan on. Especially as a tech deals for black friday were extended. But eventually it was to be to sort out the evening. The Mask was ready to be kept on. 

The mask on for most of that day. 

Then it was time for the main event. The Dickensian, with the door open, the lights being on and well, hoping the crowds would build up and make things easier for the money wise, were there more new customers. There would be a few of them. But time passed and things were hit and miss. It was nearing the 7pm mark and it was time for the entertainment which passed by, I was just about to get some chinese from the birds nest just over some stairs and down the hill, but the crowds were quite packed, some with masks, some without. 

The crowds as the entertainer walked on by. 

Time passed and crowds on and off were passing in and out. questions on PS5 and also surprisingly, some high end game sales in the £10 off sale worked  nicely too. Sure I had a text to help lend £30 for a taxi But it was then getting late and it was nearing the 9pm mark and well, time to pack up and head home, since the air was cold. The road was wet and it was time to run home or walk in the road. The events were packing up and it was then time to make my way home to have some late night food. 

The Quiet road at the end of the event

The packing up of the events in the night

The Back of the road or main west street

Eventually it was also a quick stop on the way home to Spar, t see what cheap food could work for a end of night day. But there was nothing to be interesting and so it comes to that run up the hill. Which before I left some drunk guy banged his head on the road and his mum was insulting him but me and this other chap helped him to get into the car. Then it was the run up the road. Which turns up to then having a nice bit of Toasted sandwiches, which chicken and pickle is a nice combo.

The sandwiches plus the ham and extras

The chance of the next few days was going to be interesting to say the least, But that is the weekend to start

The Weekend after. 

Well we start to be the Saturday and it was recovering from the long night, yes the vlog was filmed and since of the lack of time to get any editing done, hence part of this 3 days later. But this was just a quiet day more than anything which there was a catchup from another part of this. Parents had their jabs and could be ill for the Sunday, but they did get me a Pasty and a drink from that too. 

The pasty and drink 

 it was also a cancellation so it meant having it filled in from another visit, and that meant another tesco shop on the way home. Which some bits were ovedue I will admit, but tescos had some offers which was hard to resist. Like itsu was £0.75 off each and that makes it that more tempting for it too. So the Chicken Gyozas as well as the Bao buns making it a saving of £1.50 and filled that with some reduced items and £0.30 for chicken packet soup is a rare sight too (Not reduced). 

The Items from the Tesco shop on the way home 

Then it was when I came home, turns out parents had ordered an indian takeout and that meat was incredible to try some onion bhaji and also it was the time to enjoy the spice but it was the lamb balti that becomes my fave. 

The indian takeout on the Saturday night 

Then it was the part of starting to type this up, since then it was the case of watching videos at the time, its one of those distractions to just take things easy, which is not as easy as it seems sometimes. But eventually it was time to sleep and hope for a day of catching up. 


Now this was actually a fair bit different, since I woke up late after a needed fap and then it was the time to listen to music to keep more indeed mind and maybe motivation, but it was the case of parents shouting since they were not able to hear me reply on if I wanted anything when they out shopping. While they did that, it was then to be able to get a shave sorted as well as finally get a smoothie sorted and sort some accounts that were overdue. 

The smoothie before accounts

Then the plan was to have a meal with parents at our grandparents house since it was the potentially last Sunday free before Christmas. But it was to make the care free and important than I expected. But before that, it was time to walk the dog, since she needed it, but bit me before going, since she did not like having doors shut so she could not hide before the walk. 

The walk on the field

After this it was the case to finally  prepare to get in the car and go to the grandparents it was a bit of a delay due to the potatoes being cooked longer. But it was going to be the case of being able to talk and catch up. The roast was incredible i'll admit, that honey maple glazed gammon, the lamb was local butches but small to enjoy for a smaller way on it. The potatoes were nice and hot too. 

The Sunday roast for this

After this and helping to clean up, it was the time to then help my sister get her phone sorted since she wanted to get a new phone but due to the current climate of the industry currently but the photos were backup ed  up also planned out to clear some room. But after that, it was time to head back home and it was getting dimpsey already. But then it was the 3 of us, walking on the railway line and in the field again, which Rosie played ball but lost it a few times, but eventually it was then back home and time to plan of video editing, after giving oil to the bike chain since it has been clicking recently, but it ended up watching lets plays and trying to download effects but that was a waste of time, but there was a bath in the end. But the leftovers worked nicely. 

Spraying the Bike

The leftovers 

Then it was the time to go back to the First day back to work which could be non stop.

The Monday: 

So it was a better day than I expected, but it turns out the sum of it was 4 visits to sort out and also that time to chop wood up with a saw, go and see someone after which caused more ups and downs, a text from someone special and well, cycling in the rain to then get to work to sort money out which then lead to 2 visits due to post office delays and then run back to the shop and cycle home, the rain was preparing for the worst of it but well, its then back to coming home to a nice fry up as well, then more daredevil to start re-watching to prepare the big reveal in Hawkeye possibly, in a few days from now. 

The fry up with greggs sausage rolls too

Well that comes to it, its now the start of the end of the year, with weeks to go and review of the years as well as maybe squeezing in a few videos at hope plus 2 jobs to do, it could be one heck of  busy ride. 

Take care