Thursday, 4 August 2022

a 60th Birthday Uneasy Day out and Weekend.

 So it's the first Saturday off of 2022 minus one year and it's always having to come at a price, the future is going to seem really stressful for many let alone me. But for now, the journey of a 60th birthday celebration is to happen 

The morning

So with the night before being a work until 1am vibe with headsets having issues on Xbox controllers if was time to crash out on seeing things on the iPhone to a degree. 

I then woke my eyes up around 8:30 degrees which were to see the cat sleeping outside on his chair. So I let him in and he decided to follow me to then get some dry food and I added some ham. This was before a quick toilet before going back to bed and having the cat sleep with me while I checked the usual social feeds and feabie etc. 

Then it was hearing a phone call to find out that there was a house viewing around the 10:30 am mark so it means lying in on a day I'm not supposed to even have off was going to happen, alas I decided to climax over some pics from 9:30 and then got up and finally had a clean-shaven to make sure things were ready for look wise in case it needs it. But then it was getting up and in a jumper and jeans for this dog walking which was the part of making sure I was out of the house along with dad of all things. So the walk happened, I got Rosie's lead on and then it was a case of we drove to the Moors for that quick park near a gate and unloaded the dog and we started walking

Walking the Dog on the moors 

So as we were walking, it was getting to the point of hearing chatting from dad about one mutual customer as well places, as well as an unintended comment about changing careers to be a chef due to my tastes, which is what he calls experimenting with food. Like that was not called for or expected but it was a hint of him wanting me to change jobs. Even with training and all that demands on top of their choices making things tricky if it ever came to that. 

But I explained a small bit and then not much was said and back a bit of silence and Rosie in the leat as per usual. But then we diverted and headed crossing the road back to then going to the car. There was texting with someone and she was hinting at me feeding but in her defence, she does not ask for money unlike someone from the past texting me literally 3 days ago on a begging due to threats she's had from a flat neighbour. 

Then we drove back and dealt with more texts on this 16-year-old begging me to get him working for the shop but the HMRC paperwork is going to be a fucking killer so I'm trying to ease him off and should be hearing back from him other people in a hopeful vibe. 

Then it was finally time to get home and get changed, but this time is having to add extras like cutting my toenails and wearing the same jeans as from the walk. There was also a bit of the fact I could get this rainbow shirt that has its lovely vibe on compared to a slightly tight grey top. Then I got nagged to put on some sketches that both mum and dad bought me last week which I appreciate but they didn't have to purchase them incase it's one of those out of the blue. Ok sure I've to use tesaa tape on the insides of the soles and also other parts but both shows are breathable  for the running distances  that will be needed for the future 

Then we are off to park and ride.

The journey for the meal

So it was not as busy on the roads, hearing chatter on the potential new buyers was giving me a bit of an uneasy start to the day as it was going to hear the chatter of wedding venues and that even more fucking chat to make things worse, serious hope no stag do worry is a key. 

But we got to the park and ride in the end and then turns out the bus was later...

I got out of the car and the car park was not heaving but had more people than expected. But then it was a wait and queue for a bus, in the end, and we then ended on the posher citybus spark which the 42c

The Selfie at the bus stop 

The bus was ok, it was nice and nostalgic to get on the bus to finally just type this post up, just like I used to back on the way to nights out and events. But we then got off by the box and pace walked to the port masters which was the posh bar on Barbican that my sister has worked semi-at for her main work. 

A View of the City when getting off the bus 

The afternoon out of shakes and uneasy 

But then it was finally time to get there and we walked in, there were a few people in the queue but eventually, we got in and greeted our sister and her fiance. The table was a normal one but with one extra chair. We then started chatting or I mostly listened to them. But it was easier to drink water to not feel as uneasy as it could have gone at any stage or plan. But boats were passing in and out as well as some tombstoners jumping off the walls. I was shaking my legs for most of it and also the heat on my jeans and shirt was happening too. 

The menu 

A guide boat was going to be passing for the races soon after along with the tombstoners to the right 

There was some chatter about work-like things on new releases and also on how it goes with some Customers but the order in the end after a rush was chicken wings with BBQ dip and chips. By the time I did finish the wings, the chips arrived. One girl that worked there reminded me of  a long ago friend but more my version which is mega cute but wasn't her in this case. 

The Chicken Wings and BBQ sauce for £7.50 

The Chips 

But they were not too bad, the sauce was rich and sticky but the chips were good with the skin on but minus the hot part of them being since my mouth got burnt with some sore mark my tounge was licking for most of the afternoon. The helicopter was getting alot of the vibe of the coverage of the SAIL GP and it was starting the 1st race while we were eating. But eventually, it was more checking and more chatter and we decided to leave around the 2:45 ish mark, which we all went for a toilet break before leaving. 

Now while waiting for dad for his toilet break, my mum easy how I was feeling and said a bit uneasy and she was about to say something but then her lips burned from this special lip balm from Primark my sister let her try. But then we walked to see the race anc check out the waffle place by the bottom of the hoe. So we walked on, my feet were burning a bit and the traffic or people about was a fair bit even with the road closed. But we walked and saw some of the race finishing. 

The views of the mound

Boats parked by drake island 

We then stopped by tinside to view but again it was always that time of a customer calling so it was guiding on how to install WiFi printer for Windows 7 of all things, this was the second time she called since it was direct to mobile. Eventually, the call ended and the family walked on as we then went to the waffle place. 

A View of the helicopter 

We got there and it was queueing badly, but that was due to 4G being laggy to the point o2-based networks did not work at all whatsoever.  We then sat in and I was undecided since I've recently realised ice cream sort of gives me diarrhoea or if it's just the Lidl branded. But then mum came back with a drink and Oreo ice cream which ok was nice but my luck would be it could be later on or not. But it was more of a queue and a short wait before the toffee crisp waffle which did look huge arrived. 

The menu for the place 

The toffee crisps waffle for the family to share 

Then we all shared some pieces minus my sister's fiance due to him not feeling well which was making it a shorter time, but eventually, we had the meal after more chatter, even with telling my sister I'm on my way to see the new place after a customer just down the road from it, (scared shitless for when I have to realise the commute will cause arguments. But for now its seeing how things go. 

We then head out to get back to the town, passing the hoe park and also we then part ways with the sister and fiance since we then have a nice view at the boats being lifted off the water in the milbay developments which look really posh, it was nice to reflect and look, even with feet burning or a sensation of burning to say the least. 

The new apartments and the steps are nice 

The crane and the hangars for the sail GP

The other crane and the hangars 

We then watched in agaze as the crane lifted up the yacht in 3 minutes from sea to land. which then with a big team got it nicely laid on wheels before moving it into the said hangar,. 

Time to head home 

But then it was heading to 16:35 and we decided to head to Royal parade for the bus stop to be getting ther 42C back to the park and ride to then head home. But using the power of google maps, it was a nice AR walk to get there well it was not that hard with a cross of a road and then the traffic lights to cross to near union rooms and a strange smell to say the least. 

The AR for walking back to the bus stop 

We still then get to the passing of the new timberyard arcade which is nice to finally see but it is needed from getting run down, since sure the old opposite places now has a premier inn which makes it useful for some people staying in the centre and also it was other shops closed nearby. But we walked on and got to the stop which was just outside TK max and one down from the stop getting back home to Tavi with the number 1 bus. 

But then waited for the 15 minutes and the double-decker was here, we got on and by 17:08, we were off on the roads back home, back on the queues with passing Uni, seeing former bars I've had my first kiss in becoming Chippies and even the pond opposite uni. But then it passed mutley which the buffet above the roundabout had changed, passing apartments where I slept in and cleaned from years ago. But it was eventually passing the Maccies of fate and even passing Tim Hortons which was close to opening up too. 

But eventually, we got to the stop and I got off pretty quickly the weather was humid and Dad suggested going for a drink but due to Rosie, it was best to come home,  he was a bit miffed about it since of the realising his own brothers did not see him for the 60th birthday. But then we drove back to lidl to get some bits like the dog, cat food and other bits for me to have for myself for the weekend while they were going to be away. 

The Trolley to be put back after the shopping is unloaded. 

Then we finally got home. 

An Evening to myself 

So once we got back and unloaded the shopping, it was to ask dad what he wanted to do, since he found the voicemail from his brother that did not put anything in his birthday card and his other brother just dropped off a bottle of Moet which he does not like that type of bubbly. So he wanted to go out for a drink, which I walked Rosie instead and then came back to get some online work done for the rest of the night even with soon to make a nice filling pasta mix,. I finally ate that around the 8pm mark. 

The Chicken stock tomato herb 

So that was that and still working until the 0:30 mark since parents went to bed around the 10:00pm mark since of the long day and the drinks and food from the market in being a case of making them sleepy. While that was happening I found out one girl I used to feed and buy clips here and there as a friend now doing the same and she then gave me a message offering customs and all that. 

But then it was time to finally sleep and WAKE UP FOR a potential weekend to me.....

The Start of the 2 days off to myself.


Now waking up at 5:30am or so from the cat meowing, but mum fed him then It was a case of him sleeping with me for a bit, then she woke up at 8am with my normal alarm and then she walked Rosie While I was checking socials than the usual fap. 

Eventually, I got up around the 9:30am mark and it was time to get up and then it was to get changed to plan out helping mum and dad pack and get them ready for their weekend away only the other side of devon. But there was a mix of burnt toast and a nice slice of HEAVY lemon and elderflower cake which my sister's mate made for my dad and he didn't like it from how heavy it tasted. but it did look sexy and perfect for feeding. 

The Burnt Toasted sandwich 

The Slice of the Lemon Elderflower Cake

Using Android Auto and also setting up a dashcam I got them from Christmas a year or so ago. Also, a clip about 1700 Socket panels is a new one to watch and EVEN a call from a customer on FB, like for fuck sake, but the call passed by the time I got the headset out. 

Eventually, they left and it was time to get the dog walked since of things, But starting downloads to the PS4 and attempting to get the battery charged was the plan due to a LONG day on Monday. So the dog was walked and not many people were in the field for the most part. 

Then I walked back and it was time to get the bike Cleaned up and the brake pads since I was worried about the battery for Monday. But that is in a minute. But the chair was out to make it easier along with the cleaning. 

The Bike before cleaning 

Then it was time to get the brake pads sorted and they were worn after the 6 months of usage, but wanting to make the effort in case I crash. But then the pads were added in and I got it ready to test. The battery was not charging and that worried me, so I got changed and cycled to Morrisons for a project of making Pasties using the Minced beef hotpot from Morrisons. The cycle down was ok but it had 3 moments to then change the pads adjustments. But I got there. 

The Be Real the cleaned and 

Then walking in and getting the hotpot which was like 2 left, then walked and explored the reduced sandwiches as well as finding pastry rolls which finally was a case in point  in the fridge section., For ther same price as the Morrisons brand, I got the just roll brand. Then getting the BLT for £0.69 and purchasing on the card before the cycle back home, the clouds were clearing up nicely for sure and that was about it.

The Beef hotpot and the jus Roll along with the BT sandwich, total of £7.94

I eventually got home and well the battery cut out even when it was just on 2 bars, but the shock was then realising the battery would no longer work. So I have taken the battery apart to test it but no dice, so that is going to make Monday a nightmare for sure from the hills. But Then I had the BLT sandwich as a late lunch before trying a game out,. 

The BLT Sandwich for the late 

After that, it was typing up this post until 4:30 ish and time to get Rosie walked which was another half hour or so, from a dallmation running up to her to even the possible chance she has fleas from the black spots on her scalp but she did snarl at me. But then we managed to get home and reflect that soon this field won't be able to be walked in anymore. But then  I got the cat and dog fed and time to catch up with typing this up until about 8pm. 

Then it was time to finally cook some food and relax with online work until the Big Monday, I was close to the making of the Minced beef hotpot pasty but in the end went for classic cooking of Chips and curry or something like that,  Since the tripod isn't with me, I can't actually go live as easy as I want to without using the laptop but could be a fair bit of effort and cartoons to relax things are nice too. That was after a shit and another walk, making it the 4th today. o i made some pretzel dogs with curly fried and pickle that was covered in the curry sauce mix and some breadcrumbs. 

The meal from Sunday night. 

Then it was to relax and then go to bed later on since of the long day to happen from Monday. I ended up sleeping until 1am or so.

The Monday: 

So it ends up a LONG and tiring day and a sign of what could be daily exhaustion to come. But waking up at 8am after being up from Finley mewing from 5am was not surprising, But then it was a text to wake up to and that was a big one to take in, but it meant more risk-taking to sort out, I reflected on it from a dogwalk and then got changed and sorted that, but the texting was leading to a plan which might be next MONDAY since of potential time off from regular customers. But whether this leads to something is a big chance of a gamble, but if it happens well it might change life and repeat goals which if this does, it means a few ticks of the new years resolutions. But £170 is a steep gamble....

Eventually, I got ready to cycle to work once emails were sent and transfers sorted, which means it was a long way off. But the heat was getting pretty intense which for now was going to be worse later on. But the first customer was a bit longer and will be popping over tomorrow as well. But Then it was time to head to Gunniskale and that was a lot of hills to tackle, so much so I had to walk up the first Hill since it was just too hot and I was getting soaked and almost falling off the bike, that's what happens with a failing battery just over 1 year of using it on a weekly basis. 

The no battery on the bike

This hill gets hard to deal with 

Passing on the Flat part after a Garage

So we carry on, in the heat and once it's by the Church, it was time to loosen the brake pads a bit to give it that extra speed for the semi ups and down to the next customer in Gunnislake, about 1 hour 20 minutes later, I park up and then get that lesson sorted. 

But eventually, after talking and the wind in the air with a bit of the heavy Humid, I was to cycle or attempt to cycle up 2 hills and well it was the Stormy lane which had the best texture but that hill is ROUGH to cycle up, like my legs literally said NOPE and then walked up, even with the battery if it worked, that would have drained it. 


So then it was luckily right in front of the  Station, so I parked there at 16:45 and then got to the customers just up the road to then sort out and pretty much re-setup the wifi, since it got forgotten since of some router resets but pretty much 4 months warranty means I had to lose £20 on the thing, but it was nice to be offered a cold drink BUT that would have its refluxing consequence. 

But then it was about the 6:30 mark and after finishing and making sure the points are all in the clear, I got myself to walk a bit up the road and well it was finding out where the future of mine will be, which It was a short distance from travelling on holiday if that ever happens but the Daily commute will end up more exhausting and might be reminding me of the old days of running distances back from #crappycityplym over 10 years ago. 

The Selfie before a vlog started 

The view from a new place 

That reaction of how the day-to-day will really become in the long run 

But then it was a run to the bike in the station in a 2:53 timing so it is quicker than 5 minutes, but it was then to explore the station and check the times but using apps like Train Track and the Real Train Times site, it was good to make that note to plan out what happens.  But then it was to prepare the brake pads before cycling back home, with no battery and up 2 hills and both are on the main road. 

But it was a sweaty, painful 40 minutes later and I got home well 39:20 if I remember but it is still sweaty and it was going to be the case of hoping Rosie didn't Poo in the house. But she did not and then some chores later, I was changed and time to walk her on the field, now this is getting a busy one for sure. But it was nice to finally cool down in a way but she was getting to cross the field.

Rosie as she goes 

But Then it was to walk back in and face her barking and stress, with then getting indoors and chores are done, like washing to go in the tumble since it was washed while I was walking Rosie while this was happening. But then it was more teeth and multiple barking to-the-point videos. The Ice Cold drink was that REWARD for sure. 

A Chuppa-style orange drink with Lemonade ice cubes 

The Fridge 

But later on, it was finally time to have a slice of cake Rosie was still barking at me as I was eating it from the fridge but it really is a good burger even though it's a heavy one and can bloat quite quickly on that side of things. 

The Lemon and Elderflower cake 

The in-video take of eating it. 

So that was the end of the vlog once I downed a drink from that ending and Rosie still barking, it was time to get this meal sorted out of just the Chinese chicken curry with some extra bits on top as I usually do too. Even eating that was tricky with Rosie still non-stop barking. But it was nice to tuck in to this for sure. Dragging her out sometimes weas the only way to go about it 

The meal of Chinese chicken curry with added sugar and Chinese five spice on the rice, Ketchup mayo 2 in one, Honey Puffs and even salad to go with the chocolate waffle on the side

But alas I was tired, Rosie was still on the defence and it was time to get to watch some Lebron James in multiverses and Tidy washing from earlier which was a nice evening to spend until Rosie was barking for another walk which was nearly 12am or so. 

Clothes to sort out

And there we go, one walk later and I decided to crash out since I had another cycle the Tuesday which was a nearly 12 hour day. 

But as for the resolutions: 

Another Catchup on the Resolutions

To be clear, I'm no far forward on ther goals and resolutions for this year and now with the move the energy levels are going to make it hard to even complete them at all which is going to be a tough acceptance. 

Plus with a wedding planned next year and even an ex getting married on her hen-do from recently seeing it on FB. , it seems I HAVE to start really thinking about the goals and where things lead since it's very close to just accepting I'm a 30-year-old incel at this point and heck one guy tweeted me the king of incels which pretty much according to some governments would consider me a terrorist for the fact I'm a virgin that has never really had a normal relationship, was close to one but that some people will class as not a relationship just because of one important thing shared for 2 years even if it kept me focuses and had a purpose and happiness and not feel like its a chase to get back to the first girl that meets me more than 3 separate times wins me. 
But below is those goals: 

  • Sort out the Down their problems and prepare to be able to have sex  - The Cyst has gone but the appointment on the phone is 11th August 4:40pm but it might be tough if work gets as busy as it has been feeling this week. Plus I've not even replied to the therapist when shes asked about sorting out the consultation soon. 
  • Have branded fast food with someone outside the family - This might be happening next week on the 5th But I have a feeling its going to be ending up a repeat of February 2020
  • Tweet more - It Getting slowly better with tweeting  while dogwalking  after evenings in work, but its still catchup pics from a few days before 
  • Try to make more videos at least 2 per month  - I'm lucky if it's one per month but with plans in October of Goose fair, it might feel a success 
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - Exeter vlog is pretty much out of the question from this point, BUT with potential days off from the ,moving distance, might be easier in the future or it might be the same, so no luck so far 

And there you have it, Now its back to having a sleep before waking up for another day of work which is looking like another hectic week of 2 visits PER EVENING on top of like 2 PHONE CALLS AT THE SAME TIME since the phone supplier of yay charges more for a simple thing like a phone queue. 

But for now, take it easy and we will talk soon.