Friday, 12 August 2022

A Hot day of Fast food

 So, its been another week of August and the future really is starting to kick off with the moving in just under a month's time and well this was also the time of having to cope with the potential next step in my life and also at this point, reconnect with the past. But the vlog for this is below: 

Insert Vlog here 

The Morning: 

After a day of having to reflect on moving things about and also clearing out the attic along with some nice casually breakfast on that Sunday. 

The Breakfast on the sunday 

A clearout of Pokemon cards

it was to wake up in a sweat, especially after texting someone the night before asking what time she wanted me to pop over since there was a chance of filming bits and pieces as well. But as with the past, I had a feeling it was not going to happen. But I woke up around 9am after watching a clip of a girl pigging out in Spoons last year and then another clip of a weigh-in before the climax and getting up. This was of course waiting for a reply which was not happening yet. 

So after this, it was time to get some chores done online before the cycle would begin for this potential long day, But the Walk was nice since it wanted to give me time to reflect and even have more signal just in case the text appears. But it didn't and then it was time to go home to then get changed and cycle for the first visit. 

The First part  

The first visit was actually a quick one to go to a customer since they only text me a few days ago which then lead me to sort out things like a watch to change the time as well as Kindle bits and pieces. 

Now I then left there around the 12:pm mark and it was a peak heat cycle with the route and the lack of wind which even on the hottest day of the year, felt cooler than the recent days. But after a text from the customer, I just left about his glasses being lost, I was on my way to the supplier to get some phones sorted to purchase for customers n the next week. The heat was getting there but the win was starting to pick up, But with that and an hour 20 minutes later, I got to the place. 

I got there and ordered the phones and had to wait for a short bit before it turns out it was an hour to get them prepared, due to one customer wanting a battery upgrade, so it was told to then take a break and come back from 2:30pm. 

A Cycle for lunch: 

So this ends up the next part, We then had to take some time out, and the first thing I did, well cycle opposite the road to amazon warehouse which was nicely poshly laid out. But after that long walk, it ended up with a guy at the desk who is pretty blunt in saying no we don't sell any amazon stock here. 

So I walked out and then it was finding the path to get to the road to Derriford and it was literally right around the corner, so I pedalled that and it was mostly a slight gradient down to then get to the road and then its a case of following the roast to get to the roundabout to the park opposite Tim  Hortons. Which only opened up very recently.  

The Selfie outside Tim Hortons 

But I walked in there, was greeted with a menu and there was to walk around and check what to have, which actually the cheapest drink was £3.49. and so then it was to realise to my app notice that KFC was having rewards, which means I get a free side meal and then go to get a drink and £1.69 for a Watermelon Lime refresher which is quite nice. I was like the only person at the till minus one Just eat driver.  

The Popcorn Chicken and the Watermelon lime refresher 

So I sat in the booth and ate while chatting which is something I've NOT done for YEARS and it was something I struggled to do but thank fuck for the heat and filming like I used to. But after 15 minutes to take it easy and finish it off before passing the 2:30 mark. Even with the fact I'm a bit late for when I said I would be but that was luck in the end of things. But after a toilet break it was time to cycle to the supplier. 

As i left these 2 cute-sized ladies left Tim Hortons, one with more thicker thighs and more a belly and it was cute but they didn't give too much of an evil glare as I passed the. 

The Cycle back and go to 

Now, this was actually a bit hotter since the heat was getting less wind and more well heat, so it was giving the vibe of how it was going to be one exhausting section home, now at this point, I still had no part of the text sorted either,  But I cycled there and it was then the same couple there as I left which was an iPhone X screen to be replaced. But I got them boxed and PAid and in the rucksack 

Then it was time to cycle back but going via Woolwell it turns out it had something special. Tango Ice Blasts. Which a PRemier offers it. and we cycle to  that, which was right by a car park. I parked by the Bars near the Centre before getting to walk to the shop. 

The Bike and Bars

The Park is grass o burnt gold

But then it was to get to the shop. There was a queue for the post office part and that was like only 1 or 2 people in there for the most part. But then after paying money into my personal card, I got to ask what sizes of Ice blast were offered and I went for a regular £3.00 one and that was quite big for that price. I walked out with glee. 

The Tango Ice Blast

I then sat by the bike and slurped on it and it was the painful sinus brain freeze I had for that in the end and it was a good 5 minutes for me to recover from that and then the taste was hitting me so lush and fucking hard, I liked it and it was to stay there for a good few hours on the way home after this. But it made me realise how nice this drink was even if it's been years since having it. But it was eventually nearing the 15:45 mark and time to finish and cycle, keeping the Cup in my rucksack. 

slurping on the ice blast 

Finished it mate 

Then it was time to cycle back home via a mini cold shop to lidl. Which for me was to take a back road which was going to be a whopping 25 minutes. 

The Burnt cycle to Lidl 

As I started to make my way from the park, passing the back or behind a gate to then cycle on the road to get to the back of woolwell and then even down a mini shortcut which actually gets me to the road near the main one and three down to Bickleigh before a sharp left which was a heat burning cycle up a hill. But by the time I got to the road to Clearbrook, it was about the 25 minutes mark which I would love to have had the electricity working since it would have made it much easier to get the hills tackled for that sharp turn. But eventually, after about 1 hour 10 minutes due to the lucky down hills, I got to lidl.

Shopping in Lidl, 

So When I get there, it was time to get here bike locked up and the mask on before I  managed to get some small bits of shopping in since I was craving lime juice as well as the Chuppa Chips Cherry Drink flavour tub which the orange one is quite nice to have on that side of things. But that was also making sure I found the lime juice which had actually 2 bottles of lime juice left. 

The Lime juice 

But then it was more to find and the chuppa chips were found and also Vitamin C tablets. But was also to then remove something else to keep it under the £3 mark before leaving, Which total I ended up going for £2.93 in the mini shop. . Then I ended the vlog there before the cycle home/ 

The £2.93 shop from Lidl. 

A Selfie before the ride home

Then it was the hot cycle back up the hill and the strain from the final 2 hills always gets me and tired me out for the most part. But that ended up meaning a WELL deserved mild warm to Cool shower.  But that was for the BEREAL vibe which is always good to keep an eye on. 

The Real Shower I waa about to have before having tea


So that was the end of the day minus having a bit of dinner of some Burgers which added some nice bits like Cereal, also Burger sauce in another bap too, which was convenient due to the fact the shop I just been on I added in some burger sauce too. 

Insert Pics here 

But it alas made me have to block the number, albeit it, I'll regret not fully blocking it later on and following this irl crushes rules on how to use the spread coming. But how long the blocking would last is a spoiler of not very long indeed. Plus with a phone call earlier on Wednesday, I got my supplier to stick with m]me e about this too since it could be a DA device and that's not good at all. 

But for now, it's time to get to sleep while typing this up 4 days later after more mistakes from last week might be repeated. Plus its just over 1 month before life will get stressed belong beleiif 

see you soon.