Monday, 19 February 2018

The Grand Wet Wedding Show

So, it's back to the more recent events again, we now have a chance to really see what is made of me and also see new faces and help out friends that have helped me through.  But with a wet February, earthquakes the day before (that even sitting on a chair in a marquee when they happened, no one felt it, not even me). But with plans for the next few days set, my YouTuber partnership went by Tuesday, it's been fun all RIP. Actually no, that is not happening this time but it might give me a clean slate in one way.

But we have a day out to go with. Enjoy the vlog below.

The Morning.  

Well, waking up at 7:45 with a newly reset alarm, things looked good, chatting to someone local for plans next week and then having that mini cough and throat that signs me up for the flu coming. But everybody has had different strains of it so meh. I got up by 8:20 and after changing and a quick half shave, I was running by 8:42. Which today would mark 600 miles I've exercised using mi Fit. Jesus.

I ran down and via the fog and damp paths and roads, got to Lidl by 8:53, sure nothing to look at but it was still a Sunday morning.

The view when waiting for the bus. 

Now things took an odd turn when a bug after resetting the phone left me with unable to record the way I usually do. One thing I can't stand is a simple bug, so technically no HDR mode for this vlog. Grrr. I got on the bus and paid the £5.50 return fee to get on it, I sat opposite a customer of mine off to his work, we caught up and chatted before he had to make his leave before Plymouth was approaching.

The journey to the show

I eventual got off the bus at 9:53 and then made my way to the pavilions for this. I saw rain, fog, no one I knew and then I got backstage and it was good timing. Saw my friend and got reintroduced to some of his models etc. Then we got ready for the show. It was 5 minutes away and then it got into play.

Off at the bus stop 

Reaching the pavilions

The first show. 

It was a nice one but a chaotic mess due to an emergency just before I got there. But I got somewhat organised for it. I managed to get things going and the show went really well.
By about 10:40, it was finished and it was an hour to kill.

The time passed

I walked around and many venues were there from hotels, drone operators trailer bars and even Nuffield, which goodies were handed out like a day gym pass, pop world goody bags, hi Sophie.  business cards and more. I also tried to show off a nice few bites along the way. Passing by a teen model that won miss teen great Britain or something like they were interesting too.

A lemon Drizzle cake

Goodybags from 

The 2nd show. 

Now things were emotional, there were 2 new models, one looked sensational but she was helping and featured in one of the most emotional short films that I actually never saw but was played on the stage, but both looked beautiful and very strong after what she had been through, but one was really well 😍😍😍😍. I had to help her roll her dress up at the end as well. Then it was 12:45 and we had a long lunch break.

The grand lunch break. 

So I ran to maccies, yes I did. The bottom one I missed and went to the top one, passing and wondering into Poundland and game too. I asked about the prif kit which was not in stock, I told them they were not out in may, sounded like a cocky little shit but well life.

Then I ran up to maccies, I tried the screen but no special order for no cheese grand big mac so I had to order it at the counter, it felt like Argos but £5.69 and it was pretty quick and then eating time

The Grand Mac Meal for £5.69

Then we deal with eating it, it tasted nice, more filling than a normal big mac, less sauce but much more lettuce as well. I would give it an 8/10. But eating that and typing this up before making my way back to the 2 pm deadline it waxes time for, passing CEX. There were some ok bits in there but even the CPU I have now is about £70. Then i made my way back to the pavilions.

Add caption

The 3rd show. 

Well, i got back by 1:55, chatted to a few people then i was hanging out by the changing door, like i kid you not, 2 large pizzas and extras from dominoes,🤗. But we were all chilling, chatting, one of the male models was pretty good on bikes, well he had some pro shots of him which looked swish.

The view from stage door

Eventually, it was nearing 2:20 and we or most of us got up backstage to get them. Making sure all was ready and people got changed, one of the kids was on sarahah and then there was changing looks. But then the show started, not many hitches but i slipped up with handing out the roses quick but it went off smoothly. By 3:10 it was the end and things went really well, everyone had smiles on their faces, i was offered a lift From one of the models who lived near Tavi, but I declined since I had some shopping to do afterwards.

One last browse

The first shopping I had to do was actually an early mothers day presents, which was from the place I downed a shot of hot lime and ginger cordial, two bottles the apple and elder flower cordial for £7.50 each. Luckily they had a card so I paid it on that. Then it was a stall that did some soy wax burners which could make some nice scents by placing it on a oils burner. That was £3.00 for the pack. Then I left and on my way to town.

The £18.00 of stuff. 2 bottles of Cordial for £15.00 and £3.00 for soywax melts 

The shop in town

Then it was making my way to Poundland and then to Primark, which Poundland had some deals that suppliers could not match, I kid you not, sunset overdrive for £5.00. But I went for some bits and pieces and a bag which helped place the other stuff inside.

Then I left and explored Brand Max which had some decent deals and some lee cooper jeans for a whopping £9.99 and then a £0.05 bag charge like normal. Since that was fine, I paid for that and it was making my way to Maplin which had some deals but not many.

The jeans for £9.99 and the £0.05 carrier bag 

 then on it was a run back home for the bus, which I left from the uni and pushed myself to the bus stop that I had rushed to back from a king my way back from the fireworks last year. It took me about 21 minutes to run from Town to that stop. Nipples were starting to sore

Waiting at the bus stop

The Selfie of swet and waiting

I got on the bus and then relaxed while my soaked and nipple sore self-was recovering, I saw my customer from this morning and we had a good chat until I got off at Lidl and then ended the vlog before running home. Things are looking on the up and exciting time ahead, Sure its RIP partnership but things will be nice to build back up. But for now lets be...


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

A Sunny Windy lunch date

Well., this was a unexpected turn of events which really ended up amazing, completing a new years resolution and maybe a new chance at life. But it was a fun time. So lets begin with the vlog below:

A prep in the morning, 

So, I wake up at the normal time and get stuff going, with a plan to do what I always do, travel to the visit then browse around the town. That was fine, I put a shower on and had a belt on both legs from when i bought them saturday. Then got changed and ready to bike it out, trying some odd filter on instagram for the vlog. But by 10:10, i was off. 

The cycle was quite slow, maybe it was the belt hurting my thighs and the traffic at derriford. But I managed to get to the Hoe by 12:10 and that was directly from Tavi. BUT, while biking, i received a snap from someone i added from feabie and it gave me an idea, so I pretty much asked her if she wanted lunch, you know, my treat and all, which then she was a bit nervous but actually she was ok to have it, It did delay me biking and also nearly made me fall over trying to type and ride at the same time, but i was elated, a nice size and was happy to meet up, this was not expected and it did push me to ride faster. But the traffic was busy and i got there. 

The snap that got this going

The first visit. 

Well i parked my bike nice, it was interesting to get the lock on eventually. but it was locked and then I walked to the customer's place and helped her out with a few things, with my mind buzzing on how this lunch date ish will go down.

The bike was parked. 
Eventually we finished at 1:15 and I made my way to town to meet her, I let her know i was on my way and we made some mini innuendos but I got to the usual place I park the bike..

The lunch date...ish

So I parked up and then I went to M&S to get prepped up and then i walked down to see her by yo-sushi, she looked my type, cute eyes, lush long hair, big belly and we greeted and then we wandered for somewhere to eat while some mini chatter, she said she was pretty indecisive but that didn't matter, we both were in most cases. But after waiting in Yo Sushi, we wandered to Maccies and the machines were playing up slightly, in the case of the order tills not working. So we left and went to burger king in the end. 

As we went up escalators, she told me about her uni course and then we managed to get to BK and order. I went for the chicken royale meal and she went for chicken strips meal and i added in a chocolate brownie, well that feeder has got to do something and I know it would be brownie points (literally since chocolate brownie), but then it all arrived. £14.10 was the total for both of us, I paid on card (i said lunch was on me), but then we were chatting and eating and she giggled a few times, i did too, she smiled at me and we did gaze into each others eyes, her round face was really nice too 

The £6.39 chicken royale

The amount we talked about was alot, i mean like we were sat there for an hour chatting, mostly about food and takeouts, she uses approved food like I had done and told me about one in Plymouth which actually another friend had told me about, Rogers it was called. I understood her on that and that was good for both, but we also joked about the spoon for the brownie being like a shovel as she was eating it. She really loved food and that was a good sign, we both talked about the past and also feabie alot. But there was a tiny bit of fat talk in there and she did notice i was nervy, especially since this is the second type of meal with a girl I've ever had and also first girl I've met from Feabie. 
Also work's supplier called me and i said to her "could you call back later, I'm on a date right now"

Eventually, it was about 3 pm and we finished up and started to wander around. 

Shopping and goodbyes. 

Well we wandered into Poundworld first as well as her saying about this massive cup of coffee she was given this morning, making her light headed now, that and she was no keen fan of greggs, like the Cornish at heart she was, but then we went to poundland and instantly, bras was in front of us, we joked and i was hinting of getting snacks but she wasn't that hungry. So we walked and I ended up seeing some gioteck stuff for cheap so i bought it, oh and card reader and usb cable due to a breakage with a customer loan last week. 

Then as we went to the self service, I had trouble since their internet was cutting out badly, so £9.00 took 2 attempts to pay on card. But eventually we walked out and then we went to the bus stop for her bus home, which one had arrived by 3:45, so we said our goodbyes and I offered if she wanted to do this again or "worst case scenario, we could over do it in a buffet" and she laughed before a slightly unsure hug. Then I walked off and headed back to town. Giddy from what just happened. 

Walking back into town
I browsed CEX first before seeing nothing i had liked then it was to Game, which had some ideas flowing in my mind, so a phone call or 2 was the plan on the way back to the bike, which was some capture kit I was looking to make up for work was already a legit thing. Never less, I decided it might be better to look to buy the kit before selling it on. 

The long journey home.

Well after that phone call, I managed to leave but had to call another supplier first, so using the headset, I was on my way home and from one call, came another. The first supplier thought i was in the Gym and the second thought I was running 15 miles home, sure i've done that but not in this case. 

My legs were sore and aching, feet were cold and also sunset was approaching, But the queues up derriford again and the Mcdonalds was a nightmare to deal with, the LED lights were actually working and well, after 2 hours and 20 minutes, I was home. In the dark by 6:35 and coming home to a spicy fajita mix. 

The tea from that night

And there you have it, a near 4th date happened, with talking, dream sizes and also deals to see. IT was something that felt like a fluke but it also crossed out a New Years Resolution that has been for nearly 2  years running, which is a change for me. But I've got more videos coming soon and more fun with Team Spectra too when a new son is calming the excitement. Enjoy the freezing February for now...