Thursday, 28 November 2019

omracer's Holiday: The Relective Night and Hungry Journey Home ( Day 5 and 6)

Well, this is actually Sunday night and Monday since the Sunday itself used to catch up on the older vlogs.

Sunday night of shame

Well, there was one last date to be planned but anxiety rose for both and she had something else happen and we did try but sadly things don't work out the way we want them too.
In the end, I decided to get changed and walk around,

Insert pics here

So, by 9:30ish, I  ran to the first place, naag sag I actually gave a 2-star review once yet I've ordered more after that, it did smell soo good actually.

Nearing a really nice takeout

Then I made my way to a pizza hut I've ordered from which actually I ran in the dark near the park, well it did scare me but I'm stronger than I thought, I got there in about 20 minutes and then it was to look around, the guy was busy on the phone but didn't get to chat much just no gift cards.

Views from a nearby park 
the side i've never seen

Then I said fuck it and ran to Finchley in 20 minutes or so, I got there and looked at some of the places i've fed and where we went before, my mind maybe just had no idea why I did it but I have a feeling I know what I did. Now I did make it to creams and went inside asked about gift cards and then left but did use some serviettes and then walked out, my nipples hurt.

Nearing creams

Then it was time to walk to Indian orchid which closed by 10:00 so I explored a pizza place which was smelling nice to a degree.  Then I walked my way to McDonald's and has a nice medium sprite and well actually there was a leftover nugget so I ate that, then it was time to check KFC and some chavs almost started on me, checked the menu then walked out and I ran my way back.

Ordering from the menu

The drink for £1 and the NFC charging point

Now actually it's rare since I got back to the Airbnb in half an hour. The air was warm and actually, it was a nice bit our there,  it then I was really hungry so devices to have snacks, onion dipped in BBQ sauce is a fucking good combo, then crisps and sweet chilli dip after.

The onion and rhe dip

Then it was asleep until the morning of 7am.


well my mind was awake, my heart unsure but well it was the way back to normality, so after talking to myself and thinking of christea, I got up and then it was a warmish shower first which I had to chat and text the Airbnb rep, he was okay and told me to leave the key in the letterbox and also I asked about taking the rubbish out  so that was agenda.

The suitcase to prepare packing

Actually, a reorganize of the suitcase managed to get the presents in with a little issue, hopefully, safe from smashing as well, the clothes folders in and I was ready to make this end journey worth it with one last gift to get which I put in the cyber dog bag

Preparing, also it had to use a knife as a pe 

Then it was a rush to tie up the rubbish and Chuck it in the bin, yes I could recycle but loads of mixed and not really my easy of time to get it done, I mean I'm glad I left a bit earlier else I would have been late

Yes to the rubish to clear 


Eventually, it was clipping my ankles in the stairs to get the case and trolley down, that trolley took a battering but wheels still worked, so by 9:50 I was ready to go.


Packed and ready to go

The walk to Finchley

Well, I was meant to get the bus bug the route of the bus I needed was actually hard to find so I walked it in about 45 minutes and 5 times the suitcase dropped, I fixed it by a tricky of the bungee by the handle of the case and not around the luggage itself.

But I then went to Greggs first, the girl I needed to see was not in so a Greggs card it was. Then I dropped it somewhere nearby and then made my way around shops for cheap drinks, like actually yes I'll take Fanta shokata for 2.69.

Then Poundland for coach food, 3 drinks and 2 sandwiches for 4 quid is a marvellous deal actually. Then in the rain, I walked my way to the Woodside park and a train arrived as I got there but it left so another 3 in wait and I was on the northern line yet again.

The tube stairs

Well the tube was okay until I got to Euston, it was then to change over and since no lifts, I was pretty pissed about that, oh and I rushed to the point I might of left earbuds in the train, but ah well. Also, a supplier called up so that was a pain.

Then the change to victoria was fun since it was heaving and then Victoria was out of lifts, but I managed it just about on escalators, but eventually, I was in the plaza and time to see food,

Then I walked my way to get McDonald's for one actually meal since I felt I wanted one since a dream of McDonald's date didn't happen, a nice big Mac with no cheese, no lettuce, extra onions and gherkins. 4.79 us a good bargain actually.

Inset pics here

But then it was a fast walk to get to the coach station, which with luck and taking it easy, I was finally at my last stop by 12:40.

Then I waited and ate the meal and shown a pic and told her I left a gift and I was being stupid I accidentally didn't realise I meant tease as in my lunch and worried her.

Insert pics here

But the coach

I got in by 12:55 and by 1 we were off via different routes and actually, it was good I had no seat to share and it was a nice video editing and chatting session. Sure My EA rep called and I told her the truth I'm not allowed to tell here. But also the route was damp and darkening and wet but by 4:20 we got to Sedgemoor.

Sedgemoor jackpot

Well we got there and it was then a chance to explore after toilet, well I went to the fruit machines, played on ginger ninja and won 2 quid and I paid £1.20 in

Then it was a case of actually getting back and asking about iPhone org adapters but then by 4:50, we were on the last leg. My sister texts me to ask if I need picking up which for a change 8 said yes so she's meeting mine by 7pm ISH. But we were easily getting in time and no delays at least I can see. Exter by 5:30 and Lee moor by 6:15 so it was a smooth ride home.

By 6:32, I was off the couch and back in Devon, with a bit of a sore throat arriving back and well since I had to get a few bits it was well deeming like back to normal life. Luckily the vlog had about a few hours to go so I can get that up before I sleep.

Actually now, we need up driving to spoons for a big burger for a change, well yeah, a surprise, my sister and her boyfriend picked me and up and I told them a few what's been happening and actually turns out, we all went to spoons at the queens head of a meal.

And there we have it, another holiday done, sure it sucks having K from feabie stand me up when she was insisted she wanted to meet But I saw christea and well that's important. But then work went a disaster when I got back but I think i've done the right thing in the long term

Anyways see you for Dickensian


Sunday, 24 November 2019

omracer's Holiday: The Lost Cycle to Mi (Day 4)

Well it's the 4th day, mostly a quiet one do I can get the second important task of the mi sales done, we start the day at 1om technically due to the fact its been me having to crash out at 1am last night, ate some leftover pork that was in an old takeout and also it was making sure someone was okay. The vlog is below:

The leftover food 

By 11ish though the power had gone out so it was exciting and that until 12:15 in the battery for an hour-long, which is bad but not for a 4 year from New laptop. Eventually, after toilet and change, I was gone by 12:45, I had managed to get a Boris bike sorted which didn't work yesterday but worked today, ah well. But I ran my way by 12:45 and it was then 1:03 I got the tube, luckily this one terminated at Euston, so I could asily get there without any hassle

The bridge over the tube 

The Station looking south

Once I got to Euston, it was time to get the bike and cycle to Westfield. This will be fun since it said 35 min so I have a bit of a rush to do to make sure I don't go over the mark. But here we go again

Up the escalators

The plaza i got stood up on

Time to Cycle


I en eventually got to Euston and then it was to Euston square for my first bike ride back, and well it isn't a case of following the road, glass could not see much but I did go a stranger tail via nothing hill actually, lovely posh areas but ah well. I nearly fell off once due to leaves and not many car horns this time

Bike Selfie

The lanes

The time of more streets 

Parking again to save money

Crosssing roads 

Behind cars

Lost by notting hill gate 

Another bike park

Those small Roads

Now its the stretch

The roundabout

We made it 


the Westfield exploration

By 2:30, I made it to Westfield, which is nice and the lights were astounding, but then I walked mg way to the mi store.

The mi store

I saw what I needed so I got

  • 2 X mi band 4
  • 1 X mi scale
  • 1 X mi headset
  • 2 X mi band bracelets

Then I was really unsure on either the note 7 or the note 8t, which was actually the same price in store, online it was actually 149 and for me the time of best to order online for that, especially with the Note 7 having 2 camera and same MP as the 8t but I did some testing on open camera and it easily allowed me to do 720p 30fps.

I was close on the Redmi 8 BUT the issue was the 32GB which I can get for 139 but in blue for 10 more is well worth it actually.

So I then added a 14.99 temperature monitor for my grandad or my sister to go with the camera.

But then it was on to the rest.

I looked at the ground floor, I went into Game me which didn't have any Pokémon gotchas and I was selling fortnite cheaper than them actually for dark fire. Then I saw samples of things but went to me kind which has a beer bong I could use as a funnel but didn't want to push things too far just yet on things to guess there. But instead, I bought some slugs puppy syrup for 7.00. After that, I wandered and also went to the TESLA store which had cars in it for sure. The Powerball was more something I could go for with the solar panels in the house.

But then it was one last thing of meaning my way back and taking the tube, well it was getting dark and easier to see and well safe. By about 5:15 it was time to leave Totteridge and head on back to the Airbnb.

The blurred trees out of Westfield 

Tube stations 

it arrived for me to swap trains to northing from central

empty track 

Another £2.80 spent but now that is the main objective done and now the last things on this holiday are something secrecy yet special. But I got back by about 5:30. Which means from there it's to edit the rest of footage from the Friday which, the power was back on. I did enjoy some doughnuts and sushi from Tescos for a nice £2.60 too.  The host was having a shower before he left and then it was me video editing until 4am this morning.

But see you for the last full day before I leave for another year. Which actually is not really much to happen but catchup and a date with C before we both have to not see each other for months, which I can't talk about as much as its been really important between us are all I can say.