Sunday, 26 August 2018

The Foggy Camel Cycle day out

Well, its another day out wioth my sister, 3 years later we decide to do this, its great in some ways and also expensive with others but we do go to places that are slightly higher price in bits and pieces. But enjoy the vlog below:

Insert vlog here

The Chaotic morning. 

So, we begin by being up awake at 7:30 to check the usual social and messages, nothing too much, but i ended up oversleeping due to fapping. oops, so my sister arrived by 8:50, well she was shocked that I didn't get up, so i did shortly and then got changed and also got the phone system changed so they redirect to the Mobile. But then it was 9:20 and we were ready to leave, with the car ready, glass with me and then i realised that I had the keys from work with me so I had to hand them back to the shop before leaving, which did make delays and eventually we were finally off to Wadebridge.

The chats were nice, more about work and time off and drama on both sides for the most part, that and memories like when the weather used to be good when we visited here as kids. 

The A30 down there

Heading into Bodmin

Time to Bike it

So, we managed to get into the car park behind lidl and it was actually quite spacious, we found a space and then sister decided to use the app to pay £5.00 for all day parking, which is great, so we made our way to Bridge Bike Hire, since its RIGHT next to the trail and actually its the cheapest in Wadebridge. So we had no queue to wait and went to the desk and a nice rep chatted, so i said 2 hyrbid bikes and then we tried a couple, well since she was short, she needed a 17" so we had to go to the store for more bikes, it was a couple of doors down. Which then we found a comfortable one for her and then we walked back to the desk and filled out the form. So it came to TOTAL of 27, which included a £2 discount. That was fine but i was a bit meh, but its not often so i paid on card. But then we got the puncture kits and she had a helmet, Once the lock and tags were on, we were set. 

The two bikes, mine on the right and hers on the left. 

We were then on route, actually nope since a sewage truck was on the way. So after that it was time to cycle on, it was not bad with about 30 minutes or so on the mi fit, but she was puffing away, then again she only had 1 set of gears, a basket and a bell when i had 2 sets of gears, a bag and no working bell. But When i was cycling, it was slightly unsteady, well i could feel handling was something I could get used to over time, but not for one day. Though I didn't slip up. She was also looking like a gammon partly, well minus the tory part and middle aged part.

Trucks full of shit in the way

First person cycling

The path and estuary

New cafe's on the path

The tide is out

The fog is coming in 

More fog on paths

The coast is here

We made it

The distance

Then we got there by 12. A few bikes were parked, so we parked near and locking it was slightly odd with the two lock system. 

Misty Views

The browse around. 

So, after we got packed up, we started to walk to the centre of Padstow, with crowds, crepes and lobster hatcheries, we got there. But so many ideas from the small things in Stein's Deli, to handcrafted gifts, amazing HDR photography in card frames and even pug merchandise. The views were good even with some misty rain as well. It was funny as we walked up one backstreet, some girl jumped into this 4x4 since she knew the guy and hitched a lift, that and we went in spar and she got a knock off Orange Crush, that was £0.79, which then we walked down to the centre again and it was time to get some Fish and Chips. Also Ann's Cottage is still expensive af

Heading past the shops with Stiens

More displays

Walking in the back streets

Passing the docks

Lunch and selfies

Well, we went to the most popular one and this was by 12:30, which you know, the Padstow Fish and Chip Cafe, they were empty on the queue for the Takeaway, so we went for it. She had Fish and Chips, Curry Sauce and I had Batter Sausage and Chips. The total came to £13.40, which is okay, slightly pricey but it was about £6 each and £1.40 for curry sauce from the guessing. But when i sprinkled the salt on, it might of been too much.
The food for £13.40, only mine was shown. 

Then we decided to find a spot to eat it, it turns out we went out to the same place as last time and it was quite a nice view, with a nice amount for both of us. But she poured it since it was really runny so i only had drips, but that was okay since she let me dip chips on her fish. But that was a really tasty minus salty lunch.

The car Parks

The view for lunch

Then we decided to get the selfie stick out, she did a selfie and i did one, shes liked the Redmi 4 better than her iphone 7.

The selfie of us both

Then we walked our way to a bin and she went to a doghouse shop and I was supposed to go toilet, but since the gents was 100m away, I had to find them which was tricky, but in the end we both walked to the toilets near the revamped mini golf and that was a load of fun in itself. 

The mini golf revamped

So, last time the classic golf was fun and always has its moments. But this revamped course was unique in some ways but too related, So we got up there, saw a lift appear, which is a new touch, Then we saw the entrance to the resturant, now the building is 2 stories, its plenty more cafe room but that menu was PRICEY. Which means they are aiming for the high rollers. But then we waited for rep to come out and sister paid the £6.00 each which then we got to enjoy the course. But there scorecards we missed and also it turns out I did win between me and her. 

The view from the new course 

Her time to par

Views from the top

But the course was full of mini ideas, bridges, tyes and poles. Some ideas were creative but it was not the full creative I hoped in a way, but some were very lumpy in ways. Which worked for it to make it much trickier, but between us, we finished it in about an hour.

More views on the course

Nice poles

Looking above

More Selfies

Once that was done, we decided to go to the beach.

The foggy view from the coast

The cloudy beach visit

So, it was time to walk to the beach, with plenty of views of people, pugs and also the beach. It was a quiet walk, we chatted about things and there were alot of sailing boats on the estuary.  But minus people saying thank you not, we got down to the beach and then we sat before I went to the sea to dip my feet in the sea. It was quite nice and refreshing, the sand was quick. 

The Harbour

The path to get to the ferry slip
The big views

Blurry views

Looking towards the sea

The return for smoothies

We then walked about after about half hour of exploring and relaxing, it was quite nice, a bit of spitty rain was upon us but it dried up, which was good. But you think on how busy this place was, it was heaving and then we had to search the streets for smoothie to buy, which the only thing that had decent smoothies, which when we were looking, i had 2 phone calls, luckily i managed to answer them with glass but one call everything felt a bit disconnected. But eventually the shop below the hill at north quay had a nice Raspberry Heaven smoothie, no yogurt, just Raspberry, Apple, Mango and Blueberry. Those were £3.95 each that my sister bought for us. But i did buy 2 drinks for £1 in spar for the way back. But this ssbbw mentioned to us about a food festival in the village hall, she reminded me of someone i used to work near a few years back, but we thanked her and picked up the smoothies and headed off. 

Heading back to get smoothies

Poldark food merch

sushi for £3.95 each, raspberry heaven

The smoothies didn't last long but we walked our way to the village hall, its the memorial hall we past but didn't realise it until we headed back to the bikes.

A taste and present purchase

We managed to get there and walked in, it was quite busy but full of traders, well only 6 since its a tiny place but still. From liqueurs, chutney, cheese and fudge too. We tried some fudge and I tried some chilli and black onion chutney, Which was nice and after she tried tea, we got some fudge and i was 3 packs for £7.00 which is £2.50 per pack, well 1 was reduced to £2 in the bundle, but it was fine. 

Heading towards the village hall

Then we made our way back to the bikes, but before we did was a last check at Stein's Deli, which eventually some ideas for mum's birthday came into play, which after seeing the bubbly I had on Sunday and then some resin oil which smelt lovely of sea salt, I decided to make a bundle for the £19.00 mark, which was £15 for the Resin kit and £4 for the bottle of elderflower Bubbly. Now that was me spent out, so we decided to go back to the car by biking it back

A quicker cycle back

So, we eventually got back to the bikes and managed to unlock it and also get back the things into the bags. Then sister started to cycle off without me and I caught up, but then it was me feeling fast and cycled right past people and she was almost long gone, well I did slow down. But it also felt nice with the sun starting to shine out and it was looking like a nicer evening if you were a tourist in the area. But this time, we ended up cycling back in 26 minutes, over 3 minutes quicker than we did on the way there. Which was odd. But she was feeling exhausted, but that was from the low gears. 

Heading back

Clearing up

Wider views
We finally got back and I filmed her arriving. Like she wanted ish, well a picture of her on the bike but hey, screencaps. But then we returned the bikes, the older rep took them and was asking how we got on, very polite and also showed him the paper, but he took it and said, "thats all then" which we both decided to walk back to the car, the sun was slightly out and well, it was time to leave this area again. 

The carboot of ghosts

So, we decided to go back to a garden centre before we headed off, we were on the A39 Route but she got confused, but before that, we passed up the bumpy hill and it said by the Football club, "Car boot, doors open 2pm", so the signs were out, and we drove to it, well the signs were still there and gates open, we drove up to it and well, no one was there, abandoned, like all packed up, but it was odd. So we turned around and drove to Trelawny. 

The carboot that was closed

Memories of a Garden Centre

This garden centre was a part of my old childhood, kid you not. But we got there and parked up before we decided to make our way in, it was nearing 4:30 at the time so not long until their day is done. But it was quite expanded with new chairs, outdoor bars (to buy to have in your garden) and even more clothes. But the place felt the same as it always has been with the train in the roof and the cafe the same place. But there was a fair bit of new layouts, no play area and no access to the fish pond now too. Then after looking at statues, we saw some cards and also a recipe book tin and looked at it and my sister was going to get it for mum's birthday, which worked nicely. it was only £15 and she can add something else to it to match my value. Then we headed out and saw the Koi, some big fish in that tank was a true story, one looked like a mini black shark as well.

Heading into Trelawny 

The Koi in the Tank

The U turn home

So, we decided to go to the A39 route back since she works at newquay daily. Which was great but it also felt a long detour, but with some queues, some roundabouts she could of turned left on and passing the showground and Camel Creek, it felt nostalgic at the same time. But chatter was there, which then she asked about things like holidays and then love life, which I did tell her about zara but then she asked "is this the girl your paying for child support on" I said not and she made me swear 100%, which actually it was never that in the 1st place, but she is someone I'm seriously meeting up with. But sister said "Couldn't you find someone closer and your age" which she was a bit dense with that. I mean i understand her point but local hasn't gotten me anywhere this far. She also said about going to Torquay, which i said Brixham which technically to meet someone else but Roo hasn't really agreed to anything yet :/. 

Heading back

Then we were heading over Bodmin Moor, the rain was heavy and it felt like return to normality, which in a way it was but also it was something that made me wish i had more time to explore, but thats for the future. Then it was Launceston and back on the road to tavi and talking memories before it was the gulworthy road and back home. 

The views on the moor

The windy roads back

The home and visit. 

By about 6:15, we were home and it was back to normal, so we unpacked and chatted to parents, which then it was time for me to visit this customer that called me twice since of her internet playing up. Which when sister left, we did and well, I managed to sort that issue out after getting filters and testing sockets. But by 7:30, I was finished. 

And that was that, hope you enjoyed the posts and hopefully new things will be happening soon. Maybe exclusive to the blog. 


Monday, 20 August 2018

A humid afternoon at Buckland

It's the summer holidays and to be honest, it's been a interesting week and busy of days out and other goings on. But with a trip to Padstow tomorrow. It was something a little bit nice and different, even if it was a bit a pricey.

A productive morning

So, waking up a bit later in the morning about 9:15 ish and it was a nice night in before due to the tax return has now been done which is a whole load off stress of my back and also means that next year might be drama or just me pay £135 and that should be ok.
waking up selfie

Then it was getting a nice omelette made while my parents were walking the dog and i decided to go with another 3 egg omelette, this time with All bran, Cornflakes and also teriyaki sauce.

the 3 egg omelette 

all eaten

But it was also scanning documents and putting files away and even some digital products to sell and chores to get done as well. But then we were getting ready and off to Buckland abbey for the afternoon . Its something a little bit different and tasty in one way with the posh resturant.

Getting going 

The Exploration

So, we eventually got there. It took about 15 minutes driving and then we got out and walked down to the entrance, it was quite dull and cloudy to say the least. 

The cloudy views from the car park
So we walked down and got greeted, my parents showed their NT passes and the rep tried to convince me to sign up, i did mention about life memberships. Then she asked about the bird trail, I was a bit unsure but my mum was more interested than me to be fair. So we did it. So they paid the £11.55 and we walked out to the Ox Yard and then the Barn which had the #cosmicegg. It was a very shiny egg. no lie there. 

Its big

Its shiny

It looks like a rocket

Its the view from the floow

Its blue

its got motivational quotes on the wall
That was a nice shine, and then we walked through and on. 

The Short gardens 

We turned the corner and saw some small gardens, it was quite nice and had a manor feel to it, with paved ways, fountain and scented roses too. But my mum was in her element with it all. 

Those non  HDR

HDR it 

The fountain 

Sheep made from bed springs
That was great and then we walked on the path which turned around with the entrance to the Abbey. With a ramp and all, we got in and showed the ticket. 

The Abbey experience

We walked in and then it was the first room and the Pengwinn to go with it, drums to show off here, then we walked to the rooms in a random order which was sort of on the guide. Much to see like scroll,s sheep on ceilings, stained glass and even a plaque to say there are remains of founders. But it was a nice reminding time to see what life was like in the Elizabethan period and then the Georgian Periods of history. But that was a good hour and a bit of time. 

Sheep on Ceilings

Pengwinns cannoneers

Stained glass decors

Staircases of stylish

Former resting places

Lunch Time

Then it was time to head back to the Resturant for lunch, since dad was hungry. So we got in there, it was quite busy but we got a table at the end, it was table 5. We eventually decided on what to have, well i was having a think, but for me it was Tuna mayo in the end. It was tasty. But it was expensive at nearly 9 quid.

The lunch from the Ox Yard Restaurant

The Long Garden Browse.

Then we enjoyed a nice walk in the Kitchen and Wild Gardens, it was nice and a range of sculptures and also mint to sniff, pears nice and big. 

The kitchen Garden 

Alotting it

The wild garden 

Then it was chance to get a long walk on the red trail which had a nice route going for it. From fields, woods, forests and also chatting to a girl on feabie which was nice and she actually invited me for a meetup a few weeks back. But it felt nice to reflect on the plans for this rest of the year. Maybe the blogposts might be a slow year But my love life has accelerated and money helped in a way. But it was nice even with the rain.

Fields of Sheep

The tamar bridge is over there


The footpaths

Sheep in a field

The mushrooms on a tree

The walking time
Then it was a snack time before we headed back. Which that was me and mum sharing a shortbread and i had apple juice. 

Apple juice and shortbread 

That was great. 

The shop and wash home

Then we walked our way to the shop, there was so many ideas, salted caramel spread, wine glass holders, pedometers. It was amazing. But then we walked our way back to the car which had some detail of rain on the way back. One the way whom i was chatting on feabie, it was time for a car wash, so my dad went to the drive thru one and paid £10. But it was a nice clean for when they need it on tuesday. 

The car in the wash

And then we got home and I went for #dogwalkingwithomracer. Which ended a nice day out and after bath and watching films, it was time to get this up and end the day. 

Thanks for enjoying a quick glimpse and now its time to prepare for a hetic few days.