Sunday, 12 September 2021

A Passing Hot Tour of Britain

 Well, this was a nice way to start the  month of september with videos, since the first full weekend of September and things are back to the normal in some ways, well the payment for the pandemic has only just begun but here things are back to flowing, events are around and well, its nice to catch up on possibly a final Monday off not having visits since actually May. But the vlog is below: 

Now since the previous vlog, there is little that has changed, the Sunday just gone was a clean day off with little to do minus catching up with work, well online work to make money for the week after, bills and also soon to have time to get things sorted. 

We begin with the morning off with admin.

A Hot morning, 

Well, It was time to get up, Thought its been working until 3am the night before which made me tired but Dell and the UEFI booting via USB is one fucking nightmare. But thats life, it was finally exciting since I shaved the day before to finally clean the neckbeard look too.   But we then we wake up to try to get ready to walk the dog, also with some upsetting news an uncle died of Covid even when double jabbed, things of death always happen around this time, its happened the past 2 years to say the least. But it was time to carry on, for making sure on how things would go. But lucky for me I had the morning off. so it was time to get Rosie walked. It was also noce to get the selfies sorted. 

The selfie when dog walking in the morning 

The other one, 

Then it was time to get the bike ready and cycle to work, this was to get some admiin sorted, with some deliveries, which one of them involved the overdue gfuel, which for the next week, was going to get me energy for the time i will need it. The cycle was on part of the race which you can see from banners by the sprint sections. 

The banners as i cycled on the race path 

But, that was for a few hours, which involved getting postage done as well as starting to book the stock in. But it was time passiong really quickly and well 1:30pm was already minutes away.

The postage to get sorted 

Time to wait for a viewing

Then once it was time to prepare to walk to a viewing port, with the tripod in my hand, it was first time to use this outside in public and well, actually it did look pretty stable for the most part, it was ok to work on the pavement and was not flimsy either. 

The selfie on the way to view

The Spot i found in the end. 

Then it was a case of waiting, from trucks passing  my view to customers greeting me by and even it was the passing of cars, bikes and all in-between. But the arrival was meant to be around 2pm but the heat and other factors caused it to be delayed. But by 2:30 it was then  the bikes were zooming past. 

The cars on the road

Arrival of the bikes of the cops 

The empty roads before the race

But soon after, the Marshall ridden up and parked on the roundabout near me, it was then time to get a bit of a ride going and the hype was real with the racers coming up, first was the pack of 5 which actually was a fair 15 minutes in front of the rest of the pentathlon. But after them and a few minutes, thats makes it end of the event. 

The bikes approaching

The front of the pack

More of the pack

The back of the pack

Then it was a case of taking the tripod back to the shop and this was the rest of the stock to book in, which there was even one or 2 people entering the shop when it was closed, the bike was parked in there and after that. I was on my way home by 4:30, which that week wasn't as hectic as it was going to be seeming but also it was planning the steps for time off to myself for the 2 weeks after, which might be from all nighters online work to even a new menu item of katsu churros. But for now, see you soon


Thursday, 2 September 2021

A Chart of the BPD in 2021 summer

 Well, this is the chance of finally getting the chance to solve the down there, but work did intervene, it does show that I don't  get the chance to get the pan to sort out a big challenge in the future, but it shows some of the way how it goes with the boners on  the actually  really hectic summer. 

The Chart: 

first I'll just embed the chart for you to have a look at it,  and see what the average is as well as the count of each day. But there are dates which give some indication which I'll sort of quickly analyse for you.

The Key points from that: 

Now this actually is a lot less than I would expect but also with a lot of stress and anxiety I've had to endure it can also make some of the sense of why its been lower, plus actually counting inc the weekends its only been 5 days which I've not been in the shop, That is a BUSY summer but it has been include the catch-up from the vaccine, the renovation and also more catching up with customer demands too. 

The first week was from the vaccine week so minus the anxiety the boners where higher than normal, but it was shown on the Thursday which was the house to myself while editing the vlog for the vaccination, and the distractions do come and go. Which explains how I got the 11 boners in that day. 

Now the 2 weeks after that, was actually lower than other weeks, this was due to working every day and even not being able to go to the toilet during that time, Okay i did drink less that time as well since for the past month, the issue with the vitamin C tablets or any strong flavored drinks is that it made my tummy feel funny, but only in the morning, in the afternoon, it did help out and I could drink it without feeling funny after, this has been only for the past 2 to 3 months I will admit.

There have been moments o feeling a bit unsure about some things when either crashing out at night or having to get up earlier for work and being unable to well fap. But as time was easing off work and getting like more time for admin and things, it was nice to feel comfortable and that well can mean a higher count. 

But as it was the last 9 days, the count was higher since it was more time to myself and well more ideas in one way or another, there were more breaks So i could look at FF and curvage and also texting with hearing of  going to restaurants and food halls I miss a fair bit. 

Alll  in all it shows how time progresses and also how actually its still about the same as 2017 which even 4 years ago was the last time I kissed a girl on the lips. Yes there was the last kiss on the cheek was May 2019 so it was not that far away from my last kiss until now, (2 years is better than i expected especially during a pandemic, but if i see things being busy, it might be 3 years away too). 

Now maybe things will perk up in future but with s fair bit of focusing coming up, it will probably be less but its been a fair bit of time and things have changed in many ways in some good and bad but especially as I was very close to finally sorting out the phmiosis in one way that did not happen but There is the plan to sort it when the time is right or worst case just having to be selfish and take it off time wise for fixing it. 

But while we are on the topic of analyzing, it should be a re-cap of the well Not new year resolutions, since the new year is now 4 months away. 

A Catch up on the Year Resolutions: 

Well, to be honest, it seems I've been pushing them aside, like time has past, lockdown have come and gone and that in itself have made it tricky to follow them inits glory or negativity. But here is the run down. 

  • Stream more -Not don't ANY since Feb
  • Catch up with the  accounts in work - I Thought I was doing, well, but it a fair bit off yet, 
  • Be able to hug someone non work or family related - Looking like next year 
  • Complete at least 2 games in a story mode  - No luck at all 
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - Not yet for me either, It might be close and easier with the E-bike in all honesty, but the shop is taking intensive time out of me 
  • Schedule/plan out days more -  Not working at all for the most part, there is a unpredictable side to it which makes it tough for me to catch this goal 

The Conclusion 

But there we have it, its now the last 3.9 months of the year, with events coming back in, vlogs might happen again and now firm to take that time, off, yes, at some points its the second jab to decide on but that chest pain did worry me so I will have to mention it but Home Park is too much pressure for me I thin, ,especially as it was the week of goose fair was the earliest appointment, But i will still think on it for me and maybe its better to wait for the Pharmacy to do it, But by the time it comes November, the time will be too busy with Christmas, unless a lockdown is planed which there is always the risk going to happen.

But 2 weeks to film some vlogs and a all nighters planned or 3 to catch up with online work for the money saving up since of big expenses at the end of the year and also maybe a Trip away next year too

for now, see you soon.