Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Black Dickensian Friday

Well, with thanksgiving almost finished with the main day of vicious sales now upon us, both in the UK and US. Crowds rioting to get a discount off, even some software is cut half in price (use code in CAPS "CCBLACKFRIDAY" when it asks you for the coupon). it was also a night of the first signs of Christmas in Tavistock. By that, i mean Dickensian Night, where the lights are switched on, businesses are open until 9pm (yep, me too) and some victorian nostalgia surrounds the town on a late novemeber's eve.

This story begins with me waking up at 8am, with the puppy howling as per usual the weeks and my sleep in the morning, makes me feel like a hungover berd at the best of times. But after a fap over a big cutie, i was up and getting into the shower, now i let the dog out, which i dam regret but she jumped up and even joined me and watched me as i took a medium hot shower after soothing myself in shower gel.

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Then it was getting to the point of the shower and then it was even trying to attempt to put some facial wash on, since part of my costume today was a bit mucky, so i had to prepare properly.

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

But just as i get out of the shower, i noticed a small pile of dog poo, yes THE DOG TOOK A SHIT WHILE I WAS VUSY SHOWERING. THAT IS A JOKE.

After having to nearly play a game of balance dog shit, I decided to get the next part of my costume sorted, and that was having to go outside and into a woodshed to get some coal, now after tearing a small hole in the bag, i got some and started applying it to my face

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After that, the final preperation was ready and i was now a chimmey sweep for a 4th time, i mean i wasn't using a decent camera for a selfie but hey, glass fitted well with the costume too....

The Costume without glass

The Costume with glass

Then it was a busy more stock day at work, the usual booking in various suppliers arrivals, helping out, on the phone to HP for partner advice, it was all fun, the final touches to the shop windows were done too.
The right window, with fake snow (small ball things in polystyrene) and a "gift ideas type theme"
The Left window, with more model kits, board games and other kids and enthusiast stock ideas
Then by 5, i was on my own, so i need to enjoy the first meal of the day, i walked up to the chinese and ordered, it came ot 9.74 in the end, only for seaweed, chips, chicken balls and BBQ sauce, i was out within 10 minutes or less. that is fast. Outside, there was a nostaliga of organ theatres, which sounded lovely and looked really nice too. But at this point, the vlog had started and i was doing a usual scene, except where i had to walk into the tavi friar :).

The Organ Theatre playing old jingles
Then it was a rush down and then a time of freedom to eat, which i did have 3 customers at least before finishing the food, but my goodness is was as nice as the sexy fact a girl i like used to eat 20 chicken nuggets in one sitting.

The chinese food i bought for £9.74

After slightly rushing the food and then my boss arrived then shortly afterwards it was time to explore. Now the town was busy, some might same it was busier than goose fair, but with some of the sights, the stage, the stalls and the shops being busy, it feel much more like a real dickensian shopping night even though people weren't buying all the time, i didn't even buy anything. Enjoy pics of my tour of a late night busy town.

The Town hall for a craft fayre

A engine near the old co-op

Seeing how chestnuts are roasted

Paddons Lane with the nice lights glowing the alley

The crowds during my first walk around the town. 

Now, it was a hetic walkabout but from some good products to drones and evening hearing business gossip from friendly customers, it was a nice night, it was cool that i saw and why i hugged my sister in the vlog i don't know but there was a great range of products that had intrested me. But i walked back into work after 30 minutes or more of browsing and it was more chatting and serving customers, but it was soon getting time to leave and pack up the shop, and by 9:05, i was out and finished for the day, leaving me to walk around once more. There was more shops closing up for the night but still people chatting and walking about.

The empty street after walking around at 9:10 or later 

The fast ferris wheel

By 9:40, i was home and it was a odd full feeling i was getting in my tummy, and i also had to greet the dog, but then it was time to finish up and this long day was over, sure it could of been better but this year has been full of change. Some have broken my heart and some have helped plan my life for the better, but all i think is how next year might seem better of if people end up being idiots and i can change my life for the better by picking up where they fell from by their own choices.

For now, i'm tired and need some sleep and work is tomorrow too.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A bit of birthday shopping

Well, its mid-november, by now dream girls have had their birthdays, anniversaries and all the Valentines day YOLO moments have taken their course and a kid has popped out. But one birthday i decided not to miss with someone i do like although its another one way, sometimes you have to make the effort otherwise nothing can spark.

As i woke up and saw the clear blue sky, i was deciding today was a good day to get this done, as i woke up i had my mojo end up hyper which gave me enough time to get glass, my iphone and my phone charged up. After that, i was dealing with a crying dog, but not hetic type loud, and since i was by myself, it was calmer than i would get recently. Now i ended up having a decent shower, the cat just decided to join me by the side of the tub, she got a little bit wet but that wasn't a problem for her, Aries gets curious with things.

By the time it finished it was 10:15 and i was almost going, but getting the bike out was ok even though Rosie was howling from her cage and then i had to check twitter to find a present idea and within 8 months of tweets and RTs. i found an idea then i left by 10:45 and it was a slight journey of hills, cars and scenes. Enjoy the pics #throughglass below:

Nearing the bridge between Morrisons in Tavi

There seems to be some floodworks going on in bishopsmead

Leaving Tavi and nearing the Tunnel

Getting closer to the tunnel, with all the fallen leaves 

The Moors and very close to clearbrook

One the road before the Busy route into Plymouth

The views from the Moors looking towards Plymouth

I eventually arrived by drake's Circus by 12:45 and it was quite a nice time wandering around and looking for things and talking to people ramdomly. First it was looking for cheap jeans in Primark, now, this was a bummer since there wasn't a reduced pile so finding the cheaper jeans was almost impossible. I think i only saw one reduced tag.
Then i left and wondered around the mall, but i headed out and wandered into the centre and bottom of town, looking for cheaper jeans before i started to think about Sophie's Present. But not much happened except

  • Seeing jeans 75% but from £70 to £17 in some cases
  • Various homeless asked me for spare change
  • CEX had some offers, maybe £5 for a vita card now.
  • A girl with a pram said hi, she was wearing a grey jacket with black hair. 
  • I chatted with a Game Rep about the PS TV then she was slightly stumped but she did learn a bit possibly. 
  • The Christmas stalls were being built and finalised.
  • The weather was good
  • I had to buy Game of Thrones for my sister for her birthday in a few weeks time. £34.99 is good value for all 3 seasons
Enjoy some of the shots below:
The Game of Thrones Seasons 1-3 for £34.99

Looking towards the Sundial

The christmas sheds 

The christmas stalls and tower being built up

A Huge santa
Then i just decided to work on what to get her, after more shop browsing, i decided to finally go with what i checked out her tweets out many many months ago. Peanut butter. As i browsed into a shop i go which has the best US imported snacks, and drinks. I found a jar of peanut butter, with the leading brand, Reeses. Now i spent £6.50 on a decent jar and smiled as i walked out of there.
The jar of peanut butter for £6.50

Then i walked back up to Drake's Circus, but as i did that, i wandered into clintons and bought a card and a bag to put it all in. I was close to buying a "for the girl i love card", but if i did that, it would give bad vibes and mixed messages to her. So i went for something for casual, I was tempted to get a gift card on top, but i don't think we know each other well enough for that.

The card and the bag that cost me £3.50 all in
Then it was a case of browsing Drake's Circus, and to actually find some cheap jeans. First of i walked pass Jess's work, she was the only one in and we chatted a little bit, Then i walked into next door for some gift ideas, this is funnily enough, another friend of mine's work, no sign of Niamh but a middle aged classy looking woman asked if i needed anything, i mumured "looking for a gift", she replied "ah, ok". There were some nice scented candles but i can't say much ideas for a present just yet. Then it wandered back into Primark to browse for more jeans,

Eventually i had to just give in and purchase some bootcut jeans for £9. Which might make work a bit easier, shame it wasn't reduced ones but i can't do much else.
The jeans, not sure why the pic is blurred, but meh. 

Then it was nearing 3:30 and i started to get the present kinda presentable looking, maybe just putting it in the bag and writing the card out, now i didn't want to go all out, but something casual would work here. I had to use the lottery stand pen to write it :/.
The inside of the card. Maybe 21 kisses were overdoing it. 
After this, i headed out and started to make my way yo drop the present off then cycle back. The journey to the drop off point was ok, Sophies friend picked it up ok and i thanked her. Then just as i leave, the chain on my bike was locked up, that was on top of a foot pedal starting to get loose screw by screw. It was reasonable until i got near Horrabridge, then it got spooky and almost the end of me, well the tunnel was pitch black and i had to run through that, but i finally got home about 5:30 and then it was more dealing with the dog. Enjoy the pics of the Journey back.
Just before leaving

The bike by the uni and the GPS locking on my phone

By the spot i spent 8am on a sunday morning typing up a blogpost once

Rushing down Mutley 

Everything inside just before delivering

A quick look back before the cycle home

Cycling near the footbridge near the crossover

Nearing Crownhill

A smooth ride to the george which had alot of queues

Then that was a day of social improvement and possible chances but nothing is for certain. Hopefully a chance might come from this but time will tell. It takes time and effort, which people just don't think needs to happen anymore.

See you in another blogpost soon, maybe a more christmassy theme again with Tavistock.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

omracer's night out: A winter light parade.

Well then, this was a surprise night out after a home visit. customer wants a PC. But in a turn of events, it makes out an parade of lights was about to transpire in Plymouth, with the Christmas lights to be switched on and for many people, the Christmas shipping and shopping begins

Now the PC was a package in its own right, consisting of a spec of an i3-4330, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd, dvd drive, 500w psu in a standard case. But with an addition of windows 8.1, a Asus Geforce GT740 £2gb, a Samsung 22" 1080p VGA only screen l and the same keyboard and mouse settings that I bought, the nemesis Kane pro.

This cost £685 and £25 for me to set it up, which was by bus. Being happy as I am, I got it set up the day before and then by 3:45, I walked with a big box, (the same the kit from the supplier came in) and walked to the bus station. It wasn't too bad but my left hand was feeling a strain.
I was on the bus by 3:55 and after paying the usual £4.50 and finding a seat downstairs close by, I sat down and rested before this began.

The box on the bus 

The journey was quiet and I might of gotten there a bit too early but hey, its better to be earlier than later, it wasn't getting that dark yet either. I eventually got there about 4:25 and it was a tricky route to get to the place, but it was a really heavy box, my hands were losing grip but I made it with the things in one piece.

The box after i got out of the bus, time to deliver it to across the roundabout

After an hour and 30 minutes getting it setup and ready to go for them including steam, printers, Asus registration and printer wps joining. I left theirs at 6:15 and got to the bus stop I got off. Maybe early but it ends up the bus was 15 minutes late. Which annoyed me...

Waiting for the bus at 7:30ish

After a journey of lights and some minor stops on an 83 with no extra to pay (day rider), I was very close to my destination and I got off by the train station to make it easier. By then, it was covered in lights for the xmas festivities
Nearing town from the Train Station

A beautiful view of the chistmas tree

When I reached town, the lights were bright and it was looking like it should be later on in the month, but wondering around the lights and the sights was nice, even though I had to go for a piss first i might of see Sophie with her new man :/, but that was also a time to check my belt since I felt it digging into my skin. But once I sorted myself out, I was ready to explore, maybe though glass. I was strolling through parades, enjoying the lights, even seeing good cosplay of frozen characters and I mean the elsa cosplay had beautiful  cheeks, american accent if I can recall. 

The grotto and the frozen cosplayers

A view of the lights near the Sundial

The Sundail and the ice rink to the right

Looking towards the screen and ice rink

The Uni side of Drake's Circus and a Radio Stage next to it

Lookng at the entrance to Drake's Circus from the other End with more neon decor

Looking down at the mall in Drake's Circus

Another shot of the lights in Drake's Circus

Then the stalls were not as filled as I maybe thought, like the Christmas market hasn't started yet.
I followed the parade abd it ended by the fair opposite the screen. Its funny how the rides were having a design change. Terminator now became "Scrooge's revenge", but its every little change for the holidays.
Terminator rebranded as Scrooge's Revenge ???

Avalanche Walzter

Some of the lights and crowds at royal parade

Looking at the sundial from the ice rink
It was killing time and it was nearing 8 and I thought the mall was closing then, even though after that, places were still in full swing, I passed carphone warehouse, Emily smiled at me at one point, I wish that would be a win but I can't say it is. But maybe this season I can start to make the real effort with that amazing girl.
I even checked out the american sweet shop, I was very close to buying twinkies and a smile and a sensation inside when I worked out a whole box was 2,000 calories, that would be PERFECT BEDROOM PLAY FOOD. £12 is maybe a bit stepped but that's import plus vat plus cost. So I can understand that. Wandering down the bottom of town was ok but more chavs than the usual stuff. I was weary.

Eventually it was nearing to 8:15 and I decided to buy a subway, now this I needed to do due to the fact I have 387 left until 19/11/14 and then they expire, so buying a delicious footlong sub and drink for a £5 was decent.
The ham, bacon, gherkin, onion, tomato and sweet onion dressing sub on hearty Italian bread was just too good.

A tasty subway and drink for £5

A closer look in the other half of the footlong

Unsure why i had taken this but meh

It took about 15 minutes before I finished it, but before leaving I said about my sub card to the chap, he said it shouldn't expire, if it does he will sort it but I was from 387 to 437 so that's a bonus, even though its 600 points for a free 6" sub (on its own). Then it was a final stroll and piss before heading back to the bus. On the way back, someone said hi to me. But i can't remember who he was.
Low and behold, the bus was very close on time and it was packed, for the first time in months, I had someone else sit next to me, which was a meh approach, but it made me panic when it turns out glass was recording and oh shit it nearly burnt my hand and the battery died. I knew I should of switched it off....

After derriford the journey was getting less crowded, as I was tying this while listening to aquarium park act 3 and the like. But soon It was time to get off the bus and end a long day & a reasonable night.

Getting off at lidl by 9:47 is a good thing, less worry with a run home and even though the GPS didn't work as I hoped, it took 12 minutes to run on cycle paths and up a steep hill or two. But i got home and after a needed thing, I was relaxed and it was the night ended.