Monday, 25 March 2019

A Vegan Stand Up Afternoon

Well, this was actually surprised events that can always happen after I finally got the feed done and dyed my hair blonde which actually was received well. But hopefully, things go well.  there might be a video below. 

A Blonde to change

Well with finally getting a day to myself last week, I managed to finally dye my hair with the mix that I bought in boots. sure things were a real laugh and catch-up on Instagram but it was finally good to get it done.

The finished result

Work has been hectic in the rain and sadly with the change of hair comes bad luck, well the bike I have, the left pedal flew right off , literally just as I got to brentor, which was great  sure my customer helped me out once I left but I was having to run to the bike shop and Tavi cycles luckily had a spare pedal spike for £10 Inc fitting, I offered £15 but he refused, like something you have to offer. 

Work has been a bit o a shock with the compliments of my hair though, I mean things been busier, orders sorted and also the vibe of customers to deal and be shouted at by. But that and losing the 64GB transcend drive to the second customer is a shit storm but we deal with these things. Also, i tried to join this plus size group on this and had to send a verification pic and then posted this in the group then got removed. 

The finger on the nose

The plan

Now the date came about as a comment reply on FB when a girl I've liked and gotten to know in small doses said that I should let the feedees online starve and also should feed me instead. which actually that sparked a chat then we chatted in Snapchat and actually legit arranged a date on North hill by 2pm. 

this was exciting since she is my ideal size and she was also a passionate maccies lover which might finally get a new years resolution sorted. she sent me a recent pic and was 😍😍😍 an, okay maybe I repeated mistakes by doing Uber eats with her and she sent me a few pics of if and her eating and she was 😍😍😍 and thus made it exciting, she's not been feeling the best either so maybe this was all for nothing. Either way, we have to try.

The Sunday

okay sure I was worried and also excited I chatting with S and she's off to Cali in summer, well especially with the Brexit killing arguments policies are doing. I don't blame her and she's got me to sort out her max if we get chance to after this. oh and Rosie walking in the rain at midnight is fun too. Then I woke up with the Google Home alarm, stopped it and was chatting and then fapped. getting up at 9 was so good, and I was energetic for what hopefully was to come. so I got a regen prepared and checked emails and chatted to a feedee I get on with and she was impressed I might be feeding this date. 

Regen in a Mug

I and mum then walked Rosie around the field, we chatted and Rosie was enjoying ball in the warmth, sure the field is covered in mats and sealed off with a low green border and all. but then I got home and started preparing for changing and a shower and messaged her to check if it was still going. No response, which is fair so I had to guess it was going and still prepared. 
Part of me had bad doubts and as I was nearing to leave and run to the bus at 11:40. I was feeling their nerves. but with the original LED shoes, grey jeans I cut and a grey hoodie, it was nice to be ready to go. 
I ran down to the bus, sure I passed a customer on the way and chatted with plans on her paying me for inks next Friday. Then it was getting there and sine the app said 23 minutes, I browsed Lidl for 10 or so minutes.
The wait for the bus (well actually other side)

Then I waited for the bus, like only 12 minutes to wait and hopefully wait for a response from her. but nope, then got on the bus just as parents said they were driving in, that's typical of them, it's that overprotective vibe again. anyway, I got on and paid £5.80 for the return and the journey was on.

So, I was on the bus, typing up, some guy was asking everyone how they were when I just kept quiet, messaged her to say I'm on the bus and carried on typing. but by Horrabridhe, it was a surprise laura popped in the bus, okay sure she didn't recognize me and also she was still looking the same sleek black I saw her in years ago, like 8 years and then kept typing. the guy that asked how everyone was started chatting to her, which I learned she's a single form that, but sometimes moving on is always the way and is not attracted to her anymore which is fair then time passed by, Derriford by 12:50 and soon the bus was nearing town by 1:15. Then I got off the bus. 

The usual bus stop off

The realizing

well, things were looking scared, it was only 30 minutes after I went toilet at Drake's circus, but it was tense since no word was coming from her, which sadly that made this seem like a tale of two different girls with the same name and it was. My first places were the usual Poundland, cex, game. which funny enough I saw Pete and he sold his S8 and then we had a selfie together. 

I met his girlfriend Steph as well, which she was lovely and shy, but we then parted ways as they were going to book holidays. I was waiting on the phone call or message. But my mind thought this was going to be another stand-up, and by 2 I was right since I did leave a voicemail via messenger. Okay it turns

Town to explore

My mind was looking for MicroSD cards with class 10 U3 for a change since it can affect vlogging, Carphone only had it for 34 quid on s Samsung and Office Outlet were even more money even with the 20% off. but I passed it. The food complex at Bretonside was doing nicely. 

Looking around the corner to see the complex om the left

Then it was a wander down to the bottom of town, but passing Gregg's to see if they had a vegan sausage roll, which they did, that was to buy later, but also I noticed that a girl I flirt with on snap was apparently near me, I messaged her if she wants good, she snapped a pic of her boyfriends back so that was a nope. 

Then it was browsing around the oriental shop and no luck with finding the burger sauce at all either. but was close to buying the seaweed there too. After that, I decided to walk up and check messenger and snap but no luck either, and the circle repeats, maybe offers were around but no luck. Soon after another voicemail left, I decided to go to Argos for the SD cards I was looking for, which for £24.99 they are not too shabby but then a customer called and had to nag at a visit to him and all. 

Then I told S what was going on and she was fuming and apologised for this happening to me, okay sure she's blaming this for her just wanting a Uber voucher and ghosting but that isn't really her fault and more mine for thinking it helps make effort, but then I got to look at the Other messenger. Which actually was amazing, lovely design and maybe a twerkable there and solid metal too. 

The Messenger

Then I walked my way to find the Vegan sausage roll and it was in the first Gregg's I went to originally so that was where I had to go After I messaged her one last time before I tried to find the Fanta grape before getting the bus home. 

The Vegan Sausage Roll for £1.00

The search for grape and Bus Home

Drake's circus didn't have any in there, though I did check and see mass gainer on offer for possibly a lucky girl up north I've fed and is real though I don't have her number. Tesco metro didn't have any in stock either. 

The mass gainer I might use one day

Then I decide to run up to the north hill spar to check, passing the meeting up point for this supposedly 5th date on the fountains, no Fanta grape in there. A run from there to Mutley and that was no help either. Sainsbury's was out, the premier was out and by the time I was at the bus stop, the bus was here 2 Min later. so I got on and if was a reflective way home for me. though I got back to Tavi by 5. I did then find a quiet place to eat the vegan sausage roll. God that was absolutely lovely, it tasted like


Then I got home and time to edit and everything else, now with an SSD too, I can't nag at speed. But there we have it, a sad afternoon but I kept my spirits up minus some tears by 3ish. But also when I catted to her the day after, it turns out she was a bit sleepy from a drug called pregabalin. But we still get on so maybe there's a second chance for us to meet, even if shes applied to be a curvage model. Maybe things might be better soon. 


Monday, 11 March 2019

A New House Birthday Garden Afternoon

Well, this weekend is hopefully going to be a bit of a fun time, Things are starting to look up and maybe more time for me but this weekend was a birthday of my nan and also things with my Sister's new House. But it was time that it was getting to understand things too.

The Week Planning: 

Things have been normal but with some reviews and plans for visits like Silverstone and even Sheffield. But one of these plans was to get an SSD for the video editing dell, and since WD have gotten cheaper and work has some in stock, £60 for 480GB is very good, this will be useful as well.

Getting the upgrade done in work, well actually it took like 

Also i did get the chance to use the Spoons app, like ordered 2 things since i ordered before a reply from the guess of halloumi fries, passing travels but like are you SURE your in this pub 100 miles away is the good sensible question, ignorance is bliss, but getting to be a legend is important too for karma. But after this was more working and after confusion, planning and actually taking evenings off to get things typed up earlier in the week, I managed to finally have a shave done too.

shaving on the live. 
Also chatting to S and she's been feeling under the weather and she said about UTIs which can be common and actually makes me a bit nervous but since every girl gets them even with condoms, its not like a STI which is a major relief, but she also won't have me round hers if I travelled to see her for a weekend so it put me in a bit of a hmm but who knows what the future holds. 

Also chatting with my friend and work neighbour and I really need to think about time off and getting a colleague to cover it, but its also been good to feel semi back to normal as well. But Im also overdue on accounting which is a pain but I have 8 months to get that sorted but that's not long is it. But if things and plans get busy, that will bite me in the bum, but August will be the fix for that since of 6 day weeks. 

Then it was a nice relaxing end of the week, sure customers didn't come in when they said they would and also I missed DMC5 so my capcom rep will say '" whats happened boss" but that's life. 

The Sunday Morning:

Okay, this was a hard sleep since of the wind, the rain, the letting Rosie out at 1am vibe and then charging the phone last night before I woke up, it was the normal time and the internet was checked,. Sure the usual happened and ended up thinking about old feedees that I flirted and got stood up by,. 

But then I got up and it was getting the laptop fixed and working which I finally got Mojave working, with wifi, audio and USB working too. this is good for me. But then I was changed and leaving to pick up grandparents before heading off to Tamar view to meet my sister. 

The outfit before leaving

Then we headed off, the sun was out, clouds were forming and it was nice to finally get something done with family though it's not often. But we drove to pick them up, We caught up and also squeezed us 5 in the car, me on the left-hand side this time, but it was actually not too long a drive from Devon to Cornwall, with roadworks, new houses passing gun and even more with views and roads. Oh and red cars in barriers.

We were meant to meet her at 1pm and actually, we got there about right, Sure we got everyone out in the coach parking then parked opposite which was handy. But we made it. 

The sun and car park

Dinner and catching up. 

Well we finally saw sister and we then walked in, well we joked about my nan needing a wheelchair but actually then mum offered her one, she accepted and then waited, sure people brushing past us while waiting but then the details taken, chair given and then she got in but her legs are very stiff, its a shame but she's getting more confident since last year was a turning point. 

But we then got to the restaurant, we found a table with 6 seats and then got her there and mum and dad got drinks and ordered food. The roast was a special on the menu too. 

The Specials Board
Then it was the order, I went for Roast Turkey, some went for the same, others went for stew or salmon, then while waiting, it was the chat on the dramas my sisters faced, from bills doubling to the trash of ex-homeowners leaving her place in a shit stye stylee they had a kid just before moving, cats coming home (their cat, like what, that's fair) and then it was more about other chats and the past with my nan and buying houses back in many ages ago, from the times of Brixham and Plym they used to live in. But then the food arrived, I added brown sauce on since it was nice. 

The Roast Turkey Meal

Then we ate and chatted for a while, which the staff closed off the section we were in so getting out wasn't going to be easy for others, but we got out and I and sister decided to get a joint present for my nan.

We looked and chatted and it was from £40 teacups, fat ball, she got a saw, me and her looking at some cute plant pots and eventually joined us to get one which was £22.99 (split between us at 11.94 each) And it was a heavy one but worth it. I like how the HDR came out on the Redmi 4 too. 

The Plant

Then I went toilet when she went to get some fat balls for her bird table to attract birds, But the toilets were pretty clean minus some bits on the floor, which is okay. Then I told her Im going to get some bits from the groceries since some deals like Rogers are here. And I was right. Burts crisps, Fanta fruit twist, Grapeatiser and more. Well, it made me get like £8.36's worth of snacks and an idea sized cardboard to go with it too. 

A nice £8.36 combo of snacks and drinks
Then I walked to the car and my grandparents didn't see me with my hoodie on until I was right in front of them but I offered to go home with my sister and then we got it in the car and then it was the chat and drive to her new house, which was a nice quiet drive to the church and even rain poured, Greggs past, McDonald's passing and even cute shops and nostalgia. But we got to her place with parents right behind us so no time to prepare to get her doors opened to let the easy way of people to get in for visits. 

The views from her place

The rainbow appeared 

The Grand tour

Well, I saw places of her place, from decent £350 imported sofas, BM tv units, Cornish flags in summerhouses, ponds in green, sliding toilet doors and some big windows. It was actually nice to see what a £200k house, when bargained with, gets you. But the family were pleased with her and I don't blame them, Sure it was daunting on me that I can't even get a girlfriend and sister moves in within 5 years of dating this guy but that's life. 

Also, she talked about this lush Chinese called Superbowls which is like decent healthy-ish food, sure not the one I know of but it was tempting me to try it one day. But we chatted and ate some birthday cake for my Nan and then Gave her some of her presents, before we had drinks and then I got my sister's router setup but since ADSL is there but not working until VDSL is setup next week, I loaned her my E5330 and said to get a sim for her. 

But it was nearing 5pm, sister's boyfriend drove home and we all chatted as we were leaving, he made me jel or not really by saying they are off to see captain marvel tonight, but its good to see how close they are to the fine life, maybe an hour run for me possible. ~But we drove out as it was raining, 

The Drive home, 

With the rain in, iIdaydreamed and listened to chatter, which was a reflection of the day before we dropped the grandparents off and I set up his range extender, Sane name is a pain,b ut then it was 6pm the sun was setting and We drove home. 

Evening bits. 

Getting home and unloading which was nice, I got changed and finally started to get the files copied over to the SSD, which took about 2 hours and had a mixed tea, then finally got that done. 

Files to Copy Over

then it was chatting to S and catching up and Also I had a thing on my mind about how to eat a girl out and worried about if you chew and she thought I was piss taking, which is fair but worried me had to be straight with the former squishy sex diva, she explained to me the truth and did put her off being intimate with me, but it can be a worry so, I had to ask opinion.

But alas after that and buying a pizza for Christea, and chatting to the lovely girl up north I made her hopefully waddle to Krispy Kreem to pixk up a double original dozen for £14.95, whcih she was excited, I was and also its one step closer to meeting, maybe when i get chance to travel more. Taht and Chloe and me are chatting but it feels like we are going to get nowhere, but there is a nother soft lady i could feed that might not ghost and will have to be a bit more fixing with another but time will tell.

Hopefully more happens this month but we will see.


Monday, 4 March 2019

A March Windy Catchup

Well, without realising I've not published for a whole month on here and forgetting with so much drama happening in small stages, its time for have catchup since a lot has gone on with me from falling out with potential meetups, breaking #noonlinefeedinmgfeburary and also with the body getting exhausted, new bikes and the like.

February is an odd feeling

We all start off with that catchup vlog about the failed date the few days after which really I need to be quicker about an event like this. 

Okay, also meals were soo good when I was hungry after work too.

But things were going better than I thought, okay sure I and Chloe had made up and it was even to the stage I was going to finally face fear and try on a condom for the first time. Which this was finally to see what was going on and maybe if I knew what I was doing. But I went into boots after work and I was nervous and debated a few times of which size to get. Ended up getting Durex Ultra Safe 56mm which was the biggest they have in the ultrasafe version.

But alas with this also came an evening off and was time to get a #omracereats made up too.

Though this was messing with my schedule of streaming KH3 and also I did join rate my plate which actually has submitted only 1 or 2 of the meals I've had so might have to push that soon.  But Also a girl I even had to send uber vouchers for last year lost 8 stone in a year, which actually she said on her insta questions she would not go on a date with me, yet missed being big and also was skint so it was part of her loss. But some hotels she went to were peng if I could ever justify it. Ah well. Also, gold bars are very tasty.

But that moved on to nothing heard from lucy since that mess up at all. so what fucking waste of a justeat from the Atlantic fryer. This was hoping to be a good #Noonlinefeedingfeburary. But it was also the truth on maybe why I prefer a lot of things other than sex and being asexual could have been it, S agreed, Christea was really good about it with me to explain a lot to me with her knowledgeable background, though I and she improved over this month too.

Also, Zara and I started chatting again, like it felt good and her place was looking nice and sure I still have to get her a takeout to be delivered to her new place but we will see.

By the 5th, things were finally good, late nights were common but I finally put on the condom after a second or so used. But it felt tight, maybe I wasn't fully hard but I feel it might be a 60mm to try to make the comfort stage. But thanks to Chloe and S, it was done. So maybe a big mini relief, but apparently I have a micropenis anyway due to the 11.6cm hard which is understandable but its probably the phimosis causing that.

Also shoutout to a follower for finally realising what Chocco Nussa is.

Then it starts. DRAMA. Well not for me hitting home but communities being outed which is totally fair and made a site go into lockdown mode and boy the insta live about it was FUN, to say the least, but this was the only the start of the Drama since soon Tavi was going to have a Hotel of debates and accusations on its own. But things about that were soon to be flattened down too. Also, a GTX 1060 from a supplier for £185 is not good value. Oh, and omelettes are really good.

Also from that lovely shopping trip, was Popcorn to cook and boy was it nice, even the corns unpopped was tasty af, sure dangerous according to some but it was still soo good. Polls were being done and it was looking like 2 reviews were going to be dropping soon.

But then it was soon to be the boy who lived in Britains Angriest Town. Yikes, the work neighbours reacted seeing the article on Yahoo.  But that's the times we live in to borrow money, build something then lease it off to something that's already 5 minutes walk down the road. But it did raise debate, even Torchy added me on FB and said: "best just to delete this". But it was all stress for nothing when a vote overturned it. Good good.

Then A shitty firm was scamming my parents and making fake phone calls for some loft solution that actually causes houses to have a new roof fitted. But £10,000 for that is no thank you either, besides a bathroom was to be redone apparently.

Then it was normal working weekends, reviews to be planned around the time off I had and regen to be kicked in, with Bikes that also had to be swapped, I was borrowing my dad's bike for about a month and boy did those fucking hills to Brentor kill me. But this got me the chance to review a SHIT cable.

The GPS Cable

The Cable on the bike that didn't do anything
But then it was a surprise review, A chicken Tika slice from the garage I parked up at and finished the cable review.

The slice and the drink

From here it was nearing valentines and rules was meant to be broken for #Noonlinefeedingfeburary and that ended up also losing the trust between me and a cute northern feedee which I didn't even know her real name yet spent about £50 on her since chatting to her last year.  I was feeding since she felt a bit out of place when not real. But that ended up to some pretty big debates and fallouts and okay £15 on pizza lost, But with things like this, it was rules broken, potentials lost and well more chance with another feedee up north I've been getting along well with, and slightly older than me too.

But even S was a bit odd on how I casually say who I feed and things, like here is the same way I talk to you in real life and even McDougall said something about how Open  I was and maybe some don't like that back at Charley's Party 4 YEARS ago. But let's be clear if it wasn't for blogging and opening my life up, I probably would be dead now, like I've felt like I've needed to vent for many years and if I never did, well I probably would not have lasted until 2011 let alone 2019. Like I've put myself in stupid moments, I've fallen and had heart snapping, I've changed my life and its been good to put a story out there and okay this month and year I've been quieter and more reflective but going from where I was to where I am now, hardly much but more than I could imagine.

But this ruined a night and maybe the rest of the month, Though I was lucky enough to be chatting to this dream girl too who was nice and super down to earth, other girls I fed got paetron and heck even won a doughnut clip on Monday as I had to cycle home then out after installing dragon for a customer, nuance are nightmares and will feel chills in the Spine too. But I did feed a Scottish girl which is good karma to find out.

But with this, things felt a change in the air, productivity was low, Life felt autopilot mode with working most of the evenings and some customers really even making it feel like im back and forth, me ordering and even having to use PP for a car for my colleague which did get it paid back so its not too stressful but it did mess up ordering from reps, like the WB rep I really got to know, she left the company only 2 weeks ago, bless.

S and I have been closed yet further apart as she was in some amazing moment with a guy and then going over to Cali which I was jealous about but shes the friend whos there for me yet I feel her as a friend more than this incredible sized girl I used to jaw drop at anymore from her new diets and all. But its what makes her happy and she's still up for meeting before she leaves the UK eventually.

But from here things went down since A cold was starting to happen, especially after the girl I chatted to up north was starting to get one when I got it the NEXT day on the 22nd, which was going to drain my energy big time and probably with the mood, drama it was kind of waiting to happen as well. Also a chat with me and a girl on Reddit was a shocker since it was 126 days for her to reply to me, which maybe S is right and im too patient, but sometimes we just have to wait or move on and if we get a reply, then its great, if not, nothing lost. Well, minus money if that's the case.

But then out of the blue, a new bike my parents got for £40 was impressive, okay I did offer to pay back but they did say it was an early birthday present though its really a Work expense. The Auctioneers can be pretty good really. But this was soon to be tested and it can actually make me quicker to work if I drink REGEN with it. Mi Fit is still going strong too.

But minus the fact NO gaming videos were made, this wasn't even typed up and though another #omracerreivews was planned, I was feeling drained and through chatting to new ladies and making an effort was key, the cold was not helping, at all. Though things like Chilli and Skinny brides to fat wives was something to get me through, the cough, the fever, the tiredness, UGH, #

Also, I was getting a laptop sorted for streaming in the bedroom, but things like keyboards and power supplies to buy for it makes it a bit of a nightmare but, laptop spares are always useful. HP Don't maker spare parts for it anymore but it got some good vibes, then again i will probably borrow a new 480GB SSD from work since of projects so I can video edit on the go better. But also the 

Also then I got christea a Greggs voucher but she got ill the day after that which was a shame but see, making the effort is nice with people you can feel safe with their number to call. Like some girls, it's hard to get to that stage and especially as expensive as food, but maybe something like a girls number is an entitlement, I don't know.

But to get myself better with the cold, Drink happened, well tropical juice and even a delivery driver got barked at on a Saturday morning too but ah well, Victoria Plumbing should know when a toilet has been picked up a week before and that made me wear crocs to work.

But once that was starting to get over, I was feeling a bit better, okay work mode was happening and I still get coughs now but Beck called me a gangsta when she showed me some bags too. But minus work arguments and rent to pay. Things seem to look up, chatting to girls and also buying hair dye ready for the new colour later this month, even one feedee said nope when I should dye it blonde (which goes ginger).

But then it leaves me to Monday, Ages of empires was overplayed by like 12 hours of matches in a week and though things are catching up, I did fall out with the girl up north so I'll have to spend more to cheer her up since im not dedicated enough but we are close to getting numbers, well before the fallout, we were anyway.

The Goals: 

Nothing has changed here, lets be clear on that really. Its a shame but we will be sorted soon about it. But I've been invited to the same event as last year and might go again, but it's trying to get time off is a fucking struggle which is why most of my life has been well, boring this year. I will try to change this soon. 

Expect a video up soon and more videos up soon too and posts. Maybe even a holiday at the end of the month lets hope.