Saturday, 24 July 2021

A Start of Freedom on a 12th Twitterversary -

 Well, its now the end of restrictions as far as we know, but there is a gut feeling Lockdown might return, the rumours are all there and the cases going up and to be fair, the vaccine is still not easy to just get it without consequences of its own, which that I'll get into later, but for now, its still working in the hardest part to NOT DIE in the next 2 weeks before getting the jab and the risk as minor as they are still could cause issues later on. But there are other starts to my life from here onwards. 

But we begin  on the time of the July, which there was actually a lot of things starting to happen, Well work related and also with the vaccine to be booked and well it was a few phone calls to sort out, but it turns out an email means there is a chance to of walk in vaccines in the first week in august, so that solves that issue. 

The route I could have taken

Now,  it was the football again and the euros at the time was seeming like it could improve on that end but will it come home, well we are not sure yet. But instead it was nice to see the Loki's with the glorious purpose. 

But then it was nearing to remember the last time I had cuddle with someone which was a long time ago and it meant it was at one point to finally get that done, but it made me realise that its small steps to be able to get to cuddle again, which I will have to get that done at some point and with that call from before, maybe it seems closer. 

 Now this was the time to work on other problems which finally I reached out to Ship to see if i could sort out the issues relating to the Penis and turns out it shows a lot of messages  between the NHS Devon clinic and after a phone call nearing 30 minutes regarding various parts such as the tricky part of how to use a condom and also the issues with even touching it with the hands. But there was the chance to finally sort things out. The first advice of this was to be actually using salt of table in the bath, which will it make an effort, yes no it wont be affecting it just yet. But that was going to be the way things go, since I want to finally sort things out before 30 and this is the first step. 

The Salt in the bath

But this made my motivation just die down, since I was exhausted from working, unshaven and also the fact that I'll not be able to be having time out this year for like a holiday so far which is going to be almost back to what I used to be like Back in the first job I ever had and ended up not having a week off from september 2012 to 2017 when I left. But now I do have charge of my own destiny in that way, so closing is a thing for me to regret later on, heck I did it with no customers in the stall when I went away on November 2019 and caused the breakdown when realising all of this while on the phone with some Koch order. 

But it then was back to working, the excitement was in the nation as for Football coming home, with a game on Sunday, worrying about a friend selling tickets since things were getting purge like with the close to freedom at the same time. But instead a hipster bar with Ribena and reduced hot sausage roll is a nice touch, which actually after that, I got one for lunch, well not hot but reduced.

The Reduced sausage roll

Now this was still motivation low and also the steam sale was on, with some bills not coming out until the next week, But yup, it means i get to purchase FALL GUYS and it does get 60fps 1080p on the laptop which actually surprised me, how the game runs, well thats the future to tell at one point too. 

Fall Guys 

Then it was heading towards the wet Sunday, which means its going to be one of those days to take it easy, sure texting someone while working the night before is nice and it kept going but . It was a message from a friend to say they are moving soon, like it felt nice to chat but whether I might see them after the jab if I even survive that. But they might be going before I get that day to approach me. 

So that Sunday was going to be a game changer but also a shadow of the paste and also a lot of racial tension, that day was for a lot of hooligans and gammons to raid north west London, the weather was really coming in and also it was nice to have a Toasted sandwich for brunch too. 

The Toasted sandwich for brunch too./ 

But as the day progressed, it was time to do some work to crunch and this was also good, sure there was a roast and also the USA deals in Lidl meant a nice bit of Rainbow cookie baking kit is good too., 

Mum baked some of the rainbow cookies 

Now the afternoon was good to finally do more work and eventually it was soon time to finish work early to find out the (Not my hatred)  hatred for 3 lions is going to happen from others in this nation of whatever timeline is branched out. But well, it had to have a video moment and tiktok just does 16:9 videos now too. 


well, it #seems that #footballscominghome

♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker

But it starts to be just another week, expect it was One week until all bets are off and freedom is upon us, or so they say, but that will be later on here. For this to work its going to be to focus on other things and the YouTube side isn't one of them. 

 I'll try to focus on that these next few months in-between both jobs. Especially as soon as the food was getting good with more of the vita Asian stuff and also the pancakes including that was good too. But for now it was a leftover bit of bar and other things too. 

The lucozade and the other parts 

Now this was actually ending the week batter than i thought, Sure there was a refund to happen from that visit I did on the last blogpost, but instead it was to get the Zelda and some other titles in as well as reply to an email and found out that August 17th is the date for the potential consultation on therapy but that is for another blogpost on this journey. Also this was the finding out the Store I cycled miles to get to when on holiday is Re-opening too. 

The Zelda 

More Switch titles 

But it was coming up to that weekend and well it was time to work on that plan for getting the giveaway sorted as well, So there it is, I did get the tastecard on the Friday since the Thursday night I went to setup a TV for a relative of mine which did help pay for it. 

But instead it was more combos like Ribena and pasta . F1 2021 and then soon to be able to change something new and also a new review coming up as a surprise too. 

The ribena and pasta 


But then it was time to go a clear out to get boxes out of the way too, since there was more rubbish piling up and that was also on one of the days used for the carnival events which that was the weekend always before the twitterversary as well. Plus this year was actually scrapped the carnival. But it was also a bit late for the money to go in so a box to carry home instead. 

Fanta my parents bought in 

The Meadows on the way home 

The box being carried home

The Time for the Change of hair 

But then it was time to get the next step and actually, it was then time to get an overdue task done, of getting the hair dyed. Which on that Sunday, it was the first task to wake up and get the hair dyed, enjoy the vlog on this below: 

But it was time go get a generic plain white shirt out and then get the processed mixed, the sun was out in full force, the hair was to be dyed before walking Rosie in the sun. 

The after 1st stage of dying the hair 

The Hair when walking 

Then it was time to come back to get the hair washed out and it was sticking nicely colour wise, there was much less burning from the use of the blue raspberry syrup, well the slush one anyway. But there has been a bit more to top up when in the shower. Which then made it more of a burning a bit less to mix in more blue to see if it sticks. Which it didn't actually, but while that was being done. It was time to have a nice toasted lunch, from Sausages with onions to even sausages with malt wheaties aka fake shreddies. 

The toasted sandwiches, 

Now this is where the quiet part comes, it was that for lunch and did taste actually night, sure the sausages could have used a bit longer, sure,  but god they were nice to eat those. But then it was the parents returning, mum was a bit shocked but dad wasn't taken aback as much as  previous. But then it was a selfie before heading off to lidl. 

The Selfie before heading off 

Now when going to lidl, it was busier than others but this was the final legal day of masks which for some is the legal part and stress for others, for me its no change for the soon future. But there was some good deals but there was that showing part of the empty stock due to the shortages from the maybe over sensitive pinging from the apps. But there were some deals and also it was the week of Iberia going as well which means even a chance of some good drinks as well as more. But then it was time to head back home/.

Now that means its going to be a chance to start the prep for a new review that was sudden appearance of a E-bike, which might help for the future and also the chance to use as a daily occurrence if changes do appear even in a good or bad timing. But this review is a post only and coming soon on that side. 

The bike

There is more to meets the eye for this and getting it setup for its first day, from the lights, checking the mudguard and even oiling up the old padlock too. But that took a few hours for it, lucky the oil helped with the lock and then it was time to get this post typed up a bit more. Which then it was to have a nice time with a salad with chicken for tea. 

The chicken with the salad

After this it was time to have a nice walk to the river for Rosie to have her cooldown and all 3 of us chatted, Well, i was chucking the ball around with Rosie since her neediness and attention are always there. But getting the feet in the river was a great idea. But then it was nearly 7:30 and the end of the day was near. 

The feet in the water 

and another angle 

The dam out of rocks 

The river almost calm. 

It was also the time of F1 and reminders of how Silverstone worked really well back then. 

But it was then to finally end the day with a bath and the warning of the #freedumbday ahead of me, well luckily for me it was just a quiet day of working and testing that change of a new way to get around. But for now it was those moments of reflection and plan on the  twitterversary giveaway., 

Then it was that Monday, which was nice to have a cold drink and also getting the lessons done and also the bike was a lot better in its performance than I expected it to be in some ways. 

The cycle ride 

Then it was the long day, from getting home by nearly 7pm, especially in the heat and chatting to customers and paying money is as well, But then it was time to get home and also walk Rosie, which there was a nice deer in the field, well 3 actually. Also getting a WhatsApp from a friend that was potentially moving to Mexico in the next 2 weeks too which was to meet up with then after a jab but later on plans might not go that way. 

The deer and the field 

a closer look 

Then it was time to get more plans done and type this up, but it was getting more plans sorted as well. But then it was the actually the time to have a nice salad of some sorts like the boiled egg. 

The Chicken 

Then it was the day of the Twittterversary, which then it was time to work....

Twitterversary in a long day of work

So it was the Tuesday and well it makes the sense to work, which ending up having a long day, from phone calls to the fact i had like 2 visits at the end of the day and this was no exception, sure i did manage to chat for like an hour in work 

But in the end it was time to work and also time to announce the winner, which actually was @filthybeaver which it took like 2 days to get the video editing for this done, which that was with more work and also more things to get done in-between too. Plus i found one of the habits i did for nights out was a way to improve my metabolism. 

The selfie when filming the twitterversary video 

The prize up for grabs 

The Cat and the editing laptop 

Then it was back to work and well it has been harder, the heat was getting to all, family working hard in it, Rosie being herself and coping with the heat and also it meant to take the time to walk up with her as well. But as things go, its sometimes good to knuckle down and get the video editing, heck the vlog from Sunday has still got to be done at this point too. 

Editing at night in the heatwave 

But then it was finally time for the video to go up. #

The aftermath 

It means for me its back to normal, now the day after was still to be getting work done, the heat was there, jobs to be caught up on, the sales slow and a few phone calls here and there. But it was also that low energy vibe makes it harder. But it was nice to work out the blogpost and also nice bottle of water as well as reduced pineapple, even with dealing with the stress of amazon tracking rate causing stress too. But L:idl had the Sol Mar Cans of Lemonade. 

The water and the Pineapple

Now this was also the chance to learn that also moving on is important or just  a need to get things paid for which means its time to part ways at the GTX 1050 from the Steambox . So that means it will go to somewhere new, but it sold at the similar value at when it purchased. So thats a bonus, but GPUs are starting to get better on this. But that doesn't have to be for a fair while yet.


The 1050 in its box from even 5 years ago, still working 

But then it was more customers to deal with, texting someone special  and a few phone calls, then to carry a box back home, more tidying for the plans in the shop later on when things work out, But then it was to lead to a argument, well I got home later on, but turns out parents offered me to get me to home park and I did explain its still a chance of walk in but we can find out, then after the indian and a nice desert, it was making it clear that I CANT book the VACCINE for the TUESDAY on the SITE and I've already booked the 3 days off aka close the shop to get that sorted, so I ended up having to explain it to him and pissed both of us off. I get it, he is trying to help, but even when having to Spell it clearly to the Reps on the booing service, 

The Indian Takeout

But then it was finishing the type of this up and well times has flown by. But that seems to be it, lockdown is pretty much over for the next few weeks and then it will be time to see how things can go, but money will be spent, words said and also vlogs and videos to come during the summer. 

The New Year Resolutions

Lets be clear, there hasn't been any change to these at all, even the accounts I'm starting to not get done as much and a backlog is building, the Streaming side well I've lost a Decent GPU so its nearly the Xiaomai 6 Pro E5100 to catch up and also its nearly 6 days a week of work which takes its tool and even doing this means money not coming in for a week minus partner money (About £21 as of last week after the last pay-out in Jan 2021) 

See you soon


Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Working and more pressure of potentials - Lockdown Stage 27

 Well,, July is finally here, things are nearly 3 weeks away until freedom in some cases, but chaos in others. For me there has been just work, sure some family time and also that chance of a big change which could make life more stressful on a day to day basis, but this might not be over yet and it could  be maybe a big new start or worst case cause things I'll regret later on. 

But well now lets catch up on the recent events. If any. 

But we start  with even waking up to be called a lazy bugger by a rep at work, sure its not intentional but banter but it made me feel that I am getting lazier and not working hard enough for me to keep going on the choices to then make for later on. But this was actually the day to get shaved and actually it was time to get the vaccine booked which had its own turn of events. 

This was funny, since of the fact that I had to deal with the GP and they said "We might not be doing vaccinations in August" like this push to get vaccinated is all well and good but not if places will stop by that point, but even when I cycled to work after attempting to book, it was a nightmare trying to call up, since the rep just said that just call again later. but the online booking system is still fucking up for getting it booked, like Even in August i cannot get it booked as I called just when typing due to a Technical Error. But the shave was well worth the effort. 

But Then it was getting to the point of more work, it was the fact that soon it was time to really  
get the work going, things were not too bad on that day and sure there is a sign of other things yet to arrive but also it was a case that there were also some chances for the days ahead to get widows 11, okay it was leaked and worked on the video editing laptop quite nicely too, but was a mix of not working and working in terms of it was not the full proper. 

Windows 11 being setup 

But as things progressed, work was starting to incline in the repairs section and also it was getting more and more stock in and also visits sorted out, but Also boxes were soon to be the topic, but after more boxes to be collected, it was time to have a nice indian which the prawn Pathia nearly burned me too. 

The indian takeout on the Friday night

As the weekend was going on, it was paid £20 to mum regarding a box to build for her as a farther day presents and also it was work and also a planned day out, Since technically it was very close to the freedom day but that Lies after the 12th Twitterversary, amazon parcels to be sold and even repairs were going to be harder and phone stock was there too. But the Jamaican pasty patty is always nice along with the Co-op water which for me can even last a whole week sometimes. 

The Patty and Water from the Co-op 

Then it was getting home and caning work, which for that past 2 to 3 weeks, has been even head aching due to the working online until 2am or even 3:30am on some nights, which paid off in small stages but it was getting money in, sure paid for the laptop for the editing and also getting money saved up for something to work out in that days ahead, which also the next month was going to be a giveaway again too. But it was then to regret that for the plans to happen on the Father's day. But there were 2 meals before the day was ending. 

A Head aching Father's day out 

Now this was actually interesting since my sister booked the same place as we went to for my Dad's birthday last year.. But that night i was up until 3am which meant it was going to be a bit of hangover style event. But as I woke up and that head was pounding, it was time to get changed and soon head off to Saltash. The clouds were looking bleak and the thought of having to check in when eating out was putting me of wanting to go, but things didn't go that bad as i thought once we found out the proper plan. 

The cloudy road 

But then it was to get to the Same place as before by around 11am but turns out the Roads were busy due to it being closed, but after calling the place up to let them know we will be late, we eventually  made it there, the embankment is chaotic by that point. 

The queues on embankment 

Then it was getting clearer by the hour and we luckily got to sit outside this time, I did bring the jumper but didn't need to wear it either. But then it was getting to choose what to have and well it was nice to go with something different, so it was pancakes with bacon and maple syrup instead, and i did add ketchup on there too. 

The views from the Hoe 

The Pancakes with the bacon and the maple syrup 

But then it was talking and catching up and remind dad I've already "booked" my vaccine and time was going on to make sure that happens, but me and sister were in a same situation which people rely on her to work from how others have been sick or self isolating due to positives and means no staff. But then again dad say her work doesn't give a shit about her, which for me is a different case since mins some suppliers can push but most mean well. But eventually after me finishing half of my sister's and mum's pancakes, it was time to get to walk about like walk the food off, its a family habit in the most cases. 

But a walk on the hoe it is and well this time was different, Since mum wanted to do the beetles pose, So we all did it, well photos of all of us in the same poses which were moulded to the ground were done there. I did sticker over family for the protection, just a FYI here.

The poses in the beetles place 

Another of me , dad and my sister 

Then we carried on, walking over the hoe to get to the barbican which was nearing the heat of the moment, which actually the headache was getting to be easier to ignore. But we walked towards the barbican and then to have a bite to eat and drink to the pub next to where OMG use to be, Christ I remember going in there for a glass of water at the bar and just listening to chats was a surreal feeling. But we got something like a nice bit of chips well the sweet potato ones. 

The Appetiser for me 

The views was really nice too, the crowds were going nice and also time was being killed. Ordering from the website was okay but fuck it was pricey. 

The barbican 

Then it was timing to walk back, along the hoe, the headache was still there but I would feel a bit better, So it was then off to go back to the car while passing which for me was not as bas as earlier. but it was also the time that my dad was going to go to my sister's fiancés work to look at this hybrid car he was thinking about, which later on is the plan of his ideas causing stress for me. But the views on the way back is nice too.

The Ferry as it closes  in 

More views of the Hoe 

Then it was the drive over to look at this car, which was not too bad but there was some forced sales tactic at play. But after, it was time to go to the range which was only nearby and that had loads of deals and really it was also the best time to get some, such as a Phone light, Bike Tyre Tubes, even 30 pack of ice lollies as well as mum getting some things from the TGI Fridays Range in Iceland too. Which dad mentioned the story of an old client of his had a worker that suddenly died, always mentions it as we go to this car park too. 

The car park with the ex quarry looking bit 

It does get busy here 

Then it was time to drive to drop the sister off first and also give out the presents for farther's day, which was nice with this crate along with actually other bits like beer and crisps etc. But eventually it was time to drive home and then get a nice walk for Rosie done after, but it was good to have those TGI Fridays buffalo chicken which was actually not coated on and just dipped in the sauce, which reminds me the buffalo sauce is running out and soon my hair needs to change....

The buffalo chicken with garlic bread and half of hunters chicken bit with no cheese

The busy weeks last of June

Now this meant for me it was back to work and things were going to be expensive, since releases were almost every week and it was also a chaotic moment when the moment of Xbox Series X to arrive. Which meant getting plans made up and getting them in, but also it was more repairs and also caning more online work to make sure things were saved up for the 3 weeks from that week, since there is temptation and also there is wish of a Holiday this year but I think it will be 2022 before that happens. 

Now it gets worse since something was happening which meant dad was really pushing to move quickly, yes move house, Since of an investment he wants to make and really it was getting to the stress of knowing my easy average life might get more difficult or it means even longer days than it sometimes can be already.

Which if I known this 1 year ago, the shop might never of happened, but thats how things go. This was causing some sleepless nights and working online to forget about it but it was lingering and makes it even sometimes stressful to come home, especially from someone who makes jokes about hobbit feet and sometimes calls me a monk which I still don't understand why, okay in seriousness, he hasn't been making jokes at me the past few weeks so that has made me feel less intimidated. While work was going on, it was also good to get some more bits from Co-op and also sometimes Central but the bottled water is always lasting me a fair few days. 

The Pasta and the Drink 

Then it was the end of the week and well, the consoles arrived as well as other switch games, so time to get them out and also Sony did some changes which means it has to be time consuming for me at the end of the week but  there we are, also it was close to an OF ending which one pointed wanted renewal, and the best part is that starling had to change the card (not due to actual fraud, but protection from potential fraud) so renewals don't go ahead too. But that started as of next week. The best thing is that from bailing customers, Xbox did not sell until having to list it on fucking FB marketplace and boy i get a very shiver down my spine, but one person turned up and paid for it in full, one person wanted to trade a Gaming PC in, so its adding the notes every time. 

The consoles 

More Switch Games 

A heavy lunch for that Saturday 

Then it came to my dad, which it was starting to get tricky, since sure the Saturday was actually a Chinese at my sisters, since we had to deliver a piece of some drawers and desk to hers. This was from grandad's fiancé that died in august (well the day after me and my sister went to visit her) and that was meaning other things going on with family which luckily I was not having to help much on, okay sure there is a bit saying I'm not in the will (mum and sister and cousin are not either) but i still remember her saying I was to try to sugar-coat me to sort of  bend to her wishes for like being helping her out when i had no way to get over there safely if needed but oh well. Also it was nice to watch Avengers Endgame while eating it and some nice to have salt and pepper squid/calamari, I miss that stuff when seeing someone special which it seems like that is next year... Fun fact this was from the place which I had my 4th Date with someone that used to work there back in 2018 (that was when the 4th date was) . 

The Chinese takeout 

Then it cam to the stress part, since the day after it was being told that I could potentially get my own place or move out further to get places but it was stressful having to make it clear I'm not making enough to get there on my own, sure real life work is getting no survival issues due to the BBLS which I've got to pay off at one point and sure the online work is okay and also YT Partner is no way viable without having to crunch it, and I'll be honest, getting the time to film is needed but also I  just have a feeling I'll get no downtime from rushing to get more bills paid, So that had to be made clear, like even suggested me going for closing the shop and getting a normal job, like yes but at the end of the day I do have something that could make money when  I worked at it daily. Plus that helps to get time for YouTube, but the future has 2 years to prove to me I've made a fucked up mistake with the shop and also fuck up something special without realising. But thats all I can say for now on that. 

Stressing out on that made me have to go on 2 walks, the weather was starting to get quite bad with the rain. Well this was nothing new there and sometimes I needed time to think, which this was really going to be the case, its put me on edge the next few days after about this, but its going to happen, sure me and mum have been talking about it and how he has been rushing to invest and also wants a place with a view when the housing market has been spiking god knows fucking high and soon will crash once the pandemic is very close to a end in sight which then might be the time, but things change but its that hindsight that gets me. But it was a Sunday so a sort of rest day and working online to make sure funds are sorted yet again But this was before having to be in the shop and hitch a lift with sister's fiancé to get a Series X sold to his mate who was keen. 

The nasty cloud in the sky 

A Leftover Sunday night meal 

But as things gets back to the final week of June, well sadly things do not go to plan, First the consoles there were 4 out of 6 left, but people are a lot more receptive to the S but still umming and urring. But, lets be fair its potential to stay until Christmas. But we will see. 

This was proven by coming home on the Tuesday after another day of work, sure it was quiet and Monday was more of just one visit then more admin to do minus having a call with a rep while texting and seeing something else too. But on that Tuesday, mum had a covid scare so it means it was time to finally have my first swab test, which actually didn't goo to badly and I got negative first time. Also the chicken tikka slice was good to leave there for lunch on the day after. 

The slice from the day before and the drink from last week

Time to take the first test of my life 


But then it was getting busier in work, people wanted phones, repairs and also I wanted to get files copied over from one drive to another for if I needed to use the clips on a previous library for vlogs in the future. But that and also working online but also taking it easier for a little bit since I was getting a lot of headaches from that too. I mean it is intensive and still manage it but its put a lot of things off to get done like shaving, filming and even games playing to streaming. But it means for me I will take some easy off with that. But Wednesday  was some admin and even getting to share a chocolate bar with a former neighbour at work since she was skint and well 2 duplo for £0.50 is a bargain since ferreo make it. 

The Duplo Chocolate 

July is a wet arrival

That and Windows 11 being on the video editing laptop felt smooth and fast, well the UUP version.  But instead it was more boxes and me buying stupid bargains to keep things going, then again Headsets at work always sell a treats, those northerners isn't too bad to talk to, heck my rep even went to a stand up near him and that was a different experience, even during a pandemic. Plus a strange conversation with a rep regarding DC Super hero girls, like its not been a top seller and asking why (not me, other retailers too) Also my fucking god the main road is finally clear and ready to be used as normal, I'm REALLY surprised no car crashes happened.

Headsets some arrived some not seen for years (Bottom right) 

More headsets and cheap headphones

The empty Road 

This has been a massive shock of nearly month an a half of chaos 

The night sky 

The plants in the dark

But as it gets cloudier, it was in for a more emptying of boxes to help with grandad moving out of his/grandad's fiancés house which from the talking to family, it seems like he's gotten negative now and maybe its a gene thing from where the negativity and anxiety on my end comes from. But for now it seems like its a lingering in the back of my mind. But instead it was nice to have another indian takeout again, even when waiting in the takeout and also even getting  Even after dealing with NHS 119 on the phone for a technical error to book the covid vaccine which online is still nearly past the crealy adventure park bit. But that could happen for a vlog. Plus more Taxi Fares were Paid of £5 just before I had to leave to collect that 

The Indian Takeout 

But then it was looking towards a weekend to plan and it was meant to be filming but in the end it turns out another walk with Rosie and then actually was to film but it meant to re-organise my room, since due to this moving out, we got given some old clean Wardrobes so it means I got the ones that were in my parents room before, then it was the case or organising my room. But in the end, it does make it look a bit bigger. 

A nice little brunch too 

Progress with the wardrobe and the narrower shelf 

The monitor, game shelf and Rosie by the Door 

A Look at the wardrobe

But then it was to organise the desk in the office and well its was good to use the monitors I purchased last year  which felt nice to finally used them for potential streaming  but more dual monitors for working. 
The screens and keyboard

Then it was relax tonight. Sure watching things with parents was good and also to eventually lean about a potential big news story if the legal experts find out and also watching Pokemon the Journeys which is odd since its like a rewrite. But I will keep watching it as and when I get to use Netflix, my mum loves it.

But then it means its going to be another week, which the weather was not looking good but it means to do some different work, such as cycling to yet another hidden area near the  Tamar river, for well, another internet connection, which luckily it was not too bad to get the as well as a visit on the way there, but it was well, the rain pouring down, climbing up a slippery ladder and phone masts being too far or away from a hill to get good signal. But I ended up getting home at 6pm but it made me feel some form of knowledge but also explains at the feelings of heights of not being well when going to the tube via escalators. 


But there we are, and sure it means from the news, that 2 weeks time is the end of lockdown and things open up, which means for me its going to be a risk to work until that jab but I think if I OD on the vitamin C, its less chance and masks too. Parents were pissed off from hearing that news and thinks its too soon, for me maybe it does feel too soon too but I have to plan life around work. Especially with like 3 customers to call as of tomorrow due to working most of the day today as well. 

A Catch Up on the Resolutions: 

Well lockdown has nearly finished for reals this time, my life is mostly working and long nights and days, love life is slowly but surely able to be  normal ish when the time comes and even some of these goals are close to being able to be done 

  • stream more - Still got the GenkiCast to review and now more bedroom space might work but not done 
  • Catch up with the  accounts in work -  This is better than I thought, sure the accounts balance are never going to match but the other side of info is clearer, even profit on some months 
  • Be able to hug someone non work or family related - Looking towards A fair bit of time away but legally able to now 
  • Complete at least 2 games in a story mode  - Not done  
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - One down and still more planned, 
  • Schedule/plan out days more -  Things are being looked at 

But thanks for reading and Soon there won't be 2 week catch ups once lockdown ends in 2 weeks which might end a lot of the post count for the past year or nearly 2. But well with things on my mind, life could collapse but time will tell 

See you then.