Sunday, 31 October 2021

And October of Cancelled Fairs and non stop work

 Well, times have been that chaotic time of feeling on autopilot and its going to get even busier with how things will become, but things have just felt like its been empty with nothing much on focus, Sure there has been times I can wait for time to be ready to catch up with goals and maybe happier futures but as the busy winter comes in, It will be that time to make sure its going to work out in the end. It means having to shut things off from the world, thats for sure, but well its that sacrifice to get things going. 

So on the catchup Side of things, well there has not been many stories to tell. But i'll go through some of the highlights of October. 

The October of wet and Work. 

So with out story ending from the first week, it was fast approaching the importantly former week of fun which is Goose Fair But like the previous post and vlog, its found to be cancelled for a 2nd year in a row, and now the talk of the plans to renovate what was to become on the event for time for the future.  But this week before was for releases and food, from sausage rolls to work neighbors making little balls made o cheese without realizing I allergic to it and having to spit out most of what bite i had of it. 

Farcry 6

Brownies and rolls

Lunch after a visit of emergency on how to setup a Hotspot on a iPHone 

The balls made of cheese with more cheese inside

But then it was heading towards a weekend to prepare myself to get things done, with a busy week approaching and even more chaos in work to deal with from what I was about to find out, it was time to just suck it up and also finally get some overdue chores done, especially with finally preparing for windows 11 to install over 4 days later than the start of when this post begins, the 5th October, which from that Day it was getting good weather and looking to stay like that as well.  

And so the chores of that Sunday begin. 

A Sunday for cleaning: 

So we begin with the plan of being able to sort out what appears that day, since the plan was to get done. 

  • Reinstall windows 11 to the Desktop, Laptops. 
  • Clean out the Desktop PC
  • Backup files from the laptops
  • Clean the bike
  • Any other chores 
So that was the plan and it did take most of the time to do that, but the first plan was for waking up and also lunch after walking rosie,. 

The Roast pork with the chicken gravy 

As that afternoon was getting amazingly warm and like the summer we should of had, it was time to get the Bike Cleaned up, especially after the disaster with the shoes being killed from the brakes, a clean is the important step to get it working, since that was just one of the steps. But with this comes issues as sadly the Key for one of the locks snapped, which means only one lock works. But after an hour, it was all clean. Also Back4blood had been delivered, well a cutout for it anyway. 

The Bike before cleaning

After cleaning

Now it was then the time to catch the last parts of it and make sure it was ready to go, before having a nice bit of wraps for tea in term of point and call, which then lead to the next task. 

The wraps and salad

To Clean the PC, which the Steambox, it was time to get it cleaned. With some SSDs to swap Over for the making sure, it was time to get it working for if i travel next year with some time off to make for myself and maybe #omracersholiday which means being able to edit on a bus and only take 1 Laptop instead of 2, making less strain when running on my back.  But also with Windows 11 now released, it was the best time to get that done too. Luckily it managed to sort itself out with the WiFi card fitted a well so it works with Bluetooth as well. 

The Before the clean of the PC

The Power supply to Clean out

That fan was dusty for sure

With that up and running, the 128GB NVME Drive in the PC and swapping out the 240GB I put in there from the Maibenben which had the SN550 from last year in there. But BOY did it make a speed difference for day to day use for using the  PC, which makes it easier to get work done, Windows 11 was like a dream, almost. Minus a black screen on the second screen when watching videos, but I'll work on that in future, its not working with drivers, so could be a DDU way. 

But with that done, it was time to get the laptops sorted for Windows 11, the SN550 was in the cleveo laptop and that kept the files and the laptop was good to go and ready to continue on. Especially for the next vlogs of well normal life, since of the fact There was No Goose Fair. 

The Week of what was a Fair in another universe:

So its the start of the second week in October, which was the usual chores of the Monday to get a visit done, but with the preparation of actually a Good week of weather, it was one of those times of it not being as it should be feeling. But the global state of affairs is the same. But it was the next day, shit gets annoying in work and having to then go to a visit the day after which Ended up cycling in the Dark, which the nights were not pulling in as quick as a 2 weeks later but REALLY. But it was done and dusted and the e-bike pulled through. 

But then it was the day, so Goose Fair was not here but the weather felt like it was with us in spirit, work was getting more one after another but luckily not a visit to deal with so I could get the vlog sorted out. But that and The surgery called for booking the potential appointment on the day before, but I had to cancel since i had a fair bit of visits that day anyway. 

The views from the shop as I got into work

Now it was then to focus up walking back home and taking the long way home for a change which has some higher viewpoints, But it makes it one nice way to end that day actually.  

The Clouds over the Town

The Walk home while reflecting 

Then it was just the time to get that back up and running, but this weekend was going to be good since of the fact of a weekend to myself, which well, it means online work as well as the fact it was finally soon time to get the video i've been trying to film for at least 6 MONTHS. 

But work was always in the way before that, which there was some time for getting the vlog up by Friday if i remember it, but knowing that after there was a potential mini goose fair event on the Saturday, means it is the chance for another vlog to happen, especially as it was a 2 day stint of freedom but Rosie is the cause of that not feeling like it. 

Cheap slices on offer too

But the Saturday was also one longer day since as sod's law goes, it means I did not finish the shop until 6pm, but the Morning was a complete different look with a THICC FOG that reminded me of Persona 4 actually. 

The fog as I ran to work 

Then it was having to deal with a kid again as well as this one important task of a screen replacement to finish due to actually coincidental moments with Monday was meant to be a day off but that did not happen. But it was that time to really push it and get it cracking on, with scraping glass in a literal sense. I did not finish until 6pm and had to pelt it to run home for walking Rosie. 

Scraping Glass off

But then it was time to walk her in the Field, the moon was out in full swing but it was not full fog but Hazy is a word to describe it for the most part too. 

The view of the Town

The moon above the sky

Then it was the chance to have a nice warm soup as well as Work until 4:30am again to make that bit extra money for what could be the future but its probably going to be spent on broadband prices or food from shopping but little to save up. Actually i did buy some clips in the end since hormones and in the most part, its been harder to pleasure and all honest, the burning has not been as intense in mornings but noticeable after a pee during the day, even with just flavour non squash water. Also i got given Iron Bru from a visit a few days ago

The chilli mix from a tin as well as a chicken stock curry tomato cup soup

Another Sunday of chores and Filming. 

Well, after waking up at 11am from a longer sleep and also make sure it was the chores from the Rubbish to put out to even the Plants to check on, and actually it was amazing weather, almost very hot, which usually is the case of it on the Week of when goose fair is. But it felt empty, for that. But it was also time to get the Saturday evening vlog up. So after the chores done, that editing was the goal. 

But before that, was the chance to get a nice big hearty meal of a egg bacon chill burger in a bread with salad vibe. And BOY it was good. 

The huge egg bacon chilli burger sandwiches with salad and more fried bits 

Then while getting the chores does from the rubbish to even another dog walk, it was time to get the hair dyed with some remaining hair dye and also the chance of being able to have new hair, but it did not work as i Thought. the Sour green apple gfuel did not change the hair. 

Changing the hair dye

It did not make a change 

Then it was the evening and while editing, it was odd a friend i text suddenly did not have imessage but it could be something else, but not sure. But I got that vlog up and one more dogwalk before Rosie with her stress, decided to non stop snarl and bark, even with me being 2 rooms away, it causes no end of issues when filming.

Filming the Review of the shadowcast which well, was FINALLY OVERDUE, and I was relieved to get it sorted, Rosie in the end begged me to walk her after which was 0:10 the next day by then. 

This actually is going to be useful and would make it easier If needing to stream on a laptop in the future. 

The Shadowcast unboxed

Works on the Vita TV

More Wet and working 

Then it was the sleep before the next day and That was going to be a nightmare, which the weather was taking a bit of a VERY nasty turn, with soaked roads and also having to go to the shop in the morning due to this tablet to be collected, makes it annoying. But then it was time to cycle on to a visit of another PC which needed to be sorted. But that came at a Price, of being Soaked to the ppint of having to go to walk bare feet and also it did cause issue to the battery a week later. But later on it was the case of going to nans after which Mum and Dad picked me up since they came back from their weekend away, but they forgot their phone charger and low on SD card storage too. 

The FOG was intense on the way to nans after 

But then it was the end of that day, another soup for the tea and it was the case of another exhausting day done, sure it was back to work the next day but that life for me. IT was also the case of waiting for a text and also having to re order phones from suppliers due to how my luck goes. Which it could be a case of just having to pay out for it in November for it. 

The soup and the snacks to dip it in 

But then it was more work incited, with having to organised bits and pieces and various visits. Some days were late and also an opportunity to get the 6 pro laptop up and running with a cheaper refurbish 1TB SSD which collecting that was for a later time. But that was also for another part of food, such as the slimming world food since mum was on one of those diets again so the food was going to be not as fun as others in some ways. 

A mixed range from gammon to curry to even potato salad 

But then it was a long visit to deal with on the Wednesday and well that means a late time to get home for more food, which there was a Casserole which is never my favorite unless added with more of the other parts like hot curry powder. I mean I've forgotten whats happens for most of those days minus just working, since that all thats happened. But then it was getting another bottle of water on one of those quieter days. 

The Bottle of water

The Casserole

But then it was getting towards the end of the week, the drives were ordered, the Phone did not turn up and it was going to also be finding out other things while working online as well as small replies here and there, there was a friend on instagram going on about a new partners he's been flirting with to soon be with or fatten her at least but thats not my business. 

But it was soon to be appearing with the weekend, with not much to say, sure there was a nice time to have off for the Sunday due to the weather was getting wet and nasty, sure it was also me not increasing the consequences of the rain from that Monday of cycling and also sure it was lucky of the time that I was getting drained but its an autopilot motion of events. But some microwave curries are a nice way to take it as well. 

A nice bowl of been and black bean as well as teriyaki sauce too. 

But that Sunday was a case of waking up a bit later and finally cracking down to getting the review video editing done, since that was filmed a week ago which before that was some chores here and there, but coleslaw was the food of choice that weekend.  Like it was good for most of it except the roast. 

The Chicken Ginger bite and coleslaw half sub 

Roast Port and potatoes 

a Mix of leftovers and salad too 

The Half-Term 

Then it was the case in point of another Monday to go on with and this was a better on, since the weather turned out much dryer than before and well that in its own right. But in itself it was a push to get bits done since of the fact it was Half term AND also the fact that one last minute text means 4 visits done on that day. But here the kicker, I noticed that the battery was not holding its charge or cutting out quite badly, especially as last week there was a visit i was meant to do last minute but ended up they cancelled on the day of the visit, but 2 deliveries that day saved it instead.  Plus a Paypal loan was paid off. 

I noticed and it meant going up the hill to really feel the pain of it, luckily the jeans were dry and also the weather was not as frost bite as other, since when that comes in, it will not be a case of visits at all. All in All it lead to me getting to finally go lidl to get last bits of the offer for the big night in and american bits that were on offer that week before too. After a spending of £16.61 with discounts, it felt right to call that a day and have some of it later. 

The £16.61 load out from lidl 

The Mix for i got home too and adding some extras

Now while this was going on, I started getting into Rock's Diamonds which is a mobile sort of port of the Boulder Dash game from years back, so there was some chill time in small bits, but also this week was to be stressful from some repairs I had to push back as well as due to some releases to sort out, again having to call people on the journey is not the best of ideas. 

The first day was heaving from one after another, old work partners came in and did some work for phones of his or something but that and mum dropped off a sausage roll while sorting out a Series X Order. But that was more filling than i expected that to be really. 

The Fanta and the sausage roll 

Then a visit later, it was back home to get the salad and a mix Pukka Pie to eat which is the second time of it in all honesty.  Plus these BBQ bull bits were PENG 

The pie, with chicken, bbq bull bites and fried onions

But as the days go along it was being the case of visit after one day of no visits to another and especially as this was half term, there was a bit more customers than usual which is a good sign I should say, but the weather was getting to be not as nice. 

I got home from one of the ...wait, i was waiting until 6:30pm for a fucking DPD truck that never turned up on Wednesday and found my sister visited and we all watched Black Widow (she logged Disney + to us which I've got a lot to explore on that side) But it was nice to finally try the cashew butter with it which is like a nicer version of peanut butter in some ways. 

The Gammon with broccoli and the salad too as we the Cashew butter 

But then it was the final few days and well, it was a mick taking when one day was dealing with more visits and back to planning of other things since of the money that was being used for more orders and well, it was also the case of Soldering a PS4 HDMI port is not going well so more tools are added to the list of orders and means more to push back.  

But this was when the rain was incredible, I mean it was flooding again and after a visit to do a windows upgrade, the rain was so much so, the flooding was getting on the path and the stairs by the car park was a mini waterfall, like a while back. But all in the moment isn't it. 

Also the first time of a cheap sandwich from Central 

The water gushing from the car park 

But then it was coming up to the weekend, which with Half term and Halloween, it was going to be the case of ....actually consoles and some pre orders of games means it will be a Sunday working. But, this was lucky of a printer delivery after Posting off a VR Kit from labo (remember those) for the Switch and then picking up some bargain soups on the way back to the shop.  Since it was me and Dad on our own for the few hours of the night, it was time to cope with working online but another chicken noodle tomator soup was the plan here. 

The £1 for both soup and noodles

A chicken noodle tomato soy sauce curry powder soup with more dipping bits 

As working for some of the days this week was leading to 2 to 3am moments, some of which while watching Batman films and also some fapping at 3am or so. It was alot to get the energy to get it going but this weekend was coming to the end of summer Time. Daylight savings was 1 day away. 

A Hallow-working Weekend. 

So it was the Saturday, the weather was up and down and as I left for work, mum asked about when I would be getting the second jab and I had to make it clear that going to be January, especially as its going to be nearly 2 weeks of non stop working to end the October and also deal with the first week of November, its just making what I can to know things are ok, the last thing i need is a potential side effect, working thru that and then suddenly in Hospital , yes single jab is just as risky but the mask is on most of the day in work and visits and clean hands etc is all I can do until i can plan that. 

But it was a LONG day since I had one overdue visit for a OS upgrade that I shit not took about 3 hours, well I got home at 9:40 ish pm in all honesty. Which I missed on a fresh Indian Takeout but I had leftovers luckily. 

The leftover indian takeout which was really nice but goes straight through in a short time after, not sure why on the spice side. 

But then it was getting some relaxing done and then a bath  and a coivd test due to mum asking about the jab, which was negative too. Some sore throat i had but that was from the running in the clear sky in cold air on the way home at 9:30pm. 

Then I was in bed by around the midnight mark and well Rosie decided to jump in and means it was hard to sleep when she just takes up the fucking room, and if i move her, I hear loud barks, if i sleep on the left side of the bed, growls then barks, if the right then its find but i can't get comfy at all either. 

We then lead it to the Sunday and well,m Waking up around 8:50 to then get up and get going to work since Dad wanted to get there early which we did get some clearing up done, such as which to finally get another step closed to the arena with a Mains socket open. 

The Sawed main socket 

Then it was a case that some hoovering was done and finally the time for work, which well only 4 customers turned up, Both consoles are paid for and it gave me the time to finally type this up as it should be with ending the month as it should be. And another drink and sausage roll and donut for a early lunch makes it so. 

The Sausage Roll, donuts and Fanta

But then it comes to the end of the month, sure there is a meal ahead and sure its 4pm as i type this up, feeling a bit nippy and then its time to end another week with another month gone. But i'll be honest and its time go go through the changes of the Year Resolutions since its no longer a new year until 2 months time for another set of goals to try to aim for and miss probably completely. 

The 2021 Resolutions: 

  • Stream more - Not done a thing . 
  • Catch up with the  accounts in work - Sort of not getting there, but November I'll have to try if i can, especially as it comes to Sundays soon to work more. 
  • Be able to hug someone non work or family related - Still not met anyone socially outside family or work
  • Complete at least 2 games in a story mode  - Nope 
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - Looking Like next year 
  • Schedule/plan out days more -  Its sort of getting there, I might be able to say this one as a pass 

Well that it, October gone and worked away and well its time for the Last 2 months of the year, will things happen or will this be the time I topple or even die from the pandemic, Life does not tell you any signs but work keeps most of the Adrenalin at bay, though I do feel more of a pulse or heartbeat so to speak. 

see you around, also FYI, I wont be able to go to the fireworks in Plym anyway,  probably a visit will happen to cause that to be stopped. 



Wednesday, 6 October 2021

A September free time of work and chaos

 Well its going to be October already, its time for a catch-up of the past few weeks, 2 of them its been with myself and the past week of 1 year This has been alot of things to mull over and also failed projects for the time I was meant to have to myself. But things have also been a quest to find out on friendship and also pushing my body to limits to get things done. 

The week to prep for the time to myself: 

Well it gets to the point of catching up after the video of the Tour of Britain, which well was taking its time to get the blogpost done to say the least, but it was the only vlog I've had a chance to do until sooner of a week later. But it was finally time to plan out how things go. Since work was actually not as hectic as I was worried it was going to be and even finally getting to be able to have and purchase lunch in work from it being so quiet, like the Month of August was too hectic to even leave the shop, part of me regretted taking the time off to get the jab. Which later I'll explain how needy things get that way. Especially with the time to use amazon again for posting, that was such as useful trick in all honesty. Mum even dropped some Lucozade off and some evenings were getting longer for work but for the time being, it was still light out. 

One of the curries and the extras back then 

The muffins on reduced, they were good and ate them all 

Then 2 packets of £0.08 Paprika Walkers max 

Then it was heading out to the start of dealing with the preparations to make sure that things are on their way to make it right to prepare for more work to be done, extra money in the bank for potential projects in the future, since I'm still debating on what could have been done and to plan out what content to put out. But mostly 3 to 4 reviews, an eating/mukbangand also mabye streams. 

But then it was the final night of having parents with me and it was nice to have a celebratory Indian takeout ,. which actually is a early birthday present for mum since they always go away on their birthday weekend. Which the weather was so much better and also the best way to get the food is to walk the dog beforehand, which we did then picked up the food, its most cases around £32 in total, which is around £12 per person. 

The Indian Takeout 
Then it was a bit more relaxing with parents and chatting to a friend who I've not chatted with for a fair while and we caught up with bits and pieces. But soon it was going to be the chance for a fair bit of freedom and all nighters with the process of catching up with work to have it ready for projects. 

The 2 weeks of personal freedom-ish

Week 1: 

Saturday and Sunday: 

So it begins on Saturday, with the first day of work and it really was actually not as bad as I thought, there was a bit of quietness but also the bit of packing up amazon parcels up again as per. But with luckily not a visit to deal with on that day, if i even can remember now, Actually it was having to deal with one customer and mentoring him with firstly his CD boombox and then other part about helping him get a job. Plus some laptop repairs in between. 

But then it was time go the home and also time to finally get that chance to work online with a all-nighter, and I did Get dome of gfuel cherry in as well, which was for then to work on the second job to then make sure extra money comes in, since a bill was on its way and I had to make sure there was money in before it was taken out. A light tea was for that night while typing my way up to make some money. 

The soup with Salad and leftover chicken from the fridge 

Then it was the time to work which included the watching of a Spider-man playthrough as well as 2 or 3 breaks to walk Rosie as well as the Gfuel. Which was the time of using sour cherry. 
Which the flavour is ok but a bit bland. 

But then it came to the 1st Sunday and it was tough since Rosie was really not happy with the change she was just with me, Finley used his newfound freedom to skit off for hours, But before that, it was time to get the first chore done of getting able to go to my grandparents. Since on this morning of the Sunday 12th, I was only having like 1 hours sleep between 6am and 7am-ish. But it was also the time to get the chores done. 

Then it was the first Smoothie of that and the 2 weeks, with an aim to get one at least once a day. But frozen fruit is always a helping hand for that. Which later on would be more of the plan to get more frozen fruit. 

The first smoothie

Then after getting the dog walked, keeping the things planned and also calling the grandparents, it was time to call the voting tree to get the £8.50 roast beef, which the plan was to cycle to it and then get the chance to really get there since I also had to sort out the some of the shopping in Lidl, which makes me want to get some extras in there. But the Cycling did not take too long, like 35 minutes, which then it was time to collect the £8.50 meal 

The hill on the way to get him done 

The upper hill 

The Down hill part of the village 

Then picking it up was not a hard process, I used £10 and got the £1.50 change and then cycled to nans and had the roast, we all sat in the dining room for this too. 

The way it was delivered

The laying of the plates

The meal on the plate 

Then it was nice to take a few hours or 1 actually to spend time and then it was time to cycle back, the clouds were better and it was good to get a few bits and pieces in Lidl on the way back, from the small things, The distance was no so bad if you use the back road to get into Tavi again. But there were some good offers at that point, The nasi goring was not one of those offers which were still £3.49 odd. ICe is such as useful tool and the garlic bread is a nice friend of mine since its oil based and not butter, plus Kale was used sooner than I expected it to be. Plus thee Fajita Kits are on offer too so bulk saving in time was a plan. 

The junction out of Bere Alston

The first shop in lidl on my own when staying

Then it was a basis of getting some chores sorted out as well as finishing off the blogpost for the Tour of Britain, yes I was that late on it. But I did not want to overdo it since of the work the next day, of the cycling to work as usual. But the chores of the rubbish and raspberry picking was to be done too. There were loads of raspberries about too. 

The first batch of the raspberries 

Then it was waiting for more of the time for typing up and a light tea to make it easier to get the preparation sorted for the next day. So Cous Cous it was. 

The Cous Cous for the tea. 

This was also giving me the idea to finally make some special meal at some point, which was the idea with the Katsu Curry Power from a while back but it was then time to plan out if that would work. Which actually would be an instant Do it, so it was not long until that wish was fulfilled.....

But due to Rosie Growling and Finley disappearing, this night was pretty much lost on me for that one and it was then asleep in the morning for the second day of having to work and get into the chores and even other interesting things. 

Monday 14th: 

Well it was one of those days at work, so waking up at 8:30 and then getting Rosie Sorted for a walk and then the feeding after which was actually a morning that Finley was no escaping this time if I remember, Or he did and I've forgotten. 

But anyway as it was just the one visit that day, I thought it was going to be easy, but turns out things get delayed and I end up with more amazon parcels to sort out as well, so that can delay things, But then I got back and more of the walking with Rosie and Feeding both pets. Then it was deciding what to do and well, it was time to get a video done which was the Katsu Curry churros and it was PAINFUL, good but REALLY filling and made me too full to do things in the evening for 2 days, but it was good to get a new type of video sorted. 

The ingredients 

A Selfie before cooking it 

As I was cooking it, it was nice to chat with someone special using the best feature of WhatsApp now works without having the PHone turned on which is a big bonus if the multi-device beta is used, it's going to be big news I heard there and it was not bad news either, just surprising, to say the least, but it was good the trust was sort of there. But it did make me wonder about things for the future. 

The blood on the beef sausages 

The Seaweed is done, now with the golden curry mix

As things progressed, it was finally ready to eat, cooked enough and also looked really good with the satay as well. But then it was time to eat it. 

The ready to eat

The selfie before eating 

a close up of it 

Then it was just recovering from it, it took time to like I even had to sleep earlier due to that being very full. But then it took day or So to recover. This means things were going to be delayed, but not as delayed as I thought. 


But with work being back to normal on the oh, wait I forgot the fucking keys to work since it means I had to run to work then run back home then run to work again, on top of the fact I had to go and see a 

But it was also time to kick the action in to get gfuel back in and that was even after having leftovers as well. But this was me trying to get the kick up to catch up. 

The curry and leftovers 

The gfuel which was going to help me 

But then that day was for video editing as well, to make sure I have the time to get the work done which was going to be an all-nighter nearly at the very least. Especially as the dog needed her walks and more chores such as clothes washing too.  But the first method is to get the customer sorted before getting home on that evening. But that evening was for the chores if i remember correctly. Plus a customer asking me on relationship advice is anything but strange, especially the almost double age gap between them. This was also the time of finding out that Goose Fair was Cancelled 


The next day was actually the first Time I've bought lunch on the time off in that week since it has been getting less busy in some ways, which was soon to be the opposite on that side of things. Which for a change I've not had Pombears crisps for ages and they were nice but I felt full pretty quickly on that too. 

The Pombears and the potato dog as well 

Then it was a case of having to do a REAL long visit since one customer was begging me to, so it was a cycle to Mary Tavy and making sure the dog did not soil herself, So it was a chance to push the time, over, the Cycle itself was actually 20 minutes or so one to get there and that's even with having to Facebook message a customer part way through on that side, the lucky part was the weather was great and blue sky, then after that, I managed to cycle back on the main road to get back home by 7pm. Which the dog did not hurt in that lucky way but It was that night I started to really cain the online work to get the money. But a nice lighter tea to sort things out beforehand. 

Toasted Sandwiches with a bit of extra to go with it

But then it was going to be the start of the video editing and that means also breaks in the middle of the night to see why it does not work out. But those breaks do help with the bonding between the dog and cat. Especially when it's at night as well. 

The dog sniffing the cats butt 

Then it leads the next day.


Now we talk to the over half of the week, it was more visits to deal with and the fact the work inside was quiet was helping me catch up, even to get a nice bottle of water to last me 2 to 3 days or so which the Co-op really does it quite well. 

The bottle of water

then it was a lucky break I did not have a late visit on the way home and so it was time to have a evening dog walk on the field to also catchup with the pics posted as well which does help at the same time. The views were grey of the cloud but its still nice to view. 

The views 

The AI added 

Gooogle Cameras way 

Which in turn was another small bit of toasted sandwiches while working online which was a bit less intense but say up to 4am that time. 

The toasted sandwiches with the  biscuits as well as extras. 

Then it was nearing the weekend which for me was hopefully to get videos sorted but for now it was more of the lingo for work, since it was also a bonus weekend ending on that Sunday as well, ..


So it comes to the end of the first week, the time to get things going and that means some of the chance to work on other things, but it was it was still getting things arranged, it was also another all-nighter pulled for the online work and this was for making that money improve itself, which at this point it was still from the excitement of Goose fair to hopefully happen this year. But instead, there was a nice idea to chuck a few bits of ideals like baked beans, chips, and bacon with some seasoning since I did not manage to find the keys for the garage. 

The mix of meal of Chips, baked beans and bacon with mayo and Hoisin sauce along with Chinese curry. 

Which after that, it was working online for a bit more to make and ended up working most of the Saturday. Which then it was getting to the time, there was more of meeting the eye and hopefully a weekend of videos to get sorted. But it was not looking likely. Heck the customer that came in last week I had to give a pet talk on helping him get a job.

Week 2: 


So it was the first week since they left, and it was another sunny day to wake up to, But it was that nice way to catch up and luckily things were not as crazy but were starting to get quite hectic up, since work was even more of the chaotic, and more chats with another customer making me late to leave the shop which was the time of 6pm but then it was another walk at the end of the day. 

The views from walking in the evening 

Now one thing clear, there was an end of week bonus ahead which means it was going to be another evening of work since the bonus was ending on Sunday, but Sunday had other plans. But leftovers with the garlic bread was nice too. 

The leftover  with some added hash browns and  hoisin sauce as well as garlic bread

But then it comes to the final week alone and also the big day, minus having to walk the dog and cat at midnight. 

The cat and dog outside the door 


Well the first time to wake up over 4 hours later and i was up to get this day sorted, it had a few plans to get done such as: 

  • Get the monitor delivered 
  • have a roast with grandparents
  • go shopping in Lidl
  • Get rubbish out
  • Pick raspberries 
The video is below: 

So we start from the fact I've got to do the first chores of the dog walking and the feeding of the cat as well as the dog.  But then it was the time to get that sorted. But in the end that was done and it was only 1 hour to go until I was meant to go to get the monitor delivered. Which I got it packed up and ready to go. But I did then realised I forgot the Screws for the stand as well as something else. 

The Rucksack in the bag 

Then it was time to cycle over there, but I took the direct router which only took 10 minutes, and then it was even a case of making sure it did not fall on the road either, since using bungies is never easy, But After getting it delivered, and setup, I Cycled my way to the voting tree form 12:35 and got there dead on 1pm and  it was a warm and quiet journey.  Thought the immortal glasses did break slightly, that did sort it out. 

The route on its way 

 Then it was time to pay the £8.50 and wait a few minutes while the waitress was serving and then I got it purchased  and then time to fit it in the rucksack. 

The 8.50 Roast Beef 

Then I spent time with the grandparents, which as i got there, they finished their meal and helped him use his tablet to cast videos, then it was nearing 2:455 and I was heading off to get to the place we love called Lidl. Which I managed to get there by 3:15. There were some good deals there for sure and it was then time to spend about £14. Which did involve one or two things that got a % discount too. 

The Deals from lidl 

But then it was to visit Tesco, since there are somethings that Lidl does not always have, which branded food is one of them and that can be like Itsu and yo Sushi. Which they are and have been expanding with various products and I like them, Which in this case was the plan to get some bits and also there was a game to get but sadly it was not in stock, luckily, the chance of that was not bad since of the realisation it was in the shop anyway. But that was £10.79 spent. Plus with Ketchup out in lidl, it was best to get some here, Oh and even the last stuffing and chicken is nice. 

The shop from Tesco

then it was time to go home since it was time to finish the chores today and that is the rest of it to finish with it like there were not much yet to go. But then It was first to work on with the walking and Rosie was not keen to get the lead on her. That was after putting the shopping away and the washing on the line to help it dry up. 

Rosie and her teeth 

Then its got to be the plan of getting the time to carry on with the next chore and that chore and then finish off the day. Then the first stage was to get the rubbish out as well as the fact it was getting to a clear sunset, well not sunset but well the sky was blue and the summer feeling was there. 

Before the cleanup and move over 

The bins are out on the street. 

then it was time to get the pets fed and finally after was the time to get the Raspberries picked and then placed in the freezer to help them for a later date. But there was not as many as per the last week. 

The raspberries in the tub

And then it was the final time done and the end of the vlog, but editing that, it was feeling alot of energy and also i was too tired to get the vlog edited that day AND find the garage keys. But instead was a nice mix of Waffles and the Gyoza as well as the bao buns later on. 

The Waffles and other bits lie snacks and gyozas

But then it was trying to relax a small bit and there was also a chance to boot up the chance to take pics at night and also that in itself was quite cool too. Like it was still blurred and the clear sky did make it colder too. 

The sky at night 

a Look at the forest on the path 

The blurred view of the field that got blocked

Then it was the second weekdays. 


Well it was back to normal in terms of things to do, the weather was good but actually, it turned out it went chaotic, in terms of the Brakes was not that tight and it means racing down the hill, I mean reading down to the point I burned my shows, friction burns on Cien Lidl trainers are not for the faint of heart. 

The shows the tears of the trainer

Luckily I got a chance to get a Allen key to fix the brake and then it was the chance to get to the shop to sort out the things and tasks of more amazon parcels. I was close to being home Early but then it was later than I planned such as a rep called me for at least 20 minutes or so. But  I was then on my way home and to have the rubbish taken in which then they were wanting me to greet them. 

The Cat and the dog greeting me afterwards. 

Then it was time to get things sorted and finally sort out finding these keys, as well as getting the chance to make a sausage waffle while watching lego avengers. The keys were found in the part of the sofa which I thought they were in but I did not look hard enough. 

This was then to lead into the next few days to get the video edited. 


Well it's the first day back, I'm back to the shop and it was more of the same, But I managed to get a nice bit of leftovers and the potato dog was so nice. Especially as I got a good deal on slices in the Co-Op. 

The Slice

Then it was to catch up with work.

The Leftovers and more things to do 

Then it was another day done, Texting was not the end of the world and it was the next progression to keep it going, motivation was not as good as I liked, even with long hours of editing. 


Waking up earlier with no fap did mean it was time to walk Rosie with the fog in the field. 

Then it was more of the Same like this was another visit that luckily was going to be cancelled, which means it's just to carry on editing like normal. I felt less productive but getting it done slow by step, but even with getting clips purchased. Luckily I got some bits from Co-op which involved the taco kits too. 

The Taco shells and the Catfood too

Then it was nice to have more cuppa soup and extra things too. 

The soup with Onion rings and Taco Shells 

Then it was more video editing for the night. Minus walking on the Road with the Cat and dog using a torch. 

The Cat and dog 

The road and the cat was walking on it 


Then it was the day I realised things were not going as good, with 2 days ago until I lose the freedom, it was going to be a stressful time of being later than I planned since I had to deliver then the customer bailed out but it was dementia on the plan, and sadly as I got home, Rosie did not hold it in and it means it was getting things cleaned out. The Bath mats were bleached on the garden to help it clean. But then it was more snacks and video editing to catch up with, the Nintendo direct was on as well. 

The Tea on Thursday night with microwavable 

Then it was more plan to catch up for the last full day of myself. 


Well, it means it was the final day and it was to get the preparation done before the parents returned. So it was more of the same work to continue on and also sort out the deal of chicken bacon pasty as well. 

The chicken and bacon pasty with the Water 

Then on the way home, I had to sort out some purchases from Spare which Milk and Chocolate digestive biscuits was quite nice to deal with as well. But that was around a £5 price mark. 

The deals on spar on the way home. 

Then it was time to have one last tea and some frikadellen sandwich was really nice as well as having choco nussa and burger sauce on different ones too. Then it was to organise the clothes and hoover the place after the usual chores, to make sure that it was clean for the parents when they returned, Rose was being herself as usual. 

The dog and the teeth 

The Rice, as well as the frikadellen, toasted sandwiches. 

Then it was time to organise and watch a direct with the reaction of how the Nintendo Direct ended with the MNovie announcements being an unreal life change for sure. But it was then finally time to accept freedom was ended for a bit. 


 Well, it was time to face the music there was not much issue but work was a busy one yet again and it just felt like the boring old times,. But the customer talked and I did not leave the place until 6 due to the customer having to be mentored again about getting a job or going self-employed and his motivation was helped but if it worked, there is no idea. 

Then we got home and it was nice to greet the parents and it was another Indian for takeout too, which was nice and not too spicy either. 

The Indian takeout when they returned 

And they did give me some gifts from a crystal to help anxiety and also a PS beanie as well as even Trainers for £19.99. Which was nice of them and they are always good to me in that way. 

The PS Beanie and Trainers too


Then it was time to continue a first Sunday of not going anywhere or doing much which was useful to finally help cain thew video editing too. With the rendering while seeing the Pictures of the visits they went to. Especially since the weather was not doing so well. But there was a nice onion crisp sandwich as well. 

The Sandwich

Then it was looking towards the back to normal life. 


All in all, it was not as productive an experience as I hoped, there was only 2 videos made and also no chance to get any other films and also with Goose Fair cancelled, it means the videos are not in the rushed formed. But the last week was nothing special,, Sure there was more food eaten, the motivation was not as good and also some family. 

Another catchup will come in about 2 weeks if lucky. So see you then