Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Recap of 2015: A year to experience

Well, its come to this, the end of 2015 is coming to its end, things have been smooth this month, effort has been made and there have been some good and bad bits to the year. Looks like its that time to recap on those events, below is a music video montage of this past year.

A time to review and reflect

January 2015:

Well this was a brand new year, sadly this was going to be a final year with my heart and 2 girls which one i knew was going but soon I found out the 2nd one. Thats and my first gift to a girl was actually $20 to a twitter mutual follower named Talia, Lovely she is, also a camgirl at times too. Then a fan made me a logo to use, its impressive and has been used for various logos, still is my hotmail account logo today.

A logo made by KatsumiMatsumo3
There was also Paris standing up against a single person which is very strong hearted for a city to be united from fear TWICE in a YEAR.
Also Rosie has changed alot over the time i've walked her, sure she still bites my foot now and again but its getting better and shes more responsive to me.

Then there was the case of buying something that actually is still one of the amazing things i've reviewed this year. The ONDA V820W, now since the popularity has grown on them so much and i'm looking to upgrade mine to the Core M which is like BAE in terms of it could actually play GTA V in some repsect. This review is gotten over 4,000 views as of recently and although the Cherry Trail has replaced them, the z3735f has quick sync which the Atom X5 doesn't. If you haven't got one already and on a tight budget, get one. Even though the one in the reviewed died when i tried to make it a dual OS version, i replaced it and well its been still a good one.

But also it was soon to be my first bike ride of the year. Which looking back, i entered Plymouth by that route and I left Plymouth for the final time by bike this by the same route. Which there were so many offers which those same products are still around today. Even those CO-Sonic headphones are still with me today and wires are exposed but working, ideal for a late night rave. Also the mug from Google in the US arrived, it was shortly after this that the Project Glass was ended and no longer available, which sucked

The headphones are still with me and working today

But January was also a quiet month apart from one thing, Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix. Ok now this actually wasn't uploaded until later on, but from NYD, I started playing this on Twitch, which this took nearly 6 months to complete, oh fuck my arm was in pain from this nearly but I levelled up to 75, got all forms, finished all worlds and got some mini things to do if i really want to but No need. I'm also playing Unchaind X Chi right now but since older iphones DON'T let you official screen mirror, i can't capture it live (twitch) easily. The playlist is below

The world was looking ok for now and following new people on twitter like one that to be honest, pearchan/beccabae/afattyfox liked a post on instagram and now shes quite a decentish chick named elle. Then there was the story of Tokes but i'll get into her later.

February 2015: 

Now this month was quiet but as I was working as well as partway through KH2 FM, It was not much in plan, except the 2 plans that I know one would work but one would backfire. There was also cooking vidoes of Chocolate Brownies since that become a mini phase in my life then. Also there is some snow that happened, but little weather except rain has been prevalent around the area most of the year. Oh and then there was a Tutorial on PS3 controllers with windows 10, I use a different version of that now which is much better. 

But the 2 plans that were being Charley's Present and also Valentines Day. But this year I decided to go a cyber route for Valenines day, Buying Elena and Muneetha some flowers, Which both liked, Elena actually unfollowed me on twitter months ago and lost pretty much all her weight but thats life and society and change for us all. The 2nd plan was to come to fruition soon. But there was an Apple exam i took which actually got me a certification in OS X Yosemite, a nice exam worth £50 or so and I will probably take another Microsoft one next year to help boost credentials even more.

The actual Certificate, I don't know if i had shown it 

That and my parents changed the lounge TV to a smart 3d 48" one, which as of right this now, its ideal for watching twitch streams. The PS TV looks great on it, especially 2048, which with something I buy later on next month, becomes ideal for streaming myself.

The vita TV on the Samsung TV
Oh yes, there was also rumors and new reposrts of a new shop opening up which would have my wallet raped and my imagincation inspired and my D quite risen, but it was another 2 months away before Krispy Kreme was opened. Fifty Shades of Grey was getting hype and also I got a present from Google for #throughglass last year.

The mug from google, its still around in my house somewhere

March 2015: 

Just before the main event, I also ended up building my first Budget style Gaming PC with a G3258 and a GTX 960 for £200, um bae is what some would say. 

A processor i was tempted to buy

This is the Ruby W of Graphics Cards for most guy, this time i'll include myself

Now things go deep and maybe the biggest change in my life was actually about to happen. But the first start was Charley's present for the last night in February was a commission, one that would be the first proper on i've paid for ever, A £50 commission which was more something i liked alot and Kips work is astoundingly good, ok shes more hentai but she wanted a realism project and this was it, but with the 300lb looking best friend in the same dress i last saw her in on the Bank Holiday. 

But That night started off good but it really shook my heart after the sights of what I saw, ok i;ll be honest and say maybe £250 was too much but i wanted to do something special and useful to go with the commission, but she only took a £5 of that, Her mum was nice to me that night and even though ben's brother and I got on, i felt something was the end here and that minute i saw those 2 dance, crack/snap that was it, there was maybe a only miracle chance for us to be together. I left just shortly after that. This night i met a beautiful BBW and bought her and her friend some food while they were waiting, Chloe was in the vlog very briefly too which although i missed the chance to feed her, it was the start of getting to know someone. But then walking on and that night got stranger and stranger from seeing charley's ex and him knowing i loved her to seeing josie and chelsie's cousin. But I started to really explore the town in the twilight zone a bit more. From Tesco shopping to even the most beautiful view of Plymouth I have ever done #throughglass. Mcdougall was there as well so there was some companionship at points, a mini heart to heart took place and well other things. 

Still one of the most amazing Pictures i've taken #throughglass. 7am on the first of March
So walking away when i did was the best choice and that was the last time i've seen here and probably will never see her again and besides the week after this, she was engaged, now shes knocked up and have a house, so I pretty much out of luck, maybe my heart wasn't strong enough to be with her, maybe it was other things. There was someone I text which would make my fate in life much different than it could of been, this was going to be the chance to actually fufill one of my New Years Resolutions from last year and give me feelings of what Love actually is, which there was time for this to happen too. But in between that, comes more mini surprises and even Chinese products to review.

The week after this I decided to buy a Monitor for the PC. A nice DVI-D and VGA 2.1" for a good amount value of money about £80 and well worth it since that built up a sort of repship between this company and work, there were times it got me some headaches but i'm used to the screen now.

Then there was a purchase of a Capture card which was ideal-ish for the modern TV, this was quite good although I did breake the power button cap and also there has been some delay with stream but if i had better upload speed, I would not have the problem. This is STILL the only review thats around on the internet for the recording card.

After this it was time for a Day in the life video since I now use glass quite a bit, Which days out are always a good thing to have. It was another shop to Plymouth, in all seriousness the music I used here got me decided on the music video for the recap of this year. The weather was also warming up and feeling heatwave style with a gust gale of wind.
The beautiful weather in March

Later on before some time to myself and April began, there was a meal with the house. A meal of new introductions, a posh restaurant in the Royal Willam Yard and also one which might not be worth going back to, well with the house anyway since some didn't like it, But jugs of water, sauce tasting group pictures #throughglass, I enjoyed it but i kept the big secret to them about my plans for early next month, well i was uncertain things could go well for me since people can back out last minute.

The house (things were soon to change in whos in and what but thats not until later)
In between these 2 was some snapchat draama with tash's lover being the "change yourself and stop doing videos to get girls" and i just responded and blocked him, but that chance with her has gone right down for months later which is a shit shame but soon things were going to look up.

Then on the last night of this march, it was my FIRST DATE. The one which I had setup with Gracie since I text her after i was at a low point after the engagement, since i decided to know what love feels like and this date with her. In all seriousness, this looked so close to being a stood up since we had to arrange it 2 hours later than we had planned and also I was lucky i didn't book the restaurant, especially with the £220 cost of making sure this was going to happen, well i know escorts aren't cheap but to catch up with the world, it was a needed price tag, and some feelings and moments in life ARE WORTH paying for. Personally i've been debating about another date before 2016 but I decided not to rely on this too much, some people have been addicted by it in the past. 

I stood at this point looking and waiting for a taxi to arrive with the first date i had ever had in my life at this point.
But i really enjoyed everything that happened, sure i was nervy but it worked out the best thing i've done this year, since I was home alone for that period, I was free to be productive on this and also with the KHII FM playthrough while i was out. 

A life changing 2nd kiss 

But people was thinking it was April Fools when this happened, but this was a real triumph in my sit love life and like some say, it can only get better. Except it doesn't and you'll find out why later on. And then it was the end of a 3rd month.


Well this was the excitement of a first date was pretty overwhelming, There was time to relax before it was also the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend fast approaching.By relaxing, i mean play KH2 FM until 2am in the morning or so. Also there was Studio Ghibli Season so that makes a new years resolution complete by watching My Neighbour Totoro with some popcorn.


One these 2 events, one was a extreme party mode style with video editing while crashing out and typing and coffee. It was a long good bit of fun, seeing ladies like CE and chloe again and even I got Matt to see if Ashleigh was interested in me and also the point i saw Bethan IRL before she lost her weight and  although the Easter Fun Fair was up on the Hoe, it was quiet for that too. I was offered a place to stay for both but it was not needed. That and it was nice that people were happy for me when they know my first date with an escort. Oh and having to buy my sister peanut butter and also some cheap sushi for myself was a lolfest. Meeting Miss Wise was nice too.

Then it came to the 2nd night, which this turned fucking weird, like i've overdone it. Well being kicked out of Oceana for being too drunk is a clear sign, then again, coffee 6 hours earlier is a way to get drnuk or it was just glass moment, which kinda made me say its not worth doing nights out with. But it turned odd when I ended up getting back to Tavi in a car driving over 100mph, which that means lesson learnt on NOT to accept any lifts from people met on nights out. Apart from that, it was a night that. But also meeting Toke's boyfriend and we had a snapchat selfie with her was nice, but its a shame she dissappeared from the internet, maybe it was a major catfish or something. 

There was a few times of getting to know girls at this point, from the barbican to stifflers mum related jokes with this cougar like woman and also Hannah is always that dream size but so defensive about it as well as the taxi catchup with pete and chilling in a flat was nice too although i should of walked out after but lesson learnt. Then it was nice to see rosie again after kennels to pick her up from, not telling my sis about my secret until some months later.

Inbetween then and April 21st, was more Twitch and also a Keyboard to review, which is a nice one but the colours looking back are quite weak and actually next year i'm doing a review on another one which isn't well known at all but feels like a fake Razer keyboard (non mechanical). But Dragonwar are japanese and have a nice feel with some of their products which is why i wanted to try it:

And by this time, I joined Feabie, which in serious respect has turned out to be a better social network for me than Facebook, ok sure its more suited to the bigger person and also the food loving person who doesn't moan that one cheesecake is naughty and also its good for knowing how your weight changes, theres a funny thing of it telling the newsfeed if you gain but not mention if you lose it, which is really a nice chubby chaser touch to it. I could go on about the girls on there and the clips i've bought (ok from a amazing lady whos dating but still) and the drama that goes on nearly weekly but i'll just least a profile screenshot of it and my weight history until now (April 15 to December 15)

A view of a Profile
A graph of my Weight since joining Feabie in April

There was another swimming and biking video near the same time GTA V was released for PC/Steam which has been a game to stand the test of pc benchmarks quite alot even today. But there was a BBQ, yes the FIRST BBQ with the house this year which was pretty good, more intimate than others (except the best one with the squashing and eating off chests) and it was good to get glass out here, being used more and well being a Glass Explorer.

First BBQ feeding in 2015 by omracerfaps

But then it was a glorious time for my weight and a massive loss for my wallet, Krispy Kreme, it was still a heatwave in April and they finally opened in Drake's Circus, I actually vlogged the open day, featuring dozen boxes for reduced prices, a really cute bbw lady served me and relaxing on the Hoe, It really felt a high end to that month which I cheated the Forever Alone stereotype, even though reddit was still a more and more used site to referr back to, which I used later on. 

This was also a time to buy a present for a friend's birthday, Mcdougalls, its a bugger I couldn't get chance to go to the meal that was planned but she said to me we'll meet up in 2016, hopefully thats true.
Feederism at the epicente of why i Buy this often, its SOOOO GOOOD
There was also a fake on POF trying to use me to catfish on POF, luckily a rep named natasha got it taken down. Just as the world started to know about the Catlin Jenner birth through surgical procedures. And that was the end of April. There was also New Years Resolutions done which i'll get to towards the ends.

And one of the days, I binged watched Daredevil, its actually a decent season and thank java for Jdownloader2.

May 2015: 

But this was a quiet month, maybe it was more hanging out on Feabie, finding out that a selfie of mine looks like i'm 36 years old and also as one game finshes, another one or 2 begin nearer the end of the month.

But also around this time, i was close to having a cute girl friend hopefully called Ebony, she was really nice, loved to eat, wasn't big and was doing a marine course for Plym uni in September, but sadly things didn't turn out the ideal way and she was ending up a massive catfish of some girl ALREADY in a RELATIONSHIP :/. That lowered my skillset and happiness to a degree, which let me focus on other things such as a cool PS3 Controller I had to IMPORT from belgium since it didn't exist in the UK until this month in the Morrisons in Tavi for £10 cheaper. 

This was a good idea considering it was getting harder with certain games and also a fake one i bought years ago is dying a little bit which this looks like a better replacement, it even works on PC too  using the DS3 SCP controllers which is more powerful though. Also GOT was out and season 5 was good to watch, it kind of inspired me to get NowTV for my sister  for Christmas so we could watch it in better quality in a legit manor.

Also #IVoted for a Homophobic, Animal Killing MP which has been in some controversial shit some of the time but has actually done well for his area which I live in, But then it was time for a Present for Ash, which since from snapchat she had heart Emoji from Krispy Kreme and then i bought her  a giftcard and cute mini things, which she was really embarrassed about it when I delivered it to her work or she doesn't want to talk to me irl since she just had it and walked into the staff room in her old work. This was also discovering my taste for Aloe vera juice.

Ash's Present for her 20th
A drink i would be drinking alot more of in late 2015 and 2016

Also there were times of Pieface on Big Brother and that was pretty much how May was going for me.

June 2015

Now this was the time that a person changed their identity and inspired alot of others to be who they want to be according to the celebrity safe space and then it was time for the most stressful playthrough i've ever played. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. HOLY GUNS AND EVERYTHING.

Watch live video from omracer6 on

Which then it was soon to be a day of shopping and biking, new Earphones as well as that chance to buy a copy of a game that i've yet to do a playthrough for Sandy. The weather is amazing for june and well, it was getting time to buy a card for my 2nd Vita TV I bought in exhange for that Hatred game that was controversial a while back.

The vita memory card
Oh and there was a aloe vera juice review too

It was also E3 week and well the amount of games announced were impressive, some good variety of games from all the publishers, Also KH II had more details and worlds announced but soon after that, was the first proper day out with Glass and My sister featured in a vlog. Well this went really well and i would be up for something like this again, maybe a different place to cycle or have a day out to in cornwall, with the lovely weather around too.

Which this month ended with a very quiet touch to it, only to be faced with a new, exciting and heartbreaking month ahead of me with pubs opening too. But I also tried new recipies to indulge myself in, Bacon Wrapped Burgers.

July 2015: 

Now this month is always that emotional one since I still remember the anniversarys both online and offline, which this year I did something very different which was to change that guy of who I was for a what supposed to be was forever but only lasted a month just over. There were housewarming parties i was invited but i couldn't go to either but soon things were going to change. The first major change was that, I BECAME A GINGER. Seriously, it was meant to be platinium blonde but it went ginger which is nice anyway but the product was misleading, which this was before a Night out that emotionally made me feel like a shitbag.

The time my hair was dyed for the first time ever. 

But this night out, it was a night out where I felt so bad i didn't even actually edit the vlog of it, it was a serious failure. Maybe when you sit next to someone you like whos about to make out with someone as you suck a lime and have a glass of water to drink, it makes you feel like nothing really and then it gets to that point when some random guys take the piss out the geek in me and hire me a stripper and just waste £50 and panicking so much the girl performing well actually she could related since she had relatives who get nervy easily, but we chatted, i still blurted out what happened before and this was a night which also i was VERY CLOSE to running home, but a nice chap drove me in to Tavi for me to run the last bit up the hill. Oh and this was now the time glass was starting to break and when you realise it, hard to see during the day, i can fix it for about £50 including import charges if the paint used WASN'T BANNED IN THE EU, 

Glass was bending :(
But with that, it was Work experience week after and well, the last one in that shop before moving in a few months down the line, I learnt alot about Agario and Steam and CS:GO trading as well as that first day,over sleeping made it a tiring and stressful process. But alas, time was progressing and nearing my 6th year Twitter Anniversary along with my 6th YT anniversary, there was a let's play of another game, oddworld New n Tasty as well as a new channel trailer.

But shortly after this was the big event, the Tavistock Carnival, the first one #throughglass, with funfairs, ordering food, dancers in the street and better parade covering, it felt a nice way to get the anniversary videos out in a good order.  Even though that week i ran over half an hour to the middle of the moors in humid weather, that was nice and i might be doing more of that at some points in the evening with customers in 2016.

Then it was time to catch up, with the 6th Twitter Anniversary, which marks the day I picked myself up after losing Abbey, which was also the day after the carnival. which was showing off how i feel and how the New Years Resolutions were getting on.

Which shortly after this, another bike ride was occurring and it was just after some iPad lessons during rain. But this time there was a present for my dad to buy as well as getting those EE power banks which are now desperate for customers to return so they don't get sued. This was also on the day that MTV Crashed Plymouth the the usual meh trending artists. Also by this time, Peanut butter was a bae in my life almost, which is amazing
A free powerbank from my mobile phone network's parent, sure 

A bit of make your own cider for my dad's birthday, nice 
But then it was time to finish off Oddworld and also Hotline Miami 2, it took some stress but getting a ending was good enough for me, even though there were some differences between the PS3 and Vita TV version.

Watch live video from omracer6 on

Then it was nearing towards the Summer months, with the 2 months of games to focus on and then some nights out to really enjoy as my final ones for this year, But before this was about to transpire, Windows 10 was released, which is upgrades and problems and lols for all. But one of the lovely things is the wallpaper for login can be changed nicely.

Windows 10 can look nice here, the lockscreen background for all of my devices

August 2015: 

Now this month was alot of work involved, with some things to do before moving in october and also festivals to attend and work for and even a decent night for the British fireworks Championships, it was a nicer month. But first off as a review for a Pocket style keyboard with a touchpad on for my tablet, it made typing feel like the olden phones before android was hype. 

There was also a chance when i got given a broken volume key phone which was a nice windows phone, it records videos nicely on the front and back, no 16:9 but thats handbrakeable. But over time before the main events nearer the end of the month, it was a case of finishing Birth By Sleep.

Watch live video from omracer6 on
The 1940s event is always nice to be to, sure it was better weather from last year and there wasn't as much hype due to the main attraction being not able to attend but people found us which was the main story.
Always a popular hit the Spitfire is. 
Then it was the Fireworks, with the heat in august being lovely, it made it ideal for this night, sure it wrecked the 2nd night but i only vlogged the first one. It was a pretty good display, and there was running from the Range Man which i didn't vlog as well as seeing a new tesco that was to appear in Tavi from the next month onwards.

Seeing Alannah and also eating a massive cap n jasper's Hot Dog is a nice way to watch the fireworks, well before and waiting for them anyway, the Displays were quite long but worth it mostly.There was also this amazing tall, plump girl i was dancing next toish in Cuba which boosts my morale a little bit as well as seeing Josh as well.

A view of the massive crowds #throughglass

A nice Display

But as with many events, they end so quickly but sometimes events that are packed never last long enough for some locals to make some money from it. Which hopefully B&Bs took advantage of the extra customers lying around who haven't got  the luck to say if they could go or not.

Soon though, it was near to the end of the month and with my D decided to order junk food, to prove a point to someone, I ordered $60 worth of junk food, literlally, what you see is what i bought in this giftset
But it was also time to  play a legendary flash game which to date has got me 3,280 views + and its another city shark style game from mausland.

September 2015: 

Now we come to the Student months, which is full of suprises and hopefully new blood to flirt and maybe win hearts with, sadly i did neither but there were some bits of family time towards the first part of the month and that was nice, especially with my Parents away for 2 weeks soon, it made things for me to be able to have Closure for those things I felt. 

A lovely view
Also there was birthday shopping, since usually I would buy Emma something for her Birthday, but due to the love life she has now and the I didn't get the presents vibe, it was not worth it anymore. Also a SSHD as well and Pandora for mum made this an expensive day, which it was worth it for the speed I can get video editing done now on my laptop with it in the machine. I was close to chatting a cute but young ssbbw on the rocks near where i vlogged that day

The views

But alas it was time to say good by to that and let a Holiday do me proud, or more another week alone, which there were 2 more nights out, the latter being my final one. These went REALLY WELL, which made me feel like a happy bloke. From friend to flirt with with selfies and even that coffee which wasn't giving the rush but sometimes the energy is needed.

There was also earphones to buy since as of now, is WORKING nicely with a bit of loose connections here and there. In all honesty, i did have some problems with my stomach which made me not as stong as that point when raving but I felt better afterwards during that next week off. Seeing Charlotte and Meg is always nice, not my dream waddling size but still nicer than relatives I really like like Soph. But there were some rude people that night, like one saying "bugger off" after we had a selfie together as well as other mini things.

In between this was also a new video, a video of making a recipients america carnivals can cook up doughnut burgers which apart from more hunters sauce than I thought I needed,and it was really good food too

The main event however and FINAL long night out of 2015, it was a lovely one. With the night getting darker and the fog being everywhere, I did some club hopping in this one to be honest and it turned out nicely with some really niceish people to see as ell as my first Breakfast at The George. It was soooo nice and tasty and filling and worth an hours run in clear summer style sunrise.

There was also time to reflect while on the Hoe, which is nice as you see people graduate and leave the ceremony tent, part of me would of take that path once, but the patch i have taken has been taken so meh. But that buffet was incredible:

Eating the unlimited breakfast food

After this, well times were nearing their end and the big month of moving in work and Goose Fair was close by, but there was one Review left over before this was to happen, and this was a PROPER bluetooth keyboard and touchpad which makes working on a tablet feel more like a 2 in 1 but without the dock, I liked it and for only £13 or so is worth it. 
Being more productive with the onda tablet 
Also by this time, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix was finished. With over 100 hours of playing the disc it was time to relax and enjoy Re:Coded. That was a slightly calm one but a nice end to the many months of playing it when I had the week off

October 2015: 

Well this was the big month, it was time for Goose Fair 2015, a new work life as a market trader in Tavistock's Premier Pannier Market and from here on, my evenings have been busy. The event was pretty good with the fair, it made it nicer with the House there and also some spending time with my mum which although there was nagging about getting time off work, things were looking good.

The night before video was being filmed with the lumia, which worked nicely for 720p at 30fps.

The day was quite sunny to be fair, with buying selfie sticks and also seeing a new logo taken and cropped to my ideal way, it was worth the wandering and also nice to see a town so busy which for that week was a odd week of actually things being different in work with the move.

But soon it was the night itself and although the house and i were around, times were always fun, never try Ghost pepper hot sauce since it can kill your throat, I also missed the chance to see a far amount of ladies but sometimes friends are more important that relationship goals.

And the saturday, well, that was a really quiet evening to be fair, work was getting busy then quiet as usual and also it was the first and actually last evening i've had a drink to myself in the Queens Head, since it felt like most of the other pubs in Tavi, all "getta drink lad" kinda talk although I saw a friend in there or 2.

Soon afterwards, the times were quiet and Games were being played and enjoying an ending which is soo shit that it made me lol so hard. Pac man and the Ghostly Adventures has been an ok game, sure there were some tricky bits like those fucking balloons but worth a play for a Pacman Fan.
Watch live video from omracer6 on Then it was the final 2 months of thus year to happen which have been some time to focus on things and maybe plan new events for 2016.

November 2015: 

This was a in-between month but so much things happened, maybe some of it related to me, some of it was around me, and work has been alot busier with home visits than I thought, Some of the visits were 2 or 3 hours long in some cases with multiple ones. But there was a nice Hotline Miami reference to the start of this month following Halloween. 
A shit imitation of Dennis from Hotline Miami 1

Then it was a very busy few days with 3 events very close to each other. The first one was a mini shopping trip which was pretty much a nice amount of things to buy like Wipeout 2048 and new White Trainers which were worn later on that week.

White trainers for £9.99

Drinking  Aloe Vera Juice and frozen Cweed was my try to make crispy seaweed at home. 

Then it was the 2 events, the first was the Fireworks. This was starting out a pretty good night and then it gotten weird with the rude reps at the Gelato place, mostly to swaggy and some girls were pissed at us for staring at them. which has put me off wanting to have a feedist date there now. 

Fireworks are lovely 
I still remember having to do an all nighter to get this up, but from what the event was on the day after was going to be fun but yet the last of who we saw, looking back at it now, it was quite a hetic 2 days and one had just finished. 

Now the times were going to be expensive and yet sexual. The birthday meal at Arribas,  The best bit was being sat next to a lovely sized girl who i was physically attracted to but shes married with kids so too late but still it was amazing.

Still a nice scene, even though its blurry
Then there was the time of the final fireworks display to end up this fun week nicely. 

And a short week passed before a shopping trip was happening YET again, this time it was to make the effort for Sophie and also Krispy Kreme had some amazing Thanksgiving offers which ended up me buying 4 boxes of Original Glazed Dozen for £17.95. There was also a different route which is nice for a change but also made this pattern of things done.

4 boxes of Krispy Kremes, 2 boxes for the house since it was Pete's Birthday and 1 box for me and one for sophie, i should of done 2 for her but I didn't want to be ott on the fattening her up side of things, charlotte got a mini addition from them.

And the week after was the final week of that month and the holiday spirit was coming into action, with Dickensian right around the corner but a visit from a Coca Cola Truck was a highlight of that week, sure I had to work until 7:45 ish but it was nice to be apart of the social trend and a big marketing campaign for a odd reason. 

Then it was the time where the Black friday for me is working for 12 hours in dickensian wear I actually ordered from ebay for the costume and to be truthful, It felt unworthy to prepare this much and it wasn't that good for this raffle we started to host until Christmas Eve, I felt drained since it was another long night to get the video up for this and wasn't much sold on that night either :(.

A selfie of me in the costume

~Just before this was the Start of another Twitch Play, Wipeout 2048, which is a nice new feel but same as Wipeout HD Fury, The whitelist hack on the Vita TV is well worth doing on a a older firmware. 

December 2015

And we come to the final month, where Working was still hardcore with  Micheal buble blasting over speakers, Feabie was full of local and bigger luscious ladies, I was stress releasing with 2 clips and some pics of a girl which the cost to me was £45 in late November, Games were being bought and sold via a new company i've started dealing with and it was only a week until Christmas where mini stories began. 

There were 2 reviews before this, one where i reviews a Chinese version of a Fitbit called the Vidonn X6 which apart from mine having a faulty battery and getting a refund on NYE, its actually a nice and nifty piece of kit. Then the Second was a USB drive which ends up slower than meets the eye. 

The first event was the Final shopping trip into Plymouth, which was a wet journey of Christmas jumper wearing, gift card buying, delivering and present finding times.  I got gifts for some special ladies and family, Emily might never want to see me on a night out but I hope we do get to know each other a bit more. Mcdougall, well i ower her alot of thanks for things that happened in March, she might think it was too much but it was a needed gesture to thank her for things and more things with us.

The most expensive gifts this Christmas. 

Then it was the time, Christmas. Which was a different feel to it yet it felt nicer and more a a chill time. Oh and there was 2 videos made on that day. 

Then it was getting time for Boxing Day and that was another different feel to it, with Carvery and passing the Tamar bridge this time. But all in all that and getting to my nans on the Monday made that weekend a lovely one with family.
And that is that. There was so much mini bits of joy, lots of heartbreak and life changing escort dates thats made this year a fantastic one.

I wish you all the best for the end of this up and down and i'm going to see you in 2016.


Saturday, 26 December 2015

A carvering windy boxing day

Well its the 2nd day of celebrations, time has felt a bit slower than usual. but a different change in time by going to the George. the weather was better than yesterday which is a bit of a smiler and it was time to enjoy a new thing-ish. oh and this is the first and last Saturday I've had off work for 2 years actually, which maybe that is why it feels different .

A calm prepping up  

well after a normal wake up alarm and also another relaxing fap and also that vision of kissing someone again, I got up at 9:40 ish and my parents were walking Rosie, so I had some hoovering to get done, so watching YouTube subscriptions while getting it done, funny when I realised that the Santa outfit I was wearing last year waas still around, the jacket was anyway, this was watching Alex's vlogmas days.

after that my nan was on the phone and she said a house was on fire at Bere Alston and someone might of died, that was a worry, so we caught up in chat just as my sister arrived back home from a  night with her boyfriend's family.

she nagged me about drinking her pure apple juice as a present, but then chatter happened and I t was time for a shower, with trying lynx peace shower gel, it was OK for a blue looking gel. but that was done and the cat escaped to the garden too.

then it was teeth cleaning and changing, since my parents just got back and then it was getting new jeans which I got from yesterday, they were really loose but that's ideal, then a nice shirt, white trainers and it worked nicely

The selfie before leaving, auto timer got the phone to work with the selfie strick

Well by 12 we got in the car and drove to the George, which was a nice chatter while Taylor swifts new album was blasted. the journey was really quick and by 12:20 we got to the George. walking to the pub was OK but the wind was bustling.

Entering the George

A Carvery Catch up and eat

Well we walked in and greeted each other, then it was chatter and just general catching up which was actually quite nice, sure it was awkward talking about work in some respect and listening in while my hands were by my legs. but it was nice to be around.

the first bit of fun came to order, the rep forgot who ordered what but we managed to get the starters set, the soup was tomato and red pepper, which was nice to go with the salmon I ordered as a starter. it was really nice. people were hmming about getting it, one rep was really nice and offered to pour it for them. but I decided to have a bowl, it was really nice and not too much of a kick. when I was pouring, a cute bbw waitress with a tattoo on her right arm smiled at me and offered me something, I decline whatever it was, since  I didn't know what  it was.

The salmon, salad, butter and bread

Pouring the Tomato and Red Pepper soup
Then when that was all over, the usual rep said if there were any changes to the menu we prebooked. there were a few changes,,but mostly all for the cavery, so I went up and others followed, with meat and amazing crackling along with decent veg and sides, except burnt Brussels sprouts then I topped up with a shitload of horseradish as well as some gravy. Oh and then we pulled crackers out as well that were on the table, some good jokes but i got a comb with mine.

A cracker's Contents

The meal from the george, Gammon, Beef, Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Pork Crackling, Horseradish and Gravy
Then it was a loving amount of food and crackling was crunchy, I nearly felt my teeth breaking but the food was soooooo gooood. the Yorkshire pudding was nearly hanging off me. but the food was filling and tasty so that was nice. I did have to get a glass of water near the end to help finish the meal off.

A glass of water

Later on everybody was getting full, chatting about various topics from an extra and it was nearly time for deserts, people were changing their minds and I was also OK with getting my usual chocolate brownie, after a mini wait, it was time to eat since they have arrived, it was hot but delicious. Then it was more explaining what a Brownie is to my granddad's fiancée which she understood me and also there was a sundae my mum had which she loved and gave me the waffle for it as well, that crushed the brownie and it kinda stuck to the plate but it was nice to enjoy dessert with others :).

My mum's Terry chocolate orange sundae

My Chocolate Brownie
By this time it was nearing 2:30 and we were all deciding it was time to go, But we didn't realise that the food was already paid for but since my grandparents were regulars, the rep didn't know which name it was booked under, personally i'm glad josie wasn't working there any-more, but that is more my feelings than any other.
Then we walked out and some chat my dad and brother had while the wind was strong, their car looked pretty swish which then we got into our own and drove off to our next port of call.

A Cornish present handout and cold buffett

This destination was on the way to calstock, so a different route was taken which was through saltash, this was passing bronti territory, talks were talks and the roads were quite busy but after a short while we finally got to the house we needed to get to, it was windy there and we were the last to arrive.

Passing the Tamar bridge

Then we got in and i had to kneel on the floor and the presents had to be unloaded by the tree, sure there were some jokes at me being soo good at handing out the presents and it was meh, but after everyone got comfy it was time to hand out the presents.

The tree with some of the bags full of presents

Now this was quite long since some relatives from Wales did give us all presents too, but i managed to be handing out in a nice manner, randomising each so it wasn't the same except it got to the same people towards the end. But there was a nice usefulness of presents from wallets to smellies to gift vouchers and even umbrellas. I ended up getting:

  • A Lynx Body Collection set
  • Brut aftershave
  • £20 cash
  • £50 Cash
  • A wallet
  • A £30 Amazon gift card

I thanked everyone who gave me those, its nice of them to do so, OK I'll admit that wallet was a bit awkward since i LOVE my PS1 wallet but should anything happen to it, a backup is handy. But then it was time to be served the mini party buffet to end the evening. Which this had a nice range of food, Wiltshire ham, onion rings, home-made potato salad, boiled egg, sausages, salad and some other bits. I ended up having 2 plates full while everyone else went for just one, since i didn't have dessert since none of the items like trifle and baileys meringue pie.

The meal i had before leaving for home, Salad, onion rings, ham, turkey, sausages, boiled egg and potato salad

There was some weight talk and i might of sold a Vidonn to my aunt but we'll see how that goes, but it soon was our time to go since Rosie had to be walked and my sister was at her boyfriends for tonight, so we all were deciding to leave it at that, The exit greetings and see you for 2016 sayings were here, After trying to open the gate, it was final handshakes goodbye and one went out then us, reversing and driving in the dark back for a short while through gunnislake is always somewhat calming. Then we got home and my sister's friend was just behind us and i helped unload and then unlock the door and after that, a toilet break and it was relaxing to get this up.

Unlocking the gate

A napkin that teaches the cornish language

The presents i got this time round (except the dragonwar) 

And thats pretty much how the evening went on, it was just relaxing and typing this up until 9:35 and then uploading the pics to instagram as well. There is one more point on how i got on today or the past 2 days and thats my weight, Which i found out i was 188.2 lbs. A 8lbs gain is quite a small gain considering I didn't eat as much as i was offered. But part of me thought i was going to end up 190 which would of been my highest weight since recording it on feabie in April.

The technically highest weight i've ever been
As that goes that, a nice different christmas and boxing day to what usually happens, funnily enough there hasn't been as much TV watching this year at all which means its more for bonding. But thats a final event for 2015 done and now its 2016 for new things to happen and maybe more things to come