Saturday, 31 December 2016

The 2016 Review

Well, its now the end of the year, as the time has been fast yet slow, stressful yet relaxing, gaming yet dogwalking, loves and losses. Things really do change over time, for not the better and true feelings are shown. But lets get into this. The music video for this year is below:

A Summary of the Months: 


Well this 2016 is the start of things I was never going to see happen and the vlogs didn't start until my new phone arrived which that was using the free shipping by BangGood. It was also the time I didn't get anywhere with so that was deleted on the 4th. Also for helping a customer out, it made me have a problem with some RAM in my old desktop, which has now (later on in the year bu before June) been sold to a Romanian taxi driver who was happy with the machine. 2 weeks for that to arrive after sending it on the 5th was ok.

The Corsair RMA
The floods and the river being really high. 

But Tinder was the time to start. Which it was actually a Reddit Post that got me signed up.

Also It was the time to use Paint to fix Glass so i could use in in daylight, and seriously, it worked at the cost of getting me G+ account Banned. I'm kidding you not, that was banned since of a G+ post on the Glass page about using this for a fix that some people recommended and apparently the stuff is illegal in the EU (which that brexit drama comes later).

This time it was the death of celebrities like David Bowie on the 11th and later on it was Alan Rickman and then it was Aries...

Also there was a chance to play Super Win the Game which i did manage to finish casually, sure i didn't get many achievements but it was a start on finishing games, little did i know that I would be getting a decent PC built to play them later on in the months to come.

The game to play and finish 

The Paint. 
But then it was time for Dogwalking with omracer Season 2:

And shortly after was the time of Finally, a NEW phone and a NEW Network to join which had some doubts and after 3 overcharges and the VoIP call delays, I've actually been ok with them and no stress. But FreedomPop is not the network for the easy use type of person, its a fun twist of apps and hidden charges. The task in hand of course was the Ulefone Paris.  This octacore phone with decent GPS and 720p video recording, made my life easier minus a few problems of water damage (I had to order a replacement but that failed when the original one worked months later)

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

And soon after that, it was time to get to the bit where we finally use the Paris for vlogging and boy it was the start of things. With a HD quality and easy ways to import footage, this was now a good way to vlog without spending a massive budget. To do that, was the first vlog to Plymouth. With my Final Cut skills being pretty bad, there were mistakes here.

The scenes were amazing, even in January

Also by the end of the month, it was really time to see the start of the bad signs when Aries passed away. It was a Sunday and with her being active the morning before, she coughed and leaned over her stall and that was it, calling the vets in a panic and they were delayed so 10 minutes after we called, she left our world and passed on to the next. I wonder what she is thinking with the world being like it is and the way Rosie is acting now. But her passing even affected Rosie in ways we don't know about .

But it was soon over, and the next month was going to feel hard but surprises were along the way. Also by this point, I had 2 tinder Matches and a Selfie Stick Reviewed .

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on


Now after the passing of a beloved friend and puss puss. Things were looking bad for this year But some important events were coming to pass, new experiences to see and at a starting weight of 185.7lb  and thee was opportunity that could of been happening. As well as this there was a Fruigo Review that was meant to be made but the problem is when water damage to the Mic on the Paris which meant delay's in Videos.

Then it was a opportunity to get some help by filling in a Questionnaire about intimacy from a chap in Dawlish, The delayed response was pretty long so it was a pass, especially with his grammar, but it was an insight about realising what my life is actually like or use to be like.  Then it was soon time to get that time of Pancakes, and what better way to Celebrate it than to go shopping in Co-op to buy Jalapeno Burgers to use in Pancakes

The burgers and Pancakes

But it was soon time for Valentines, which 2 years ago i missed out and lost the girl I loved when i left it too late and also I found out that one of the girls I bought a Krispy Kreme Red Card for has actually been dating a petrolhead from October, so that goes any chance with Emily then. Its been over a year of them now too :(. Snow was happening on the Moors  and it was halfway through the month at this point. With TV Spin offs finally being watched before they get no renewal and things, A Cat collecting Game was started to feel cute , Tinder Matches were at 5 in total (all of which i known or have chatted to in the past, like Sian, Becky, Alana, Lucy and Bethany), until I did match Martha (who actually i liked years back and was friends with molly) but that was a regret so she unmatched me asap. Also Wipeout 2048 was nearly finished when streaming it on twitch with the old PC.

But things were really normal until a E-mail arrived one evening after I was home from work just around the 18th Feb. It was actually from Sky Vision about a feederism documentary, I kid you not, which since i'm open about those vibes and how I feel both physically and sexually (sometimes too much), it was actually interesting to them to maybe take on board with what could happen. But to be fair, we had a Phone call interview, which it was quite nice minus traffic when walking up monksmead. But with her Irish accent, it was nice talking about aspects some like and some don't like and it surprised her how much Money I have spent on food and girls. But it was a Skype call, my first ever skype interview and it worked on my phone via FreedomPop minus them overcharging me the first time ever which leads up to a series of them. Doing it in the meadows was hard, since of people being around and talking to me while doing it. One Guy came up to me and said he liked my vlogs of Goose Fair. Which made it inconvenient so we had to rearrange, which meant me going onto the moors for it. THAT FAILED and then it was a 3rd attempt in the next month.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

But after this it was finally time for the big important event, a vlog based off a neighbours Wedding fashion show. With the real fun of what a single virgin like me would be doing there, but it was nice to meet new people, see a few 10s according to others points of views, with nicest personalities, a northern accent, congratulating a couple that just got engaged a year after your best friend was engaged a week later. Going into the Pavilions for the first time and also tasting a overpriced burger out which was nice but not worth the money. This part was featured in the Music video for POWWOW TV too.

That Hubbox Burger

The show itself
And then it heads into March which a 3rd Skype interview starts and much more of the smaller things to happen soon.


Now this is the next month, with the next things to be done, the BPD is back which was an interesting thing, Mothers Day was coming so I decided to buy some Apple and Elderflower Juice,  As well as get a twitch stream setup. That s a prototype of the stream, now it looks more transparent and smaller than before. I also listened to some ASMR girlfriend style things since i was feeling a fair bit lonely and stressed from work and memories around this time last year. There was a Domain name registration of but it doesn't work due to the way blogger needs a paid hosting feature to do it. So its a dormant one.

The juice

The prototype stream design
But before, that. It was that interview on Skype, which I ended up having it on the ground in the subway after work which the questions were difficult to explain, Sorcha was taken back abit when she got answers she wasn't expecting and trying to push it. I wish i recorded some of the interview since it would of been ideal in the end of year music video, but i have a copy of the phone interview instead.  Then I did get my first match on WooPlus (a Tinder for plus size and the BBW Scene) but it was just casual things form blocked for mentioning a coincidence as a comment on Instagram to Rosie having her first swim and the nice weather the UK was having at the time.

That and FreedomPop did their first overcharge and a american Rep was nice enough to sort that out, that was the first of the FP fail Trilogy. But then it was time for another shopping trip into Plymouth, on a Hot near Easter day as well. This was one of those not needed rides but Getting earphones as well as some tennis balls for Rosie was a good start if anything. 

The Tennis Balls

The Earphones

Then it was nearing the last week of the March, with a FB clearout on the #firstdayofspring which still has been a good idea minus some people giving me nagging about it, one of which Bronti was 9 MONTHS later (she nagged swaggy late November). And a nice Poundland order which this was the reason my mum now gets headaches if she drinks original lucozade. Also this was the time me and mum had a professional dog trainer to help control Rosie, which has worked to some degrees but some of the lessons have been forgotten now so this was useless, 

The mix of Poundland ordering
But also the 1st parts of my Steambox arrived.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Now it was busier in work since I had a new neighbour in work which was a unique vibe to how daily life was, there was good and bad but the first part of this was actually with a Alice in Wonderland style event. So a £38 spending to become the king of cards and walking down to Taviland was a bit of fun, it got me 3rd prize in a contest as well is near.

A selfie with a selfie stick

Then it was the final times of the month and the BPD to organize, a Tinder match which was my first out of many bots and also that Copy of Rollercoaster Tycoon World came out which had some fun issues with Chargebacks and how ebay doesn''t cope with the keys market very well. Which eventually got sorted nicely and now no one wants the game due to the poor quality and atari having a scam with it at full release. Also a last minute haircut.

Self done haircuts

And then it was time for another month and this time, Last year, the most important part of my love life happened with my 1st date, and my heart was feeling it might of been time for a second date since that was now the lonely feeling was hurting pretty bad.


This month was the start of the UK summer time and the start of 4 Reviews. But it was also a slow time since nothing event wise was happening except some very small things. To start off, Atari Released the Early Access version of Rollercoaster Tycoon World. Which was ok to a degree but it was a sign that I needed to hurry up with getting the Steambox setup. But Selling a few copies to friends and on eBay was a nice go, except 3 people chargedback on there like a person raping someone when drunk and then regretting it and trying to undo that.  But before that, a Tinder match from one of the most attractive girls i've ever seen in Exeter and a review of a Mini Chopper which was ideal for the heatwave during the start of easter.

The Chopper

Then it was the start of the RollerCoaster Tycoon twitch lets play, which was only 5 parts since I didn't really get chance to play it much due to the high graphics requirements and the time i had to do other things. Like go shopping in Tesco after a home visit on a day of work. It was nice doing these types of videos, I would be up for doing more if I have the energy to edit and upload after its filmed.
Also it was nice to start chatting to a lady on feabie that reminded me of Oleisha in one way but the chats were pretty devious and fun and maybe extreme. This happens every so often :). Also Kingdom Hearts Unchained xChi got Released in English and on android which means it was a way for me to play. Actually i started playing it again in work due to its been quiet, you might see a peek of that in the music video.

In between this was the push for the #EURef and also talking to a girl I really started to fall for on Instagram, soon feabie and still do but we only talk for a short while then she blocks me or deletes her account, one time she added me on FB and didn't even talk to me on there. Then it was actually a Birthday present I decided to review which I've only used that one time since this video. That was a Sushi Making Kit .

Making Sushi
But it was also more Tinder matches and one was asking if I wanted to lose my virginity to her and I bottled at the chance which is a fucking stupid thing but also not a stupid idea ?. But it was going to lead anywhere anyway, since at this Point, I had text Gracie to let her know I was going to book her in the next few months, which I actually booked her much later than that. But very soon it was meeting a friend I've never met but has mostly tried to be there for me, Sandy, who had his girlfriend, Gracie, with him. It was nice to meet them for the first time ever. 

A house, Sandy and Gracie Selfie

As the month went on, so did the Tinder Matches from Lauren and Zoe, the weather was hot enough which meant a long walk to Doublewaters for a Dogwalking with omracer, this was fun to a degree, knackering that at the time younger than 2 year old puppy out. 

But it was also time for Game of Thrones, yes that season my sister got me into and it was a chance to use the christmas present that I got her last year of a NowTV entertainment Pass which allows people to watch it in the UK without a sky subscription. So to be able to record it from the NowTV box I had to buy a TBOX Mini plus which lets me record to a USB Drive which was ideal and also it can let me stream on Windows 10 on OBS due to that bug with the velocap U2. Now that TBOX works nicely with getting streaming done if hooked up to a passthrough, so a TV or screen will be n

The box hooked up to a PS3

Eventually it was nearing the last week of April, Sadly the Sky Documentary went POOF and the rep i had the interview with Left and as of now wotks for ITN. But to be fair, it would of been too much for me to handle at the moment, which is not good short terms but maybe long term greatness, but Sandy mentioned a project for a documentary on me but that fell through as well, So after a WooPlus Match, A tinder match and a Cold/flu starting for the real transition to Summer 2016,  we go rambling on the moors instead.

That lovable dog
The month ended with watching a film with a girl kissing and reminding me of my first date during the hype of Game of Thrones Season 6, Tinder matches that were never moved forward and reflecting and feeling alone and reminding myself of the life lessons I've learnt and need to learn, it was the smoothest Mouse i've ever used to review before moving to the next month of May, weighing in at 189lbs. 

The mouse as a blue light


We start this month off with a Nice Nutella Bacon Sarni, i kid you not.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

There were TV Seasons to finish catching up on, Like Game of Throne and Gotham, But a new product to review which will change my social life for a long time has been ordered and was arriving shortly after. That was the USB LED Trainers.

The amazing LED Shoes
But it was quiet apart from WooPlus Matches and enjoying Galaga Legions DX.  a delivery of the first UK batch of the Gigabyte H110n. Which was also when I found out that my trainers has been split like an earthquake, which those were only 2 months old..

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

The weather was still pretty good, so those Trainers had the first time to be going out, which was a BBQ at a new house of an old mate who moved out from The House, the food was good, the 7up was nice and well LED trainers that are light on the feet which was a bonus when running.

A classic returns
But it was then FINALLY TIME to build the STEAMBOX. Which went well except the same problem as my first PC build happened with the CPU Pins bending. But that meant a delay of getting it up and running which was actually near the end of the month. But phone calls when it happens stresses me out.

The parts 

Sadly though, this was the start of problems for me, it was also meaning my iphone I used to vlog on was very very very close to dying which means fapping was going to be harder I thought, luckily it didn't at the cost of causing major RSI to my hands but oh well. In the meantime, it was another BBQ .

A Waffle Burger
And then it was actually a review of a Can of Vimto Zero, which Vimto has a nice tang to it but its not addictive in that lucky sense. There was a carry on of the RCTW playthrough as well. 

The Can
Shortly afterward it was not much minus me putting a shoutout on those BBW lover instagram pages ran by some British girls and also there was the RMA Arriving and the fact that I now used Twitter for hosting pictures since Swaggy was hinting at me about it at the BBQ.

Tinder Bots were pretty pushing and the same messages all the time getting links and maybe money. 
This was also the Time I started having FreedomPop since the payment for it on my Virgin card was being declined behind my back and that was an issue, luckily I changed it to Paypal so they get a massive chargeback warning if they mess with me. The Old UKIP decide to have some banter in Tavistock which event got featured in the news (Tavi Times)

But It was soon time to get this deadly annoying ONDA V919 Air CH. This was not selling on ebay and i'm trying to sell it again.

To be fair its a nice design just the insides aint working properly. 

And the final part of May was the first time to Mount Edgcumbe by bike and walking. Which was one of those nice long walks in the hot summer to get away from it all, except when Work calls twice but the Most amazing views like a customer become friend says to me in work a fair bit.

Those views of places i've never been before

And then it was also the final few days and I bought the same colour Hair dye as last year to try to prepare for the 7th year anniversary. I Also had a BBQ to myself.

But I didn't get chance to have a night out (actually until October) since i Bottled it. Edned up having Chinese and watching Dadpool with my Sister and her Boyfriend before they ended up moving in together 2 months later :/. Then it was the Steambox FINALLY WORKING.

The final weekend of May was getting this up and me with some new Hair as well as a final BBQ before the important Month for Britain and the start of the world ending according to many people.

That selfie of ginger hair

Cooking BBQs


This month has a very Quiet start, Okay there was a Catch up. But EL Captian on my laptop was a possible plan when I downloaded it. Sure there were things like a Trip to Nans and my first rematch on tinder with a 17 year old from Cornwall somewhere. It was also better weather so it was More Dogwalking and also Painting Glass with the Mirror paint. This helped with making Glass usable during the day. There was also a book I read which mentioned about change and either staying behind or coping with that change, it is called "Who Moved My Cheese".

The book to read
Then it was Almost time for E3 2016. But before is that chance to have a Royal Lunch in the Bedford. This was for a late farthers day present for my Grandad and it was not all of us since some family members had a cold but It was those nice events and the snapchat fum with my sister, mum and grandparents. 

The stack of food for an afternoon tea
But soon it was Finally E3 after the Brexit drama in the square . Which some good games had been announced and it was also the day AFTER the shootings in Florida which was an emotional time for some people. Crash Bandicoot was finally announced as a remake and since PSX has passed (DEC) we know more info on that. Tinder was getting better with a legit hookup offer in Torpoint, but that turns into a bot which means there is no luck with that. There was also the first order of a Wifi adaptor for the Steambox which was nearly £30 along with the fun part of care packages for feedees getting health risks from the FSA in the US. A food festival was in Tavi during this point as well.

And then it was more quiet times and getting mates PC's setup and built (z170, 6700k, ssd, NZXT Case) made it easier for me than I thought and practice  for when I upgrade for Rocket League or build another PC. But it was also the time for a try to Tape my legs together.

And then it was finally time for #BREXIT. Which was actually a day off and an attempted home visit and voting on the same day.  This ended up to be the start of a unknown world and politics shaken by the people that say they don't matter. The weather was amazing too.

Voting  Time 
This was a life changing time for the world to see, and for me it was a case of being into the second simcard for my mifi before it died on me in a few months time, which I eventually replaced. But it was the first time of paying a welsh girl for some belly pics that she never E-mailed, which weeks later caused into drama. Yes asking for something you ordered from someone privately is not a simple walk in the park for some. In the meantime, there was a Review of some Spanish Roasted Corn from a shop in the same place work is amazing in taste.

The nice roasted corn
Then it was a quiet few days with a WooPlus Match, a reflection of loneliness with losing someone I've lost for someone Else, which a friend of a friend said "always always a competition" in a Twitter DM. The Game of Thrones Season finally has a Wildfire Explosive Ending. Pacman 256 on Steam is fun and also I bought Pizza for that girl I really like from Feabie and she loved it minus her account got deleted from what she told me later on in months ahead. 

Watch live video from on


The sim for that FP mifi arrived on the 1st day. The usual shave to start the month off as well as those lemon YUM YUMs.

This was a lush one but it was also #CandadaDay which made no difference to my life whatsoever, a Tinder match with Lola sadly didn't either. Jess had her birthday coming up but that was skipped as well. It was also coming up to my 500th Video to make and I know it was getting sad when my sister said she was moving in with her boyfriend. A first Dunk in rocket League in the mean time.

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

That was also a sad time when the iPhone finally died Which meant vlogging wasn't the issue but more running places with music to listen too, and making it 10x easier to grip when fapping,  But hey, it lasted me 3 years when it was a small crack.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Also I made some fake Bigmac sauce which was delicious.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

But it was soon after buying a costume for the Carnival week vlog since work had a event for it, the first trip back into Plymouth for a home visit and shop around, it was not amazing heatwave weather as the usual in July but wet instead.

Those Mirror elevator selfies, i did one

member when that building was there, yeah, i member

It was then a pisstake when mum bought a new phone and a £10 a month from Tesco, I still get annoyed from that. Its one of those back of the mind things when she ALREADY HAD A PHONE (which was my old ulefone paris, but that ended up being needed due to the replacement having motherboard issues and no help what so ever minus a tiny refund). I also nearly lost my laptop due to a major ram or bios problem, after cloning a hard drive, its all sorted now luckily.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Soon though, after 2 Tinder matches, fapping until 2am and watching Wacky Races in the bath a few nights and playing the PC version again (the PS1 was a classic one i did complete). It was some decision on planning my future and that was a MCSA Windows 10 Exam to apply and pass for, which means I was ready to order a book from my neighbour who uses a good wholesale firm for his shop. And by this time, Pokemon GO was the hype, so it was time to GO Dogwalking.

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

And then the Carnival was here, the Procession, the failed fucking costume not being delivered and me being a boring fuck.

The streets were crowded

Then the book arrived and it was revising until that exam was done. There was Tinder matches that had started disappearing (either by a glitch or un matching on her end). This was also the time on catching up on my 7th Twitterversary

The summary of twitter up to July. 

The selfie

But in the meantime, there was as special start to the fact I had to work on Mondays, That MAN ENGINE.

The Man Engine
Then it was realising that Whatsapp is now free for life and resigning on using my FP Number,  then it was those cute late night Skype calls with a cute gainer who was actually dating but he has his moods and ignores her but she did have a immobility goal and told me about amazing foods in the midlands. We almost end July, but the EXAM was a FAIL, especially with the bike puncturing and bad weather as well :/

This is important for later
This makes it a shitting shame and maybe it might be easier to say no on that one to retry since tis £130 almost for that exam. But we end with a first Pokemon GO Video. oh and streaming Ridge Racer for the Vita since I can get the DLC since the PSTV whitelist hack was out..

Also i did my first every ASMR mukbang, which was quite fun too.


This was a start of #NationalGirlfriendday and the days were stressful in the beginning, with things not arriving in work and going walking with Rosie more to play Pokemon GO Which was getting trickier due to the root checking that was starting to take place to stop cheaters. Snapchat rants in the morning are a nice touch.

The start of this also means a beef sandwich which is lush and got Popular quickly.

Also Ridge Racer starts to let me duel the Crinale.

Then it was the start of Rio 2016. With a unique environmental feel with a message of protecting the world and helping out with the growth of the world, there are going to be issues and there were later on. Oh and this Beef Sandwich was very Popular.

Then it was more of 2 tinder bots as well as watching some Table tennis since tat is nice sport to watch. There was also a WooPlus Match and some sexting on Feabie before it was my first and only day out on the train this year. to the English Rivera, Torquay and Paignton. Which it looked promising except that rain was one real nightmare. I loved it, even by myself, Maybe next time i do something like that, i will take my laptop so i can edit the vlog on the train journey.

a fresh moring with Rio on the screen

Train switching

Welcome to the Zoo

After a bit of rain

The model Village
Then it was actually a familiar event of The RAF Harrowbeer weekend. I was not actually working for this one so it was nice to join with my family after seeing a friend of my nan's in a nursing home (i didn't) which did upset them a fair bit. But a beautiful day none the less. Even seeing Mcdougall there which alex did remind me of memories, but she smiled at me. That was nice :)

Lovely Views

That classic Model Spitfire
But then it was that Big event, the Fireworks Championships. This was the first event to be shown off with the LED Shoes and it was amazing seeing how many people liked them, with the weather lush, the fair as bright as ever and a nice box of crispy seaweed, I was Pumped for this mate, I was Pumped.

Sunsets and Neon lights

That display

The shoes
After this is the day I helped my sister with her Flat with her Boyfriend of just over 1 year. It was a nice big spacious place, and we got some Ginsters slices along the way, I mean big ass boxes for a small amount.

This was also the Time where I bought a girl i like her Birthday PResent.. Rii is amazing really and her jiggly size and down to earth personality is dreamy but out of reach. Shes moved into her own flat now luckily. Then it was actually time to enter a contest, a contest which might not of done much for me but has gotten me a gateway to push my vlogging more often. That is the POWWOW TV contest. Which this was ideal and eventually won me a prize. Sadly the link for the video has gone now but I might be putting it up soon.

Also it was now as well as more cute chats with this girl on skype that I liked but was dating. It was at the Point of getting filters to work with Snapchat since Snapprefs updated (how i share pics normally via snapchat). So that mean I could get more things done with being like normal other people.

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Then it was remakes of old Flash Games i used to play in the days of Tavi College and also I managed to get the music video for POWWOW submitted on the weekend of the Bank Holiday which 2 years ago, I had my first ever kiss on that Saturday night, But apart from things at work and FreedomPop overcharging me for a 3rd time, it was a Time to Walk rosie somewhere different for her birthday . Burrator is a nice place and seeing friends along the way is ok too.

Burrator from the other side

This loveable-ish dog
Finally we have a girl call T-I super liking me on Tinder and a match with a girl I've not seen for years and had a friend that hates me (Jessie) on Tinder Too. Which leads the end of this exciting is month but the best months are yet to come...


This month was one of the Busiest months for videos this year. With the shaving on snapchat giving questions from Raven and also a girl I ended up getting a nag from about nudes but that is later on. For now it was a dogwalking with omracer vlog to continue with season 2 and also a chance to purchase products I was soon to Review.

But it seems to go poorly with Tinder, A girl called leah was on Tinder, a cute bbw and she matched me back, but when we messaged her, she was unsure if I was doing a backhanded compliment by super liking her, but it turns out after some Facebook digging, she was actually engaged. So that was not good. It was also coming up Emma's birthday, but shes happily engaged and my heart has lost her so no point in making the effort. But Instead I had to buy my mum something for her birthday so it was a Cycle to Plymouth in Hot weather.

The new coach station opened a day before I arrived to Plym

Pokemon Go shows what plymouth looks like on the map

Then it was a case of seeing the Pokeball I ordered 2 weeks ago arrive. This was a lush and legit looking Pokeball power bank. £20 to £25 each I was selling it for. I finally got my £20 I sold to a newly decent mate of mine after months which was a nice end to this year.

Also more Dogwalking was to take a long way around whitchurch. Especially with Pokemon Go And also this was the time I went to Lopwell dam for my Mum's Birthday.

The sheep in a Line

Lopwell Dam looks amazing
This was soon time to see the first and probably the not ideal upgrade for the Steambox. The Core i3, I chose it so i could install OSX if i needed to do video editing if the laptop ever packed up. After a BIOS Reset, it was up and running and got me so far and ready for Pacman CE 2 as well, which sadly that game was underpowered af on non GTX systems.

The Celeron and the i3

Rocket League was ready for an upgrade
Then I ended up selling my Celeron G3900 on eBay which worked lovely for that person who bought it. But Also Sophie ended up single which was a nice help but she doesn't like me that way so it means nothing completely, But dogwalking on Devon Consols was nice.

But Then I was waiting on a Chinese sports cam, chatting to a match on Tinder as well as helping Raven out with a laptop purchase and the girl on snapchat gave me a whine about it so I helped her out with £20. But we were soon to fall out due to me talking about me and her on a skype call which a friend of one started to ask her about it and she let at me and her. In the meantime there was the review of Earphones.

The earphones
And also watching Persona 5 in my sister's Flat as well as a PokemonGo Dogwalking vlog.

Then it became the first 2 weeks off to myself with many plans, reviews, video editing and a night out But we start this by talking on Instagram to a Tasha I thought had blocked me and I was dazed, it was peeing down with rain and she wanted to get from a size 18 to a size 26 but we fell out when I said I can't pay for food all the time, more since she thought I thought she just wanted me to buy her food, But i still fap to the conversation sometimes, since she is adorable and I like her. But that night ended sourly so I caught the chance to Review a shower Gel

The shower Gel


Then review the action camera while buying shopping for myself for that time of 2 weeks by myself. This is where my pursuit to get better content for my YT really begins.   

The action Cam

Its settings

We start the 2 weeks off with 2 videos straight away. The first was actually a mukbang using that camera, a Ridge Racer Video and a Review of a Chicken Pie.

But while this was happening. I found out that I won the contest for the POWOWTV which means I was hoping to be able to have a possible chance at christmas shopping sorted, which I hoped would go to plan. But it was also the amazing chance at my Second Date. Which even as I type this now, was amazing, In my same outfit i was in for the first date. With the turtles in the Pub to the size being an amazing soft size to kissing soft cheeks, thick thighs squashing me, talking and her soothing voice making romance feel amazing and I spooned for the first time ever and although we were rushed, this was also had chance to make a more personal feel which is what girlfriend experiences need, sure she is an expert at this but I might never get that dream happening again.

The card to Gracie
I actually went to my nan's the morning after, which might sound awkward but seeing them when i'm at my happiest mood was the way to go really. And I had a superlike from Rhian but that didn't go anywhere. But another tinder match with a cute BBW thats local and remidns me of a webmodel is a nice effort too, she likes my compliments and I remember she messaged me joking about getting fatter, so there might be hope somewhere. And finally that ends this long winded month, which has plans for more things in my life to happen.


This is it, the first and last night out of this year which was an incredible experience, Using the LED shoes in wet weather, it was time to really show myself off, from a cute bbw kissing me, getting a girls number and it was also the chance running home for the first time in a few years. It made me feel proud but my Nipples bled when I got home.

Those shoes

Jesters Selfies

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But this was the straw that started me to get a cold, from nose to aches and also the pains from my legs which really was in Pain. Despite this, I managed to get some videos up as the final week by myself was there and this was before Goose Fair too. The first one was a CE2 Video with the HD 530 being laggy af.

This then leads to a tutorial of making chicken enchiladas, This was also the time a girl called Erin who was a catfish and eventually wants me to send her money to get to the UK.

This was actually quite a fun time but a Cycle to Plymouth was the next adventure for me. Which was my first ever box of Aloe Vera Juice, which made a nice detox for me.

The mifi bought and unlocked ready to use for FreedomPop

Tropical Aloe, a detoxer
But it was then a start to be able to use Filters in Vlogs and Goose Fair was upon us. But Rosie returning means life was back to normal.

And in between that, was the 500th Music video, with that lovely song with making its sign but since the lyrics were the same, it was still a good effort.

And now, it was Goose Fair, The Night before which had a vibe of 2 years ago but also with the power of the Paris, It meant a 720p vlog with no conversion issues. Oh and the Price for the Music video arrived as well :)

The morning when things were being setup in the square

This was the night before
Then the actual day arrived with getting stuff done and making sure that I was ready to edit and upload before I left for the evening vlog. With trying food while filming on Glass and also other fun bits and pieces.



More views 
Then the Night has some cheer and a bit of warmth but with time, it gets late and the end of the night is there and with the people seen and the swag bought, it was time to head home which almost made this week a normal week.


Even more Crowds

The LED Trainers
This was getting pretty nuts with the editing after editing and even it caused a snack to be had while doing editing which again was some popular hype. Heck even Alex was pretty shocked at it, with his now famous af YT following which then it was a case of /r/blackpeopletwitter style reactions to most of the food around this point.

But as with all events, eventaully it ends. The finale with a chilling night and the pull up was quicker than the many years ago. So it was time to walk back home with a final glimpse of this Fair in 2016.

The Atlanta Dodgems as glowing as usual

Fair Scapes
As life felt to go back to normal, with a Tinder Match, A block from a Plus Size Fashion model on instagram for complimenting her double chin and Dogwalking while being 189.8lb  to make the Viddon X6 that was having to be Glued together (as of now, its been taped together and still works) as well as a final Pokemon GO Video while the safetynet was bypassed at the time. That was slightly before buying a girl that caused feabie drama with her imaginary boyfriend that is actully real a meal from just eat since she was being teasy about it and also her BF wasn't in the UK anyway. FreedomPop did a overcharge so a implied warning of peeing off some customers will make things bad for them (not myself but some people do get angry on the phone) and they refunded me a difference for the 3rd time. 

EA Finally released Battlefield One which had some major hype for it and makes all the difference with a nostaglic steampunk WWI Feel to online FPS. For me, It isn't my cup of tea, But Costume to build for an event on the Halloween Weekend was also a bonus, Before that, Soups and Pot Noodles were my choice of lunch and dinners since it was really a baltic feel to those days. But Ridge Racer CR Cheaters and a Tinder match and talking got some decent fun going or maybe a badly burnt out conversation. Hey ho. We stat to finally build the Costume for the Plannet Pannier event.

The costume

Wearing it on the way home from Work
Then it was the minor things and also preparation for a new upgrade to the Steambox and the Fireworks before the Christmas Spirit finally kicks into play. The dogwalking is also a nice end point to the month with the sunset as beautiful as it was.

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This was the secopnd to last month, Tinder Boost was arriving and you can try it out. The Catch up for the last few months was a nice helping hand for some. But it was also Time for Ordering the last part of the Steambox which was the GTX 1050 and I noticed a video of GTA V running on the N5030 and I wondered with a combo that the GTX could fit on, what would it be like.
But with Earphones dying and also Pot Noodles becoming addiction which ideal for work in the Winter.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Also the Cubs won and it was #NationalSandwichday before a heart was crying out .

The Sandwich was also a sign I liked Burger Sauce that both Heinz and Hellmans were now selling in supermarkets, as well as the tinder match with a bbw up north Devon who actually never spoke after I said Hi like i do with all matches, which was not really much. But finally it was the Fireworks.. This time BOTH the tavi and Plymouth ones were on the Same day, so I had to choose. Plymouth was the harder to get but better choice and last year Glass overheated bigtime which caused most problems that happened with it this year. The LED shoes were doing well too and a nice Mcdonalds by myself towards the end of the evening.



The shoes 

Which then that was the final fireworks for this year before NYE. As this Month went on, so did the Gaming Content, with new streaming and the N3050 and GTX 1050 Project was born.

Getting it built

the FPS on Rocket League
Then it was the major start of the #USelection which was getting intense and also more Tinder matches were happening but not much chatter. No Shave November was really taking its toll and I was looking ugly af, Southpark and Gotham were looking good with some deep story with both in their own ways. I had a friends PC to fix at home and get dualbooting nicely for him, it was meant to be done on a day off where the GTX 1050 was fitted to the Steambox, I was chatting to Tasha again before she disappeared shortly after. I also played Wii using Dolphin which worked nicely on the i3 HD 530 and much better with the 1050.  On Armistice Day, I got a $20 steam voucher from Gigabyte from feedback on Reddit as well as watching Doctor Strange. But Soon it was time to get the 1050 in the Steambox.

the steambox bright with the 1050

A new favourite game finally playable

That Sunset

With this, it started me being able to stream properly with CE2 being thrashed and RCTW finally released.  I started those nicely while having tinder matches and Working for helping people deal with BT and the lines of doom, with the help of FreedomPop's Premium Voice. This was also the start of working longer since my colleague had a second kid, which was fine and I did say I would work the week after due to a big event coming up. 

Watch live video from on

And that event was Dickensian, the Black Friday deals that Pass me by but It also meant missing a Plymouth trip for a Present for Sophies Birthday like last year. But I found out, Emily went to NY so that chance for her has been gone. Watcvh Dogs 2 was also close to release and my mate was playing it and loved it. A,lso it was now getting to a new place to go #dogwalkingwithomracer.

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But finally after a Famous more than me Youtuber matched me on tinder, while other matches disappeared on me  and a Dead on Arrival 2TB Western Digital drive for £48, it was time for the Black Friday Dickensian. With the costume still intact and the phoneline in work down for a ISP switch over and poor wiring, it was then a long and fun and chaotic day for me.

That selfie

Loveky lights

Indoor lights that are lovely too
But then it was nearing the end of the month, days off to get routers setup, Backing up a hard drive that started clicking when the steambox was in work and trying out Galaga Wars, it was a nice ending to the month along with a Dogwalking with omracer vlog. But also my mate in work was selling a PS4 and things looked tempting for a Christmas idea. Along with a rematch with Kate on Tinder and Another but unmatched me.

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Well its the final month, with the Christmas hype into full swing, The shopping was to be done, Family meals out and Tinder fails and WooPlus drama all collapsed into this exciting month. We firstly enjoy the day out to Plymouth by bike, Enjoying the Christmas Market and getting some mini bits and pieces. 

The selfie using the christmas jumper from last year

The Christmas market

Shopping in Tesco
Then it was coming home, tired after that long journey. And the day after I almost hardly break the internet with a Tea involving the onions and Jam doughnut from the Tesco shop.

The strain of working can also stop you from booking appointments, since Specsavers kept nagging me about getting one done since it was overdue, sadly I booked it then i had to cancel since I had an appointment with a customer for that day so it was a first strike. Also it was a case of 2 tinder bots which made no help to my love life, especially with the disappearing matches as well. Which ranting about businesses nagging me about appointments got my bank asking if i need anything. And the air was fresh and decisions to buy a PS4 after seeing PSX was made, the N.Sane Trilogy really did help to be fair, making me want to play it on my PSP and PS3 (even though just after christmas, the PSP had the dead X button), especially with the Christmas tree being put up earlier than EVER this year.

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A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Then it was nearing my Sister birthday and I had to get her a present, which meant Costa, and also at the same Time as that, I had my order for Detoxing and Christmas drinks from Poundland Arrive. Trust me, carrying 13kg up 2 hills by yourself is a nightmare but it CAN BE DONE and be INDEPENDENT.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

But with this as well a chatting to a local cute 230lbs girl called Ranye on Feabie, A amazing Tinder match with a bbw sister of a olympic champion from exeter (after I dug around looking for pics on instagram/facebook)  it was a day out with the Family for more Christmas shopping and a look at a garden centre. Which was nice but the problem with traffic and late night shopping is a nightmare. I got Rosie's presents this time though.

The Christmas Market

The gloves and balls

Winter Wonderlands
At this point, my mind was about getting this blogpost typed up and with so much to mention,  I said to myself I would do it early, (which I technically have) and have it done before NYE, also I missed Planet Earth II which I caught up while typing, as well as selling my V919 Air CH for £90 on eBay
I was caning the Streaming of CE2 to finish it off on A Rank. Which I might be able to do before NYE. A Fire Engine appeared in work and Fire drills were a key issue while I had an excellent Indian at a Balti King which I would highly recommend if you don't mind unsure staff.

But it was now the start of the Mondays in work before Christmas, which one customer had booked me for a home visit but was stuck in  a lift many miles away, which meant I had another home visit to go to instead and then it was a task on working, watching Ghostbusters which actually had its funny charm to it and Buying a Mouse for helping with vlog editing and new HDD for the Steambox, £48 for a 1.5TB laptop 2.5" HDD is decent going event with £10.00 Delivery.

A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

But then it was soon to be the final week before christmas, with a nw Game being streamed like Mini Metro, which is a game about connecting the dots which is also like a railway management sim too.

Watch live video from on

But then it was an idea to make Hunter's Chicken Enchiladas, based of the video I made in October, which was lovely and cost me £5.08.

Then it was this amazing Ribwich I had while typing more months up while watching Planet Earth II, since it was the end of Gotham and South Park, Gotham until next year and well the 21st season for South Park is next year later on. I started Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi again and it works nicely on my phone.

Then we had Turkey in turmoil with a nasty shooting and a few days later a Lazy Town Meme from him was appearing. But time was finally getting good, until we had a Tinder match that went awkwardly wrong with Megan, just that "Your out of my league, make the effort" after she went to this one liner about motherboard damage from water and I said it would be a replacement like most professionals would do. But that ended and Hannah told me its not worth dealing with ladies like Megan, Ideally she wanted me to lecutre on how rude  Megan was, but that is not my place to say. But then it was finally the Christmas Shopping as Santa. Which was productive, Tire slashing and all the presents sorted at this point. I did get many looks, some kids liked the spirit of Christmas, some joked about the problems with the trousers and I spend a fair whack, even when having work call me up.

The santa selfie

Some gifts

The amazing drake's Circus

And finally, it then becomes the Christmas Period, with the festive cheer and spirit hype building  friends were giving gifts as thank you's for helping out and covering for others. Which on top of that on Xmas Eve, romantic views and wrapping Presents was the nice end before the big day.

still one of the Favourite Presents

Romantic views

The flock of Presents
Then it came to the big day, being involved while being a +1 and it was all cheer, The weather was bad, the Rosie was wet and I walked her twice but it event got the Video up. It was a shame the final part of the night was the time George Micheal passed away and left this world.

The selfie on the Midnight of Christmas

The Roast

The amount of Presents

Then it was the Boxing day which Went smoother than I thought, the George being busy and the waitress my eyes went heart open for and the family talking I wasn't really involved in at all, it was more chatting to my sister's boyfriend than anyone else. Which was ok but I felt out of place there, which it usually goes with the family.

The view of the George

The Roast

Then it was that week between festivities and the end of the Year. Things were quiet with dogwalking, eating, typing things up and old friends being unfollowed and unfollowing by them, but with Alex, things were tense with the food pics which were getting retweets more and more recently so its a scale that balances, since I did put myself to only 2 food tweets a day.

Crispy Rivers when dogwalking

Tinder was nothing new, maybe megan asking if my tinder profile was serious or not which led to a cute 18 year old dream girl saying shes a cunt and then raven agreed. I Finished off CE2  (Score Attack mode) and I ordered a headset for a Review Next Year, which arrived and a present from a customer and Carrie Fisher along with Debbie Renyolds are now blessed together away from this earth.As well as a Bike wash since I had a cycle next week, which on a cold could kill me bur you know when the temperature drops, the body can't take it, especially with UP and Down weather for december.

The bike needed a wash

The dog always loves a ball in a field

The A rankings in CE2

The perfume I got from a Customer

Then it was working on NYE, with a quiet feel while the cold was kicking in and it as the nose was getting hetic and more the chatter about neighbours plans for his other hobby. Then it was just catching up with the Family and celebrating the new year until 1am which then it was time to get the video made and with this cold, I don't know how i would cope.

I'll see you next year for the time of 2017 and a review of goals for Now and for the new year,