Monday, 7 January 2013

A first post for a 13th year, with resolutions.

So its now 2013. Times have eased from the celebrations of leaving 2012, even if it was a week ago. Things have been good for some, heartbreaking for others. People have had the worst start to the year, others actually believed in the "New year, New you" corporate bullshit.

For me, this week has been a not too bad week, with the usual work, playing games, porn, video editing and more. its time to sum up the start of 2013. Although it wasn't an eventful first week. Its still an effort.

Tuesday: 1st of January 2013

As many of you were up for the midnight entrance to the start of this unique year, i was as well. To be fair, one the stroke of midnight, my sister called the family to wish us a happy new year and to catch up with how things have been. Then in the morning it was a nice start with waking up and a roast Turkey was being prepared as well as having my grandparents who i went over to on Christmas Day over to enjoy the start of 2013. It was nice to relax and listen in to the gossip my nan says to my mum and all. The roast was quite an amazing one i must admit:

well my first roast of the #NewYear. Gammon, Turkey, potatoes... on Twitpic
Then it was a nice afternoon of films. Also i watched "The Princess and the Frog" on BBC1. it was quite a fun film, also the first disney animated to feature a black princess which is a corporate achievement for the company.  Halfway i paused that and recorded the first vlog of 2013 and edited it on imovie on my old laptop i decided to put Snow Leopard on.

Then it was quite a relaxing night from there. Actually look below.

it finally appeared on Windows 8. Worth £6.99, its my favourite game. However there is no Xbox Live support so it really makes the game almost unplayable. Like you can't save progress. Once that is fixed by Namco, it will be the best thing ever on my pc to date, maybe on par with theme park world. the game is like crack on my desktop. My laptop however, is quite slow running it. But makes the game easier to work out a route since 50 speed on the laptop feels like 20 speed on my desktop. But props to Namco for adding controller support. Its awesome to play this using my PS3 controller using X360 controller drivers :). Also while i was playing that, my tea was quite a nice varied one :)

well my tea for tonight. rice from indian yesterday, potatos,... on Twitpic

Wednesday: 2nd January 2013

So now its my 1st day off in the year. I decided to sort my bike out and clean it. Now it was a damp day but the bike was covered in mud, mud and yet more mud. So with some turtle wax, warm water in a bucket and a clean sponge. Time to wax my legendary motive of transport. Below is the before and Afters:

This was before. Grimy and muddy in various ways
The Bike afterwards. Much cleaner than before. Even squeaky clean as people quote

So that was a nice start. Then afterwards it was a nice time having to help my dad cut logs with his chainsaw. That took about 40 minutes but it felt longer, after that. it was time for lunch which was roast gammon from a microwave meal:
well my lunch for today. gammon, pineapple, peas, potatos, ca... on Twitpic
It tasted nice but not that nice compared to proper gammon obviously. 
Now then it was a relaxing rest of the day playing Megadrive games on my Wii. Mostly Disney ones, i started playing Castle of Illusion the week before and been playing bits as and when i have time. So after i finished it on Normal difficulty, i played Aladdin, its funny since this year, the game is 20 years old. Same as what i would be this year lol. Also it was nice to have my sister skype me and for some reason the voice on my end was worse. Not sure why that happened but she was shocked at my hair and its grown quite quickly now :). Carrying on, my tea on that day was a cheese free pizza.
well my tea for tonight. a cheese free pizza with bacon, toma... on Twitpic

After that, i think i was enjoying some games or nothing important happened but i did enjoy some more of Aladdin. I think i got to the caves level or the level before


Now this day was a quiet day, to be honest. working and having two house visits, heck, i even ran with a laptop AND Printer from work to Bishopsmead. Below is how far that actually is:

View Larger Map

And that did strain me. But my nice tea for that night was Fish Fingers, Chips, some tomato chicken thing and salad cream and mango chutney from lidl. i'll post a vlog of me shopping in lidl one day this year. its an amazing store. perfect to fatten someone up too.
well my tea for tonight. fish fingers, chips, crisps, sweet p... on Twitpic


Now this was a quiet day at work, mostly with odd bits and jobs to do. But i did get a training session sorted at 11:30 in greenlands. Its a nice run up there, especially with the hidden footpaths. After teaching the customer (a scottish chap, with a proper accent and name) how to search on his tablet by using Google Voice, which is amazing since its no calibration needed i might add. Setting his e-mails up and connecting him to the internet. I headed off back to work. I picked up a well cheap bargain init (For my non chav reader that means "some of the items was reduced") for £1.15 for all 3:

my first work lunch this year earlier today cost me £1.15. Re... on Twitpic

Those Frikadellen burger looking piece of meat is delish. 50p for 2 when its usually £1 for 2 :) The crisps did lose flavour but the drink was tasty. Then as i was walking past the square, i was right behind BBC Spotlight who were doing an interview about the Rail line arriving to Tavistock. There is alot of bullshit not been truthfully said surrounding the concept, one day i might explain it. Then it was work as norm until 5 or 5:30 then i was off home. The best meal i could want was on offer tonight. Chicken Escalops with chips and mango chutney below:

well my tea for tonight. chicken escalops, chips, chilli tort... on Twitpic

Then it was Age of Empire online for the rest of the night, a few quests here and there. Its a good game but i wish the Premium Egyptian was on offer or there was a safe hack to get more empire points. Anyways that was the friday over with


So this was a slightly hetic day, more so with getting refurb machines ready at work and covering and more mistakes being made if things are not labelled. Even though i did sell a VAIO-VGC-M1 for £90 and sold a replacement HDD with Windows 8 installed to a customer who bought a mid range desktop from work before i even worked there, Which is under 3 years ago. But i did sort a PC out and set it up and then got some lunch. Since i only had 90p, i spend 80p on this:

My lunch earlier today cost me £0.80. £0.30 for the appleade ... on Twitpic

It is quite tasty, that combo. Also the appleade eases the acid in my stomach, to ease indigesition, which everyone has now and again, even a massive eater like myself. But anyways after sorting everything out and having Sophie May (Cute blonde, nice girl, friends with Emma - girl i like which i bought her a £25 RI giftcard) ask me advice on saving songs to SD card but the System memory on Galaxy Ace's are petite, i was told to deliver a 1TB external HDD to whitchurch since of a order mishap. It was a nice journey, but it was nice of Soph to call me on the way, her voice i like alot:

View Larger Map

Then after delivering the HDD. I ran home which is another 20 minute run. This time however, i was sweating so i decided to risk it and ran topless from the redrow estates to the monksmead entrance from the main road. It felt really, really good. Then i arrived home and for tea was Spag Bowl, nice n tasty with crisps and a gold bar and chutney:

well my tea for tonight. spag bol, crisps, gold bar and mango... on Twitpic

It tasted nice and then it was a relaxing night and then it was even better since i had a couple of hours to myself. So i finished Aladdin on the Genesis off. THAT FUCKING JAFAR BOSS BATTLE IS NUTS, FEELS LIKE DONKEY KONG WITH A SNAKE AND FIRE, WHEN YOU HAVE TO CHUCK APPLES AT A PSYCHOTIC SNAKE. Then it was some Sonic 3 & fluttershy  to finish off Flying Battery Act 2. Then the parents arrived home, chatted to them and afterwards went to bed and was fapping over this blonde girl with some arguements with a girl i like (sophie) until 3:20am. 


So in the morning i woke up at 10:10 and fapped until 11am over the same girl as i fapped till 3am previously, then as i climax, her bf messaged me about getting involved in arguments or "their business". But saying "x person fell out with x person" doesn't really show or mean i'm involved in the arguments  But if thats what Dave thinks, leave him to it. 

After that i rushed off to a friends house to fix her laptop and TV. Easy to solve, just rebooted her router and also the aerial for the tv was plugged into the FM socket. Fixed and got paid £20 for the lot. Then they wanted me to fix a friend of their's mac. Funnily enough its the landlord for the Tavistock Inn. Dave. He is a really nice guy and after some research, i fixed his SMTP problem in Apple Mail on his gmail, that was another £15. After, i ran home in the damp weather and my parents headed off down to the pub i just come back from to have lunch. But i had a nice curry on the other had for my lunch while watching my watch later on Youtube TV:

well my late lunch for today. chicken curry, wafer rolls, cho... on Twitpic

Then it was relaxing and getting this post typed up. Then watching King Kong and it was then time for tea. Now this was a nice mix of things, Coronation chicken sandwich filler and some ham and extras:

also my tea for tonight. coronation chicken filler, ham, walk... on Twitpic

Afterwards it was a bath then watching the Avengers, quite a good film, the plot wasn't the best comic book style one but hopefully Marvel might improve. 

The Resolutions:

Now with 2013 in place. its time i set up my New Years Resolutions. Yes i know some people think these are just corporate infused traditions but its a guide to help me get where i want to be this year. Without further ado. Time to list them:
  • Have my first kiss this year. And by kissing i mean making out or a bit deeper than kissing on the cheek, which i haven't done since 2011 or 2010.
  • Have my first relationship this year. Hopefully it might end up with the girl i love or a girl i really like. Which will make my life almost complete with a good job, good popularity on Youtube and then a cosy and maybe gluttony based love life to go with it. ahhhhhh *bliss*
  • Earn a Microsoft Certification. This i might get done in February, this will help increased my IT Career and have something recognisable with my name in job wise. And might also stop parents nagging about Payslips and tax related when to be honest, i'm doing fine on £60 for 20 hours work a week :)
  • Buy stock from my Cafepress. Basically i have a store i can sell shirts and things with my name on. I might do a giveaway on some of it on Youtube or even Twitter. But it might me better than these facebook famous subsciber whores.
  • Verify my Virgin money. Now this is basically so i don't get limited on my Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard which in August i would of had for 4 years. But since trying to verify by post rejects me, i'm going to go into a Virgin money bank and nag them to do it with an actual card owner in front of them. 
  • Try my first "All you can eat" buffet OR Date in a Chinese Restaurant  Now this is something i want to really get done, since i've fantasised about dating girls and encouraging them to the full when me and her are on a date in View Pan Asia or go to a restaurant like "The Wok" on the Hoe for a romantic weight gain date. 
So that is all of them. The main 6 i want to try to accomplish this year. Will it happen, fuck, probably not. Worth a try. I think it is. 
I'll keep you all updated on these goals, from the looks of things, i'm trying another present for Emma to see if i get lucky with a chance. This time its not £250, but maybe more romantic and of course fattening <£. Also after realising i'm starting to fall for Sophie Hjerstrom, i'm going to try to explore if luck turns my way and a date happens or even if we both fall for each other. 

See you around and i'll see you in the next blog post