Saturday, 31 October 2020

The last few weeks of work - Lockdown Stage 12

 Well here we are., This now has the been a month of working, well as of 2 days before this post. With things just happening one after the other, it was time to catch up on the ins and outs. Even though most have been work, its still to keep this going, since well this year since March it's mostly been blank for special events in real life-wise. Well especially as we've passed events like Goose Fair and soon to be a change of Bonfire Night being cancelled, this year has gotten pretty well......fucked for outside my life. 

We begin with well having to get bits and pieces organised as well. It was also a time of seeing finley bringing in mice and all that jazz

But we then come across another midnight release which was for Fifa 21 and then that was ending up a dupe but even then, the actual niceness of the sky at night was worth it. 

The shops near at night 

Running up hills 

The shining moon and the stars in the sky

But as that weekend of a second Sunday opening, it was starting to get sone notice and well also the start to realise that I've not been very good for other thing and also missing out on events minus work well due to work, but it was also finally time to get some productivity while the internet was lacking. Which well was to film a review for the Monitor  Which eventually was for the shop and to use for dual screens. 

Now that monitor luckily was the same size as the Acer I bought a while back since well the old Acer I reviewed back 5 years ago was sold over 1 month ago. 

The Asus Monitor

The PS4 works on it 

The maibenben works nicely. 

Both the Acer and the Asus together 

But alas things we have to catch up on and make sure that it works out in the end, since this year was actually a way to realise things had to change and well they did since some people really showed true colours and in some other timeline, I could be chasing non-existent people, okay sure in the past weeks I've probably chatted to some people I have a feeling they don't exist and well I'm glad I really changed course with a new direction. Sometimes I reflect on this when I was #dogwalkingwithomracer. 

A dogwalking in the dimpsy of dusk 

Then it was leading to back to cycling for work on the Mondays and well the weather was sadly not being as kind as during the first time, so wet cycling for all, which soon I was to realise not all was what it seemed, but 2 visits every Monday was pretty classic of me. But planning on things to get was always important. 

The mist and the view of the forest

Now then it was back to work and then the surge of getting things organised such as the Broadband since Vispa has been okay BUT sometimes communications don't work and well it causes delays, so the time of the internet would be from the 21st. But eventually, it was also time for a special event which well Goose Fair was cancelled. 

Which that day became a day in the life, which well it was a casual one and made some nice things happen which well it just made me happy and well felt like life was sort of back to normal. But alas we find out later things don't go back to normal. 

The sun as it shines on the road normally packed with crowds 

The monitor and the mouse 

Cupcakes for lunch from a friend of mine 

As the lunch ended and also work to be done and then a visit, it was time to walk across the viaduct as I ran my way home, 

Views from the Town 

More Views

As I walked and watched up with most and reflected on the past few months, to really realised how lucky I managed to get with things and how some people in my life have been amazing. But alas it was time to go home and eat before we decide to then resume to working reality. With the late nights, the food choices I could add were feeling endless and well I did have some nice meals to add in as well, especially on how nice it was to add different powders to the soup. 

The soup and extras 

As the days went on, work was getting busy, new layouts to change and also extra jobs and then it was coming to longer evenings again. Which means more running around and having to catch up on questions overnight with the second job. But it was also good since it was moving to the final weekend without internet in work and also with one customer changing Xbox hard drives, it felt right I started to upgrade as well, especially with crash 4 and even legion to be out soon. But before that was probably the final Chinese of that month. 

The Chinese for that night

Copying from a spare drive to a PS4. 

But then on the second to the final weekend of a Sunday, it was surprising of well some sales which surprised me and also starting to get a bit of Minecraft, Like I will shit you not, these past few weeks have been a most plan with exploring Minecraft and I can get the appeal of why it's cool, I mean mouse and keyboard feel much smoother to me so I can expect maybe some videos in the future but probably not. 

Now it was soon time to realise that things can go wrong, like ordering an item and them not turning up and then even ordering and them delivering 15 minutes before I got to the shop. It ended up arriving, but then it came to another problem, since when it was meant to arrive, I was meant to cycle and drop it and well just as I got down the hill, the tyre went out, So then it was a massively long run, on the driest Monday of them. 

The Run from Amazfit, proving how the Bip S can really go 

Running on Roads 


From the 1st to the second

Which then luckily it was a case of a drive back to Tavi and then time for the next stage, which in this case was then to pick up some flowers for one of my best real-life friends former customer who sadly had to move into a care home the week before, which for her things went bad very soon after I told her a lot of truths in my life and it just felt like a chain effect which may be the pandemic did not help. 

The flowers for £12 from one of the local florists 

More of the flowers 

But then it was really the day before the internet and customer demand was getting high so knuckling down was the time, well since the day after was finally the internet, with the most decent Openreach chap and well he got me open up and running as well as the WD-9970 router was the one they send me but I used some open box one in work. But that means CCTV was up and now I can really be a product and make sure to get things going, but well, minus the phone (VOIP and phones not being picked up is a nightmare for sure ). But then it was soon time to be able to catch up with some nice food after a late visit and most of watching Crash 4 playthroughs too. 

The casserole with some extra curry sauce 

 Which then it was time to eventually start to be productive, in terms of the second job, and well that was off to maybe not the best starts, having to understand the rave system and also it was soon time to really think about finalising the accounts which were only a week away, not from deadlines but completing more than  I expected. 

But that is not without sacrifice with not talking to important friends.  since one called me by accident when she was ready to go out then we were meant to catch up and I still need to. But well something else happened, well I got the guts to try to reach out for voices notes like I used to with someone special and well it really was buzzing when I got some back, it was feeling a lot more togetherness and well which well maybe this year has been a lot of change because of her and well I feel better for it. Which one day I'll tell the truth of it all, but maybe its close to me realising that its closer to something then i really never would have expected. We have to work on it but I think maybe next year is looking to be a lot of new things and stories to explore.

But cough about that, more work and also the introduction with Christmas tree pretzels were amazing, well the flavour Lidl have had before but let's be real, shaped pretzels, But that was a new craving compared to The Onion and Chive potato sticks. 

The Sour cream and chive pretzels 

Then well times come and go, more cute voice notes and also more times to open for the midnight release and well its time for Watch Dogs Legion, which is sort of suited to what the events of the UK might be following. But well it was yet another midnight release in work. 

The lunch on that day

Blurred running at night

The store 

This was actually a bit better since I did sell a day one release that day of it, but well sadly not much else but some jobs cleared and some not, but then it was getting some extra security sorted and also it was odd how noticing over the past few weeks I had about 10 people without masks on without making a scene of it or me calling them out else you get that reputation of overcaring and cause loss of customers. But it was also a time to use the Lidl Plus app again to get a good deal on food and well more running around at night. 

At least the CCTV works 

Lidl again 

More deals 

But then it was finally there weekend of half term and well Halloween. Which actually was off to a good start since of another pair of jeans ripped it was a massive hole in this one, but elastic bands from a few deliveries helped me keep cover when working. Especially when security arrived and a time to get that set up too. 

 security to set up, 80 of them 
The trousers 

Then it was finally the supposed last days of deals or so I thought, but soon plans were emerging of a lockdown and well it was bound to happen but it also meant the last days counted. So deals will be done for the next 4 days. but it also made me a bit guilt feeling due to some of the reasons I got the shop going was for released next month but sadly that's going to be an online affair I've got to sort out. So in the next few days, its time to prepare for another lockdown. 

See you in 2 weeks 


Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Open and Back to work - Lockdown Stage 11

 Well, this is finally it, time to finally say goodbye to much freedom for a while, since well, soemthing I've been planning for the past 4 weeks has finally happened. Well, i've got a shop. The vlog on the day 1 opening is below: 

The Organising and last bit of Paperwork: 

So this actually begins back during the 2 weeks I had to myself, this actually leads me to be getting accounting done and things planned out for this journey of mine. But it had to happen due to the current pandemic has made some opening in opportunity as it were. With the only local agent for shops around, I contacted them and then back in August a visit, but while I was setting something special upon a different topic, I had an email and then it was time to finally arrange the legal paperwork, something that costs about £210 for it, about £500 account to what landlords have to pay. But either way, it was only last week I was walking Rosie to hand over a signature which then would change a life. 

The rawhide bones I bought Rosie after dropping a signature off. 

Once that was done, the truth of having to get things ready for opening up before important gaming dates was to happen. But for this to go forward, time to get these things ready, such as moving things in and well organizing it so it looks nice and can be ready for it to work. 

So it was only 2 days from this, and it was time to pick up the keys to then see what it was like. 

The Weekend of a new place to explore and move. 

So it was Saturday, after the final day of brushing teeth for a review i've still been overdue in sorting that bit, I and mum walked Rosie first before we then both went down at 11:00am to get the keys and have a chat with the landlord i've only met then for the first-ever time. It was also a time to get some cake decor as well for a 90th birthday coming up. 

Tooth Selfie on that Saturday morning

But the place was nice, it was mostly square and had the basic facilities in there, which was to help with the plans to really make sure this was going to work. For now, the real plans will not be able to take place due to the Rule of 6. But for the basics, there is that potential. 

The window

The Wall

Another Wall

A back Window 

A back window with a fan

Sockets and the Sink 

Probably  the 2 most important 

More Sockets

The Mat

Heaters and Dents

After this, it was time to really make some choices, but next, it was time to get some cake decor and a balloon from Lawsons. Since that was for a 90th to celebrate the day after.  But then it was time to go to refurnish to get some furniture. Which that was the next task, especially for stock to put up and well that and some shopping was to happen too. When we got home, it as a heavy bit to heave into the Garage. 

The Bookshelf for the games. 

Then it was a  bit of lunch which make it easier to have before a nice afternoon #dogwalkingwithomracer. Which mum did actually purchase a rug and I had a call with a firm of shop fittings before we went for the walk. 

The lunch on Saturday, from the mixed salad in Morrisons 

The Sunny weather when Dogwalking

After that, we both got home and soon it was time to do the next stage. 

The Time to move: 

This is where the next part lies and the big moment to see the plan taking shape. First, it was to move everything to my dad's van and get it fitted, there was a LOT to move. That room was full to the Brim. 

The Room was too full to even move around in

Bags and boxes Everywhere 

Then it was the first vanload. 

After all that, it was a well deserved Chinese takeout, especially now the curfew was implied for takeouts and pubs, but retail shops haven't been told, maybe I'll find out. 

The Chinese takeout  

The Room was getting alot different now. 

Then it was to relax and then it was time to wake up on the Sunday morning, even if it was later than I should have done. But the weather was good and minus Costa being full, it was great, to get things moved in, well in about 30 minutes. 

The views as we parked up

Then it was time to move in and get most of the boxes in that place, which that was done then it was time to get things decorated and all 3 of us helped to get some amazing things in, from some glass cabinets for £25 each and even the Bookcase from earlier, it fitted in the right place. Eventually, it was the time to finally admit it was ready to call it a day. Since later that day plans were to happen fora 90th. 

Progress of the decorating

The boxes left

The desk from the house 

The boxes and stands

The front of it 

Then it was home for some preparation of cleansing rooms and also soon for some lunch before we had to go for a 90th-afternoon tea. 

The room empty after the clearout

The allotment afternoon

Now, this is also the time we finally get to find out what was on the nature camera I bought dad for his birthday. But actually, that turned out to be well, nothing interesting at all, mice, squirrels and even 2 cut cats. But the time of the hot September was soon to end, but this was just weather that was amazing and well it was more fruit to pick and that helped. Oh, and I had to deal with a customer on the phone which leads to more chaos. More on that later 

The Field facing the crop 

Apples from the tree

Raspberries  in the tub

More bushes 

But then it was nearing 4pm and we had to get home to prepare for things of the 90th birthday of my grandads life. 

A 90th Afternoon tea. 

So, after we had to prepare some food, we drove to my grandparents which was a nice evening drive and also we were having to prepare for a delivery my sister was turning up to, a freezer for them, not long after we arrived, she did and then it was time to unload the freezer. It managed to fit in their garage nicely. 

The freezer

Now then it was time to help prepare the afternoon tea and catch up with my sister with chatting and also eating egg mayo scones, but it was interesting to find how shes been verbally abused from posh customers at her work and well the thing is staff are but that and it was to make sure nan was okay after her fall 2 weeks ago. Eventually, t was time for a nice big meal with also candles melting quicker than before.

The afternoon tea as it was laid out 

The first plate of tea 

then it was chatting for an hour or so and talking about different things from my work to showing pics of the past few days and even things about funerals about to happen with my mum and dad going to 2 in the next 2 weeks which can be a bit of stress and emotions here. But eventually, it was 8pm and we all decided to head off. Which as I headed off, it was time to really enjoy a picture of the moon. 

The moon in the sky at 8pm at night

then it as a drive home and some chores to do before preparing for one busy day of back to exercise from a routine of visits. 

The Visits on Monday, 

So its the first day of going back to work. Well having to cycle and it was time to deal with soon to be the wrath of #stormalex, but this first day of it was actually the fog which made it hard, actually, no it was the migraine I had from the overdose of Vitamin C tablets. But I eventually got the customer I was meant to be, even if it took an hour.  Then I had to cycle to another which really showed the fog. 

The fog as I was about to cycle up the big gradual hill

But then I had to run to work due to a demanding customer but it was in the time of me having to get things sorted, well luckily, some spare parts helped. But then it was time to visit another customer before that was the end of that day. The weather was starting to be a little bit better. But actually the way it turned out, was that me, my dad and his workmate went to re-furnish to pick up a table which seemed to be perfect and even with 6 chairs for a decent £80. We managed to park close and get it listed ther

Eventually though, it was the big chance to have a time to help get things organised in the shop. Which luckily my mum was going to help. 

A Sunny Tuesday to organise. 

So this was the cliche, it was actually to get thing makeup and organised before it was then to finally book the stock in and also some chores to do. Which involved food shopping, walking Rosie and then to make a table that we delivered the day before. 

First, it was to wake up in the morning and it was to go shopping in Lidl with mum. Which we got some things but I was meant to buy a nice big whiteboard from there for £14.99 but instead I ended up buying some trainers for like £6.69 too. 

Then it was time to also walk the dog in the afternoon for lunch, which we went to her fave river for a bit of a play ball. 

Soaked but happy

The 2 ponies

Then it was finally time to get to work aka the shop to get it open, well actually to build the table up which turns out it had a crack in it, but before we did that it was a bit of time to have a quick hot sausage roll for lunch. 

The sausage Roll

The table had it legs a bit tricky on it

Then it was organising some of the boxes since loads of bags had things in and it was to make sure I could get it out and into the box to then empty and lay it out te next day, but eventually, it was time to get a bit more decorating done and it was then time to call it a day. Well actually by 4pm I was out with mum to get some hair dye from Superdrug since I wanted to go lighter. 

The layout of the shop was coming together

a higher look at the layout

The other side had a bit of work to do.

Now then, it was then time to go home and also get some of the former room organised, which worked out nicely and a carpet fitted there as well. 

The room organised 

Then it was more to sort out before the day of opening on Thursday. But for now, it was going to be a day of unproductive as well. 

The Soaked Wednesday

In all honesty, I had to visit a customer I saw on monday then I cycled to work, I was soaked for most of that day and after picking up a Plastic Perspex for the COVID safety guideline, after that, I was too uncomfortable and soaked so I went home and got some admin done. 

The Thursday to be open

Then it was finally time to have the first day which was where the vlog had taken place. Which that was a wakeup call at 8am, Since I had like an hour to prepare before I open the shop at 10am-ish. But I got down there or 8:50 which then I got to work and montages of it begins. But waking up with a stiff back was crazy. 

The morning selfie

So, the morning to open includes a few things such as organising the stock around the walls so it makes a mini square out of it, which makes the layout easier to manage. From the laptop charges to even networking bits and of course games and things in cabinets, well that was done on Tuesday actually. 

Slowly the layout comes together 

More layout for the IT Side 

A bigger look at the layout

Then it was more booking things in and soon to be later, my mum popped in with a nice bit of sausage roll and also got me a rucksack as a good luck present. But all in all, it was that and a few other customers before I headed out to pick up a DPD delivery at 4pm. 

The shop door

Then it was time to pick up a box, well order for the midnight release of these games in the box. Yup, crash 4 and Starwars Squadrons, it was pouring with rain for that. Which makes it dishearting, but well, it was time to start to book those in. Then in the case, they go.

The new bits

Then it was time to get home and then have a quick break then it was time to really start the time of the midnight release. 

The 2nd day and first release: 

Well, I had to run down with a big box, well no my mum dropped me down about 11:30. Then it got in and prepared for the launch with a few posters to put out and also then it was time to open up and wait for customers, but maybe, in this case, it was not much hype for Crash 4. But the lamp outside was looking good. 

Midnight opening, with that glow.

Then I left about 00:40 and then got home to sleep for another day of work. Which was more booking in, one laptop to diagnose and also some more Stands to make. 

The PS5 in the door

The front again with the cardboard

Then it was time to really focus on that stock and work which then leads to another day. 

We eventually lead into the final day of this post for now, which actually I taste turkey Twizzlers for the first time after 20 years of them, they did taste nice. 

The Turkey Twizzlers with other extras. 

And there we have it, the first few days done and eventually, I'll catch up with other things in the post but even this was a few days delay. 

all the best for now,