Sunday, 13 October 2019

Tavistock Goose Fair 2019: The Wet Browse Home

Well, here we are again, the final night of Goose Fair in 2019. Its been a casual one this year with gift ideas, distractions and even realising I went on a sugar binge The vlog is below:

The Saturday: 

Well after typing the post up from Wednesday night on a Friday night and I got to sleep about 1am and woke up to *censored* and that did make me nervous, sure there was a chance that Christea did go to NYC in the end.

So I ran to work a bit late (like 10 min late) but then it was getting to just cain some game listings on amazon, sure it was all a loss but it means like it clears room in the place AND also I get to make small amounts of money. But 90 odd games listed before a few customers here and there. But some of that pile has already been sold

The games to list on Amazon. just half of them

Then it was the last hour, a Power cut happened which made me feel it was easier to close up early. But I had parcels to wrap from some of that games sold already. But due to the Powercut, there ws no way I could post it. So I made my way to the Fair. 

The rain in the fair. 

Well, I explored it for about half an hour or so, there were more crowds than I guessed.  But I checked the doughnut stand, looked at candy floss. felt wet in the rain. The smoke was starting to show much more as well. 

The view of the Fair


Tagada for the last time

The back of the waltzer

The RGB of Superstar

Freddy glowed up

The RGB Terminator

Then it was a walk home, reflecting over this morning and missing someone. Spar has not much in the place and then it was time to walk up the hill and then I was at home and getting this video up and a nice Chinese to finish the week off.

The nice Chinese, 

And then that was it, this week had ended. New videos will be made such as the REAL review of the Calypso Lemonade, the 4G Router, plus work is going to be hectic this week too.
See you soon.


Friday, 11 October 2019

Tavistock Goose Fair 2019: A Soaked Spent out Evening

Well, it was finally time. The rushed evening had to happen since things

Editing and Distractions. 

Well, it was time t get the diting done and well with having to send food money and also chatting to another catfish then reporting her but actually also paying for her snap which was actually really, its a shock on the turn of events. That and having to walk the dog plus more phone calls made me get half of the vlog done until 7:30pm. The doughnut burger I didn't eat until 2:30pm.

The doughnut burgers

While editing my sister came over as well along with her boyfriend. We caught up and chatted for a tiny bit, S was disgusted at me as well for noy being hygenic, yes sure when I had the 2 weeks to myself I didn't get chance to have showers or baths minus once. But it got videos up more 
Then it was time to get the change commenced and also it just easier to get the same clothes from last time.  By 7:50, I was running down. 

The street

The Soaked Explorer: 

Well, I ran through town and got to the fair by 8pm. I got to the square and started to explore, the bottles were on my mind. Plus there was alot of stalls starting to close up too.

The snap 

The square


The jumpers 

The special shirt:

Well then I  saw ashier, this was possible for S and she was interested in cats alot an also christea loves cats so I know the shirt is a good thing and the guy was dealing me tor try to get it and from 35 down to £15 is amazing.

The shirts

The crowds

The Lorry still busy

Then I bought that and checked the amusements and gambled another £1.20 on the monopoly machine but I was close to winning. But then I got the chance to get the calypso bottles, for 5 for 2 bottles.

The bottles and shirt

Then it was time to walk my way to the fairground. 

The lit-up carousel


Danger Zone

Typhoon Lit up 

Blurred Tagada


That lit view

Terminator lit

More Snap

Time to buy and leave: 

With a reply waiting on me on snap and also being full with my hands, well after another look around the square, I ended up buying 6 boxes of shortbread for £10. But then walked my way back.

The butchers

The court was getting empty

More packing up
Then it was the last stretch up the hill, the air was fresh and the parents were not home. So it had more time to pack up and show you what was bought. 

The purchases from tonight

Look how adorable that shirt was. 

This was then the end of the night, I then cained it on video editing until 3am and the day after to get the posts up and then pics after. 

See you soon at the end of the fair. 


Thursday, 10 October 2019

Tavistock Goose Fair 2019: The Shower Skelter Day

Well here we are, Goose Fair Day is here and actually it was a pretty busy and hectic day in General,  suppliers called, girls text me and the rain made things a rush but it did better than I thought, even if editing the vlog is not as quick as I expected to be but we shall see.

The vlog is below:

The rushed Morning: 

Well my eyes woke up at 9:20am, I had crashed out from after video editing the night before which for me was draining but it kept me away and well it made things even more hectic with replies and calls from suppliers and messaging from a friend who got stuck in crisis and wanted money to fix it so I had to , the vlog does give a big hint. 

But after changing and shower, I was running in hr rain by 11:pm  and got to my customers for advice to give them. But that wasn't too bad. 

The Country Market. 

Now I got to the Market since that was the closest to my customer's house for the fair, it was good to start it there now too. But I explored, from the samples of cake recipes made with vegetables you would not expect to be there and also more on the wool this time as well as very shy goats, also my supplier did cal at the beginning of this but not sure why i didn't hear him. But oh well.

Getting to the Cattle Market Carpark

The Pony

Tents and sky

The chickens in the pen

cute beagles 

The chickens 

The cute chicks

The geese

The awarded sheep

The cute shy goats

The weaving machine

The Wool

The courtyard

Eventually, it was nearing 12 and I ran down the hill to the main square. 

The Fair. 

A Browse in the centre: 

Well, actually some stalls didn't appear from last year and some did, even a fake Greggs food van was there. But some amazing new mini bits, there were massive pop tarts boxes, a friend from work said it was shit for him being there and what also was there was a drink which had a meme from it which is the rel review, but that you will see more of later. But No brand new stalls with new ideas arrived in, tech stalls were all about knockoff aipods for £10.

The stalls 

More to look at

The cute wooden reindeer

The Dragon Coaster

The Ferris wheel

Yorkshire Pudding Rolls


The snap filter

Vaping was still a good topic with different flavours and even CBD related and there were things like pork scratchings as well as the Yorkshire pudding Wraps. Rasta hats were sold in the black, it was like a posh cap. Passing a stall that was selling chicken sausages and I had a try.

The sweet cheats

The auctions #throughglass

More of the lorry

The cute hands

But then I walked my way upwards, Gambled £2 on the monopoly fruit machine and lost which is fair,  then it was a case of walking my way to the Bus station. There were loads of good offers such as Oreo Cupcakes and even more items.

The carousel 

The views of the fair

The more filter

The Skelter Fair views: 

So for a change, I paid £2.50  for 2 goes on a Helter Skelter. But this was a few viewpoint pics but like it was also a fun slide that did remind me of theme parks back in the day. It helped with the views.

A Look to the square

A look back

A look at the inflatables

Add caption

Then I walked to the fairground, it was puddles and also some good crowds here and there but still not as much since they ha been put off by the weather. But most of the rides were buzzing with crowds with the good and low points.

A look at the fair


Danger Zone 


The walk-up. 

Then it was time to walk up the main road, which has some gaps, the weather was looking better and I wandered up the road, with more food stalls loke more sweets, doughnuts, crepes, greek food and also the Cavery. The hoodies at the back were adorable and reminded me of S since of the cinderella punk/tatted edition. 

Slush stands


Amazing Silverware

The last day snap

A look at the sky and the walk back

Cute wooden signs

The fave hoodie

Dog beds

Then I decided to get the usual doughnut burger, so it was £4.00 for 4 doughnuts and £3.50  for the burger which is £0.50 cheaper than the normal van I got it from. It was actually a nice girl that asked about glass before she gave me the burger.

Inside the burger

In the Bun

Then it was finally about 1pm and I was walking home with the burger and doughnuts. It was actually sunny at that point. Then I finally got home by 1pm and it was time to then get this edited. 

The night is then approaching.