Thursday, 24 April 2014

omracer's Night Out: The BBQ Wii Sports Party.

With the week being back to normal, there was a plan, a plan for friends to meet up, a plan to have a fun time. This was another one of those times. A quick story to end the woes...
After a casual day of work, from putting balsa wood planes on Amazon to doing a clean install of windows 8.1 on a Dell alienware, it was nearing 5pm, which I started to do the usual end of day, then by 5:05 ish, I ran out and sprinted Home.

The weather was having a Sunny finale to it, the traffic was alright, it was a good run to pelt it home, which i got there with the house to myself, so with that, i rushed onto the laptop, placed it in the bathroom, sorted some stuff out while letting it check e-mails, then it was a shower with lime & ginger. Which after that, it was getting changed and packing what i needed. Just as i left home, i saw my parents, told them i'm off and it was a rushed 15 minute run.

I got to lid, which i then decided to browse for some Sausages and bread rolls, to make hotdogs. After looking around, there wasn't anything on special offer and it was nearing 6pm, so i rushed out back to the Bus stop, waited for 5 minutes then it was a £4.50 for a firstday+ and a nice quiet journey there. To be honest the bus was hardly packed, there was only 3 people including myself on the top decker. But little did i know i was heading in the wrong direction, Pete called me as i was nearing the flyover near crownhill and asked where i was and how long i would be. 

Now for the prep shop...

So, as i realised i was on an 83, it wasn't going through mutley, which i found out was fine since i got off at Outland Road then browsed Morrisons for some prep, this was a huge store, with just as much as the one in Tavi, maybe even more than that...
The Morrisons by Outland Road
Browsing here was quite nice, it was refreshed, slightly busy and for an odd reason, not as easy to find what i wanted, i was closed to looking in a deli for the sausages where it was actually the butchers, there were reduced Batons from £0.85 to £0.42 but they might be a bit harder to crunch on. Eventually i found the Finger rolls as well as 12 mini Irish sausages. So, i walked to the nearest checkout. 
A nice barking, 12 finger rolls for £1 and 12 irish sausages for £1 as well :)
So, the price in the picture was almost clear, £2 for a budget hotdog set (12 sausages x 12 finger rolls). I was waiting a short time in the queue and then quickly paid. But then it was the confusing panic, "how the hell can i get to the house", but with GMaps, not a problem at all, even though it took 5 minutes alone for the GPS to sync, but i got a route setup and then started following it......TOPLESS. Yes, i didn't want to soak one my best shirts in sweat when doing this, so i decided to pelt it via the route i was told to using Google Maps. It was a nice route, with some really nice views of the other side of central park as well as the sky was beautifully blue. After a 15 minute pelt, i made it to the house at 7:05 or something like that, i'm not sure on remember all that much detail :/. 

The BBQ begins...

Then it was nice to see the house, i met Stallion for the first time, seems like a nice dude, even though he was stoned for partway through. The BBQ was nice, i mean the burgers from iceland were, i met Taylor, Nath's Girlfriend for the first time, she is nice, loves to eat but has a thing for gym too:/. But the first set of food was ready, i enjoyed a stacked onion ring burger with ketchup in the middle :)
The stacked burger :)

The attempt at a buger selfie...

So, it was just causal chatting and eating in a lush sunset for the most part, which makes it nice to enjoy, i can't remember much on the conversation, but moving in to the house and cuba girls was most of it, that was at various parts of the night as well. I accidentally said something about trying to eat my own dick when there was a stain of ketchup on the wall near the balcony. 
More burgers being BBQed.
After the burgers were nearly done and also having one fall underneath the grill but swaggy saved it, Taylor wanted some stuff at co-op, so i joined her, it was nice to talk about most things, from work, since she started a new job next to cuba, to memories, to even the time when i bought BC bonnie lidnt chocolate as a saying sorry type thing, (i never got anything back from her, but meh, i deserved it). She said "that's weird" but i'm used to these type of situations, then after she bought some volvic for £1.89 and Icecream bars for £1, it was time to head back, the temperature was dropping quite down badly by then. 

As we got back, it was the sausages almost ready to eat, i did burn my tongue on them, but they did taste amazingly nice. After talking and scoffing them down for a bit, it was freezing so i went inside to the lounge, which then it ended up talking about work and me moving into the house, its tempting but it doesn't feel like it could be viable for me right now. 

Then it was time to get the Wii on and it was a decent bit of fun, from Cycling to Frisbee, to table tennis and 100 pin bowling. Can't beat Wii sports Resort, it was one of the best wii games in general, Both Pete and nath were boasting about stamps, but they cained the game for most of it, like the special courses for frisbee golf.
Some blurred Frisbee Golf

Table tennis with a cat on my lap
 Then it was 10:25 and after a thrashing on Tennis on the original Wii Sports, it was time for me to packup and leave, so i got what i needed and pelted it for the Bus at mutley. But since the "supposed" time of 10:42 was when the bus was meant to arrived, i had a quick drink in cafe Sol.
A nice small glass of Water from Cafe Sol :)
Then i got to the bus stop and waited, then i met an old friend of mine while waiting, Jason, we chatted and it was a nice time to catch up, from the uni hes off to, to buses to other things. Then when checking ther First App, it turns out the bus was 10 minutes earlier which WASN'T mentioned on the live timetables at the bus stop itself. So in frustration, i decided to Run back to Woolwell, to get the last bus, which turns out, its an 83. So, i ran and ran and even ran faster with my left foot becoming numb for 20 minutes which i was nearly dragging it along, but i told myself "if i don't push myself, i'm a fucking pussy" and carried on.

View Larger Map

Then i made it too woolwell at 11:40, which was quite a nice push and ended up running 6.8 mph on average, which is pretty good for a guy like me, i wonder if i could of used mytracks when i was in my Crappy City Plym Days, and see how fast i was then compared to now.
The snapchat of me soaked in sweat, after running that far in a average time
Then i got on the bus, and it was a quite journey back, my mum called me and expected me back by 12:45, which i did manage and it was fun sitting down when soaked after running like mad, then i finally made it back by 12:40 and after getting unchanged, unpack, i made myself a perfect cold juice drink to enjoy then i relaxed in bed and that was my night.
The fresh drink i had when i finally was ready for bed, this made me feel so much better. 

Well, as far as nights go, this was a nice, quiet but fun one to have, sure i didn't get to see Charley and Sophie, nor jess couldn't make it but it was a fun night. It still shows that Nintendo really did make the ultimare party console with the Wii, the weather held out and thats hopefully the start of alot more of them, maybe even with more friends, maybe even get Bronti to join in for once if she isn't whipping Jay, or Sash being smitten with Jord. But that might a bit of mine and  Swaggys goal. Its getting stale with my search for love feeling at a lost when when it was found, it was taken away for the chance to grab it by T and i will never forgive him for that, ever.

Hopefully there should be more content next month. But the weather and friends and opportunities can be made when possible.

See you in the next blogpost.

Friday, 18 April 2014

The hot, strolling and Good Friday

Its now the Easter weekend, with the heat getting better and the heart feeling calm and slient with a extra day off work which is the first time since the holidays back in December 2013.
I felt it was time for another afternoon out, but I wasn't as revved up with energy as I should have, so after the morning relaxing, cooking, doing some chours, I saw Charley was at the hoe, so I rushed out at about 2:10 and ran down to catch the bus. This was just after I started setting up an ink361 store to sell my instagram pics, funny that happens.

But before I got on there, I browsed Morrison's for a bit, sure, there wasn't much and no copy of bizzare magazine but it was nice to read web user again. This time, there was some good stuff, more on base PC reviews, sadly the gladiators from aria were not featured, they were much better. Other features like backing up Google accounts, downloading YouTube videos using the same method I had done. Well thanks to spoi deciding to charge $2 a month for the chrome extension which was not even allowed on the chrome store, I had to change.Then I ran to lidl, knowing my pacman shirt was soaking in sweat, I got on in time and my journey begins here....

After a 40 minute bus ride, it was a nice run from the train station to the hoe at 3:20, hoping to see my best friend. The wind was strong up there, but sadly, I didn't see her, not even after an hour of looking around. But you can see the nice views of the hoe below.

The view of the hoe from the city centre end.

The view from the Hoe

After searching for her, I had to admit defeat, so I wandered down to the barbican, it was a nice but cold stroll, but I walked past cap n Jasper's, which was having a refurb, a girl I would like to hang out with more used to work there, until a few days ago. Anyways, I was thristy, so it was a nice shot glass of water from bronti's work. The girl that served me said "pretending this is alcohol at all" I did say no but I don't think she heard. Then I saw Bronti, looking the best since she originally  added me on facebook, 5 years ago. Her smile was nicer, she said hi when her eyes caught a glimpse of me, she was busy, which is not surprising :).
For a shot glass, it was a bit too small, but it gave me a small boost.

The shot glass
After that and taking a piss, it was me realizing it was too late after we text each other and I started to make my way home. It was a nice walk in the sun back to the usual bus stop. I did end up getting another shot of water from cuba.

While nearing the bus stop in mutley, I noticed that there was another Asian food shop, so I looked around, but this place had wasabi for £2.50, so I bought a tube of it, since its paste. A nice slim helpful shopkeep served me. Then it was time to head to the bus stop.

The wasabi i bought for £2.50
Then after getting to the bus stop and realising it will be another hour until the buss arrived, I decide to pelt it to Crownhill, by Jess'es work. It was a powerful run, I made it there in 20 minutes, running in sandals can slow me down, but that was a nice nostalgic memory of when I use to run this far every afternoon from crappy city plym.

Nearing the way back to the bus stop to wait for the bus

I got to the McDonald's with 8 minutes to spare according to the first bus app, but I think that was a bit false, since I ended up waiting there until 6:50. Luckily, I saw jess or more...wait, I just pretty much saw her serving customers and talking to a cute coworker. I did try to talk to her but i probably wasn't loud enough, so i just gazed. 
Eventually, the bus turned up at 6:50, i got on it and then it was a nice journey back.

After that, i made it back about 7:30 and then it was getting changed and watched futurama and ate tea which was some Chicken Balti along with that wasabi, i only has a small bit but my nose was feeling on fire, it was that hot. 
The dinner for tonight, Chicken Balti, Bacon, Eggm Crisps, Mango Chutney and Wasabi
And that sums up the afternoon. Ok maybe it wasn't as good as i had hope but it was a quick afternoon with hopes but my luck is never that great. With that in mind, its another blog done, my first 3rd day off from work in many months and the nice weather to explore. 

See you for a better blogpost soon,

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Final Cycle to Cadover

So, its the final week for school kids with easter approaching, the weather has been amazing, although things have still been down and even mellowing out to music which even sums up the past few months for me in 5 minutes, you might even see more of this song in videos, so enjoy it below:

That and its been the usual with working and playing Games as well as the other human needs in life, but basically with the weather being really nice, i decided to cycle off to my usual swimming spot in a river, sadly it was too cold so i wasn't in for very long:
That was pretty much the best bit of the footage i recorded. Anyways, the day after that was the day i decided to cycle to another river, The place known as Cadover Bridge, which is near some quarry works on the south of Dartmoor. The river is quite deep in some parts, mostly by the bridge.

So, after a quick relaxation and internet browsing, i set off with my bike, rucksack with all my swimming gear and cycled out, but before i reached there, i stopped in a few places first. As the first place is where the vlog starts, i will leave it down below:

The first preperation - LiDL

So, we are in lidl, the budget supermarket with mostly german products to sell to the vast many in the UK & EU. Now this was nice to explore, with cheap doughnuts, cookies, scotch eggs, medium priced sandwiches, some tat and other things, i'll be honest here and say that not much happened, but its always hard to get out of the store if you don't have anything to buy. 

The journey - it goes downhill in both ways...

After exploring lidl, i cycle off through the tunnel, soaked as usual and then made it to Yelverton, in about 40 minutes from where i left off. Which was nice, i will admit that i didn't notice much on the way compared to other times, but meh. 
Approaching Yelverton and then time to head out a different route.
The weather was hot at its peak time of 12pm, but i cycled on, going a route i have not travelled on my bike before, but this was when things turned bad. So, i was passed the first bridge after leaving yevlerton and sudden my brakes locked up and tyres were flat, which was worrying, so i tried to pump them up, with no avail, then it gets worse.....
It turned out the that inner tube was stuck and causing the tyre to not even move since the brakes were locked, so i had to pretty much dissassemble the inner tube, i did rip it to shreds, then it was a bouncy and i mean sex toy up a anus type bouncy vibration with every pedal, some cyclists did offer to help but i was doing ok, but the sound of the tyres was ear-rapingly loud, almost like a train...

Finally Arriving - 2 hours later

So, after the tyre catastrophe, i finally made it to cadover bridge in the heat, which was looking really nice as well as the peaceful atmosphere, i mean there were kids about, but it wasn't really rowdy. 
Looking at Cadover Bridge
  To be honest, i was supposed to swim but after how cold it was back at my usual spot, i did give that a miss, but it was nice to just relaxing and watch. Some girls nearby were drinking booze and having a instant BBQ, some kids were jumping into the river from a cliff edge nearby where i was. 
The view of the river from where i was relaxing for a short while
With the time almost reaching 3pm, i decided to leave earlier and bite the bullet and buy a new bike on my way back home, personally i didn't want but my dad has been hinting at me in a irritating way and this basically gave me a "oh fuck it, i have no choice but to", even though he did give me £500 to buy one for my birthday, i wasn't comfortable at the time, especially with other harsh moments of fate, daunting on me. So i left, heading back to Yelverton, then on back to Tavi then home. 
The final outdoor trip this bike will ever see in my hands, the final time this bike will be seen to you :/

The Final journey home with the Giant

It was a vibration and almost dangerous cycle back, with the hills and passing cars as well as uphils and hard corners. But i made it back, then i looked in a bike shop near the Rock inn and had a chat, he quoted me a bike for £550 but it wasn't in stock and then i thanked him and cycled back home, passing Dartmoor Cycles along the way. Now i went in there, i explained everything to him, he understood and shown me a bike that was £495, which looked really nice, slightly lighter and with hydraulic brakes. As much as i didn't want to do this, i paid for it and let the sales rep fit most things from the old one onto it. 

While this was happening, i browsed morrisons, i actually found some cheap deals, like a chicken satay for £0.20, which was fresh and tasted quite nice, as you might have seen in the vlog. There was a slight queue on the tills but not as much as what the queues in Lidl are like.
The chicken or rather sweet chilli Satay for £0.20
Then as i was browsing the pet store, i had 2 missed calls, which means it was ready. I went in and there is was, ready, so i took it out and left the Giant back until i could pick it up later on. But here it is, a new bike, costing £495 and well, looks nice :)
The side of the bike, with the airpump and water bottle holder fitted.

A better view of the bike, with the bike lock, mudguard, lights fitted on the bike.

So there it was, now the story ends here, except after getting home, possibly being invited for a BBQ and just as i see the bus from lidl to get to Plymouth, i chicken out and run home, except i actually picked up the old bike and gave it one final cycle home.

Which then, my tale ends, with the final ride home with the tyre missing, it makes me sad that after so long, i had to leave it go. This is just one of the many changes that has happened to me before my 5 year anniversary of how omracer really existed, this isn't the worst of those changes, but i know that fate has bad plans in the works.

But for now, i bid you fairwell and have a nice week, hopefully there might be another night out vlog, but i'm not sure. 


Friday, 4 April 2014

A sighed progress report

With the 4th month of 2014 now in swing, its just a shock of how fast time has moved, which can suprise us as well as make goals and ambitions in years feel like a deadline closing in. I'll be honest here, these past few weeks have been depressing, maybe...i'm still feeling broken, lost and maybe like being a zombie, just working, eating, browsing, fapping, sleeping and the common things in life.

I've learnt not much these past few weeks, its actually just been the realisation of the past repeating itself,  the hope of an impossible point in time and people saying for you to wait for that impossible place in time, Ruby, Sasha and even Stacia have tweeted the same implied hint.

But this makes it harder to cope, since you have 2 different ends of the scale of life, one is where everything is handed over to you, when you don't have to work for it, live easy, get what you want, never have to go out and earn for something. Then there is the other end, where you have to try your hardest and you get nowhere, from a low pay job to missing transport links to get to where you need to be because of someone else. Its a balance which makes life varied and can change your fate.

Now i'm not at either end of the scales in this respect. Sure, i live with parents and pay a good rent of £20 a week which includes food and utilities, sure i have a job which makes me happy and i enjoy, even if people think its a bit lower than what i should get. But when it comes to some of the important things in life, like love, life experiences, i'm somewhere where people almost 8 years younger are doing better in, which makes me feel life has passed me by and i can't catch up to save my life. Sure, i'm actually catching up with some things in life but its things that people are doing almost every other week or some are doing daily.

But now on to actually  reflect on how close (or actually further away) i am from completing my New Years Resolutions i set in January .

I'll bullet point them and summarize how my progress has been for each Goal.

  • Get my first kiss - Sadly this has been a no go, i mean it, which this alone has lowered almost everything in me, sure people might say its overra......actually people say that about sex, i've not been told how overrated a kiss is, which means its amazing and it shouldn't take as long as it has to be missing out on this, i'm determined to change this, since i could be thinking this same problem to myself when i'm 40, which by then i'm pretty much fucked.
  • Get into my first relationship - This has gone back to where i was in 2009, which actually when this blog orignally started, back when i fell in love with a beautiful girl with lush ginger hair, a nice accent and Abbey was amazing, which by this time, my heart was shattering because i was possibly never going to see her again and i was going to lose her to Matt. But years later (i only found out on Goose Fair 2013, i found out they both had split, which was a smiley regret. Since if i waited for 2 more years, i could of actually made the break and gone for it. Instead i moved on to a goddess who was more my type then i thought, but now, even though there is a glimmer of hope that i could make this work, i have to accept that i've lost another amazing girl i could of had my first real relationship with. This goal has a long way to go before i reach it. I still wish i could be hers and be better for her than anyone else. 
  • Have a mates or friends day out - Now this is a possible this year, well one of the best nights out of my life was with friends. Maybe this needs a longer time to plan, but i'm hoping i could make this happen in 2014. Heck, i was even invited to prauge for a holiday but i don't have the time to make that happen, without regret at least. 
  • Enjoy a meal with friends at a chinese Restaurant - Now even though my favourite Chinese restaurant is battered and closed for the most part due to the storms this year, this is a loose goal, its not going to make me a failure as much as i am already. So, its a hit and miss, it would be nice to try that Chinese restaurant by the Barbican with Charley or Bronti or even Sophie, but this is fantasy, not a realistic goal right now. 
  • Finishing Games - Now this has had some progress, yipee...
    • PACMAN CE DX - i've finished and when i checked after, i was 35/22000+
    • KH 1.5 HD Remix for PS3 - I'll be honest and say, i've not played this at all this year, stil to continue. 
    • Hotline Miami - Well i've played a little bit:
    • Oddworld - Now i've not played much of this, but i'm excited for New N Tasty, maybe a lets play eventually. 
    • RR for Vita - Sadly Sony have not done anything to get me close to start playing this, which i'm annoyed but i can't do anything about. 

So, this is it, its now 1/3 of the year done or moreso 3/12. Which is quite scary, but things haven't been all a fail, somethings have been better for me, maybe these are very minor achievements or even daily occurrences but for some reason, it feels like a big deal to me, i'll bullet point them:

  • I had my first Goodbodies meal, this may not sound like much but it does when this place might be used for late night romantic meals with drunk girls or just hanging out with drunk friends, like Pete, Charley, Jordan & Muneetha.
  • I've done my first sleepover away from my family/relatives, i'm not joking, i've never spent the night away from them in my whole life, even though i was a bit nervy and a bit of a guilty feeling, i made it and it was nice, especially when it was in Charley's flat. 
  • I've worked my first whole week - this is not really a good thing, but it was nice to manage work for 6 days straight, even though my work colleague was saying i should of taken a couple of hours off, me and him covered most of the shop nicely. 
  • I bought my first ever membership to a paysite - Again, this might be laughable but its something i've been pondering on and i took the plunge and bought access to KAYLEES KANDI.COM. Its worth the £13.20 something, 
  • I've gotten 15,000 Views and counting more on the blog - this probably means nothing but thats quite alot...maybe...actually its a bit of a catching up thing.
  • I've started to cook much better for the first time, this has been nice to cook burgers, fish fingers, steak and even made chocolate chips by the use of frying.
    And i think that is pretty much it, i've got much more to work on before completing a part of life that many people i know, from family to friends to even customers i serve in work all day have that i haven't, which i'm going to have to try hard, pull out all the stops, invest money without hesitation, surprise and use the info i know to fill a empty gap inside me and maybe even finally reglue the shattered pieces of my heart together which can then be replaced with more stronger pieces from memories of dates, kisses, cuddles, feedings, hugs, maybe sex, vlogs together and more. 
But for now, its almost 2am and i have work yet again tomorrow. 
See you in the next blogpost