Friday, 30 May 2014

omracer's Night out: The Cloudy May Birthday BBQ

So, this was a late night out idea, since it was Swaggy's birthday and friends of his and some of mine wanted a BBQ, i ended up joined into a FB group chat a few days ago, so with that, i got told to go to this place and then bring something.

After i finished only 30 minutes earlier than usual from work (Which i have been doing overtime by about 10 hours this week i think), i ran home and needed to check e-mails, so after letting the cat out i became a nudist whilst checking e-mails, since the house was to myself, it was a nice moment, the cat greeted me then done what ever she does, bless that kitten that not had her first season yet :/.

Then it was time for a shower, which was refreshing out of sweating white shirts and dark black jeans for work the past few days, reusing things can save time :)

Shortly after, it was pretty much getting changed, making sure the location was the right place and then boosting off, I did see my dad just as I left, which was a quick catch up and my nans near neighbour died of cancer, its a shame to him and he was a good guy. 
Then after getting my good shoes on, I ran for the bus, just as I get to monksmead, some random labordor was running along the main road, I clapped my hands to call it over, lucky I did, else that dog would of been mauled or some car crash,. It was running with me for a very short bit, but stopped just down the road from the monksmead entrance. It was black with a teal colour collar. I hope it survived. 

I got to lidl about 3 minutes before 17:50, the time of the 86, which was ok, some teens kicking a football around, but weren't boasting cunt type teens, so I was safe. Then the bus arrived, I paid £4.50 for the day rider and went up stairs. As I got up, some blonde girl shouted my name,, I'm not sure who she was. Then the journey was ok, it turns out the friend next to her said my name and both of them were wearing onesies. 

The purchasing for the BBQ

I got off at a stop in Woolwell for a change since it was easier to walk to tescos and lidl for something to buy for the BBQ. I got there and it was quite relaxed in lidl. But sadly, the bus was stopping at the roundabout, so it was a minor uphill run, but that's not too bad. 
There was so much choice to look for in lidl, meats, doughnuts, sauces, drink, cake, chocolate. I had no idea what to get, so I ended up wandering around in tescos, which I did end up spending £9.10. I had to replace a belt I've had for over 5 years, so that coat me £8 then it was a pack of reduced muffins for £0.55 each. The feeder in me bought 2, so that cost me £1.10. 

The belt i bought for £8, i binned the one i've been wearing for over 5 years 

The muffins i bought for £1.10. £0.55 each 

Then it was nearing 6:30 and I then rushed off a route I had planned on gmaps but not taken in my life, so I went with it, I managed to get the GPS to work, after having to hold my phone up like doing a selfie from the air. But although the phone is nearing its 1 year birthday in my ownership, its still got to be whipped that GPS fixing ting. (That's how modern day gangster talk is in the uk). 

After running to a area which looks vacant but still had a sign of Plymouth's ghetto mark over it, I made it to the place for the BBQ. Which it was more of a "I might of been too early" but it fitted well, since it was meeting Joey and helping him get the BBQ going, which actually took a bit of a few hours. I also noticed a technicolour WiFi router. So I can guess it was plusnet or even eclipse they had, non the less, I might of surprised Eloise when I got the WPS to work on my phone. I taught her a bit on that. 

Prepping the BBQ

Later on the time was nearing 7:30 and a taxi arrived with Ryan, Muneetha, Oliesha and Keisha arriving, then that was nice to catch up and the greetings, all the girls looks good, but you'll find out how good when you read on. Then it was more on getting the TV on and footy talk, then more focusing on the BBQ getting alight. 

But it was then 8pm ish and it was a no go from the side of the lighting, So, Ryan said that someone should get a BBQ from the Co-Op in Southway, which was only a 10 minute run, i offered, so he let me borrow £20 and i ran up there and browsed for some BBQS and found a family sized instant one for £7.00, so i pretty much used the £20 and an extra £2 from my wallet, Then ran like mad to get it back, it was a good looking BBQ and there were some great views of Southway.

The BBQ i bought for £7.00 

The view of some flats near where the BBQ was 

AS i get back, i notice that the house Arrive via Jake's Car. Pete, Swaggy and Jake, so it was more greetings and then it was more chatter about various things, from girls to food to Games, heck it ended up a boasting about ultra settings on games and graphics card, that was based from me asking how watch dogs is which i've started playing recently. The amount of smoke with getting the BBQs to light was insane, i nearly felt like i was high. Then it started to be the first batch of food, it was some nice frozen burgers. Now i did eat some of these straight off the bbq, which did burn my mouth slightly, But the first one was a Garlic Mayo and Pringle Burger, which was a decent contrast
More burgers being cooked

The Garlic Mayo pringle Burger, this was verys nice for what it was. 

The intensity of the BBQ fun

Then it got better, well Jake and Muneetha had to pick up Laruen, who to be honest i do slightly like it was a more meet and greet and then it was more chilling and talking and all that. I helped a bit with more cooking but soon it was getting to the good stuff and i mean good stuff. Ok sure, i fed Ryan a bite of his burger, of course that didn't mean much for me since i'm not Bisexual. Also another burger for me, a bacon burger :)
Another Burger, a bacon one this time 

But at this point, it was time to get the "Happy Birthday" bit of the night done, which it was nice for swaggy and it was the nice usual special moment with everyone, lights out, candlelit cake, i did miss the pick for that but then it was time for the cake cutting, which it was a One Direction cake, well he loves 1D don he :D.

The cake cutting, well if there wasn't a glass in the way

Now i mean it gets good, since it was a bit of feeding fun with Muneetha and Eloise, and my feeding technique was poor, but it couldn't of been done seriously, i fed both at the same time, Eloise a 2 sausage hotdog with butter and ketchup and Muneetha with a Bacon Cheeseburger. Prepping the hotdog was taking a while and i might of overdone the ketchup, but then it turned into a feeding frenzy, i mean that, the way i was shoving the food deeping into both mouths, nearly at the same time, it was erotic, now there is a video, that i might get soon but it was partly funny, maybe more for everyone else, Lauren was in hysterics, bless her.

But it gets even better at this point, since it partly turns out of a repeat of a year or so when i was squashed, now it was nice having Muneetha do it again, then i even had Lauren do it, i said to both "think of me like a sofa" then she sat pretty much in a good way, it was nice to have a beautiful bit of girl on my chest, putting pressure but not too much that it hurt, which is a great bit of submision on my part, i could almost feel like i was moaning and groaning. But then i really start to feel that when i ended up having Muneetha, Lauren And Eloise jump/bundle on top of me at the same time, The snapchat of this is the only way you can see it, but i might not be able to get it, i hope i can though.

More BBQ Feeding and Squashing by omracerfaps
Then it was more talking and chilling, sure it ended up about the Money situation and work at one point, then it was about the BBW loving then it was even about wanting me to stay the night but i couldn't of done that since i had work and they suggested about skipping work but i can't abandon that lol. Later on it was more relaxed, I ended up playing some of my music from my iphone ,Let it go from Disney DCONSTRUCTED and even Prom night before Keisha turned it off :(. It was another awesome point where i was chatting and i had Muneetha just casually sit on me, i did rest on her back and did try to hug the belly a bit, she bounced as well then lauren did too, that was fun, Especially when most of the night was trying to get me to get hard as well since i mentioned about the expirement that i'm almost finished on, but i only got not as much as i thought i would but it was still nice. Also from talking, it made me realise i'm not the only virgin there which was less awkward lest just say. I also fell off the sofa twice which was funny, one i even fell on top of muneetha, But anyways, enjoy just some of the pictures taken from that night:

A Casual POV Selfie from the front camera of the Zopo Zp810/Hero H750

A shitter quality POV Selfie

Me and Lauren :)

A group thumbs up selfie, i was crouched like a frog and yes that is BBQ sauce dripped on my white jeans :(

The group selfie of mostly everyone that night :)

A selife while being sat on ;)

The Goodbyes and Bus Home

But alas it was nearing 11:45 and i was tempted to stay by being offered kisses, even though i did show keisha some of the bbw porn i had, she did says they weren't good looking and did say about one of the videos of a girl eating cake and she said "would you get hard watching this" and i said i did but only when i'm on my own or late at night. That and it was a detailed story of the money issue. But i left at 11:45 and blitzed it to Woolwell and then waited for the bus, it was a quiet journey, it didn't arrive late and the same bus driver was on it as earlier so the ticket was fine. The weather was warm, i seriously didn't need to bring my Hoodie with me.

The view of Woolwell roundabout as i got back to wait for the bus hoem

I ended up getting back at 12:40 and i got changed then noticed some cold noodles and decided to eat a bit as well as have a nice drink of lemonade and to be fair, that was the end of the night for me, But all in all, it was a fun night, i was happy i got the chance to feed again and also the squashing was fantastic, but it did feel something was missing, which i know what it is but of course, i have the chance to sort that if i find the right opportunity, Sure, it was even idiotic of me when i was asked "what has charley ever done for you" and i blurted out "made me fall in love with her" and i know that was stupid and she knows i like her that way but its a friend zone moment. Although it might seem impossible, i'm getting a feeling that i'm one step closer to getting my goals achieved, which i'll give an update on that very soon.

The Noodles from last night, this was really nice, but messy to eat by hand
But for now, i'll see you very soon for a new blogpost and maybe more events in the summer months to come. Well, Carnival time is over a month or 2, my phone is almost a year old and other things.


Monday, 26 May 2014

The Bank Holiday Bike Journey

Another Bank Holiday, with more great weather and missed opportunities, But with recent events happening with the Elliot Rodger fiasco and the USCB Shootings, its a gripping reminder that i might end up in his situation this time next year, except without the blaming women and PUA Hating, i'm actually more of a jealous i might actually try to get some lessons from Pick up Artists eventually. So i NEED TO MAKE MORE EFFORT

But today starts out as a last minute decision. Sure, it was 10:30 and after waking up at about 9:40 after a good fap and having to do some chours of washing line relatedness, i decided to get the bike out and then change then cycle out. Just as i leave with my New bike, the chain decides to fall out, which is an annoyance
The bike before i left
Enjoy the route, i set myself a record and got out there in 1 hour 37 minutes, which did include some stops that were very short. But it felt a nice sensation on my legs, but my ass was in agony, the seat was making my thighs rub, which made me try to go faster.

View Larger Map

Then i got to Drake's Circus, it was really hot and i was slightly knackered out, but all in all, not much was here, i did browse like 5 stores but there wasn't really much i wanted, Sure there were some cables from poundland for twitch streams i might need to do soon, but i skipped that.

Browsing town. 
Nothing much else interesting i saw, maybe there was this nice blonde in blue jeans who had a slight glimpse of her belly which looked nice on her, sure it didn't outgrow the shirt :( but it was ok as a passing by thing none the less. Then i wandered onto the hoe and the Barbican, again hardly much happened in either place, maybe there were these guys kicking a football around which nearly hit me, but i did flinch a little bit. Also i was looking around on what to eat for food as well, but i didn't see anything i fancied. Then it was sunbathing for a short while. Some nice looking girls were eating, but i wasn't that excited by that, which is a bit of a shame.

The shot of the Hoe from where i was relaxing to. 
Shortly as well, i decided to have a swim, so i went down to the bottom and was close to going into Tinside Lido for a swim, since i heard and read that it was free this weekend, but when i got in there, i was in a queue and then the person before me was charged £10(2 adults, 3 children), so i left and dipped my feet in the water, it was cold to start with but warmed up quicker than i thought it would be, i was close to unchanging but i decided not to. that's me being a idiot again.

Tinside Lido, i was close to going in there but i bottled it and cba to pay

The place where i dipped my feet into
So it was coming up to 3:30 and i felt it was time to end my day and make my way back. Now along the way home, i need to drop something off and also went into the casino for a game of blackjack. Basically the mini story is that there were these chokers for £3 and charley liked a pic of them and knowing my attempted to impress her, i bought 2 of them so it was pretty and it was £4 so its better to buy 2 and the postage makes sense, the other one was going to be for Jess and maybe ask her out but i missed that oppoturnity, well on the way back home anyway. That and the casino was empty and blackjack was closed, so i just left.

These were the Pizza Chokers for £3 each

After more walking and looking in some shops, i was close to getting a R7 240 for £35 but i bottled that not worth forking out for a minor speed boost.  So that was skipped, then maplin didn't have a converter i'm looking for so i ended up leaving and cycling home. This was a smooth journey, well smooth if you include the air pump falling off twice and missing the chance to see jess to give her the choker, i actually made it home around the same time as when i left but +1 minute.

View Larger Map

Then i got home, it was ok to speak to the family who were resting on the garden, seeing the cat and the dog trying to bite me, then it was a shower and a nice tea of Chicken spiced up, Crisps, Salad, Baked Beans and Wasabi to go with the rice.
The tea after the ride
and there you have it, another probably boring afternoon. This is showing that there is much more i should do if i want to be able to finally win my dream girl or just go down to the basics of getting my first kiss and not realize its too late which i'm feeling that it might be. But all i can do it hope for the best and get the right opportunity.

For now, enjoy a week of probably sun and soon an experiment to conclude about this past month.

Friday, 16 May 2014

omracer's Night Out: the fun with the forgotten keys.

As this week is nearing a close, work being quiet and mistakes from the past maybe being fixed. Maybe it was time to have a quiet evening to myself. But as I left work, it turns out I had to be that stupid idiot that leaves his keys in work. 
As I ran home and got there, I checked my pockets, I heard no keys jiggling, um I fucked up pretty bad, sure I could of waited out my house for 2 hours, but that is a wasted opportunity. So I ran down to lidl from 5:45, mind you I was only in a white shirt and midly tight jeans. It was slightly nice weather, although the clouds were on their way in, it was still hot in some parts. I got on the bus and nearly had to shout for a day rider. But a £4.50 fare is better than nothing. The journey was quite smooth and the weather was getting brighter and clearer. 
The view from the bus near Woowell

The Arrival and preperation

Eventually, i arrived by the train station by about 6:45 and even though i tried to arrange some meals, even with Emma, who actually did text back quickly, even after the things that have happened and the heart that lost its dream come true which did make me happy even though she was busy with a friend which is fair enough, this was unexpected and everything related. But i just decided to wander around for a bit, but the first port of call, as per say, was to take a small toilet break in drake's circus, since it was open until 8pm on Thursdays.
The view to Drake's Circus from town

Since that hectically was the first chance to take a pee all day, it was releasing, also my hands felt sweaty so washing them was quite needed and worth it. Then i strolled over to the casino, with a mini sense of hope that i get to win something, as well as a chance to quench my thirst. So i made it over there and then it was straight to the bar, now unlike the usual choices i have for my thirst on a night out, i went for a nice pint of Lime and soda water, asking the blonde bar staff to make it slightly stronger, it was nice of her to do that. That was a neat £0.70. 
The Lime and Soda Water Pint for £0.70
Sadly, after drinking that, the blackjack table was too busy so i decided not to go and just left and walked around and my way to the barbican for nice bit of relaxation via the hoe. Sure i did pop into a Pizza Express to inquire if they can make pizza without cheese and they said yes, which is a good sign and means that Dominoes are the only nasty mainstream conglomerate that force consumers to eat cheese in pizza. The stroll to the hoe was slightly fast paced, although near the berkley, i felt a pain in my chest and was close to throwing up, but running did ease that for the rest of the night, 

Reflection and boredom at the Naval Side...

Reaching the hoe was nice, it was busy, more so students being fun and having BBQs and all, maybe i could of found someone that might of heard of me and maybe just chat and actually feel like i'm making some progress in life, but that didn't happened and i ended up checking twitter, instagram and just taking a few pics while i was up there. Sure, there was a mini sailing race happening but thats just one of those sports i can never get into much of, or at all...
The view from the Hoe at around 7pm

A glimpse of a sailing event on the hoe as i was waking to the barbican

The casusal walk down to the barbican was ok i guess, sure it was nice to blast some electro music and end up feeling a bit low due to couples almost everywhere, holding hands and it made me wish i could of been doing the same thing, maybe even just talking about something as deep as something i watched on Louie last night:

This did make me feel like shit but sort of happy for them both and jealous because she looks really nice too, but it sort of reminded me of this scene, with the weather and location. But i kept on walking and eventually i reached the Barbican, which did look just as nice
The view of the Barbican

So, this was quite busy, sure it was full of bikers and older drunk people as well as some musicians and students eating fish and chips alike, which was nice ish and it was tempting for me to head out to Cap N Jaspers for a Half a Yard Hotdog but it was a intense queue which i bottled it, but i ended up bored that i just laid on the floor and just looked up into the sky, maybe wishing. That and it was more casual tweeting and even being offered to visit and run to Higher compton was an option but i bottled that and decided to make my way back home via Mcdonalds then a bus home.

The view of the barbican from the ground. 

The journey back of ideas and the chaos of suspicion...

Now, this was a ramdom wander back to the bus, passing though various restaurants, i mean i even was looking at the menu for Caffine Club again, This was not too bad, sure that menu was pricey, but meh, but i even browsed in the North Hill spar, there were some offers and i missed the bus back, which was not suprising but maybe a regret. Eventually i got to mutley, i changed my music playlist and then just pelted it to Mcdonalds, i actually didn't run too badly, until i got to the flyover by the hill before Crownhill Mcdonalds. 

View Larger Map

When i got to the flyover, i noticed 2 cop cars, which was fair enough but then as i ran nearrer the road, they stop and pretty much pulled me over, i put my shirt back on and then he asked a few things like:

  • Are we known to you
  • Name, address etc
  • Are you missing
  • What are you doing here
  • Have you been drinking
  • Have you taken any drugs
Now this was a awkward and a bit scary moment, sure its a bit odd running topless in the night, but the weather was actually hot and i played it slightly cool and passive and didn't get aggressive, maybe a bit of n assertive mood but it ended up good and the cop just dropped me off by the other side of the road and i carried on running. 

Eventually i got to Mcdonalds, then i went in, still slightly sweaty and with some Sonic colors OST playing, i turned that off then waited, i smiled when i saw jess, sure there were curvier girls and even one served me but it was just nice to see her and at first she was busy with a fair bit but just as i left, it was nicer and we even spoke for like a minute which to be honest, thats the closest thing to progress this whole month, the night out didn't do much for me . But i ordered a large big mac no cheese meal and i nearly had to wolf it down since i didn't want to miss the bus. It was worth it for £4.80 too
A large Big Mac Meal with a Sprite for £4.80 
Then after i left and spoke to jess, yes, i probably embarrased her when i tried to see if she was free soon and even offered her "running training" which is more the opposite thing of what i've always wanted to do with her, aka spoil and wine and dine her to a size that i would do a fair amount to wake up next to her and pretty much worship it, just like i always want to do with emma. 

The bus arrived 6 minutes late, i got on, then it was stinking of BO and it was a rushing run back home, i got home about 10:40, which isn't too bad considering i left at 9:56/57. Only to find my sister snuggling with her new partner, which was nice for them. Then it was discussing what to do with the keys since she leaves before me for work tomorrow. 

That sums this night up, sure it means nothing, but this is a rare chance which people say that the unexpected things turn out to be the best, but sadly that rule just punched me in the face and said thats not true. But as exams for GCSE kids start, it reminds me of when it happened to me and also when i was losing Abbey, in the same painful feelings as i've lost emma, Which although its getting old, she still means alot more to me than even family, Now, that is strong but its how i feel and it might be why i've been feeling empty, odd and even confused at my own words. 

See you in June possibly, unless something rare and amazing comes up

Sunday, 11 May 2014

omracer's Night Out: The average May night

With May already in full swing, i Decided to have a night out and  and although my experiment is going well, this is kinda of exciting to find out enough that I decided when i'm out. Anyways this is another night out post, sure this might be not as amazing a Charley's Night out and other vlogs. But this will be a refresher.

This week became interesting  clause when i signed up for again. I'll never used it but now its popular and an old friend of mine is now using it, its James co get back to the old blogtv days, with cool gaming commentary as well. 

This means i better do some gameplay stream on but there might not be of any good quality, i stream at about 600kb/s per video and all that. So far i've played Sonic Colors, You need to win the Game, The Last Guy, Lumines :).

The start of tonight

So, it ends up a busy day, some customers were the usual, some problems fix, it was close to an arrangement to actually get my money back too. But that might take a while. I hope so anyway. The run from work was the usual, sure i did slow down and although the GPS decides to not work, it was a test of it anyway. Now i get  home, get the tumble out, boot up the laptop, cuddle the kitten, or more a cat now since shes grown :D, but then it was a quick meal to boost my energy, considering i've not had lunch today, but meh it was tasty. With a fried egg, 2 sausages, a Pan Au Chocolat, Ryvita bites, Chocolate Nutri Grain, Sweet Chilli and some ketchup for dipping. 
The quick meal, from frying sausages and eggs, with various extras from biscuits to even these ryvita bites. 
But after that, it was the preparation time, which this time i decided to set up some goals for this night, although some i know i will do, this is more of a long shot but its better to focus. I'll list them down below: 
Like i said, these are the plans, will i follow them, maybe not, but some i need to
Then it was the time to shower and then leave, i ended up using whatever remains of branded shower gel that was in the house, maybe it wasn't enough but it was fine. The usual white jeans and a hawaiian shirt was on the cards. Which is always a nice combination, Oceana people like it, i wish i was wearing Google Glass and it would of been amazing. But sadly, that won't happen. 

Then it was nearing 7:20 and it was time i ran out, so i got what i needed, locked the cat away and sprinted for the bus, although its at 7:44, its best to make it earlier than later, but let me take a selfie first...
Let me take a selfie before leaving for a night out  :D

Now, the run was quite a quick one, it was sad that i saw a dead squirrel on the way, this was earey slightly, but you can enjoy the pic of it below.

The Dead Squirrel i ran past to get to the bus to Plymouth

I got to the bus stop, i saw an old mate of mine, he said his sisters boyfriend was rubbing burgers over her and then i mentioned i got squashed on video. His eyes lit open, but meh. Eventually, i got on the bus, paid £4.80 and the view was nice, i also saw Matt, a guy o know from Tavi college 5 years ago. 

The vlog starts from here, well a bit. 

After a quick bus ride which was really a nice scenic one, sure , i got in town about 8:30, quite good, but i decided to go to the casino, since it might of been too early to do much else. 

The view of Armada shopping centre from the bus stop near town

The walk was quite nice, sure, there was a big ass orchestra dome being built by the big screen, but it was still calm and content. 

The Big dome for a concert that happened on May 11th

Then the casino, it wasn't much that happened, i ended up losing a game of blackjack, but it was only a £3 bet. So then, with alot of chatter about a meh nightclub reopening, i decided to visit revolution. It looked like a nice resturant, there were friendly staff, i had my first shot of water for the night. It was a bit small, but nice to hydrate me nonetheless...

A shot glass of water in Rev's

After the shot, i decided to take a piss and look around, it was clean and very posh toilets, some type of posh flavor was for the handwash and moisturizer. But i left there and walked in the clubroom, it was quiet, but not closed off, but after walking in and ordering another shot of water, i was asked to leave due to it being a private party, but there was no notice on the door to say this. I was annoyed and walked down to the barbican. 

The barbican was quiet, it was nice with casual music, but i decided to try OMG out for a change, it was empty except a small group of possible regulars and Bar staff. I sat down and asked for another shot of water, she was a bit confused and one bald chap made a funny joke, but i told him the reason, they laughed. But then it was nice to just listen to chatter, then i walked out, i ended up listening to live covers of grease and MJ, it was soothing, while tweeting to Issie and Becky. also its pirate weekend down there, look at below

A Pirate ship in the barbican for the weekend events i think

Then it was a run up to cuba (actually air), then a small glass of water and bitching stuff in tabloids, the sun is alwayws full of crap. After reading that, it was nearing 10, i decided to run to oceana area

When i got there, i realized that i needed to get a a gift card for ashleigh's birthday, so i looked in most of thee restaurants and it turned out that nandos were the only one that had any, although miss hm is a vegetarian, i had no choice, so a quick £10 voucher did it, then it was a walk into oceana, the place was peaceful until about 11 which it started filling up. But more was to come...

The gift card for her

The night in Oceana, well it was somewhat fun, sure i was more focused on trying to deliver the voucher to Ashleigh. I still enjoyed a fair bit, i did have some girl huddle me and shout "Hey, its Mattie marker, he loves fat girls and it makes me fucking sick" right in a bouncer's face. 

That and it was a nice thing to speak to various girls, from eden who knew my cousin to Sophie and Emma who were a bit happy but unhappy with me, but it was amazing as i put my hands around Emma, i might of D. but Sophie said that i was the only person who could " lower self confidence" the most, which makes it a bit of sense but it shows that beauty around here.

Then i did dance with some girls, i mean some it went quite intense but it didn't lead up to anything, maybe it did lead with a belly rub, but that didn't end up long and then the phrase"naughty boy" with a sexual kind of wink to go with  it. She was nice but nothing serious, which is a bit of a shame.

This was the cloest pic to try to get with the girl i mentioned above

That and it was nearing 1:15 and i felt bored and decided to head off out to another nightclub, now. This ended up to be union rooms, which is a good half hour run from oceana, which i managed, still in good spirits. I got scanned and paid £2, but it felt like it was too old style for my tastes, but it was more of a search for a friend that tweeted she was there 2 hours before i got there, which was going to be the case that she wasnt. Before i headed out i did see a friends that acfually was on my list a week or so back, Robyn, she was nice and she was having an early night after a relative's birthday drinks. shortly afterwards, the trip to jesters began. 

The infamous "Jesters" stamp of entry

Then it was a meh £4 entry and a quick id check, the place was busy, but the smell was really potent of BO which did put me off but a quick dance on the dance floor . then i see 2 girls, sophie and amy, sophie snapchats dancing to others, amy and i have our hand around each other. Which was really good fun, what drunk fun should be, for the most part. Then it was more walking around, the deeper raving club side of jesters was reasonable. Then i wanted some fresh air, this is where it turned into a heart to heart that went wrong. I mean, it turned into the fact when i publicly admired what she thinks is flaws, it upsets her,  she knew i meant well, she knew i like her, but it was more of having to keep that feeling inside,if i couldn't tell her directly. I did tell her directly that some of the flaws she had i found amazing. It really just sucked the life and happiness out of me that whole conversation and just made me feel lost, yet again. But then it was more dancing and it was time to leave, i just felt there was no point being there. 

The walk of shame people sometimes call it, but this felt like although it was nearing 3am instead of 5 or 6am, nonetheless, i was starting to make my way back home and then i got sent a snapchat from a friend, then a text.
I opened them both, it was something quite cool at the house, so i boosted my way there, passing Cuba, Moustrap and other bars, sadly,there was no luck to find charley, which is not fair on her being pestered by me, so i rushed onto the house. I got there, then it was maybe too quiet, but it turns out that 2 rather good looking uni students were doing some quite fun feeder/feedee based things, it was quite fun and the chatting was nice. But it ended up from card games to drinking own made dr pepper, to swaggy feeding the remains of a kerbab to one of the girls, who reminded me of a friend of my sisters for some odd reason
The Kerbab that i was close to feeding the girls with but James got there first, it felt weird for him, no joke

The rest of the night was just that and chatting until 4:40 when both of the girls got in a taxi back to theres, then it was just me, nath and james talking and things until 5:20ish and tp be honest, it was just a quiet relaxing time to type and snooze, sure i still smell of oceana but its a smell i don't get often.
Waking up at 7ish was quite nice, maybe it was the same fate i didn't sleep much, but i was nice and cosy this time, with a sleeping bag on top of me which was a big bonus. 

Relaxing with the sleeping bag on top. 

With this in mind, i decided to repeat life and just tidy up the lounge a little bit, bin the cans, feed the cat who just woke up and followed me to the Kitchen while i was binning the cans, so i fed her a little bit of food and refreshed the water. Then it was to get the polish and clean the table, after packing the cards away and other bits. This didn't take too long, i did get my hands a bit wet, but that is the standard. 

The view from outside

Afterwards, i ventured outside, it was surprisingly quite warm, minus a wind chill, but my legs were feeling it, then it was more relaxing until i got bored enough that i decided to venture to the garage and then the co op. There was no much on in deals, i did read the observer for a very short time, then computer magazine and then walked back to the house. As i got back, it turns out the door was slammed tight and locked, so i was locked out for 20 minutes. Which gave me some time to think while listening to music. After that, James saw me and let me in, then we chatted for a while, then Taylor arrived and it was more chatter, of course better. Various topics came up, from Starbucks, Revs last night, alot of wrestling talk which i don't understand and more.

Then pete got up, wearing cool classic sonic PJs and it was more talking, even about necrophilia and how i think there has to be paper to prove they are dead before you can be prosecuted for it, its odd stuff but fun and interesting to talk and think about. There was a possible chance to have brunch with Charley, but it was us being too late. We all (except Pete) went co-op to get some quick lunches and then i headed off home via the bus. It was another 4.50 to pay and a quiet journey back.

Then i get back and finally get home and relaxed. Especially with being in those clothes for a fair few hours. That and it was nice my phone lasted 14 hours on one battery this time, thats really good for casual use, although i did have to drain it by using the CPU governor "Hotplug", it was good.

But with that all said and done, i'm going to say that this wasn't the best of nights out, i think things went wrong badly for me, sure it was nicer at the end but it still that one moment can change alot of emotions so quickly. Which my mind has been all over the place with thoughts and emotions can change like a girl on her period. But i think now that there is a chance of things to plan out, maybe some meals but for now, its relaxing and working.

See you in the next blogpost sometime

Monday, 5 May 2014

A Bank Holiday lost in relaxation

Well, this bank holiday has come around. Its been over a year since one of the best weekends of my life happened Last Year. Now with this year feeling a lost cause, a year of shattered dreams and also losing the chance with that one goddess who i still think about when looking up to the sky when running home or just when i feel down. But its made me think about others alot more, which even though i feel gulity and feeling like i'm not being loyal and feel like i'm even cheating on her with... it maybe is the good way forward. 

But this weekend is not been too bad with honesty. Sure, i've missed out on fun and actually accomplishing some of the goal i set out over 5 months ago as NY resolutions. But i had to miss out for what it would be the greater good and keep the peace, which is more not having to end up in a violent argument about me running back home from Plymouth after the night out to save ££££ on Taxi's. 

But although i did finally attempt to cut my hair again, which i made sure it was equal sides, but i'm better at making a birds nest out of my hair (That was partly from a quote of a FB reaction to it). But with only one hand and a small mirror in a small toilet with a sink, thats the best i could do. But i did make some sort of shaped with it, since that was kinda of the whole point, as well as i did shave off this ANNOYING monobrow thats deciding to grow back, i've asked a monobrow expert if hair removal cream works, but sadly its just the same. Enjoy the before and after's below. 
The Before, yes this is sort of a quashed pose, but this was more to show what i was going to cut/shave off

This was after, i tried to make it equal, i did, but it ended up like a birds nest, Also holding a 5" in phone to take this selfie is not easy on one hand

The front selfie after the haircute, this was more to get rid of the facial hair as well. 
Now that was shocking to a few people, my boss did laugh a bit, my Dad was frustrated, my sister "couldn't take me seriously", my mum just got the clippers out and decided to make it boring. But work wasn't too bad at all, heck it was even quiet for 2 hours, maybe some problems with Metro Apps on Windows 8.1 Spring Update. But that was about it. 

I'll be honest and say the Sunday was quite nice and relaxing too, from playing Swingball to even relaxing and playing Sonic 4 Episode I (which i've bought during the Steam Summer Sale, well the Sonic Hits collection for £10 for 10 games) while eating a fake white magnum from lidl.
Enjoying some Sonic 4 in the sunshine
That and it ends up a nice evening of watching the cutscenes of Sonic Lost World while making a meal of BBQ Beefsteaks, Mash potato along with crisps, sweet chilli and Nutella, I might of undercooked the steaks. It was very filling too.
The Massive meal, with Mashed Potato, BBQ Beefsteaks, Crisps, Sweet Chilli and even some Nutella.
But after that, i rested for a bit then decided to watch Neighbours, (Also known as Bad Neighbours in the UK), it was actually really good. It was more casual conversations with Seth and most of the other characters, which might make it slow to get into but with Pheobe from friends as the Uni Dean, it was great to see her in a serious role but she was still good for making jokes.There is some emotional bits, but not the Long split up as other comedies include. Also ball grabbing is painful on Zac Efron. But just as i started it, my parents walked in, so we all watched it.. But its quite good to watch, if you like zac efron topless, you might fap at the ending. 

Then that was pretty much my night set up, and then it was fapping and sleeping. Now its time to reflect and mention a few things. The first thing is more that i'm starting an experiment, what its about, you might remember something i did in 2010, its basically that again. So far its been under 10 a day which is surprising since i'm technically at my peak since i'm 21 and in my adulthood. But you'll find out the results of this experiment at the end of the month. 

There is also another confession but i want to make a dedicated post to that in the near future, if you do have me on facebook, you might of seen it recently, but otherwise. i'll put it into detail soon. But for now, i hope the rest of you enjoy your day off and i'll see you in a new blogpost soon

omracer out :)