Sunday, 30 December 2018

The Royale of 2018 (2018 year in review)

Well, this year has been wild, expensive and also well, a start to remember on the facts that this year has given u, like for real, it's been good, depressing and busy. From chatting and buying to new Youtuber teams that came and went. The music video is below:

The past year:


Well, it was the start of 2018 and actually, projects, goals and also new experiences were going to be in the making like there were new goals which would help me get ahead with life and also there were shocks along the way. 

The tinder bio for a new year

From the Bike lights to be reviewed to the start of the antics with Torchy and the gang while also the start of talking to someone new, like RockyRoo, well when i found out she was actually in Devon, it meant a lot of potential for meeting up, which even though we still chat many months later, things well, haven't gone progresses further. Well that and turns out she started dating a feeder so that kind of put me off in a way, but who knows, that might change next year. But things will look easier in the long run, or so thought it.  But somebody toucha my spaget while walking Rosie.

The Bike when being cleaned and fitted the lights

But it was actually normal of how that footage pretty much got canned, well some of it anyway, might have to ask Torchy for some of it for the MV, but hell its good news for how this developed and sure time got busy but some of us had new goals for what was to emerge from that. Oh and it was the start of Gfuel to drink as well, which i had a mini buzzing headache when i tried it and little did i know then it would be making my life hype, especially for the First holiday i didn't even know was going to happen. 

But it was normal life in the new place I was selling games in for the few months of January, snack ideas was growing and also there was arguments on Twitter with people who really think that paying for sex is the only way out for them and actually, they are right for some and I am one of those people, although the times were annoying, its true what happens. But this was also the chance that family could and slightly did unite with my grandad falling off a roof in Portreath, which of course we were maybe the last to know about what went on

But as the week went by, there was news on the chaos of Youtube ads and actually this was one of maybe my motivations for keeping YT going as best as i can, The partner program, shortly after the logan paul incident, the Partner Program was a bit out of my reach for the 1,000 subscribers it needed, now thats me probably worried but as things went up, I managed to get more subs it it helped me to get closer to that 1,000 mark. Also Rosie was not feeling well and wanted walking at 1:30am

Because of that, I had to start adding extras in, which means omracer Eats was a new series.

But while this was happening, Tinder and WooPlus had a few matches but it didn't really go to plan, well the usual no response, even if i was a bit more playful in the bio, but from what i realised, this was not an issue from what i would be doing in April and maybe even sooner. But before that was a plan, a plan for a haul this year. As well as other things that were going on, but Gaming videos will plague me for the rest of this month, even though soon I would have something to make better videos and render quicker as well. But that was for later when weather strikes. Also Elise Wanted some Pizza from just eat.

That and also OTG Cables arrived from china to be reviewed, it was actually working for the ONDA V919 Air Ch before that died later in the year.

~The OTG Hub

with its best buddy. 

But time was busy and it was also getting to the stage where January was ending, it felt fast but warm and minus work lunches and more nice sandwiches, it was more a preparation of things to come later. Also i was chatting to  a 600lb ssbbw on kik  and we got on well but spent a fair bit on her in one go, like $40, whoops

Also it was a time I started flirting with Becca, but sadly, months later shes not interested in me so even when i was close to offering her food, it would of gotten nowhere, even though her mate Lucy now lives in the US, how things change. Oh and customer's calling me on FB for games to reserve, how things go eh. But I did miss #dogwalkingwithomracer selfies as well as more Streaming with Spectra.

More streaming fun

Winter exploration

The Sponge and the plate in a not too bad cornish pub

But that was looking good but things were about to get filmed and another crazy month was ahead, well seriously it wasn't going to be all bad.....


Well lets begin with the Review of the Aloe vera juice cans  and the Approved Food Haul, sicne that was the first highlight of this month.

The approved food Haul

The Aloe vera can 

But this was some good times and also there were a few choices on what i could so soon, like the wedding show was close and also an unexpected time with 2 lunches.

And after that was some decent #dogwalkingwithomracer from Yelverton to the Dartmoor diner where my phone was playing up a tiny bit with the GPS but that and the snow was not arriving just yet.

Then very soon a lunch date with huge local cutie from feabie, which completes one of my first New Years Resolutions sorted actually. And she was a cute englishgirl indeed.

She was seriously cute and we did have a fun time with each other, okay maybe walking around poundland isn't fun but if she was a feedee it might of been since the food ins there is astounding, but first meetups and she was still dating someone that cheated on her back then was happening as well, but i really enjoyed it. She was really nice and works in a Chinese nearby somewhere i might be visiting soon but  maybe in 2019 I might see her and maybe shes bigger again, since she loves food and also that new warehouse of reduced food I was yet to visit.

The snap that got me the date
Parking the bike 

The £6.70 of my meal when she had hers 

But then it was normal work and other parts of my life to go.Girls to feed was actually getting more and more popular and also it was interesting getting to know a mceyebrow a bit more. But there was also new local cuties i was chatting to and soon to be meeting and feeding and even measuring them. But with someone and work being intresting yet boring, it was actually getting different places to trade and sometimes that was outside the place i usually sell in. Oh and a feedee i used to feed i got some food sent to her as well

But it was also the time that i signed up to Discord which is a nice place but it can be very time consuming for me in all honesty, which it was great for a few months, but the SNOW was ARRIVING, this was not the end of it, this was when things were going to begin quite cold and also my start of long distance cycling to a customer and back which until december, was pretty much every monday. The Redmi 4 was Crashing so it needed a reset and also an ex love wanted a date in spoons but for me and her, it was too late. And then again I also started liking Salami.

But it was soon Pancake Day along with Valentines day RIGHT AFTER IT. I didn't manage to get pancakes eating video up but i did get a pic for sure, like it was some nice ones.

Of course the WB supplier who pretty much looks after me in work was shocked when i Bought roo Greggs Vouchers for Valentines, but she and me got somewhere when i got her number but that was because is not good on a shit shared internet connection many month later. Oh and you can't order a gift care for spoons over the phone, nope. But the app later on in the year sorts that out.

But then it was chatting to a girl locally from FF, now shes 29 at the time, was dating a guy and moved in Bere Alston, which was great, and we were chatting so much that we arranged to see her very soon. So i bought her a measuring tape, 120" should be more than enough.

But with that done and prepped, before another wedding show where i try the Grand mac at the same time. Which it was slightly more filling but with the exercise i had to do or run around, maybe not worth it. But It was nice to see friends of friends and act professional for a bit, my confidence was much better for this show i will admit.

The Grand Mac 

Inside the Pavilions again

The view from the backstage

Mothers day presents 

Cheap jeans 

Bus Selfie

But then it was time to get the time of cycling up the hill for the client but it was actually giving me a migraine as i cycled up it. But that and it was then soon for the first meetup which actually went to pot, since although I had to help my dad with a shed the first time and thought that was good to bond, it was a pain when it was her birthday, but things happen without telling me. So we tried for next week. From work to food and also getting the bits done then reviews of sauce too..

But then it was leading into the last few days of Feburary and with weather going to plan and also some construction with new carpets, this meant some more videos to edit and also cosy family time with nowTV as well since i used a 4 month Movies pass i was close to selling, which had some good films on there.

I also got a girl i was never thinking i would meet up with, some greggs. which this girl i was so happy to finally meet later on in the year. To be honest i did get Roo some greggs too.

But then it was finally the second time to meetup and well, this went to NO PLAN, so i took the food and also the tape and got the bus to hers which a customer of mine was near hers and before, so while the customer was getting cash to pay, she blocked me on feabie when i asked if she was ready to meet, this enraged me..

the gear needed for the visit

the customer gave me free biscuits after visiting hers

But that made life that extra bit shit and well, it was never going to plan with the love life, for that moment anyway, which i think that helped me decide on travelling when i had chance to before a possible chance of what would come to me in May, (no pun intended for the shambles to the PM).

Then it was the last few days before the Snow gave way to new videos and also new things to do.


Well, the snow is starting this month off for sure. Well the Snow was causing chaos in the UK with some of the beautiful scenes of ice and sure there was fat chat with chadders and also the chance of the Carpet being taken out of the living, which actually still had the smell of the pee from Aries, over a year later :/. But it was good to get a Steambox upgrade and a tutorial video done.

Of course the i5-7400 is still on a massive price rise after the intel shortage a few months ago in the last few months of 2018.

The i5 infront of the steambox

There it is

Probably hype for the game and pushing it more
But then again it was also chatting on the FF chatroom with some new girls over the months, and one was this amazing girl from preston, she was nice and we were playful but never got more about ot or it never went anyway, actually i did chat to her in early December and it turned out she is pretty much immobile now which is hot, but it was good. But that and with the carpet being doing, it was nice to chill in the Hallway with a 48" TV. it was cool and i do miss it a bit too. But the UK was pretty much CUT OFF, like never seen Tav covered like it.

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Then there was more polls which even feel more relevant now due to the second royal wedding in a few years apart. which is astounding how the press covers it but well it really does need to be addressed due to people thinking they are role models etc.

And then it was time for more vlogs and the start of a vlog with Torchy when he moved in to his new flat. That was some fun an antics with b&Q and other places when the weather started to pickup nicely. It was also the first time meeting Viciouspulse which he is a blast and a half, pretty skilled, Cornish part Yankee and us 3 would be in a lot of stuff later on.

It was great bants and hopefully more stance for the flat which was a big work in progress, which overtime this was going to be a studio in there, like really, it was going to look good and i am going try to copy that in plans next year if money work wise is good. But there was also another vlog STRAIGHT AFTER this which pretty much got me in a mood for sure, but that cycle was a nightmare with customers cancelling me, though much much later i Bought her PC from her in November which is actually a big help for what i want to achieve and also a spare i3 pc is good.
But it was a nice journey to a department store full of cheap food which is ideal for feeding and also for people that want to actually save money too.

The bit where i got cancelled when roadworks 

Also a time in B&M by myself

Rogers in a nutshell

When stuff arrived from work on that week too. Hint, some of that is still with me for sale now, 

Shortbread and ketchup is nice

But then it was actually getting to the point of phone was playing up and that was messing up snap in some ways, there was then a new review coming up which was ideal for the start of good weather coming soon from what I had to face later on in the best month of my life.Then Footballers were accused of being nonces for what they eat which happens to me all the time .

And then it was finally time for a catchup, okay sure I got Jodie a Gregg's giftcard and also someone i used to follow had the same birthday but she and i lost touch in a way over months so I followed her in December. Also i did follow a girl called lauren who was really cute but did get hitched up from one guy to the next so that missed me completely. But then Torchy turned 21 too. That weekend was actually birthday meals for others.

Then we had the rants and rave with near World War III with Russia and Nerve agent attacks in Salisbury, they say the damage will never go away, but snacking and working was the usual for me.

Then it was the review of the slush puppie machine, this was actually one machine i've never got the formula right but that is actually to do with the NO ADDED SUGAR drinks my parents go for.

it works but not the best taste

But then the Redmi 4 was still playing up and i needed it working and stable for the big month ahead. But my looks were also getting to me and people did think i was a 2/10.

After that it was normal life, sure there was some nice meals repeating itself and also it was the time to book the first long holiday of my life. Like okay i have had a weekend at the house so this is actually my second holiday but still. But i did buy a scale  and a box of shortbread for a feedee on feabie from cheltenham, she appreciated it and has actually gained since talking to her, she has anxiety though which can make it hard to get to know her, which is understandable really.

The time of planning this holiday was on my mind. Sure, I had Detroit to pre order which until late December, it felt a regret ordering it, but that was my first time getting airbnb sorted oh and a throwback since it was #2012vs2018. Oh, and my chromecast finally died on me.

But then the Snow was returning to the world of Devon, especially with the way the weather has been. But it was looking like the end of it soon.

Then it was  time for an omracer eats on that month, to keep up with a video a month.

then there was the reminder on how i Lost Emma and walked away from her and Charley in the same way, it seems like a distant memory when i fell for them, part of me wishes it happened but too late to dwell on the past of plush cuties since shes lost the weight since their babies anyway. Still worth to fight the stealers of the heart.

Also Patapon got remastered or the announcement of it was and i've still not played it yet either, But then the time come to book my first Club Indulge meetup whcih the site mentioned two tickers and me rushing it, i booked both when i didn't book one, the rep couldn't refund one which sucked, which means after the first business part, it was me going to the first bbw meetup and also first ever speed dating.

but work, flirting and food things were going on, I got chatting to Hannah whos a doll bless her, lovely lady and i did feed her once or twice this year, we still chat on FB and did a fortite duo in December. But also it was mroe fun with Torchy with another flat and studio building.

B&Q again


then it was the Easter weekend, Far Cry 5 was out and also Hats to be made, well my mum made one bless her.

The Easter Hat

It won a Prize when i came joint second
I also booked the Airbnb of the first place i was staying in, which was nice and only £61.97 for 2 nights as well..

Then I enjoyed a lumines stream on twitch sine its a great game and more of this was to come in November,.

Watch Voyage #1 from omracer6 on

But finally, it was finally time to end a good month and on to the best month of this year.....


Now we remind ourselves its the start of Easter and it was more tiling on the walls in Torchy's Studio. It was some good fun in a way and also the time to tell them the plans for the holiday I was going to have. 

The easter eggs i got given this year. 

Some Tiling got done
It was nice since of the sushi and also the getting high from the glue was interesting too. But it was the start of weeks before the big holiday and it was even nice I got given peanut butter from my customer in Brentor every monday. 

But very soon it was a resurrection of a MAN ENGINE and i saved a few quid from a river view. It was okay but maybe the redmi wasn't ideal for it, should of probably gotten glass out for it as well.

But then add pepper on meals and people freak out.

Then it was a time of booking the National Express coach to get up to London and i didn't bother booking the Train to Milton Keynes since it was actually not too bad for the price and worth a half out trip compared to 2 hours. But that and i was planning to visit Colchester on Friday to meet a girl i had been buying food for, but that was only a glimmer of hope with a clit of sugar. Instead, a omracereats was ready before I Go.

But from that, it was small things to pass the time, sure I had one Tinder match but she was dating another girl and work was getting busy and also Co-op started selling small cans of their drinks for £0.50 due to the sugar tax coming into place which sucked but we are all used to now. Sure the sleep was getting less of it but world service helps me for sure. I also tried to meet up with someone i end up meeting in the year ahead and that we will find out what happens. Then it was explaining about moving on when you don't feel the same as you used to with someone and even though there is no chance with them, the chance could of been there but time flows like a river.

Then I had to pre-order a meal at the Whitchurch in for visiting STRAIGHT after i come home from London which actually is my BIGGEST REGRET of that time, since i could of ventured up north London like Camden town because one person was desperate to want me to visit them, sure we chatted when we were in the town hall and still chat now, but im not going to forgive you for making me push a holiday in London earlier by a day. Fortnite memes were coming in fast too.

But then it was coming up to the last week before I headed out and another vlog at the studio was done. But the lols of the cheese and pickle in a cup was to be had.

Then the preparation for this Holiday really began with a 32GB OTG flash Drive and also a 64GB Micro SD Card for this trip. Nowadays i can get this in work from a supplier part of this business trip was meant to meet. That and more food.

But sadly by this time englishgirl did distance herself from me and that was it for many months of nothing, though i did have another tinder match. Then again with the final week, it was some different things, sure I and my sister did go dogwalking and the like, but then there was a clearance list on my suppliers site and that got some good headphones for mega cheap, like I bought at least 10 in total this year, (one for me, 9 for stock). But one of the most popular videos this year was the Fortnite video on a GTX 1050 with Celeron N3050. 

But then it was more studio decor with Torchy on the final weekend before I come back from London.

Gfuel was going to be my friend for a while 

Window done

The tiles on the wall

Then it was the review of the headphones, which i did take up with me to the holiday, which they did so fucking well for this holiday i will admit.

The headphones and the cables with it 

It plugs in via jack and 

But it was the final few days and I was at my nan's which i found out the girl from Colchester couldn't visit me in a buffet since she was skint but did ask for £20 and since i said i couldn't, well that meant no meeting up, also my WB rep said one of the nicest things on how she would stand up for me against any girl that was taking the piss, i still remember that. and yet me and her went distant when new shops opened up, but she sent me a card in December.

Then it was the time of the Holiday.

omracer's Holiday: 

Well, i managed to get there and it was a nice journey. Since it was a long time to get up there. But there was so much excitement and nerves with travelling by myself . sure Torchy got twitch affiliate and Hannah broke a chair due to her amazing huge size. But It was going to get from one to the other which was the fun of it all. I do actually regret not getting the Xbox one TV tuners for £5.00 from poundland and also i should of ran it instead of going on the Tube to say the least. Tha and monty was such a sweetheart

Packing up
A sunny plym

The Coach


Editing as i 

The Thames

The tube 


Milton Keyens Station

Add caption
The running

The outside patio

The meal

Cats wanting attention when i'm editing
It was really nice meeting the rep, she knew what she liked and had her friend over and we all chatted, a blonde school accounts admin from what i remember which was lovely, some lovely fish to go with their meal and hollandaise sauce as well.

Then it was time, after waking up at 6am, (also no fapping too in any of the days, which is pretty unusual of me too. But it was so nice to be in a double bed, i really mean that the weather was so good for this week, it made me feel like a summer holiday.

But it was then the next stage of my day, the Plug in at Silverstone. which I was impressed with this and also got what i wanted to do done, well i met some amazing brands, Turtle Beach, Elgato, Seagate, Norton, Kaspersky and of course seeing Coulthard and other Motorsport related bits. I missed the MS escape room sadly. that was a good idea i should have done, there were loads of lovely ladies in suits too and lovely staff for the evening bit. I'm surprised i didn't get a sugar rush from the overdosing on orange juice. Ik also planned to see chatters in her work and was making sure with someone amazing and Johnny even messaged me on steam to check up on me as well as me calling nan before I ran to Silverstone.  It was also so kind of the coffee shop to get me some water for free.

The Selfie

The badger hut
The Gfuel and Coco Pops before I went

Castles in the field

Passing the Golf Club

The distance I ran

The Big Centre

The guide and OJ

F1 and Tech

Tika Masala and puddings

The amazing part of Silverstone

Coco Cola Ice Buckets and OJ

Blurred Running

The Run back

I got home at 7 and called parents and chatted to the airbnb rep. But then it was another night of editing and it was to the fun part, maybe the most stressful part I will admit but that was to London. Since this time, I didn't have any cats disturbing me to edit the vlog and i did miss it but felt so alive, I'm glad i got my mifi as well working.

The Guestbook

The Suitcase



Milton Keynes again

Though if things went wrong, it was on this day, missed trains, cracked screen and also phone calls from customers as well. But for the money i paid, it was NOT that expensive do this, like £87 for 2 nights in central London is very good, also 4 20 makes the green smoke come out. But at least I got to the airbnb which was nice and flat and pretty central once i knew my way around. But the locker storage for £6.00 was SO FUCKING USEFUL I JUST CANT SAY NO TO IT. But some people gave me looks, street performers were cool and well it was also passing protests, street food and also visiting the namco station for slush.


The towers

London Views

Street food

Dropping the luggage off

Big Ben under revamp



The Phone cracked


KA is peng


Getting high

Posh statues

Screens on buildings

Kool-Aid for £0.30

M&M world

Getting the bulmers for some guy that was banned

Returning for luggage

And eventually we get the vibe of reaching the Airbnb, now this was passing a shop and the rep not wanti9ng me in their due to the suitcase. well lucky i didn't listen to him else i would of lost the case and got suing dome. But it was a nice bit behind waterloo east.

But after settling in, it was getting Fanta shotaka and also the bottles of the Tesco Apple and Raspberry is nice to freeze too. Also I went toilet in pants at 1am and saw the Airbnb rep, she was huge and so beautiful looking and we chatted while she was waiting for an Airbnb client to arrive and my god, she impressed and amazed me and do miss her a little bit.

But it was soon time to get the afternoon vlogging done on Saturday. Exploring a different part of London and that was where my tiredness was kicking in by the end of the afternoon, which meant a power nap, but seeing lovely graffiti and also seeing chadders was actually worth it. Sure someone amazing couldn't make it but at least we are chatting more ever since.
Also, Strawberry juice for the cheapest thing i've ever seen at £0.29 is well worth it. Brick Lane is great.

The shared kitchen
The little bar in the middle near a mini clothes market

The shard and borough market

Borough market

The Tower

The view from the River

Roads i've never been past

Brick Lane
Now it was time to see Chadderz, she was so sweet and even with ta cold and husky voice, it was amazing to meet up, even if it was only for 10 minutes

ME and Chadderz

my first ever time of Salt and pepper chicken


But it was then to be decided of going back to get that vlog up before all-nighter and meeting lovely sized ladies. this was Club indulge, now although the £20 was a bit much, it was still a good laugh and met new ladies and made a couple of friends from FB. But its made me want to do more nights like this until an FB argument a few months later decided not to do that, well not BGP anyway. Dating wise, it went okay, some lovely ladies and some we still talk, others we Don't.


The Views

The place to be

Lovely Lights
 Dating wise, it went okay, some lovely ladies and the 7 i did chat to were lovely, one was a supersized latina who worked for deezer and of course one girl caught my eye and i still follow her on feabie, though shes, not a feedee so no chance there, some uni students and a 50 year old for good measure
£5.70 for chips and apple juice, its a bit of a rip off but thats life in the big city

The bright sky of London

But that was the energy which got me most of that vlog edited up over night. That and it was the day of the London marathon. This was going to be a stressful journey to the coach but a sad goodbye but also a regret I had to go back home so early due to that new work friend. But none the less I've seen the marathon for my own eye,s got some evil looks and well running in the heat.

The final Gfuel before leaving

Messy Room

Clean room

Find the road
Wine for parents


The spray on the marathon


The river views


Pike Pika

Free Chocolate

The coach station
Then it was the coach home, which this was the time this holiday would end, antics might end, but not all the time. Since at the end of this was a run to the studio and Torchy gave me a lift back. But it felt sad to go. 

The final bit of food before i was leaving london, quite expensive for £1.10 for a can

Cars and clouds

Ther services

2 for £3 is pretty meh

Nearing the end

The skys of plym are great

A final meal when i got home, so refreshing and warm for the long journey
And that was it, since it wasn't much going on after this month, sure there was that meal, which i pretty much told work neighbours about the antics that went on, from sitting next to blind ssbbws to running miles and also clouds of weed in hyde park. More food then the fun of seeing amazing eggs in my dad's paddock barn.

Also it was soon to be the plans for opening a new shop, well part shop, for the next month and sucking up most of my time and work money. But that was the only time i went far away. Oh and Elaina got some bentoking ordered from me.


Well, now the antic of the holiday was over, it was time to settle down, or by what I mean, open a shop and sign a 2 year lease, this was for later on in the month but in a way, i was mostly having to prepare for this. But I was also enjoying some Fortnite and getting streams done. Roo did actually film a video eating in spoons but I still need to buy that, though i told her about the new 2000 kcal burgers. The new years resolutions were to be finished and 3 left to go. 

Also, Tash removed me from FB, she added me and we chatted on an off but i think it was things with her new girlfriend, she did snap me some amazing snaps this year though, well in june she did anyway, and i did get 2 tinder matches which lead nowhere in all honesty. But soon it was another studio vlog to get done. But bless of Torchy's Girl for getting us a roast made.

Big mac and a smoothie

Checking gaming in the heat

Moved the stuff in

Lights up

The roast 

This was also the chance i could of had another night out but sadly it didn't happen. But Fried chicken cream tea it was for sure.

It was great with the Bank Holiday just relaxing, I miss it, then 17-year-olds on Kik were messaging me which is awkward, but a BBQ instead was good time of the amazing weather we would have this year.

Also, I did update my tinder and it probably will be the final timer i use it this year since it's gotten me nowhere.

That and the Age of empires remaster was soon to come out and also some work neighbours had a cake for the last week we would be together before we all move to different places. Tbhat and Hannah got some food money from me too.

Also it was then the first local try of Salt and Pepper chip and that WAS HOT, burnt my mouth with the spice to be fair.

Then it was final catchup before I had to get the shop ready. It was nice walking in cothele in the heat with Rosie who did behave nicely for the most part.

But then it was the week I was moving in, A new shop well, sort of. But this place is now my second home for at least 2 years from May, but its a shame my sort of partner did NOT want to get it painted since it would have worked. But well things really blew up from here.

The shop i took on, well lockup
Then i did a Gfuel launch party for it and actually, the sachets are STILL in Stock now which means i might have to bin them or use them for me in this case when they do. But more cycling to the chap in Brentor and more food was eaten.

It was now another bank holiday to work on and it got some chance to catch up but it was the start of busy things to go. But it was the start of chatting to a cute 31-year-old who was near plym and we could of met up, its funny since I've given her my number and offered to buy takeout and still doesn't reply to much, that is actually shitty but it means i move on. Aslo the half marathon this year was nearly in trouble with a car runing into the marathon due to issues, the fun of it all. Also getting HDR on the phone meant i had to clean my keyboard a bit more.

But then it was the final few days and work was getting busy with the opening of the work, i did buy some tika curry powder that i STILL have at home since its a special method needed of it. I did flirt with Kelly for a while but later on she was knocked up in less than a year by her new boyfriend so it was time to move on, Kelsey luckily was single a few times so maybe next year i'll meet up.

Then for the final few days, I had a message on feabie from a cute yearear old and once i bought her food, we clicked and thats been alot of fun, chats and just eats spent on her, but next year me and zara might be meeting up. But that meant to a nice #omreacereats to finish.

That and I was also talking to shan by this point and messaging a few over ladies from feabie, one 37 year thats got a cute double chin for sure we got on well. But it was a quiet month next one.


Well, its quiet sense the takeouts and also when working and getting the shop setup, like that was not as easy as i thought and it was taking up a fair whack of time. Also I chatted to Katie with a bit of milk who was actually a man. I also had the heatwaves to deal with as well as things to get done. But the heat was never doing it justice.

But the girl from feable had no luck actually planning anything with the little miss,, to be honest after this she STILL never replied to any message from me, but not blocked me. I did then get a cake for opening up the shop and also it turned out iI was spending 63 quid on takeouts in 2 weeks of chatting to her, that was a bit extreme but she was really keen for us to meet up, also lovely belly hang etc.

But one thing that i was surpised on is that when I got stood, up the girl locally that ignored me actually knows here and they both chat to each other, which is a shame actually. But a theme for the food was Jacket Potatoes, that was lush. Also Zara was shocked about ubereats. Oh and when a concert was on, and rosie was pulling me, it was this group of teens in a car and started shouting at me.

Then i tried some other bits like the bird's nest has salt n pepper chicken. But that was spicy AF. And then i managed to get a video of montages based off fortnite uploaded.

But work was getting busy with jobs and titles like onrush and Mudrunner arrived as well as the fun with eating and flirting as well.

I was anticipating her weight on the scale

Then it was a working day out and the heat was great and then Rosie became a ghost via the faulty HDR. Which that was a bit a drama right there

Then it was E3 week and working was needed to get me by and even with emails daily on what was to get going, Zara weighs in at 20 stone and and it was soon time to do some farther's day Shopping.

But as that took time, I got work done and more things to even check up on with buying a spoon for cheap and make sure we can get food eaten as well as a cream tea at my nan's.

Also smothies i was taking to help build up my immune system.

This was also the time that I and Becca completely lost touch by me complimenting her. and well that was the chance to date her gone and in the months ahead, i decided to unfollow since there was no point trying, even if I and she were in Cardiff next year.

Fortnite updates cause chaos and an old selfie for #nationalselfieday and Rosie taking up my bed at night. But it was a BBQ #omracereats to be had.

But time progressed on and apart from a chicken meme and more slush in work, it was just normal life, not much happening on Tinder, I and Zara were chatting and I bought a nice webcam for £10,00 the Logitech C270.

But it was soon the end of the month and things would feel more ready for me, Sure i had to BACS Zara over £20 for a Chinese buffet for a works Do that wasn't even going to happen/ Since i offered to pay for her meal in the restaurant they were going to but she was going to be embarrassed about it. People were joking about FreedomPop since it was now going up to £3.49 a month for 1GB, 200 minutes, 200 texts and PRemium Voice, but when that happened, I cancelled the payment and restarted it later on after the deadline, which gave it to the same price. Also, some cornish feeder was on dinner date, might have to watch that episode. Plus Kels was #mentallyfat in feeling it but its not a bad word.

But then it was a strange conversation on Kik, like this girl named Hannah, she messaged me and we got on well but then she was acting like a dom which i could understand but also very "I want you for me" vibe and she was serious about meeting up, which I understand but it went pretty south when i tweeted my worries she was underage and then had a right go about it and then wanted me to aplogize on twitter. This is when things went stressful.


This month already got going, since a new girl was in my life, Kaylee, who introduced herself and was also another twitterversary going to happen. Memories of looking up to the sky come back and sometimes I still space out and do this to make it easier for me and also Mugshot mixes were a thing. Also the Chinese curry from B&M is another level of tasty brilliance.

But my eyes were also starting to sing and also it MIGHT BE #cominghome. Since yes, the world cup had begun and there was a new team this year which actually might have got us somewhere, this was putting the country on edge, pubs must have done well out of it too. I did a rush stream on Crash 1 for a reddit thread though

Watch Highlight: Stormy Ascent on normal Broadband Quality from omracer6 on

But the then it was time to do a Tesco shop and this turned out to be a fun one with world cup Memes and also learning new techniques on FCPX. But it was still fun.

Then Lime pickle was back and a failed tinder match as per usual, which then lead on to the first apology video to Hannah, well after i said about the 3 options in the vlog, She kicked right off at me and soi had to publicly apologise for it, which it is fair enough since I was acting like a fuckboi and window

This is how the first aplogy come out

Also freddos went up to £0.25 but sadly, it's NOT COMING HOME. then it was nearing the 9th Twitterversary so that and the carnival and i missed the white jeans i use to wear from the ebay purchase back in 2010. But the time was passing by, Food purchased of some slice was nice

then it was more fortnite streaming which was cool and i'll involve it another day, was in squads with Torchy and others. But then it was getting to the Carnival week over and done with. But for this twitterversary, it wasa Q&A to film and boy this was going to be fun. 

By this time, I had to speak to Sonia about Sonic and also it was the fun of that and I did a few goals of myself too, reminded me of Rocky and telling her the melted Oreo ice cream idea for a gain shake. Plus this pie was fucking disgusting and that brand i won't buy every again.

But then it was the time to shave before a twitterversary, plus a lesson what Dick sizes are important and feel better if you be honest about it.

Then it was the Carnival, which the rain held off and also the procession was all over the place, though work, was doing a Laurel and Hardy Costume (wait, only laurel turned up), it was only me anyway.

The costume

Waiting for the procession 

Procession indeed.

But Then it was something or two that i never expected to happen anymore. First, off I bought Vectone mobile and that was a £1 a month plan and that causes a whole ripe of trouble since they never let me port the mobile over until a few months later when i had to send then a pretty strong professional E-mail regarding that. But it was done, worked and now though I did cancel the direct debit and they didn't reinstate it and i have to log in to the account but can't since the number i ported doesn't work on the site.

But it was also the time that Hannah decided to demand ANOTHER aplogy video.

andother demand

Then it was the QA


More question

Also i was starting to miss gracie though it was no luck for me to get that done this year, since I really have to try to move on with life and also get my stuff out of the way. But it was some pigs in blankets in the summer before August seems a bit more fun to say the least.


We start off with another Wok's Wong for Zara, which £21.60 on top is astounding, to say the least. But that and fans were watching vlogs of mine from up the centre of the uk. But it was also the time ther parents found out that Ive been buying food for zara so

But it was soon time for a #omreacereats and i had the chance to did it LIVE. on Twitch. Which actually was not too bad but its a nice start to it all.

Watch omracer Eats Live: Enjoying Cereal Omelettes from omracer6 on

But then it was going towards the fun of buying batter from a place near work.

But now it weas time to work on Mondays in the shop so it meant alot of time less for vlogging and other things and it was getting towards a year since i left my old job.  And Peanut butter was SOOO GOOD. Me and Roo were chatting and soon i was chatting to somone that was going to become my best friend as well as other lucky ladies on feabie

From getting free bread at work to getting the Studio sorted. Time was somewhat flying by and things were close to big week. Which it made it easy to day with the Fireworks Championships. Which this was quite good with the weather and the display was really good.


The crowds


The crowds are piling

Crowds and ships




Monitors in

The stands and more

Nice pasta.

Mceyebrows were going place that people get engaged to, Work was still busy and girls to chat to was alot in, Zara pretty much was still lovely and we were chatting along as well, but it was also chatting to a new tinder match that pretty much wanted money for food in the food van. She unmatched me after that night which is a shame. By now as well it was goodbye to Hannah, since it was the life to leave her with.  Also a new takeout called proper pizza arrived. It was

But it was also time that my mum and dad was taking me to Buckland Abbey . Which was a nice time to see a special egg and also another bit of walking which was long and also it was nice taking tp a supersized lady on feabie who wanted me to go to a meet in Birmingham but that might be a 2019 thing.

Exploring Gardens

The Egg

With the Spiral on it 

the Pengwing

Shortbread and apple juice

Paths to walk

The Carwash

but it was soon time to miss out on Hann coming down to see a footy match, but then it was time to Enjoy a day out to padstow with my sister.  This was some good fun and much better and more expensive at the same time with the bike hire and also with more food and selfies too.

The road


One the Bike

The shops

The Harbour



New Golf

More grass

More crowds


The carboot
Which that was a good time, sure she asked about Zara but well i know they are looking out for me and that was good, But the rest of the month was to get this up and also there was more to be gone, but food was good.

But then it was another month and hopefully a sensational September.


Well well well, this month is going to start off fun, since with new snapchat friends, time to myself and even 2 reviews and part of the goal done, but also nice food. 

That and my mind wad worried about how it would go on relationships as well as a sunday selfie before a family meal for my Grandad's birthday 2 weeks earlier than planned

The garden Centre

The pulled pork burger

Deep holes by the river, undercurrents lie

Then it was soon time to have 2 weeks to myself to get things done which even though I worked most of it, But in light of this, a review of 2 things was to be done. But as well as that, i signed a deal with the devil of digital cards perhaps, but that meant a chance to sell steam vouchers as well as other services which will work nicely, but over time people get more popular with it. Also, it was more food to go with it.

Then it was time to get REGEN reviewed, but it was time to see if this British version of gfuel was worth having and well that was the start of something fun and whitey indeed.

A ncie big tub

Its not the best looking
This then occurred on the night out and actually, it might of been me overdosing on it. Sure Spider-man did really well the 

The Selfie before

Construction of the food places

Q Bar and Switch

A whitey selfie
That night i really felt rough and to be honest it was good to get productive afterwards since you have to do that and it mean the energy was there but a few things on my mind were aking it difficult and i didn't puke up which is odd about it. 

But with that feeling said, it was then time for a day in the life which was a long day actually. 

By this day i was chatting to this feedee couple and it was great, they had their stuff of fattening all planned out but it was too good to just skip things i didn't have to do and just edit and not worry about it at all, Sure i wanted to go out more those 2 weeks but that failed quite badly. Since my colleague was busy with his kids so no days off for me :/

Then it was the case of dying my hair Cosmic blue which actually turned out more black than i thought it would be but others liked it.

Bought this a year ago 

It works 

Much blue me 
At the same time, i did a cheap lets play of a funny head tycoon game.

But ham tempura seaweed snack sandwiches were great. Like when you taste it the softness of the ham and salt of the seaweed are a fusion. Plus me and a friend of the mceyebrow was chatting on snap and we still have Fortnite to play with the HBX.

Then it was a mukbang for a #omracereats on twitch again.

Also, this girl matched me on tinder and i have no idea what mr tumble was.
 Then it was the final few days and it was time to get some streams done, which i managed to finish?Crash 2 o the nsane trilogy minus the relic, that I'm still working on so it means I've failed this new years resolution as well.

Watch Boss: Dr Neo Cortex + Ending from omracer6 on

Which it was soon to be the end of the time to myself and back to normal life, which meant soups, distractions and no chance to edit and type in the quick time i want to. Plus another edit of my tinder profile too.

But I was around this time Zara hardly chatted to me and also i wanted to impress a new girl, but she was a supersized cutie although she never showed her face and was taken, so It wasn't worth it but i did reunite with an old crush and started to feed her and we hit it off on whatsapp. Some amazing eating videos with a belly i loved seeing many years ago and we might be meeting up next year. Also another girl from wales was chatting and we got on really well but distance since she was not a feedee.

I also got into the fun of Salted caramel sauce which was SOOO GOOOD. Not as over rich as the lidl one.

It was amazing when K was teasing with her belly and double chin at me when i was having another birthday meal at the trout and tipple, like

But then it was time for the fun months of flirting and vlogging as well.


Well, the time had changed for us, FIFA Season was upon us, so Girls were close to being fed and also the fun of the fair fast approaching and my love life was going somewhere nice with new friends to chat to and also first ubereats to buy.

We start off on a stressful af Monday straight on the first and the home Visits were going to only get busy from now on. I also had the final chance with a girl i use to chat to in wales and she got another boyfriend so it was time to move on from her and close we didn't get any further to meeting up.  That and food too.

But chats continue and the turbo-nonces come out for work, this is what some meme said which in turn made me realise the truth about it.

But then it was the time i finally Email vectone mobile to tell them i had to leacve if they coukd not port my mobile number

But then it was time for the Snap to be free, spending £20 on it and well, Goose Fair was here. But the Regen on with minor headaches and the devices and time prepared, we were in for a ride. 

Night views

The danger zone

classic views

Lights and things

Getting that edited then made it into the daytime, with the start of the day vlog and even though K did message me just as i was walking in. But this also means that i was distracted, but actually, with that I did that day from buying the presents for suppliers and also some present ideas, it was

The smoothie was nice

the wheel #throughglass

The geese 

The geese in the cage 
Welsh-cakes for sure

That fortnite merch

The food places as per. 

Then it was time to edit for the evening with S talking and also a new girl  i was talking to being pretty cute but also very odd to chat to but she was chatting to me as well with her big belly over snap. But then it was a night of meeting new friends in the rain and also exploring the fair once again in the Stormy night, ft Forza Horizon 4 OST. 

The tiger

More crowds

The sizzler indeed

Freedy and superstar

The 4 boxes of shortbread for my suppliers

#Wheels and mirros #throughglass

the wet dodgems

The calendar for my mum 

rides and guys 
In the car with new friends 

But as the weather got worse,  Editing was being done and uploading and working and that was a nightmare, fucking Activision releasing black ops IIII on Friday made it so hard to get things sorted for that week, since even my WB rep called me  about Deep Freeze by that time which was to be announced and she always has the enthusiasm from her voice, but then it was time to carry on with this month, things were to be done but not without the final day of it . 

The stormy rain




The pug for my sister

Buit life went on, my chatting to a few girls at once was carrying on and it was nearing the end of the month pretty fast. Maybe with how i was having to catch up on social posting as well, but it was also my final vlog in Plymouth for this year at least. Before that was a mukbang of eating burger in Spoons

The Bike

The view

Before Red ead arrived to us

Shoe and the sea

The view before the cycle up the hill

The uni Hill

Roads to cycle on 

But then it was the end of the month and I had to let Zara go since Kaylee was actually wanting to meet up we were supposed to Me on the Final weekend of October and I even end another £14 to make it the possible chance, but sadly her granddad had been taken ill and she didn't chance until until the day BEFORE and after that, nothing ever happened with her since, not even a reply back after happy Christmas a few days ago. But this was sort of explained in the blogpost 

But instead it was good and the Tetris Effect demo was soon to be released and Vectone did actually get back to me and sort out the Number being ported, so it was a successful Sunday indeed. Also, Chicken Satay was nice. But thunder and Lightning for Halloween is a fitting term indeed.

Also i decided to give Curvage a try and it was nice and also seeing some growing piggy's and lovely la ladies too.


To be honest, it was the time for a catch up, that was done but there was some fun to be had and the Fireworks were just to be approach but i was starting to feel desperate again and it was putting me down, but this was also due to the fact that my sister and her bought just bought a house together and that was never going to lift spirits. But It was a good time to enjoy Tetris effect.

But then it was an ex feedee i use to speak to, and gainergirl got a new chap in her life and so when she messaged me, I asked hf she was being fed by him, so she said "non of my business", so i ignored her and well that was then she called me a freak, "haaa, fuck off ya freak". But she was offering meetups and all that too, like really. But Dominoes was always going to be the fun time of ordering, but

By this time is was finally the Fireworks and well, it was a fun time of vlogging indeed. But this was after cycling about for visits t work as well.

But alas the cold is there and the fun was as it should be, making the effort and working while editing and even asking for a day off is going to be too much to ask in a way.

The homemade grape juice and regen together go give me energy 

HDR streets and lights 

Streets in november

HDR crowds

Dangerzone #throughglass


Thriller Express

The Bonfire

Kids and time


The fog and bang

The evening skyline

Running on the Road

After that, it was more chatting and Shaving to wait for orders to be planned, with Spyro coming out as well as Hitman 2 and reps calling me all over the place with Black Friday deals and papal loans, it was feeling manic. The Mi Store was soon to open later on the month and I did my first uber eats order which was fun since I had to email them about it not accepting my PayPal and then it did then they  messed up the order and they did refund the part that didn't arrive,.

A post shared by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A post shared by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Stan Lee sadly passed on and the world was all the sadder for it, but me and S were chatting ant it was turning out i NEEDED to see the GP about the other resolution happening, especially and i started feeding a girl who was close in somewhere near Cardiff and even though Becca didn't want to see me at all, nor did another Welsh cutie i follow on insta, it was a chance to finally let my dreams come true and have a nice holiday in January. But she is a lovely 18 year old with red hair, big belly, cute welsh accent and loves to eat and grow. so maybe we will have a chance. But my worries were coming to fruition and got me to book the appointment for the 28th, which was 2 weeks from now but since of Black Friday, i could't have it earlier. Also it was reclamation day for a gamer that just blitzed in price drops for the year as well, like was 54 now 25, fucking B. Instead i was stream some Crash 2 Relic and attmepts.

Watch Un-bearable: Relic Attempts from omracer6 on

Then it was having to help a kid with his roblox account and ended up playing roblox, which it is not worth the money if you buy stuff for it, but i missed having as voice call with someone and actually soon i was to be with a new lady on feabie as well, who is huge, my age and so nice to get on with. But lunches in work were getting under £1 with reduced deals on offer for sure.

I was also getting along with shann really well and we still do, sure she was facing problems but she is a strong girl and it was nice to be there-ish for her in a way, but later on things get better between her due the uber via work thing, but hey the curve fashion fest was on so it could of been a time to meet some amazing ladies but sadly it was the week of black friday and work was getting manic, sine Nintendo was going and being delayed, Sony were pushing consoles so it was about to be spending a few grand on gaming bits,

But as always, the times come with it and selfies in bath after long days at work are soo good, but the bike always has trouble when your dad fixes the brakes and now cant actually stop the bike down a hill, but a £60 salesroom action one is never going to be perfect.

In between this time i did splurge a bit and get a new PC and B226WL Monitor for £100 which is going to help with things like getting this typed up and also some streaming next year. This was from the lady that cancelled a visit last minute back in march.

Also i bought Horizon 4 for £20 off /r/Gamesales since it was good and it did run then now it doesn't run at all. That and other Black Friday deals for work stuff was to be coming and also mini after work shops too. Like some Christmas presents for family were in here too,

Christmas presents and part stock for work

Then it was only 2 days to go with the doctors appointment.
The was the short appointment that made me nervous but he was a nice chap and said even with the type of phimosis i have that the foreskin is not going to move, it will be okay to have sex, so he confirmed I'm physically ready but mentally, well I'm overeating about it and that was S had said. But it was a sigh of relief from that, another crossed off the list.

The goal is complete but more to go

The meal after

 But we finish it all off with the mukbang of another #omracereats, Maybe the final one of the year, who knows. But Becca was now having no chance with her.


The final month, with videos somewhat done, fortnite dates and work non stop, this is where things were getting good and also somewhat better management of time. We start off on the first week which we have to think about Dickensian and also being called a nonce because of the food i like is NOT OK.

I was also reflecting at the chance that I will be going away next month and it will be exciting to travel, meet and feed new people along the way as well,, even if I've been lazy af with work and not making money i need to, well in a way anyway, that and it was soon time to get this blogpost typed up, yes it nearly takes a month for me to do. Sure the chats were coming in everyday and soon to be new feedeees that are the nicest people ever really from feabie and snap but that guy i played roblox with was being pissy about wanting free stuff for nothing.

But then people were bitching about how easy some people are and it really makes me feel that its bull crap, Even i told S this and well, she was fair to say about the fact that everyone has a choive and who they like and it will always be that way and you cant force it etc.

But S was on tour so i did miss her a bit even though later on that week I would end up upsetting her since i didn't even say happy birthday to her and pretty much when to a mental anxiety attack with crying when video editing overnight on that weekend i had with Time off to edit after the fun of dickensian to deal with, like it was just getting hectic that week, the PS Classic, Consoles and also no time to be able to have off until that weekend. Also 2 people I've never heard of split up.

Parcels to Deliver

Selfies in hoodies

Work was packed full of stock

The lights and sky and packing up

But when it was that weekend, the exhausting video editing and also stress and arguments (by accident) with S lead me to get shaving done and a shower as well, also it let me realise that i can be productive but maybe i was feeling overworked, since no days off which was some to be even worse for the sure of it. But that and Zara just OUT of the blue was chatting and wanted a takeout and re were going to cyber but shamefully it didn't work out that way. Also finding out with K that she had a new job and i think that was going to be the end of out feeding agreement but i hope it doesn't since i don't want to pass her when I visit past her next month. But i did send £20 to the girl i was going to be seeing next month, since she told me shes lost the contract in her job and will be leaving after next month. Then a few days Later Zara wanted Another takeout instead of me posting a possible Christmas present off.

After that, it was working and chatting to so many girls, with S being herself and having fun with her job and the gossip of finding another feeder and making out with exes and other things. But It was also some early Christmas Presents to buy for family in a way, the rush was for later on but with less than 2 weeks until Christmas and the last day of home visits soon to be approaching, time was feeling short for me. But i also upped my game when a laptop I was given from a customer i sold a new laptop, to, contained a 120GB SSD and it was finally time to get OSX setup so i can video edit better on FCPX on the steambox. But that and CTR playing since the fun of the Remake out June 2019 :D. But then it was a Christmas shopping vlog.

Then I made a meal which was pretty much too hard to eat and i had to actually bin half of it, not sure what it was that made it different but it was.

But typing posts up and also enjoy quick snack to keep me going. Especially after working non stop for 2 weeks straight and only seeing my colleague for 5 of those days if that. Maybe an accomplishment but it might not be, also I started buying food/sending money to a cupcake, shes lovely, huge and down to earth and it made me prove that i'm not fake feeder at all, since some any girls bitch about it just X got food and Z didn't or Y was asking when there was no money. But hopefully with next year, it will be less people to feed and more that person i;m feeding and MEETING UP with. But Vegas Pro 15 was £22 and ACTUALLY A DECENT Upgrade. Like it made the 1050 actually useful for other than games, Handbrake Nightly was really worth it now for converting films for TV or the other use.

My WB rep sent me a Santa Jaws Xmas Card which was nice and it was soon time for the Festivities of Christmas Which was coming early and half the drama cut off this year.

Santa me, shame the suit got binned after this. 

Deliveries arrived like a rare Gamdias keyboard and DisplayPort to HDMI for me

The final bit of Christmas stock before leaving work. 

It was then Christmas Eve and it was a nice evening to be fair, some cheer , Christmas jumpers, the fun of family and the posh Cornish lady saying to a stepson that standing up makes the place look untidy, its great that these things happen once per year. Also it was close to being better of with No Deal on Brexit next month.

The meal on Xmas Eve, buffet Sorts

The Pie

Carrying it on my hand in the car for the drive home

The 1st nice batch of presents

then it was finally Christmas and all was silent as i walked Rosie to film the message in the onesie but people were walking past and disturbing the chance of it and rendering was quick to achieve.

The fun of family and it was shorter but still nice with presents, money, food and togetherness to enjoy us all with. But then it was back home and my Xmas was a relaxing ending to it.

The onesie

The meal

Rosie bless her
Some of what i got

The Queen

After that, life continued on with relaxing, typing, chatting to so many girls and spending as well as the nice walk around somewhere different I've never been, which was a nice forest in the heart of Dartmoor and though we got lost with trees cutting paths off and things, it was nice time to reflect for the end of the roller coaster of a year. 

A post shared by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A post shared by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

But it was finally time to say goodbye to this year as this post was coming to a close and sure there were 2 feedings i' did with some new ladies, one Dorset and one up London who i did send money many times ago which was a nice way to say goodbye to this. Even though this means i miss out the final day of the year, it will be a chillaxing one with last minute organising and also the time that will be the start of the new year with hopefully new plans and all that.

Well if you don't see me, have a AMAZING NEW YEAR Celebration and hope you read on for a new 2019 which will soon to be 10 years of Twitter.

Many Thanks