Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Punctured Exam Fail

A wet day on a important day and this was also nervy. A Microsoft Exam but this was alot harder to do than that windows 7 one, I even bought a book for this one since it was more topics which might be hard for me to even understand. of course, there are NDAs so not much on the exam itself can be done, but the vlog of before and after is below (one vlog).

The Morning of Tyres and Wakeups

It was a nervy morning. sure the exam and sure it was spitty rain and i woke up a tiny bit late at 9:00am and i was meant to leave by 9:45. So the shower was needed as well as a quick drink before getting my stuff and biking off.

The bike before leaving

Everything was ok in the rain  until by yelverton and the back tire was punctured, making me panic and feel slower and feel like I was being in a earthquake. I managed to reach it by 11:20 and got in and did it. But the tyre was shattered. I was booked in and the procedures were in place with nice staff.

The bike with the flat tyre

A Failed exam and a Cycle of Shame

By 12:55 I finished the exam. But I failed to get the pass rare by 300 points, so that was pretty much a waste of time. So it was time to get back to getting the bike fixed. This was a nightmare, to cycle back the way I came with my bum vibrating everywhere and also cars passing by, especially in foggy weather in the rain and this roadworks just before Dartmoor diner making it difficult to get up the hill and the pavement was overgrows and my knuckle even got stung by nettles. Eventually by 2:20, i reached the place to be, Rockin Bikes.

Leaving with those clouds around

The bike parked before getting it fixed. 

Fixing and Shopping

So then, I went in, waited and then the rep offered to help and I mentioned the puncture and he said they might have time to do it, his buddy was finishing with a customer and then he said "yeah, better get it done quick" which is nice and only cost me £11 which was good value. £6.00 for the inside line and £5 for the fitting. While that was being done, I popped over to co-op to buy some drink and food. Now after looking in the Game shop first, which was expensive and the premium quality that is over my budget, Co-op had some deals. Like Oreo Doughnuts for £1 (pack of 2) and of course the 1L bottles of flavoured water I buy for lunch when working sometimes.

The combo for £3.
Then I drank some of the Mandarin and Cranberry, nearly puked it up when trying to run back to the shop to pay for the fixed tyre line. Which was all nicely done for £11 and then I was off back to Tavi. 
The tyre has been fixed 
When i got to morrisons, I parked up since I remembered that I had to by my dad some presents for his birthday this weekend, as well as food to cook for a mukbang I might be doing when i have some free time soon. So I parked the bike by a tree near the petrol station and explored. 

The bike by the tree

Exploring Supermarkets

When i got into tesco, apart from a Dogs trust being very plain and not inresting to invite me to donate to them, It was the usual feel to it. But I wandered around and saw deals like Ginsters Chicken and Mushroom slice for £0.35 and there was 7 in, I was tempted to get them but I was seeing if there was a box of 60 pieces of chicken which was for a mukbang to make. Which sadly there wasn't, so I went to Morrisons, which took a while since of traffic, even one guy was shouting to use the traffic lights down the road. But I did and got in there, I saw a guy and he said hi back, walked in, various deals but the Frozen section only has a 16 pieces of chicken offer for £4.63 which was a nah. So then I walked back to tesco and bought some food. 

Tesco did have a pack of 30 Chicken nuggets for £1.50 which was reasonable amount, then i found a new york cheesecake for £1.50, added. Finally there were some mango chunks for smoothies I make using my sister's Magic bullet, That was £2. The food was £5, since the Ginsters slices were gone, all 7. only steak ones which are bleugh. But then the Vue giftcard for £20 was the last bit. Added that in. Totalling at £25, I paid it on my card. One of my customers offered me a lift (he was in front of me in the checkouts as well), I declined since i had the bike. Then it was off home

The food and card I bought for £25.
I manged to get home, even after hills and phone call attempts which make me nearly fall off my bike, but I didn't have my headset in which is karma. And then it was all done and the end of the day. 
Even though my sister was off to MTV Crashes and I found out she bought a VUE card as well which was annoying since i bought one too and was told to. 

But there is the end of the vlog, It was a poor day but soon it will be more days out and possible dates coming soon which might be a nice touch :) 


Monday, 25 July 2016

Working to see a Man Engine

it was another day at work, well this day wasn't a normal day, today was a day, of the Man Engine being unveiled just 2 minutes less away from the new place (well i've been there 8 months now) I work at. This is going to be exciting, i thought. The vlog is below:

A morning as usual

So then, waking up at 8:15 after the usual and even chatting to a guy that was boasting his sweethearts pot belly on reddit was a unique concept. But waking up, Rosie was snarling at me in her cage and then after preparing things and even taking in a PSP I listed on ebay and sold quickly (they haven't paid) , as well as the fact that i had to take some screwdrivers into work since this Macbook air had tricky screws to take out for a trackpad replacement apple quoted £300+.

But I then panicked about glasses (not glass, not worth taking it in today) and then got running to work. But i took a different route, this route was to really start the vlog, which i caught up with the pokemon craze and also an apology for not doing the 500th video on my 7th Twitterversary.  Then i ran my way down until i got to the square. I saw a truck load it up with other things covering it up.

The view i usually enjoy when walking for a vlog

The puppet being covered

An exciting morning of Puppetry

Then i walked into work, my neighbours were smoking and chatting outside the door, we all caught up and he enjoy a buffet he hosted for £20 from where i get my pasties and drinks for £1.70 from. This was nice, then a customer was asking about a mouse he lost. Then it was time to type this up and check ebay since works Ebay has a fair amount to post off. But nearer the time, the landlord's cleaner borrowed my phone to get a dratini from across the river which was exciting using pokevision. But soon it was time to unveil this Engine and drums were going by 9:40am. But this was time to catch a dratini and it was lost.

But 9:53 and I wandered out to see this puppet  crowds were a mass and it was delayed in its ceremony, the speeches were long yet importantly thoughtful, the banter was somewhat Cornishly there. And 30 minutes to see it gp up and down was not long, but my arms felt it. We learnt that sten is tin in Cornish, as well as another Cornish verse. But it rose up like a robot wars (yes I made that reference since it's on the bbc again) contestant with steam everywhere

Some crowded square

Magicians and tall stilts

A nice banner

The puppet, still being covered

More crowding


That raise in its arms

It does look away

IT looks at us with glares

Back to that working life

Then it was 10:45 and i went back to wofk, some voicemail and some eBay parcels to deliver were my tasks, as well as a Mac but I will get to that later. Managed to sort that out while my manager came to visit and we chatted, then he left and my neighbour was a bit annoyed at things in general but he did enjoy the puppet. Work chores woth posting later on gave me a chance to see it before it left for kithill, which it was on its truck and I was walking that post office way

Folded up and back on a lorry

The  I got lunch on the way back, which was a pasty a citrus drink for £1.50, that I did enjoy, I had a tablet to fix which turning location off did help oddly enough.

A usual lunch now which is £1.50

Then it was some admin phonecalls, VoIP top up and then trying  to unscrew something which has been tricky and spent the past 2 days sorting but with no luck. Then a customer or 2 rushed in for help which I did managed to sort him out, until later on. but I did get given a plate of chips for free :).

Free chips

The end of day for Visits

By 4:50, I was on my way to a visit when I noticed 4 voicemail s, from a customer, so after the first visit, I had to top up my original orange account by a fiver then rush off to his place, virtual box was being a dick on 5.1.2 which no sound on osx. By 19:25 I was on my way home, to a lush tea while getting this vlog ready and up.
And that ends this vlog for today, with another of the Microsoft exam on the 2nd day of MTV crashes this year, it might be a fun one


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cloudy 7th Twitterversary Catchup

Now then, its another year gone by another its now 7 years since I tried to move on the from the bad times many years ago. Things have been very flat yet low which theres this feeling of not trying hard enough when other things are popping up, either family or work. Which i've noticed more and more in the past few months.  A recent selfie

This past year on twitter

So, this year since the last anniversary has been quiet. I've tweeted less and less and things have not been as up to date as I know i should of, this year I've started to catch up and now Its picking up. But here is a infographic (aka a screenshot) of the past year of  the summary of my tweets which have been popular and who has mentioned me the most.
The summary

Showcasing the moments of my life which have been from food to flirting to buying food and even the odd abuse from people getting the wrong idea. There has been more feeder flirting in the beginning and some still around, which that side has gotten quite intense from Feabie which has almost gotten me some places better but not always. There were even new followers, from BNGI reps to even that celebrity that was mocked for her weight by alan sugar then lost a load of weight and suddently got engaged. But that has now gone since the ring was added. Also have the Rustlers official account following me as well as one of the Epicmealtime Lads as well.

Also there have been new blocks, from some Plus size fashion bloggers which has been some of a let down. There recently has  also been a surge, since may. Now this was actually from the events of a BBQ when swaggy really hinted to use a different way to share the meals. So I used twitter itself, and now its become some of the highlighted pics of months which is nuts really.

But the video side of things is not as strong, except for the music video for last year.

The Progress on online dating things.

This hasn't been going too well on Tinder, especially earlier in the month where there was a surge of bots using legit locations such as Torpoint and Plymstock which made it hard to make sure it was not legit to the naked eye, but when  a cam link happened, it was a fake for sure, but the fakes were using the same location (well 2 did and one didn't) which did piss me off a bit.

But failing that,  WooPlus has been dreadful with only one match but no reply to messages.

Feabie has really gotten better, sure I was more chatty to Tasha, this girl (whos dating a girl sadly), who was so sweet, but reminded me of emma with the same career path as her (and also Tasha who i fell for but lost shortly after buying her flowers) and we were chatting nicely, then I bought her pizza since she was desperate hungry and was  happy when I did but she also felt bad since i said i'm not a big earner but that missed up a major chance there. As well as that, theres a shit hype that MTV are doing a feederism documentary and some user (i was playing Pokemon GO while this happened) mentioned she was in one for a quick buck but regretted it and landed members on there scared and deleting pics :/. But there was one nice skype call with 2 mates from feabie whioch might lead to more than one but it might not, shes near London so it might be a trip up if i'm lucky enough (not looking it though), which felt nice and both were chill.

A Look at the Goals

Well as always, its worth to double check those goals for this year and see if any have been complete. 

  • Try not to fap on mornings when i have work - This has gone, i'm getting really fapping like twice a night and the heatwave hasn't help
  • Try to have a Holiday or have a week off from work without being called up at least for one day of it - I'm working on it but I don't see this as an option
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - This is looking rare so far, like 2 feabie members locally have gotten hooked up so :(
  • Plan a few days out  - I'm hoping next month
  • Tweet More - This has now picked up
  • Snapchat more  - Getting better
  • Get into my first Relationship - Struggling but i think dates with Gracie might help.
  • Cook for a Group of Girls - um, no lluck at all
  • Make some music Mashups - Gone and ignored
  • Play some more Steam Games and Finish at least 2. Just 1 game left, but PAC-MAN CE 2 will possible complete this. 

The Plans for the Summer

Summer is here and this is the Peak of it. Sure I will be working mondays as of next monday (along with a vlog due to a event which is rare) until September but it might mean I will be having some time during the week off, which means day trips. Some suggested places like Torquay (jodie actually did tweet me to go since Paignton Zoo is a model there now), St Ives (for classic nostalgia and cornwall #throughglass hasn't been done yet) or Exeter (Where a feabie member is and Chelsea is nearby but not sure).

There might be some opportunities for a night out and or even a date with Gracie to continue learning about dates and that feeling of kisses and cuddles is really strong. 

But more blogposts soon


Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Procession to Rio (Tavistock Carnival 2016)

When its this season, its anniversary season, its a year since the strip club panic attack and its also my first Carnival in the New location at work, which was having a dress up. Now with this in mind, I was unsure on what to represent on which country, But I ended up going with Jamaica. Which i had a decent plan for a £50 combo, a body suit and also a Rasta Wig. There was trouble there. But this wasn't going to stop me from hopefully enjoying the Carnival. The vlog is below

The Let down of a prepare. 

Like I said, I ordered 2 pieces of costume for this event. One of them was the Jamaican Runner costume and the other was a Wig. Now I bought both of these from the same supplier to make things easier, Paid £47.98 a week ago, nothing had arrived by Wednesday, so i messaged them and apart from giving out an odd address (same postcode but not accurate property details of where i an in Work's landlord's property). But the rep called bob said he had confirmed the postage. But sadly, nothing arrived and By friday, it was too late, with the carnival only a night away and this event, it made me stressed like fuck and I really, really, REALLY LOST MY MIND. Which is how a bit of Dogwalking with omracer to GO was needed.  

That and I also booked a Windows 10 Specalist exam. Which cost me £118 + £17 for the book which my neighbour is ordering in for me from his supplier. But this is going to be on my mind of revision to make sure I can pass it. 

But that aside, It was time to face the day.

The Day at work. 

In all honesty, it was quiet, sure I was moaning but fapping helped the moan before hand. Once i was up, got my keys, Phone, Glasses, USB Drives and a micro usb cable and then changed and Ran down to work, it was about 11 minutes and also running with a top hat to at least have some effort was the way of things. I Got in and explained the situation to my neighbours and he was sorry about it), But that was about it apart from chatter and some banter here and there, Like one about a giuy on the hearld that was a BHM and protesting a KFC opening up by Marsh Mills. Some favours with remote fixing was paid and I even typed up a blogpost about Pokemon (i linked at beginning), since it was that quiet. But by 12:15, it was time for a drink and lunch, even though I was debating on what to do for a meal tonight (usually that plan of Chinese is is, but since I had it last weekend, it might be either a Weatherspoons or it might be a Indian Takeout for a change). I thnk there was some small change I had for food. 

The fair was slightly not busy

The Fun House

A Look at the Train and other bits of the Square

A further look at the fair

Over The Falls is back again
As I got back in, things get draging, with my nose starting to get runny and also the place feeling quiet even with a small tablet sale and ebay listings. But as it was nearing the end of the day, things felt good but chilly (well the door next to me is open so wind can pop in and say hello, well not really) and making sure that i'm ready for this night.By 4:40,  I was leaving and taking some soldering irons back, Up the hill, with the Music playing and google fit actually recording my track since the GPS doesn't stop if the phone is awake.

It took me 16 minutes to get back and after another 10, i was out walking rosies in the field. Which only lasted 25 minutes and then it was 5:33 and by 5:57, it was shower time before running down at 6:25.

The Evening of Procession and Rio

I Ran with the led sneakers to town, with the GPS working. With luck  I was there within time abd the vlog was starting. With the announcer just coming up to say they are on their way. It took 5 minutes to start searching for a location which I found one by the traffic lights by one stop.

A view of the crowds

More crowds

Now once it started, we were standard in the wait and sway abut while people walk I front of me. The weather was lush and the music was pimping, some cheesy Rio tunes. With also a chap and his dad recognising me and asked if i was filming for youtube. 

But after a few parades and a longer time, it was 7:24 and it was time to explore, which I did and then it was time to head home via a Chinese. But on the way, I saw my parents and sister. Which we greeted and went separate ways. But just as I was about to order the Chinese, My FreedomPop number rung, WITH NO DATA on and I answered. It was my sister, they found a spot in the queens head. So I joined them.

I got in there, My sisters mate with 2 kids greeted us and they got a table as well. Then me abd dad ordered, I ordered a glass of Tap water, along with the meal of a gourmet burger and a apple and raspberry J20. Dad had the same except with cheese and a jail ale, mum and my sis had Southern fried chicken. The wait was a while, to order. While waiting, Ed and Ben saw the shoes and we did a quick greet. Then once ordered, it was £29 something and we managed to get the drinks back. Then it was time for drinking that water,  Which was nice. 
The j20 and Water

After chatter, I was told to get a jail ale, for dad, who gave money for it. I was waiting and Carol, she reintroduced me to her husband ans was surprised I Didn't drink. But that was a quick talk and heather served me a jail ale, no Id and £2.80 for it. Once I got it back, the food was there already. 

The gourmet Burger and j20 

Then I started to dig in and eat, which was lush. As we were tucking in, my sister saw Olly, along with his wife, which we all caught up and I mentioned the new place and then it was a mini trip down memory lane of Dinham Farm, man that camp site was amazing. 
We all tucked in and was feeling satisfied but not full since I was about to run back to home to get this vlog up. By 8:45, it was time to leave.

The sky at 8:48 or so, still bright and still 

I saw a friend i've not seen for years and we greeted and i said hi to his girlfriend and the conversation went blank slightly but then it was time to head out and that  exhausting cold run due to this throat, but it was time to end this night. On the successful vlog. 

Well that is the end of this, enjoy a catch up on my 7th Twitterversary which a new video should be up then.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Go Dogwalking with omracer

This is just a quick blogpost on the recent craze of Pokemon Go, why. Well since its something to enjoy and also it might be tied into vlogs a bit more. So, it was released officially in the uk on Wednesday and well, its been everywhere, people getting robbed, people getting hype of Team Mystic or Valor, Muesums banning people, celebs having pokemon invade their Gym and more.

Since I can't get any vlogs done until Saturday 16th for the Carnival vlog (Which was going to have this featured in the blogpost but its too long so nah). But here is a typical dogwalking with omracer blog featuring catching them.

Time to GO dogwalking.

We started out from home and walked down to monksmead and down to Morrisons that route, there was some pokemon along the way, catching them was tricky while keeping Rosie on the lead when she bites the shoe. 

We started to GO. 

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on
It was soon by the Canal by a first gym. Which, since I was on level 4, I couldn't access it yet. By a Staryu appeared.

The path with the canal on the right and the college on the left

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

And walking between The college and Morrison's, I saw a mate of a old school mate and then he showed me some High CP Pokemon, there was also a note that Level 12 gives Masterballs which are stronger Pokeballs and then he walked on and I was on the same path. But, it was soon time to approach the Red and Black football club which had a NCN Route 27 Sign as a Pokestop, which was handy since I needed to get some more Pokeballs. But connections were at a whim which means I Didn't get any Pokeballs. There were kids hanging around with muffins (cake ones) and getting things while using Pokemon Go.

As I reached the road after the Bridge, a hypnotic Pokemon appeared and I managed to catch it. With then carrying on to morrisons which did have some possible sightings at a car park which got me to near the level 5 point. But since the battery was at 12% on my phone, I stopped using it and carried on walking on the main road (well the route, not the actual road itself). By this time, I FINALLY REACHED LEVEL 5.

Finally Level 5

Soon It was coming near the Meadows where 3 Pokestops were upon me. One for the Meadows, one for the Subway (Lighthouse Memorial) and one for Drakes Statue. I managed to get all three but the connection on their end was glitchy when getting the subway one.

The Meadows 

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Then I walked on back to the Spar, which was also near a Gym, which then a big choice of which Team I had to make was happening. Team Mystic, Team Instinct or Team Valor,
The Gym
So, I chose Team Mystic, Team Blue and then it was done, the Goal was Blue and I was ready to explore this Gym. Since it was 9pm, I decided not to battle, but some kids sat down by the bench to enter the Gym.

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

It was then a case of walking back home, with Rosie Biting my shoes as per usual and then it was time for relaxing and a bath which was nearly 2 hours (to check snapchats and setup my mum's old phone which was my first Paris since she went for a weaker Galaxy J6 which was buggy and laggy and all she needed to do was get a sim only contract from tesco, which is £9 a month + £87 for the phone.

And then it was time to finish off and Prepare for a Carnival which was ruined in the beginning of the day...

Monday, 11 July 2016

A wet repeating cycle day out

So then , another cycle day out. This time its a repeat since of a 2nd attempt to see this customer and well, its coming up to the 7th Year twitter anniversary as well. But It was a lot of changes happening in the past weeks since i last caught up. Such as the fact my sister is moving out next month. Somewhere near but not in Tavi. Then thee is the costume I've ordered for the Carnival (since work's landlord wants us to dress up as certain countries, but all i can say is, its gonna be alright).

Well also we have the laptop nearly dying on me and Skype calls with 2 friends I've made from Feabie, which one is a pretty rad US guy and the other is actually my type and his, we were talking about alot of things, from tablets to feeding which shes had to ideal weights and some good to know things..

Anyways, since there is no vlog for this., Read on.

I woke up earlier than usual, like about 7:40 and there were some checking  to get done and got prepped up mid 9am ish. But the weather was quite grey, so mum was usually suggesting to get the bus. But I waited it out and the sun was trying to shine through, the usb drive was prepped up, a shower was done and it was by 9:35 which I left. Without glass this time since there wasn't much need for it, since that will be for the week ahead.

The journey was wet and the timing was pretty fast minus some stops for waiting for traffic and similar along the way. But in 1 hour, 42 minutes, I made it to Drakes circus. Feeling a bit soaked and hoping to finally get this visit done.

Parked the bike in the usual spot

Now, before going, I needed to dry up and toilet break, which was fine, so walking up to drakes circus toilets and getting that done before leaving there at 10:40 to walk up to the hoe. Which was a nice walk but just as o got by Ann summers, I had to put my jumper back on since it was rainy, but that stopped by the time I got to the hoe, with its view and quality hotel being demolished, piece by piece.

a cloudy hoe view

The hotel in the far centre right is a bye bye

But then I got to the place and I was let in this time, and took the lift up, which of course, those selfie types I finally did. Then that was an hour spent and happily sorted.

i've not done this ever until now

By 1:10, I was walking back into town and exploring on my own, from pants, graphics card, food from poudland and poundworld, Macs, big sausage rolls for £0.50 in spar and mini other deals. From chatter of cheaper prices online, funny gas mask stories and returns, iPad pro using and the pen works nicely on iMovie to be fair. There was also a visit to Waterstones for the first time. I was lpoking for a book I might need to read to prep for a Windows 10 Specialist exam I might do to help improve whatever is left of my career and since Windows 10 is massive hype. But sadly it was a small catalogue of Excel and coding books. But a quick relax for 10 minutes at 15:10 until another browse before buying some poundworld bits and drinks.

one the way back

Now it was a case of browsing to see what it would be to purchase this time. Which it was 7 bags of dairy milk buttons for my mum, a box of Sunkist ice lollies, a drink and a 4 pack of fanta. But realising that I might do a poundland order soon  it was decided to go with what I went for which totalled a fiver or £5. Sunkist ice lollies, 2 boxes of microwave popcorn, two bottles of tango apple and a box of vimto ice lollies. That stuff is nice and it might be an idea to open a ice cream stall in a shed selling those if I was a jobless soul with a major savings to invest in.

The stuff from poundworld

A sunnier look

Then it was the case of biking it back, with a mix of cloud, rain and sun. I managed to get back home a bit quicker than leaving At one point, I was pelting 9mph according to Google fit which was being accurate for a change at the cost of major battery life.

a fast speed

Then after 1 hour and 42 minutes, I was home and greeted by Rosie and mum, who just got back from a dogwalking. Which then within 20 minutes, it was a shopping trip to Morrison's along with a meal, I went for Chicken Tika and chips, which has a lovely spice to it. That came to £5 with a free fanta. It was lovely although it was burning the tongue with the heat. Once it was finished, it was time to get some shopping done.

The chicken tika and chips with a drink

Then it was done, various browsing of magazines and then some "lol at me for putting back apple doughnuts for £0.50 since they are not reduced to £0.25" from my dad was mentioning, the till clerk even sided with him which was a bit aggro in my mind. But then it was done and I got home finally.

Well this blog will get busy for the next month so look out for some fun there.,