Sunday, 2 March 2014

omracer's Night Out: The Immense 20th Camps Celebration

So then, its now the 3rd month of 2014. Things have been uneasy since Tuesday and I've had feelings of regret which could of changed fate if I did buy the lion king tickets. Work has been helping with keeping my heart going but I know I'm feeling fragile inside.

But tonight, is actually my first night out of 2014, its been longer than people think, but for one of my best friends in life, the closest I have to a girlfriend perhaps. Now with her becoming 20 and moved out, she's become luckier than others I know. But she's still the friend a lot of people would have.

Now, my journey begins with a busy and hetic day at work, selling laptops, guiding someone on iMovie, tablet helping out and more of the usual. It was about 4:30 and I was just finishing to lock up, getting the bookkeeping done, sending emails, locking doors. I sprint it home after topping up £120 on my virgin card, which still hasn't had the money paid back since I've still not heard much, I need to sort that. But after that, I get in, my dad starts laughing at my hair, which I did a quick fringe shave on.

The shave before the night out

Then it was getting changed while checking emails, after it turned out I would of missed the 17:45 bus, I took a shower instead, then got changed while afterward my mum and sis came back shopping then it became heated about my hair and my dad started really moaning about my eyebrows, which did piss me off but I stood my ground and actually told him I used to be taken the Mick because of what my eyebrows used to be before I shaved them off. Then it was 6:55 and I sprinted for the bus, I went so fast that the GPS couldn't lock on, but I can't wait around or use data mediatek. Then I got to the bus stop and it arrived 1 minute after,paid £4.50 and then Pete called, so I was actually an hour early. Then I started to make my way to Plymouth.
The envelope with Charley's Present inside :)

This was a nice stop off at the life centre then it was a run and I text jess if she was free but she ended up  in work. I ran to the gog and was supposed to order a glass of water, I actually ended up talking to bronti and  she was alright. She wanted to do something with Sasha and the house and me, like a Mattie day of some sorts.That and I thought I ordered a drink but it never arrived, so I walked out and headed my way to the house, the music was flowing, sure it was on the iPhone I had given but I miss vlc on it with using the speed control. Life was like a marathon, a paced run with things happening.

At this point, the vlog was more or less starting at this point. Enjoy it below:

Anyways, I get to the house at 10 to 8. I chat with both Pete and James, I was offered a drink, well since I've not had a drink all day, it was a pleasure, after waiting for them both to finish prepping up, we all headed out to Charley's new flat, which funnily enough was right under our eyes, well both of them went to get booze, I got Charley a lush chocolate cake which was bigger than her arms, it was £1.69 which I thought I spent wisely, I have yet to find that out, but she doesn't like cake, but it was still fun anyhow. 

Charley looked amazing, with a lush white dress with a decent bit of attraction for boob lovers, her beautiful short blonde hair, her eyes, well pretty much a lot of things on her. She always has the appeal of a woman who knows what she wants, which most men love. Below is some of the selfies took before oceana.
Me and the Dench Guy, Mr Flym

Me and Mr Hardy. 
Me and the Birthday Girl herself. 

Anyways, it was nice catching up and various topics from really anything, bitching, my life evening being told that shaving the fringe and eyebrows makes me look like alien, flats, money and other things. I was worried about the buses but it turns out that I missed them. But I did get some selfie with most people in the flat, which was neat. So, after reading the last bus is now at 10:42 where it used to be at 11:50, I found out I was stranded and this was my first time for a all nighter. With that in mind, a taxi was rushed out to outside cafe sol, It came to £6.80 which was for 8 people including myself, I paid for all of that  then I got into oceana for free, then it was a few hours of exploring, fun, raves and various extras.

The big ass robot that was in the ice room for a short while

I'll be honest here. There were too many things happening, I'm going to highlight the main points.
  • I was raving with charley and hugging her for a fair bit of it, dancing too
  • I had about 15 selfie with others, from mates like Bret to girls like Carla, of course charley was in a fair amount of scenes. Some of the selfies are below:
  • I was prodded on my face with straws by some guy.
  • I was told about my eyebrows at one point. 
  • Seeing charley make out with guys and Pete thrice was a bit unsettling, I think a tear came to my eye when they were saying about getting married, which after losing emma like that, taking it lightly can't be done, I know it was drunk talk but I'm a bit on edge still.
  • I at least played with two girls belly's, the first one was Perri and the second was Chelsie swain. "You can feed me as much pizza as you like, but I'll still be skinny". But Pete fell for her, dream girl type thing.
  • I sat actually opposite sophie and she actually said something but then rushed out as someone asked me for something, ash smiled and waved. Maybe it should be ash that I need to make the effort for, since she was nicer to me, or more so is. 
  • Someone licked their finger and placed it over my former eyebrow. 
  • I saw a really nice ssbbw, I did compliment her and ask if she was single. It was a no to that question. 
  • Swaggy was more bored than I was sometimes. 
  • It was funny that some of the tavi lot were out, only one or two spoke to me. 
  • I got a hug from jess welsh
  • There was a big ass robot in at some point.
  • A girl called maria, she loved the cooking/food related videos on my Youtube, its actually inspired her to cook, which that did make me feel a little bit smug
  • The music was quite good, some faster and upbeat remixes by freejak.
  • The roof gave way in the lodge, well a water leak. 
  • I got a hi from ash who almost served me in the lodge, before the leak happened. Her glasses were nice and she is a cute foxy type lady. 
  • I finally saw oceana close up at 3:30am.
  • People kept telling me that "i'm famous", which it doesn't feel as famous as i thought i used to be. 
Me and some old friends or #crappycityplym classmates

Me and a good friend
Dancing in Woo Woo
More Selfies and i look blind in this 

Me and a good looking scottish friend :)

Leaving Oceana at about 3:30

So that's the point we get back to, the closing up, after raving to some final songs and charley kissing Pete for the final time, it was time to walk out, out of the group that we left with only 6 remain. That's including me. So we started walking back to mutley via a unusual way which was quite interesting, sure there was finding out the one person I want revenge on was actually out clubbing as well, lucky I didn't see him, this would of caused a lot chaos, well I would be in a jail cell. But instead I was picking up a taxi with the others to mutley, which was quite lucky, it cost about £5 for all and some paid me back, which was nice.

The conversation was a bit nearly deep, but tonight was a lot of friendship testing which I really don't know how to pass. Maybe it was the boozed others  fucking with my mind, either way, it wasn't the best. It got a lot better when we went into goodbodies, until towards the end.
So the wait was not too bad before being served, sure it was fun. Before I did, I noticed ash and I walked out and shouted  "ash can I have a chat", she then literally sprinted to the taxi,  chatting, it seems wrestling was the  main topic, then bitching then pete was just wild, "Neknominate", "Gulp it", then the class of the bacon sandwich, that's all in the vlog. Muneetha arrived shortly after walking from the Vauxhall stand me and the others left her at. She was ok.
A decent glass apple juice for £2.75 :/ Also (.) (.)

The main course and the drink, in total cost me £9.00. £6.25 for the Burger and Chips and £2.75 for the Drink.

This was me and i found out, 2 fans that follow me on Twitter.
It was a bit of a shudder, with a few things that sure, I might of been a pushing on the feeding side, like she wanted a cucumber so I offered with my hand out and it was an instant cockblock like situation with "were best friends, we can't do this", its going to puzzle me with some other reasons which it turns out falling for her and we end up having a brotherly sisterly sort of love. Which is the reason why I feel that she is the closest to a girlfriend to me.
Well then it was leaving and nearly 5am, it was a not too bad getting back in there, though I was being blamed for being the loudest but I could only just hear my footsteps on the stairs, then it was the awkward moments of changing and with everyone else in the bedroom except me, I was being idiotic, I accidentally open the door and it was almost a nude fest. But then I put my hoodie over my eyes and it was too late by that time.
The sleeping arrangements were more implied I was in the wrong every time, from undoing my jeans to sleeping on the floor in one room then the other. Actually I don't think I've gone to sleep, I tried listening to music, no luck. Then it ended up to having me and Pete in the bedroom then now its just me in the main room. There was a point they were worried with me planking in a corner of the room.  Plus the toilet seat broke earlier on so peeing in the dark was harder.

This was about 7am

But it now comes to 7am, which the sky has risen, more clouds and it was a nice hopeful chance to make it easier and feel better for what happened the night before.
The chance I took, well that was actually cleaning the table and the kitchen cups and things, that did take about 2 hours from 8am since by the time I finished, the others had just woken up from their 5 hour sleep or even less than that. Also it was a shocking sigh when i looked into the cupboards and found all diet food, i sighed a little.
After cleaning the table at around 8am

Washing these was quick and a bit of help for her

I was desperate for a Tiddle so, I chatted then I took a quckie, after, it was pretty much chatting until I had to leave to get the bus back home. There was a lot to chat on, I mean more so for them than for me but it was still amazing. From people they met, to emma, about work of them and mine (heck I didn't know Charley is nearly a manager), memories and even more things in general, from a film that I might be into called halve I think.
This was turning out better and it made me realise a lot of things which I should think about, from charley saying most people take advantage from me, to Jordan thinking i should write a autobiography, which actually the blogposts are mini chapters for one, in a potential way. But it was still nice, the funny thing is, all four of them in the bed represented the beginning scene from Charley and the Chocolate Factory (See what i did there :D) 
The funny moment of the day, no joke

So this basically calls this weekend to a close, for me its back to normal, for some of them, its more drinking and fun as well as Charley enjoying the Bastille Concert tomorrow, it was actually a funny story with ordering that, but that isn't really interesting except if you work in retail. 

This past week has left some big holes in trying to achieve my goals this year. Since there is no chance with emma, thats been lost, theres no chance with Charley, this morning made it clear. which means catching up with the 2 most important New Years Resolutions is making it harder. But i'm still going to hope, for something to happen which might do it but like one quote from the Dark Knight "You make your own luck", so i have to do something for the luck to happen. 

Anyways, this is all i leave you with. Hopefully in the next few weeks, another New Years Resolution will have been done, but you will find out at that point. Enjoy your sunday night, i think i need to sleep since i've been up for over 24 hours straight, how i'm not drowsy, is beyond me.