Saturday, 9 March 2013

The first time a heart meets up with its dream come true

Well this week has been an important week, and it was an unexpected importance and it meant alot to me.  Since there are some things in life that mean more to you than ever before, even it if it hurts you towards the end. These was one of those moments. And also this is another of my new year's resolutions achieved. Thats 2 now in the first 3 months :).

But this tale starts on the Monday night. When the girl i love (Emma) facetimed me at 1am (Tuesday. Now i was just about to go to bed and i suddenly had a call on my tipo.
Theres a sidestory about my tipo recently. But i tried out version FXP209 from the FreeXperia Project and i've installed it fine and almost everything works, well maybe expect THIS bug and the battery is worse than before. But FXP210 is going to fix that which is released on 10/3/13.

Anyways she suddenly called me and before we facetimed she asked if i knew some people that tweeted her. Mainly a recent follower of mine from Twitter. After that she called me and then we chatted about various things. But she looked better than ever and more beautiful than last time we facetimed. That and it was nice to see her just as beautiful sister and her mate Lauren. That and two of lauren's guy mates too.
We chatted and i was kinda blushing at points and it made me realise that this is the spark i need for my love for her to keep going, but soon i was in for a suprise that would change me and make me remember this moment for the rest of the year unless a better one arrives along :)

So after most of the Tuesday done with, which was pretty much helping my dad move his bed into his bedroom after he had repainted it and layed down some new carpet. It was the evening and i suddenly had a call from Bronti. I was asked if i was free that evening and then she, emma, bianca and maisie were going ghost hunting and decided if i wanted to join, so i said i would. Then i got ready in 20 minutes, told my parents who just come back from work, that i was going then they were ok and i left.

At this point, the air was fresh, i was hyped and excited i was getting that chance to see the girl i love and this was the first time that i was going to see and hear her. So i was running to Lidl, where i said i would meet her, just like in the novel's beginning, while listening to running music (Green Hill classic was the last song played) and then got to the carpark, then i heard a shout "Mattie" then found emmas car and got in.
At this point i was unexpected of what was to come but we got in and headed out to the moors to princetown. It was quite funny with me having to be their navigator.

On the way it was quite nice chatting about various things, some about my running, others about the weather, even emma made a cute comment about "is the car too heavy" which i did say "i wish that was true, but afraid not". That and we drove in the fog to princetown and they were hyped about visiting Dartmoor Prison, but in the centre of the villiage, 2 of the girls needed a fag break so we parked up on the opposite side of the road and waited for a bit. Me and Maise chatted for a bit and i forgot who she was at one point lol *facepalm*.

After the fag break, we carried on, missed the prision and the girls didn't realise it was a working prision. But we carried on and headed back to Tavi. Nice music being played, teaching Bianca how to use GPS and the maps (yes the shitty apple maps) and then suddenly. a sheep walked onto the road and luckily emma stopped in time but the sheep was bumped but fell over and got up and ran off quickly. I think that is when things turned for the worse, it did shock everyone. We stopped in the road for about 10 minutes worrying, a couple of cars passed by but then we decided to head off home.

But the talk was getting embarrassing towards the end. Maisie asked me why i love emma and it was tricky but i said a few reasons why. Then bianca told me that Emma had been in a 5 year relationship. After hearing that i felt in shock and felt like i had been stabbed in the heart. The girls thought i was crying, i felt like it but i didn't since its not the best way to end a first meeting and then they dropped me off at the Bus stop by Tavi Primary then i ran home, feeling empty but saying to myself "at least you've seen her". Then once i got home i made myself a chicken curry.

well my late tea for tonight. chicken curry, ham, gold bar, p... on Twitpic
The curry i had when i arrived home. 

So that was that. Then the rest of the week i was working, with work getting busier and also i had to focus on other things to ease finding out that fact i found out and how that hurt :(. But then on Thursday evening things went even odder and yet again, i got shocked by another girl i know getting knocked up. This time it was an intresting situation considering this girl isn't in a relationship and suddenly her mate told everyone she was pregnant and a pics of her bump was shared. But then when i asked her, she said to me she wasn't pregnant. So as of now i'm still on the fence wondering if Kate is pregnant or not. But thats me worrying about things that i shouldn't need to. 

But aftet that i decided to sort something out and get a new omracer's tutorial up for my channel. Now this was quite a unique tutorial and i'm kinda lucky that i made it. You can enjoy it below: 

Now that was something intresting which helped me shave and also get a new video up. I didn't upload it until friday evening since i was busy from work but i focused on it. After that, things are now quiet, well mothers day will be quite a busy day for me with celebrating my nan's 80th and mothers day in my sister's former work: Karens Restaurant which does quite good meals and is not too expensive either.

For now this is another story in my life summed up, hopefully the start of something and maybe some luck for a heart thats been broken at times in life, to be able to love and feel love back from a beautiful girl.

Hope to see you in the next blog :)