Friday, 27 April 2012

The detailed week :)

Well this week has been quite a busy week. This time i did add to it daily, so its like i can write more.

Anyways.....on to the thing below

Well it was a nice day, i did cook some nice brownies, then was playing RR Unbounded and finished Shatter bay finally and started playing online, well custom cities anyway. But my lunch for that day was a nice roast chicken with roast potatoes, mint sauce, gravy and more as shown below:

Well a roast chicken, potatoes, beans mint sauce and more :-) on Twitpic

But over the weekend i've had a craving for blondes, so the fantasy i had was a cute romantic relationship between me and this girl named sophie berkely. Never met her but her pics are hot and shes not even a bbw which is strange, but has a feedee vibe.

Well quite a funny day...
It started off nice, my craving for blondes was now changed to girls with black hair and this time it was a cute relationship with me and this Lauren Mcdougall. quite extreme weight gain involved.  But i got changed, freshend up and it was pissing it down with rain outside. So i put a extra pair of jeans, socks and  my work shirt in my £40 rucksack and ran down to work. it was terrible weather, my jeans i was wearing were soaked, but when i got upstairs, i decided to dry them off.......using a heat gun.
But later on i had a home visit at the same place i went to solve a customer broadband. I entered his isp detials back in and it was now working. On the way back i decided to get some lunch. Quite a nice deal i had, cost me £1.98  
Well another pasty, sausage and drink. This time it cost me £... on Twitpic
 Then after various jobs, it was time i ran home, then had tea then played some RR Unbounded :)

Well it was the first of my days off this week. I woke up, had a great fantasy over the same girl on monday, then had a shower, and rendered a two hour long video in movie maker, it did play unlike the one i did last week.

But after that, started downloading Season 2 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Just to clarify, YES, I'm a brony. But started that and also started downloading itakos L2 10.7.2 to upgrade my desktop from Snow Leopard to lion. Now the nice thing was, it was 4GB, it was torrent and it was going at 950kb/s down. Luckily i had a few errands to do, so i got changed, ran down to town, got my haircut.

Funny with this. I went to the Original Barber shop by the market and the barber was an middle aged Italian man called Giovanni. He was a genuine and nice chap.....but he was also the first barber i've had to explain a trendy haircut to me. Usually when i have a haircut, i say "something short and trendy if possible", the barber's/hairdresser's response is "around 2 on the sides and 3 on the top so you can gel the fringe (which i never do since it causes bad dandruff flakes)". But with Gi's response, he explained to me clearly but i was nervous and unsure, hopefully the other hairdresser who was a cute blonde (non bbw :{ ) didn't notice. It was a sort of v shape shave and removing the fringe. i was unsure but he did a good job, well it cost me £10.50 which is the standard price at the place :)

Then i picked up lunch which you'll see soon and then i went to work to see how everything was getting on. My boss said it was fine, not that busy, checked upstairs and it was quiet and tidier than when i left it :)
Then i ran home, and when i got back, put the washing which was in a basket, into the tumble dryer in the garage then prepared lunch, it was a nice Salad for £1. Sausage for 50p and a peppered steak pasty for £1.09. then added crisps, biscuits and sauces :)
Well a Mega lunch today, pasture, salad, sausages, plus crisp... on Twitpic
After that. i started getting lion installed. It took 2 tries to burn the disc on my laptop running snow leopard and had a DVD burner. But then no picture was on the screen. turns out i had to put the Graphics settings to onboard first in the BIOS then it was showing and installed using the various kexts i needed and patches. Then had to get the ethernet, Graphics and Sound kexts and got them to work then had to fix the Appstore Device can't be verified error, the fix was to inject the ethernet kext into chamelonboot.plist and the Then updates to 10.7.3 then reinstalled the graphics and audio kexts and boom. now working on Lion and installed Messages BETA.

That was pretty much Tuesday.

To be honest, a quiet day. it was pissing it down most of the day, i woke up and then fapped over the girl i love and it was a nice relationship but she had a bigger appetite and was slightly guiding me into where to take the relationship further, which i already planned out. Moving into a bungalow which is suited for big girls , except the kitchen door (for roleplay reasons).
Then woke up and was relaxing then had lunch which was a Lamb Biryani while watching more episodes of MLP: FiM Season 2.

Well a Lamb bryani with crisps, Ham, biscuits, ketchup and mo... on Twitpic

Then later on i made a new game video. A round of Point Blank 2. But halfway through my nan called, but i didn't scrap all the footage :)

Then after that, i was editing and uploading that then had tea then played RR Unbouned then started typing this up :) doing it earlier for once.

Well it was a nice morning, saw some girl on my fb news feed wearing a pink tank top. so i had a fantasy about dating her and involved cute romance with bit of tube feeding and buffets.
After that, got changed ran to work. Seemed as i got in, a stand for all the cables i saw and then my boss explained an idea on how to better market the cables and simplify the types of cables, i agreed with it and started designing the posters and a template for the holders, then moved some of the cables downstairs which gets the cables out of the workshop to make it tidier and more private. Then i got lunch, was a nice bundle. For 2.65 which is a bit pricier than normal ?
Well a expensiveish lunch for today. Cost me £2.65 :-) nice s... on Twitpic
After that, getting various things done and gave some advice here and there. Then before closing time, i had a home visit up Tamar Avenue. Ran to there in around 20 minutes (mostly uphill) and it was a weird bluetooth dongle not being recognised. Did various attempts and eventually it worked, but the Blue Solleil Software was causing issues so i uninstalled that and then it worked and got it to pair with some headsets.
Then ran home and the traffic was quite  packed on the way back. But then got home, Parents were out so i put some MLP on and cooked tea :) then relaxed and played some RR Unbounded, and finally had my first online race, i won it :)

Woke up, realsing i forgot to unplug my phone charger and overcharged the phone, not a good feeling but i might need that, was trying to fap before i got ready but i wasn't in the mood. So i woke up earlier, listened to music, then got the washing from the tumble dryer in then got changed and decided to take my laptop with me, even though i hardly used it.
But i arrived in work and it wasn't too bad, mostly had two dells with, actually the SAME PROBLEM even though both had other problems. Which is that the DELL insipron 1525 doesn't pick up the charger's id and won't charge the battery. Its a messy problem but after replacing the powerboard, and reinstalling the battery driver (using device manager) it worked, until i updated the bios which was "suppose" to fix those problems. i'm now back to square one. Also a order from a supplier arrived, today, a soundcard (Xonar D2X), 650W PSU and TP-Link WIFI adapters.
Then i brought a mini lunch which cost me £1.10. mmmmm, rolo cookies and a sausage.
Well my lunch is a cheaper one than yesterday :-) £1.10 it co... on Twitpic
Then after that, i had two problems to solve for customers using remote assistance. Easy Connect in W7 was the best Remote option MS have done.But one was recovering data and the other one was poor quality printing. Solved both. Also i had to cover the desk and was guiding a guy on what games console to buy on his Birthday or if should upgrade his PC or buy a new one (he was asking about building a mac, hmmmm :P)
Then after that, ran home and it seems the Post office had cop cars outside (which i also saw my mum outside and she asked me what i wanted for tea if we were getting a takeaway) but the best thing about arriving home tonight was this:
Well now home and guess what's just arrived :-) quicker ... on Twitpic
MY PASSPORT FINALLY ARRIVED, in 8 days too lol. i only sent that off on Thursday. Which means i can go  nightclubbing legally and i have been planning a vlog about going town (nightclubbing in plymouth) and also adding a underage counter to hint at the fact how many underagers can get into clubs nowadays.

Finally i had tea, which surprisingly was a indian , which i paid for myself as a treat to my parents. Then messed around on my quad core, playing some flash games, Sid Meiers Railroads and upgrading stepmania then fucking the game up by copying the 3.9b themes into the 5.0 alpha themes folder. and my songs are not on there anyway :(. Then had a bath and had to help a newbie sarcastic 18 year old choosing a laptop. Saying core i5 means nothing to her  

Thats this week summed up pretty much. With just over two weeks until my sister is back, i'm interested to catch up with her after not seeing her since late August and the NHS in derriford could of fucked her chances of going where shes gone so far (Hawaii, New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, Chicago). By snobby female consultants cancelling drugs tests that she thinks my sister didn't need when the agency (Steiner) requested them. Since shes back for 5 months this time, will be nice to let her enjoy Tavistock Goose Fair since shes missed it for 3 years. And on  that now, i'm going to vlog it this year with what i'm looking at, so you see what i see, instead of me more.

But i'm afraid i've still got no luck with the girl i love, and it seems theres no sign of that happening soon, *big sigh* but all i can do is wait, she means alot to me. But guess the same situation happens with me alot then. one way love. But i'm feeling like maybe shes too good to actually be real and maybe its someone that i've made up, shes dream with amazing features, kind heart, amazing appetite, quite kinky too and shes older than me :). Maybe its best to wait this one out, well its the only thing i'm good at with the closest to relationships currently. time to head off for a fap and a sleep.
Have a good weekend and thanks to the 900 views so far on this. its been good some people are interested, since irl, hardly anyone is, which is why i vlog, tweet alot and blog. just to show that you can say what happens, if it interests someone, it feels nice :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

A Geeky week..well sort of

Well here we are, another quiet week but mostly geek related things. Lets Start.

Sunday was mostly a day of Playing Ridge Racer Unbounded, cooked some brownies, spoke to my sister whos now in Hawaii. That and my lunch for that day was a nice roast Gammon. But this was after having to move a caravan from a farm shed back to our house.

Well a nice roast gammon, mint sauce, potatoes and vegetables... on Twitpic

Well a quiet day but sort of busy day at work. Various jobs here and there. had to sort out a broadband issues by doing a live chat with eclipse, they sure are nice people. and i mean that, then i ran to the customers house and no response, then brought lunch on the way back to work, something cheap to be fair.

Well has a home visit then this is my lunch for today. Just g... on Twitpic

Then but i did take my laptop in to install snow leopard (iatkos s3 v2) and windows 8 on the same hard drive. Took some attempts and even had to attempt some more when i came home after work but i got it working just about 10:30, thats with 10.6.8, audio and wifi kexts and solving the PCI configuration begin problem. If you do need kexts for a Acer Aspire 5310. You can find some, HERE.

Well i woke up late, had a great dream then finished installing the software (life11, windows 8 apps) on the second laptop, then i was recording RR unbounded videos. Well playing it until 1pm then having lunch then playing more and attempting to download the software for my capture card which supports osx and windows. its in the link for the acer kexts. Lunch was a nice chow mein and extras :)

And a mixed lunch for today, chow mein, golden syrup, crisps,... on Twitpic

I did finally get the videos recorded except one. Then after tea i started editing the video. it ended up 22 minutes long.


Well this was a simple day. Finished editing the video and uploaded that. That and attempted to render all of my sonic colour videos into one go. it took 8 hours to render and i also had trouble uploading the RR Unbounded video. But here is the video:

SPS: Ridge Racer Unbounded: City Limits by omracer

And here is my lunch for that day :)
  Well a Tika with a mixture of things from Ham to chocolate bi... on Twitpic

Well this was a hetic day, arrived in work, had to show a laptop to a elderly lady who wanted to buy one for her grandaughter, then i had a home visit at the customers house with the broadband issue, turns out BT was to blame for cutting his ADSL at the exchange. Then i got passport photos done, brought lunch, went to see someone since they offered me a private job. Long story short, the HDD i replaced in this laptop failed (damage by person) and i replaced it and reinstalled windows...again. picked that up. Nice menu for lunch though:

Well a pasty and sausage and a drink for £2.12. on Twitpic

Then i was helping to rebuild a laptop which a mobo had come into to be fitted. took rest of the day, didn't help with problems since the till's PSU went faulty. But also got my boss to countersign my passport application and then used the Post office Check n Send serivce (which cost £8.17 btw ?) and send my passport application off. well its nearly overdue by a year when june hits up. That then went home and played unbounded more, while reinstalling windows + office + updates on that laptop)

Happy 4/20, well this was a busy day as well. various jobs came in, the till's psu arrived and fitted and worked, however it seems the NIC has fried, so i'm trying wireless with it. That and helped put another laptop back together and also delivered the laptop that i reinstalled windows on. Lunch was a nice combo :)

Well my lunch for today cost me £1.10. Nice sausage and a coo... on Twitpic

Well that and did various other jobs, set up a laptop and then ran home, had tea and finished Shatter Bay in RR Unbounded, now for taking down online at a later date.

Thats another week gone,
Hope to see you again

Friday, 13 April 2012

A week of work mostly.

Well this week was quite a nice one, it was easter weekend to be exact. Here's whats "went down" the past 5 days for me.

To be honest, it was a relaxing day playing PS3 and PC games. Gotten back into Rage Racer recently so i had a thrash at that :) But i did have a nice roast chicken for lunch :)
Well here's a nice roast chicken for today. With stuffin... on Twitpic
It was a nice meal and i don't think there was much else that happened on that day. Apart from having a phone call with my sister who was on her way back to the US (Hawaii) on the Radiance of the Seas Cruise ship and next month she flies back home for a few months holiday :)

Monday (Bank Holiday):
Well the weather was utter shite and so i woke up about 10:30, listened to music, then i was playing more Rage Racer and Simcity 4 Deluxe all day. Trying to get 1st place in every race using the same class isn't as easy as it might be. But i got to class 3 on Extra GP. Then also i was playing some of "The Last Guy". its one of the games i got free as part of the PSN reward program which was to do with the Data/hacking scare. But for lunch was a microwaved Chinese Chicken curry with a whole chocolate easter egg with rice, crisps and more :
Well a Chinese chicken curry with one of my Easter eggs, cris... on Twitpic
I got a few worried replies when that was tweeted, one from a girl called Grace and another from someone else. Apart from this, my days was just relaxing and so on :)

Well after this rather boring Bank Holiday weekend, its time to head off to work. So i cycled down to work, quite happily racing along and feeling the breeze downhill. Arrived and started getting various customer jobs done, also started tidying up some of the upper shelves. That and ordered something my work colleagues wanted which was about £8. My lunch for that day was this:

Well my lunch for today cost me £1.84. Looks tasty and fatten... on Twitpic
Now that was a nice amount, them sausages have been selling alot in co-op recently and they taste nice :)
Anyways, finished at normal time then cycled home then had tea then played some more Rage Racer :)

Yet again another day at work. Cycled in, arrived. It wasn't too busy but there was various advices being asked from me and i had to cover the shop floor for a bit as well. Its nice to cover since it really is funny playing Windows XP version of Spider Solitare on a touchscreen till. But anyways after work, cycled back earlier then i went to the fairground to gamble and lost which was a shame then had tea then played some more PS3. My lunch for that day was a steak pasty was nice and was £0.80 :) and a sausage roll for £0.40 :)

Now my lunch for today cost me £1.20. Funny since its a pasty... on Twitpic

Another nice day at work, cycled in. Then it was various jobs again, from soldering, to checking keyboards that had tea spilt on them and a reinstall as well. Nice to have one of the guys that work once a day to pop in and some relatives of one asked for some advice which was nice. Then i had lunch which was this:

Well my lunch for today cost me £1.49. Cookies and a sausage ... on Twitpic
Later on, before it was closing time, a customer traded in Ridge Racer Unbounded, work brought it off the person for 20 and i brought it from work for 30. The Limited edtion which had a working DLC code. It was looking like new :)
So I treated myself since a customer sold this to work :-)  £... on Twitpic
Then decided to head off home after helping to lock the shop up, but as i was getting the bike unlocked, the bike fell and it broke the ipod dock, that really annoyed me and it was hard trying to unlock the bike and reach to pick up the dock that fell.

Once i got back i played some more of The Last Guy, then started playing Unbounded and it is actually quite good game and the graphics are impressive. Finished just about the first two lot of events at that point.

Well it looks great weather so i decided to not wear a jumper and cycle down to work (of course after fapping like i have done the past few days). But headed off, was nice weather. Then i arrived in work, had to take a dvd drive out of works gold demo machine to sell to a customer, then had to install windows on a macbook pro for a customer using bootcamp. it didn't work using a windows 7 HP sp1 x64 disc but using a non SP1 x64 worked ???
That and reinstalled vista on a different laptop. That and had to research a problem with a Dell Insipron 1525 not charging the battery, ends up the power board is the best option.
Had an amazing lunch though:

Well a Mega nice bundle for lunch today. Bacon and sausage Ba... on Twitpic

Then locked up around 5:20 after having to install Kaspersky IS 2012 to a netbook. But it was pissing it down outside and it was getting soaked, and cycling back home was a nightmare, hard to see. But got home just after my parents did, they took the piss out me looking wet, had a shower, had tea, played RR unbounded then had a bath and typed this up.

Hope to chat shit to you lot next week (based on the face Curtis Evans says i talk utter shit)

omracer out

Friday, 6 April 2012

Quite a good week and a varied one too :)

Well this week, various things have been going on and i'll sum it all up. Here goes.

Well this was a quiet day for the beginning, then a friend whos also a customer called and i ended up working overtime and i didn't fix the problem there and then. My lunch for that day was this:

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Then in the evening i was relaxing and playing games on my desktop or playing ps3.

Well this turned out to be a rather interesting day. First off i was slightly tired but i woke up, listened to music, had lunch:

This was my lunch on sunday. Roast gammon with: Gravy, Potato... on Twitpic
Then i decided to remake one of my older vlogs. now this was due to the fact since the weather has been amazing during that past week and i wanted to talk about some things. Here it is:

Its quite a long video and took about 8 to 10 hours to edit over the course of two days. Not bad but it was hard to hear since of the distance. But i'm looking into ipod touch underwater cases so next year or later this year might be intresting. That and it was funny with the middle section of that vlog. when i crossed the river, i had to cross it twice both ways. The first time was for carrying the bike across, which i got through safely, then the second time i had to carry my shoes, this was easier to walk with but i chucked it and one made it to the edge but one fell into the river and started floating so i just caught it and got part of my shorts wet, as you saw. That and then cycled to Gem Bridge, again as you saw. Then i cycled back home and had a shower and started to edit the video.

This was a quiet day in work but i had to chat to Eclipse to sort out the issue i mentioned on Saturday. Then had to go to Browns hotel to check how much ram their receptionist's desktop could take. The receptionist had one of them cute, charming, innocent voices and her name was Chloe and had blonde hair. So i used speccy to check the specs. Turns out it was a gigabyte AM2 board that could take up to 16GB of ddr2. So my boss ordered a 2GB stick. Then this was my lunch i had for £1.49:

This is my lunch for today. Cost me £1.49 and looks tasty. Th... on Twitpic

Then later on my boss did a order from one of our suppliers and parts for a custom build range of machine that my work sells. Then i got one of our older but more expensive machines to sell and reinstalled windows which creates a recovery partition. it captured the "image" and it can now reinstall using the hdd. quite good :). Then i ran home and continued editing the vlog i posted on sunday.

Well this was quite a busy day at work. Fitted that 2GB ram for Browns hotel, built that PC that arrived from the supplier. that and some other jobs around. Funny thing that i cycled into work as well, anyways my lunch or that day was this:
Well i only had a cheap lunch today, cost me £0.35 for this p... on Twitpic
Then i cycled home and my seat was wet :(, but dried it up and then relaxed and played some fat princess and Simcity 4, in the opposite order.

Well this was just a nice staying in a relax day. But i did manage to have a chat with the Devs from Ridge Racer Unbounded, which to be fair, i did give alot of hate for. But recently my minds changed on that game. My lunch for that day was a nice Tika:

and finally my tea for tonight was another tika and some bisc... on Twitpic

nothing important happened after that.

Well this was a nice day at work, was mostly tidying up but some relaxing as well. I did have a quick fap over one bbw model which was quicker than the girl i love since of the size difference and appetite, but then got changed and freshened up and then cycled off into work about 9:30, going along the railway line and viaduct then i saw the colleague just after me when waiting at a road to cross. so he crossed and cycled on and i was a short way behind, being passive with traffic on either side. Then helped out on various jobs and lunch for that day was quite a bargin and still under £2

Well my lunch for today cost me £1.75. Nice salad and pancake... on Twitpic

Then i left at normal time after having a look at a dell with a apparent overheating problem, which i found a bit of dust in the heatsink. Which i cycled back and a package i ordered on monday or tuesday arrived. An ipod dock for my bike. It fitted quite nicely after 20 minutes of being accurate and tightening the screws for the dock. It looks very nice :)
well i've been home for about 30 minutes, got my ipod do... on Twitpic

Good Friday:
This was a nice day and decided to do some daring but casual things. It was another cycle trip to plymouth, this time i tried to go on gem bridge, this time it was easier to get to but the other side's ramp wasn't completed or bordered off which was a pain. So i went underneath and crossed the river by turning my jeans into shorts and walking across, it was easier than the other river i crossed but was still tricky, i did slice my right foot slightly but that was when i was taking my shoes and socks off.
Then after getting to the other side, i cycled back on the path through magpie viaduct and through a posh estate in horrabridge, then followed the path to yelverton.

Once i got to Yelverton, i decided to floor it since it was about 12:15 and usually i get to Mcdonalds in Plympton by 1pm. With that in mind, i rushed to get to Plympton, but also i had the chance to test out how recording on the ipod dock went. You can see the footage below:
So then after cycling down Plymbridge woods in sunny weather, i got to Mcdonalds in Plympton about 1:15pm. Here i brought a fair bit of food for £8.47 and won a apple pie and a Mcflurry. But i gave them to a girl that works there to give to Charley who was working there at that time but must of been at the back so i didn't see her, but at least i hopefully brought her a mcflurry like a said i would (thats if she got the ticket and used it, not sure she did) but heres the lunch anyway :)
Well my lunch for today cost me £8.47. Looks tasty and so for... on Twitpic
it was really tasty but took about 15 minutes just to enter the three mcdonalds monopoly millions codes on my ipod using safari and tweeting the pic above.

After that tasty meal and giving the instant wins to some girl working there that was standing around the bin to give to Charley but gave me evils or weirded out look at me, i decided to walk and have a browse into currys, then comet then i cycled to Marsh Mills retail park to have a look in PC world and Halfords. PC world didn't have RR unbounded and there amount of AMD graphics card were not that nice or cheap. Halfords Cycle dept was much busier than last time i went in though which was good :)

Well at 3pm i decided to cycle back and my legs were starting to feel the pain cycling back through Plymbridge woods, but i did get a nice shot of a Plymouth Peregrine. It might be hard to capture but you can see it on the right of the picture. Then more cycling and i was rushing to get back, walked up the steep bits of the hills along the way back, then as i got to the moors, i was cycling on the road to long ash and following the NCN 27 route on the road, but my boss saw me as i was, in his words "racing along like a crazed dervish".

Then i got back home around 5:30 and got changed then started editing the video of the test footage then had tea then edited for the rest of the evening then got in bed about 10 ish then uploaded the video and started writing this blog post. But i had a prank phone call from Lauren Wise and she chatted and asked how big do i like "my girls" to be. I said around 20 stone (around 300lbs) to 40 stone (500lbs) which shocked her then she asked me about the girls i like and then the top ten girls i want to sleep/have sex/get laid/bone/fuck with and i said them. She was shocked at some of them, one of which she said "was a right dog", but i said my reasons and said ok with a small laugh. Then i headed out to sleep.

And that is when i leave it here for now. But except the fact i've had to finish this on Saturday so, that was a nice day, quite quiet in work, i did fap over the girl Lauren called a "right dog" but then freshened up and cycled in at normal time. Then it was testing a overheating laptop which i had on for over 4 hours and was still working, which mostly was to watch my youtube subscriptions which was alot since HappyCabbie did private videos as an april fools joke. "oh ha ha". But after that i attempted to solder a powerjack with a soldering iron i ordered to replace the one i broke by accident. After that was tidying up and customer advice, then cycled home and put the bike away then get into relaxing clothes and finish this. My lunch though was a large pasty and space raiders and a "kids drink", all for under £2 :)

Well a nice lunch for today. A nice large pasty with space ra... on Twitpic

Thats been this week, before i go, i'll leave you with two things.
1st thing is Happy Birthday to a friend of mine, Whippin Sean
2nd thing is enjoy a pic of me on the bike taken on the ipod dock during my bike ride :)
Have a good easter and week from me, i'm off to have a nice indian for tea :)