Wednesday, 22 October 2014

omracer's Night Out: The autumn harverster feast

Well with product reviews and people having time off, it was time to get a meal out going, swaggy and miss dougall got it arranged, they called on the Friday after hose fair then after some tweetings, the house, me, laruen, elosie, muneetha and even charley were going to go.

Enjoy the vlog below:

The Tuesday I thought I would be clever and work an extra day, now it was productive but I was an idiot and left this wayyy to late. I got home at 5:15 then out by 5:40 and blitzed it to lidl, but the bus roared passed me as I  got to the morrisons roundabout and I pelted it to horrabridge, which was not too bad in 45 minutes from my house there.

Getting near the Tunnel at 6pm

Making it to the bus stop at horrabridge at 6:25pm

I got there with a soaked shirt and sligltly wet hoodie, but after waiting 5 minutes, I managed to get on the right bus, then it was a quiet journey. Knowing I have a even longer run ahead of me, I had to get PFF at derriford, since the closest way to get to plympton was using back roads. This turned out to be one of the scariest runs I've done in and around Plymouth. The run consisted of running through science parks, a lane that was giving the feeling I was in the middle of nowhere, chavy housing estates and passing marsh mills. I did get from Marjon to the harvester in plympton, it was a scary time and with the help of Google maps and a torch on the phone. I made it in 49 minutes.

Passing the derriford entrance
Action Shot when i was running near the Ski Slope

Passing a Mcondalds i used to pass by alot many years ago (well actually 2)

When I got near the pub, it was interesting that two girls in a black car started shouting my name, then we had a Snapchat together and they even offered a lift. Since it was close, I said its okay.

Insert snap if needed or found

Now I made it and after searching, I found the house and we all greeted each other, while I was still sort of drenched in sweat. But it was good to catch up. Various chats and it turns out laruen, charley and Eloise had bottled it. James even said how he put a bottle on that WhatsApp chat I used to be in but I got rid of the app.
Then I let them borrow glass while I had to go and change, but it worked and everyone was fascinated with it, I mean I heard that I'm probably one of the very few Plymouthian area people that have it. I think Pete got carried away about snapping tea

Then there was wrestling talk with the make a wish foundation thing, which they all said about meeting said people. But after I was out changing and taking a piss, I had to get to the bar but didn't order
So the waiter took my order.
1 x beef burger with chips an BBQ sauce - £7.99
1 x pomegranate and elderflower coridal with soda and ice - £1.75
Then I was told to get the salad started so I topped up with rice, onions, onion flakes, bacon bits, bread, sweet corn and thousand island dressing. It was nice I must admit.

The first Salad, and a pomegrante and Elderflower cordial

After more chatting and glass fun, my food arrived. The burger was nice, the BBQ sauce wasn't that good and omg the burger sauce in the burger was too good ;)

The Burger, Chips and BBQ sauce along with the rest of the first salad

Then it was some glass fun of eating and some type of banter, it was ok, I was a bit worried about staff reactions, since I don't want to be a glasshole this early. Also Pete said I got it quite early, he talked to it soooo posh. The chatting and indulging got on and soon it was about 8:20 and desert was an option, the waiter was a class bey, I think someone mentioned moshpit. I ordered an apple juice for £1.80 and that was for a small, which was plenty to ease down the food especially as I had to find my own way back.

The apple Juice

But after the couple had a matchmaker sundae and swaggy had a mint choc sundae, it was time to settle up, we almost all decided to make the calculations, the total for us all (6) was £48.54 and then everyone paid the amounts for their food. Mine came to £11.54 altogether which was reasonable for food and 2 drinks (3 since I drank half a glass of some used j20 so that was free). Then we all left. We started walking back but the house had to get the bus back and I almost tripped before running into town through the embankment road.
Running past Sainsburys ~~(the one with the white sales

The journey almost killed me  by the time I got to town, my legs were almost ready to explode and I was limping or very close. As I strolled around the barbican, it was slightly peaceful and some live music was playing.

A blurred view of the Barbican from near OMG

The Barbican strip

Then it was a case of getting a drink from Bronti's work. This might of been a mistake, well I went in, I let a guy order before me. Then a different girl served me and I clearly said "are there any non alcoholic drinks for under £0.50". She said no so I ordered a glass of water, then her manager said there were cordials but by the time I ordered them they were £0.55. This was annoying since I had no change and she said " I see notes". So I ended up having to use a £10 note. Sorry but that is a pisstake. But she said its policy so that was me out just after I gulped it down.

Then I wandered and after getting to the bus stop, I was 45 minutes early, but before that, I was asked by a guy outside the student tescos and I said I don't smoke then he said "I gotta stop doing that" which then he was in a drunken tissy.

As the bus stop was outside the brass monkey, I say JP and then  we caught up, started talking and I let him try glass, he was fascinated by them. Then I met immogen, she was a nice brunette short haired girl with nice eyes and it was nice speaking to her.

Then he gave me a drunk heart to heart saying or basically "your a nice guy and if anyone upset you, I'll be the first to say Fuck off to them, but you need to think of yourself more often" which I know I agree with but its not easy when you know that that is the only way of making effort that doesn't get ignored or just dusted under the carpet which is sad but it has actually gotten me further than all talk and no proof if how much I care about her.

Then I decided for another glass of water since my thirst was like a guy who can't control his dick that gets pushed and makes a woman fertile. That helped but I was getting slightly tired, nodding my head to some meh beats, then those 2 were shocked when I said I don't drink and even JP put my birthday night out in his Samsung calendar.

By 11:35, I went to wait for the bus and it was empty when it got in at 11:40. I showed the ticket and a relaxing ride to lidl. The bus was quite with only 4 people including myself, then by the final stop in Plymouth,. it was just me and this girl that was sleeping, i got off at lidl then ran or even just limped when trying to listen to music then i got in at 12:50 and crashed out.

That is a first evening out with mates #throughglass and its been not too bad, maybe it was a bit far to get to, but maybe there can always be a shorter friend meal out soon


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A glassy cycle to plymouth

Well, with the main events out of the way and its now time to relax as a normal few weeks begin, but as i woke up this morning, i saw the sun shining and a nice blue sky. With that in mind, it was time for a ride into Plymouth. As i got up, it was sunny and hot. Checking E-mails on the laptop is always not too bad, then i had to help my sister backup photos from her iphone.

By 10:40, i was leaving and it was a nice sunny ride to Plymouth, sadly this did take longer than usual but it wasn't too much of a problem. Except when i got past the tunnel and a tree was blocking the path, a cyclist on the other side turned back just after i walked over the tree.

(Screencap from glass video) The tree that was blocking the path

I said #ohshit when a #tree was #blocking the #cycle #path
The Route
View Larger Map

Then i got into town, and it was around 12:15, so it took me 1 hour, 43 minutes. But then it was a nice chance to wander around. From seeing Maplin and checking for a SSHD but only a momentus XT for £99.99 and then also going to the toilet, Then there was exploring Primark and finding any good cheap jeans, but sadly the only cheap good sized ones were crap jean material, but then it was more shop browsing. Also the headbuckets were out in force.
The headbucket guys
Then while browsing for items and offers, i eventually got bored and my legs were tired, so i ran to the hoe to relax and just sightsee for a short while, the views were fantastic and the quality with glass is really shown here. i mean the sun was clear and the sky was as blue as part of the ocean itself.

A view from a seat.

Looking back to the City Centre

Walking down to the bottom and nearer the sea

Relaxing at the usual spot i take to reflect

Kind of topless sunbathing selfie
Walking back into Town

After walking back into town, it was more exploring, From the casino and i was close to getting to play blackjack but the table was closed, then i walked past sizall and they were offering a free visit to the kitchens, this is to do with a recent hygiene inspection that was poorly rated or something. But then i walked around Frankfurt gate and noticed a 2nd hand shop, then i saw a nice PVR for freeview for £19.95, i bought it and just as i was buying it, Swaggy called. It turns out that he was with eloise and muneetha at union rooms. So after paying, i sprinted there...

When i eventually found them, we chatted and then he asked about glass, i shown them all it and they tried it.They were trying to use voice control and it was funny. But they got the hang of it, I said about some features, i did even mention the sideloading as well as the audio quality wasn't the best but we were chatting about other stuff. Muneetha even fed me a chip from her burger.

 Then harry called eloise and then it almost turned into a argument, But then by about 15:50 we decided to walk back to Drake's Circus and then i split my ways from there to cycle back. After getting the bike unlocked and then snap a sunset of course, oh and also we met up with ash and nath and even nath tried to get a photo using glass, but got an action shot instead.

A laughing action shot

Unlocking the bike

Leaving a sunny Plymouth behind
Then the cycle was quite nice, i did wear glass but by mutely, i might of been sweating quite badly and when i got towards Crownhill, i saw the clouds getting blacker and i was worried it was going to rain, luckily it didn't but it must of on the moors, since by clearbrook, the clouds were as grey and dark as a black and white drawing getting an towie fake tan. The journey was quite long but under 2 hours so not the worst ride i've had, then again i did have a £20 PVR in my rucksack and i didn't drink a drop of the drink i put in my bag, lol.

View Larger Map

Then it was home and after putting the bike in, i set-up the PVR, it works a treat, after formatting and rescanning, and reinserting a spare scart cable. This  means i no longer have to panic about not getting the chance to use my PS3 for games or even twitch. But that will be when i eventually have a HDMI capture card arrive that I've attempted to order from estore008 on eBay TWICE NOW and the first time it was out of stock and this time I've paid for 24 hour delivery and its not been dispatched. But I hope it arrives.

But for now, enjoy your evening. Also i get to try a Plympton Pub next week


Saturday, 11 October 2014

omracer's Night Out: The cold closing fair

I'm going to be clear with how quiet tonight was, although the day was busy, with customers and even a rise. After work, it was time to top up my card with some money then i ran home, through the fair and it was a nice warm sunset to a busy week for me...

Running home and the view of the fair in action as it was passing 5pm
I got home and it was empty, so it came to checking the cat, checking e-mails then i just killed time, i mean my parents got home about 8 and shortly after, i started to run down there. But passing the usual spot first.

You can probably just see the booster in the center

Then i got there and it was slightly busy and i saw a few people but didn't say much, the pics were ok i guess and the vlog started from here as well. I didn't use glass this time, even though i had it with me. 

The view of the fair as i entered from the other side of the car park

Looking back with the 2 big rides in motion

Looking at the other far end 

Typhoon in motion

But as i browsed around, i also decided to walk into Town, which was dead, i mean it was so dead and cold, i did browse Spar, with only some kids in there and i didn't see any offers except shortbread for £0.50. After that i decided to walk to work, and actually do some. Yep, i got that bored and something from earlier was on my mind. 
The square was almost dead quiet
I got into work then after alarms and things, i prety much was doing a fresh install of a dell vostro, which was not too bad and after it had about 150 windows updates to process, it saved me a few hours. Then drivers to finish and kaspersky. 

By 9:40, i left and wandered back into the fair and eventually i picked up some doughnuts, about 16 for £6.50 and then a hotdog with onions for £2.50. 
the 16 donuts in 4 bags for £6.50
Running home was almost a chore with how close the bags were to slip while running with a hot dog in the other. I got home about 10 and the fair was pretty much closed off then. 

That sums up the final night of the fair, its been a ok year but alot of missed out chances this year, well from rent rising making it less attractive to even bother to turn up is the main factor. 

See you soon for more vlogs and blogposts, i think Halloween might be a new one to write on. 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tavistock Goose Fair 2014: The bright night wander

After a stormy coverage of the daytime, it was weather that could of changed how this night went. As I left just soon after I was 6% uploading thecdy vlog, the sky was having other plans.
Running down wasn't too much of a problem, but as I got to the entrance, the sky opened up and thunder and lighting was afoot, this was a nervy time but I noticed the wind was pushing the darkest clouds to the east, away from Tavi and into the moors. I would hate for anyone who was walking or rambling there tonight, you could of died.
Eventually I wandered to the square and it was time to vlog again, but I did take some pics with glass before I started.

The view of the fair from the usual viewpoint and also the stormy clouds gathering before it pissed down with rain

Walking down through the mile stretch, just after it poured down with rain 
The view of the Square

Rowlands Rock n Roll

Then I was unsure how to start the vlog off, so I started it in the usual manner, with the iPhone, which then I got glass out, but before I did, I saw a glimpse of someone I only fapped over the day before, she didn't see me, but if Becky did, I would of gotten a slap at least. But it was time to browse around...

As I explored I also went on the amusements, in the end I bet £1.70 abf lost it all, I was close but I didn't get Tue right nudges. I also found out that nova had some non stick pans which were £15, £20, £25 or £40 for the whole set (Rrp was £49.99. I passed since that is a bit much for a review of a frying pan pack. I also saw Eloise's mum and she said hi. Someone did say google glass when i walked past, someone made a sci fi reference as I walked past, but it wasn't violent.
Then it was time for the fairground and it was a thrill and a bit. Well people were having a good time, I saw an ex loves sister and she smiled at me knowing i had glass on. Enjoy the pics below.

A blurred view of the Fair again


A view of the fair near the end of the car park

XLR8 Gravity Wall

A vertical Oxygen

A Horizontal Oxygen

Evans's Ministry of Sound Meteor

Freddy's Revenge in full swing from behind

Typhoon in action

A view of the moonlight above the fair

The Big Wheel


And more Sizzler for ma Nizzler

Leaving the Car Park

It was nearing to 9 after I wandered and saw the bright sights. Which I decided to buy some noodles and head home. Which after finding a good one near the carpark, I ordered from there. Now the two very good looking girls were bantering about jesters, so after one of them served me I said to her "jesters is £4", then the other girl " you go jester's", I said "yeah" then she chanted "jesters unite" then giggled. Then the girl that served me was talking about stripping to a guy nearby then as she handed me mine I said "cheers babe" and she was in a laughing shock. Maybe embarrassed or cringed but I didn't really bother. I was going to use glass to get served but I felt that would be rude.

The Chicken balls, Noodles, BBQ and soy sauce for £6.50

Then I walked back and was hoping to buy some incense but he was packing, there was some white sage but it was too late and the food for £6.50 made me £0.50 short. I started to sprint back, I took glass off beforehand.
Eventually I got home about 9:30 and then it was a rush to get everything up. It was getting tiring and there was alot to do. But i eventually got to sleep about 00:45 and another day to wake up to.

There was my coverage for the Main fair, It might of taken longer to get this done but with Glass, videos should be alot more like a First person point of view. I'll see you for more vlogs soon.