Thursday, 31 December 2020

The Year of locked down change - A 2020 Year of review

 Well here we go, its finally time to review a year which started off terribly and  over the time of learning from my mistakes and well, ended up actually maybe reaching the goal I've wanted to for a long time. But with this lockdowns it has the time to reflect, make some money, do some hard choices but in the end. The music video i have no idea on what to do, so  you'll hear it to find out what I know. 


Now lets dig down for the second and work out where I left off, video editing and still on my mind as to learning what to do about this task of the debt, yes debt collectors from when I had the letter 2 days before Christmas, which really the stressful part of dealing with this and also it was soon to be more complications for making things go smoothly, but it was good to finally have a chance to use the camera to edit that video. 

The first meal of 2020. Beef casserole, Dijon mustard, roast potatoes, dumplings and gravy

— Mattie BLM Marker (@omracer) January 1, 2020

Which it was seeming like a good year so far and also patiently waiting and also making plans to enjoy feederism more in real life was a hope. Also not knowing with some of the people that would be lost in both real life and also through falling out was going to be a shock. The first few days were to catch-up and plan this year, like the check on the goals I set myself this year which actually I got more done than I thought. 

But it was soon to be a call-back to 10 years ago which was my first ever vlog, and well trying to edit like I did back then is actually very difficult today, it was also one of the final vlogs I did on the Redmi 4. But it was also the check on the goals I set myself this year which actually I got more done than I thought. 

The Bike was soon to be the end of its knees with bearings to go which was a few months away yet and editing does take a number out on you, but the good thing is that with plans of buzzing, I could have done more and got some extra bits for what was going to be a useful spend in Lidl. Finley was settling in and eating food, the camera was turning into a great thing for the months I had it but life gets in that way. 

Plus Toasted Sandwiches I had loads of and was soo good, not knowing with the events of what was to come

But then it was time to plan and edit the review of something,  Which was the new Redmi note 7 and well soon that was my phone of choice, especially when it arrived after the last time i spent some social time with someone not work or family. Which i didn't realise at the time would be the last time that happened and 2020 had been a year of no real life social on its own outside of family or work. But it was also time to get new shoes for this year too, and there was a real chance to try to get to use as condom for my hopes I might get to maybe be at a point to have sex, but the world was not going to be on my side. I've still got a few left from the ones I purchased earlier in the year, but now I realised that I was aiming for something simple like being around someone one on one more often to build  confidence and well that was a goal this year, but well....

New shoes from Lidl, hint the grey ones died in less than 8 months
 and the tripod died on me too after the last vlog

The reduced snacks and condoms

The Road outside my house, what a time of construction that was, it looks so much different months later

Now it was time to get the Redmi Note setup and that was the week of waiting for the bootloader unlocking, since I rushed the review last time and this time i wanted to not have stressful issues, there were some but it was the case of seeing how it works, which well minus the GPS being Shit in the long run for workouts via the mi band 4 later on, it did perform very well and event today it still does, not slowing down for what I want it for, now on a better network in some ways due to pricing and well, soon a feature would make this really effective. 

Setting it up

Then it was finally time to Start the Review of the Note 7.  This is one thing that took its time and it will be a long review and the start of many more reviews this year. 

The Phone, switch Charger and also a grab tab 

The First selfie on the phone

The first pic of Finley with the Note 7 

But as the days past, the review was taking time and filming is not as easily said than done, now  there was still some things to go. and work was still around, even if in the dark . 

More dark shots from the Note 7

But from the times, it was more of having another time of Chinese takeout which made me miss the past and at the same time it made me wish i could do it again, not knowing what's in store for me. But it was soon the first time for taking pics at night with amazing looks. 

But this was also the last #loveisland about to happen which was a relief of ignoring TV for a bit and more food and dinners along the way, some talk about plans and also the plan of dealing with more lying accounts on feabie . Which it was not long before that was behind me.. 

Work lunches were there and also the remembrance of the fragrances from the days of Tavi College and #crappycityplym but well my time as well as still some of the classic combos I still cherish, but it was soon time passed full of work. 

But it was the progress of the fraud to find out what was going on with Wescott and there was small progress bit by bit, and action fraud was no help and no reply at all and not even today months later. But all we can do is focus on other things. Which in this case is just work on both jobs and getting the video editing done for the Redmi note 7 video. Which 

But memories were as they were since it was 5 years since I managed to get my first date and realising my life has changed dramatically in the past year, okay not dramatically but some big changes which solid make things unique. I was still trying to practice the condoms to make it work. Freedom Pop was not doing as well as I would like. But it was soon to fine out the Results from PayPal, which were looking a bit better than I realised and finding out the truth. That was a phone call from itself, Irish are great. But food was still there. 

It turned out that I did manage to get the account sorted and the debt dropped and that was with dealing with a lot of shitty voip quality. But it was that and also an important friend was falling out due to messages from the past just appearing, Which just adds to more stress that was going on and soon it was a final straw when locally was not being able to have something to enjoy in a local sense due to reasons beyond me, maybe I was hoping for too much, which later on maybe i realised I was to brash and that can make things work. But that was still days away yet. 

But as I was still getting used to the phone, running around for many times and also the chance to try new foods out, dogs taking over as i type my way made to make some extra money if I can, even more shoes were purchased. 

But as it was nearing the end of the month, it was looking like plans were having to be in action, there was slight worries of how this year would turn out, not as bad as it had been but still a worry. And even people photoshopped in food.

Now we have some self realisations and even this far in the same size as back then, it just makes you know what's in for me and what's not, jeans I've not had the chance to cut which will be remedied a long months or so later and the buzz of feeing irl was close to happening. I could feel the thrill but also the suspicion that life repeats its self like the beginning of 2019. Plus selfies looked good when you end up using the blur on portrait mode.

The month ended with hope and the real start to change of this year and really not for the good. It was also time of the Review for a new thing for the Redmi Note 7 which did not have good hopes for at all. Food was will as it is and Also Brexit day was a there, Christ what a sideshow that would turn out to be from a man behind the scenes.

Then we head into 1 month before the chaos started.....


Well this was time to prepare for the big important time since it was looking like a work visit lead to a chance to have a feeding date and well, it was finally time to get prepped up to finally live the dream as it said, but its looking like another 3 attempts to try to make this work, plus it was finally time to idea about wanting to change my hair colour, especially with a new movie coming out very soon for the first time.

But the plan was to have this work was to help film some clips since an old meetup turned into a curvage model and well it was a hope on that could even make things fun and well the weather was not on my side either, but it was also a chance to test the mi band 4 finally.  This was time to see if it was a good performer which if it wasn't for the redmi note 7 then it would have been perfect, the phone drags the rating down. 

The front of the box 

The band with a custom face 

But I guess it was time to finally prove it to the point, get the day done and see if a new change in life was to happen or if history repeats, which Sadly history repeated itself....on a wet day by train.

Now first off, I was getting the bus to see a customer, the one I adopted Finley from of all things, But it went wrong with already a text from her to say she's too tired and we can re-arrange, which my rushing was making this worse, but reading the text on the train then no reply is a mess and well I also deserved it, being too buzzed about this and it was going to fail. But its been months since I was on a train last (well if you count the tube, its been 3 months, if you don't count tube, then 9 months).

A selfie before leaving

The viaduct at its best 

Waiting for the train

Views from the train 

Then it was sadly the time to realise the day was going to be the realisation thing wont work out and its only going to get worse, But well after in the rain and saying I got to the station, It was time i left and made use of the first run of the mi band 4, for a distance from keyham to town and well, it didn't really work out, well accurately. 

The map

Back to town

But it was also time to explore the new sights after more Poundland shopping  and that my friend is the new entertainment part of Plymouth, yes the barcode, which well for me would be its final moment of being able to explore inside some of the bars, mini golf and even Cineworld before we found out how it got murdered in a systematic fashion. But it is a perfect place, and even a rep who's actually keep me in check over this past year, well we chatted a bit more later on, well since working from home becomes a vibe. 

Shopping from poundland

The Barcode and its wonder

Jeans which were not as long lasting as I expected

Which then after walking around, it was time to learn of the realities of what today meant and well the beginning of each year repeating itself. And that really did hit me with some emotions of rejection. But well it was soon to cause more harm and more realisation. But then it was time to conclude how the band was. 

But we look to find out and carry on working and it was with  Covid appearing out of the the shadows, only minor headlines. But arguments were going to surge and feabie was getting more and more risky with messages that were getting scary and pretty deep as well. The Soles from poundland did not work as well as I hoped, and food was still a daily thing. 

Now I will admit I've had some rare lunches from customers and the weather was getting slightly mild which is good but there is always a price and it was the choice of my new hair colour which I've been buzzing to change, like it makes me feel like a new person and well hair dye can make it work really well. 

It was also when my dad had the screen blow on his old laptop, he bought/purchased the Xiaomai 6a from me which was okay since for me the limit on that laptop I was reaching quite badly and I wanted to upgrade but little did I know my life would get more expensive as well, well since saving money was going to be important after march.

But sadly it was be a case of dealing with a nasty #stormciara which was causing floods for loads up north and also winds incredibly strong for this to the point of trees falling down. But this was also then a few crazy phone calls from NatWest and turns out the fuckers (Russian was the receiving end on a monzo account, just thank common sense for being quick enough to realise my mistakes). Even if it was £1,500 gone that time for 24 hours.

But work was catching up and well it was also McDonald's to get their big mac sauce pots again and well it was looking tempting, but the distance was not worth it, so well, ordering from ebay is the way to go. But it was then planning down and more of the routine which was then eventually leading to Pancake day and even maybe beyond, but that was 2 weeks away. But it was full of cuddles with Rosie at night after work too. 

But it was nearing the halfway of feb and friends were good on calls which was the first time in recent of having a good natter on the phone and making sure both of us was okay. Plus visits for customers was really important as well, which later on I would find that would be a lot of times for that to happen. Especially in the coming weeks. But the sauces arrived 

The tubs of big mac sauce


As #Fatthursday  was approaching I did more things than Mrs Patel, used bigmac sauce in a load of ways and then it was soon time to have pancakes, which makes things tasty. Plus it was soon time to end signing out of vlogs with a pose which made me look like one of my customer's kids and it was not a good look. 

Which was soon time for that big day and catching up after not vlogging for nearly a month, which time has taken its toll so quick on me too. But the fact of trying Chill Con Carne pancakes is good and even big mac sauce ones too. This was also the repayment done for the PayPal Working Capital Loan of £4,000 in work which even during the issues with the PayPal fraud, I sorted it out for them, Which If i didn't leave it until later on 

The Chilli and the Pancakes

But then it was the final few days and well times were changing and I needed to walk away from Feabie, since having to report was getting tough, and well only way to ease the stress was to walkaway, sure there were some good feedees on there but later on this year I realised I still get to find my own path for feederism which will be real, even if it was not going to be in 2020. But one snack before we move on..



Well we start with the first night of March and well, I deleted my feabie account, things go to the point of no easy working and well it was needed and with what is to come, well its a good time i did it. I did email them regarding finding out the truth of the fake accounts and all but the rules would have to be broken but the past is the past. 

as I look drunk or something but that's tiredness for you

Well it was time for new changes and to live on the plans of focus on on those that were there for me  and also it ended up my first time to actually fit a new faceplate for the house and well, it worked out really well in the end for me for the upload went to a consistent 14mbps up and a bit of lower speed down but it stable and fixes some things on the BT checkers. But wiring is no easy task. 

The sockets

Fitted and working 

This was also a time to review another item from Christmas, like the Mi Trilogy's end in #omracerreview terms, which for this is the Mi Scale . Which will finally help check weight which after the next few months, will go up 

The Scales

The first reading of the weight on it. 

Which is good from both a health standpoint and also a standpoint of wanting to hopefully fatten someone up, which in real life I was soon to realise its not the case. This was also the start of knowing Toasted Sandwiches were soo good and also extras like more pancakes, and it was my first week off to myself, well minus working. Which was also involving some of the time to have a good long chat with a friend and situations ended up very similar to what happened with Charley 5 years ago, on the same weekend and it did hit me a bit but at the same time, love is a strange feat and time. Which it did mean more dogwalking and also more chances to take pics at night with Google Camera. 

Night views

You wouldn't think that this was midnight on a field 

Toasted Sandwiches were also soo goood

IT was also time I finally changed my hair, to blue and this was a time to really make this work, following another hair guide and more stinging feeling, but a needed change even if it was darker than I wanted it and my mum cut my hair before as well.

This is the selfie before the hair dye

The hair after the dye was applied. 

Which then it was following on with getting omelettes made and also dosing vitamin C tablets which have been a lifesaver for me over this year which even though soon I was going to feel bad, well not emotionally, but well like a cold or maybe even a mild covid hit me before  the UK was going to change from it. But we have to make the most of the time I have to myself for that week. 

As the last few days of the time off, I was preparing for new heights of reality and recapping change, the preparation for the new life was to happen, parent returning from Holiday and then feeling the cold which really does make this work out to be strange times ahead, and the Bike was to be cleaned for its new life to work. But it was starting with what could have been one last meetup but I didn't bother attempting to this time. Also I managed to help a fatty out and keep her fed form a voucher I was meant to use for the meetup that didn't happen, but people do deserve it, 

More visits 

nasty strong geese 

The railway line was flatted again, 

More cut jeans

Present wrapping for my grandparents 

The bike had to be cleaned 

Blurred pictures 

Which then it was time for one final shave and final week of work before the world I knew was going to be locked out and more stress for the year. The reports of food being stockpiled and Shelves going empty. But this was coming for all times and the UK was going to shatter in more ways. 

This was then the start of learning some of the realties of being alone and then my sister got engaged, on this weekend which that did hurt me a lot and makes me understand on how things can repeat themselves from years ago. 

But as the final 2 weeks of freedom was commencing, you could really tell that things were going to be tearing themselves apart, feelings were low and well it did cause a cold in most cases. Plans for this year were going to be put off but really really not expecting the turn out of events that were to follow. Sure I've been binge watching Harley Quinn at the time and its been a great thrill series to watch as well.

Then when it came to the shaving, it was some really times to know lectures would be hard for a realisation which was rash and getting called a cunt for saying it but It really does hold up in the long term since plans don't always happen but a point does make it seem harder to stick to and it was another reason to get away from a community I do enjoy. Even if its expensive and makes it majorly complex like online dating does.

Then it was 5 days left until the world in my life changed, Well actually 7 but times were the scary part, the news was going raving on and well I still remember the soon to be final days in work before a big choice was about to happen...even with a 7/10 rating. That and Bike lights were needed for the visits in the Dark which were soon to happen less and less as the world got brighter in nature and darker for society

Soon it was to be time to change adverts and well also there was a change where curiously, my parents binned or took to the tip, my sister's Bed from the bedroom so i could have an office to be able to go more work and well even be able to stream which later on was soon to be the plan with what was to come. But well, the news spread and so did the virus, which means things were going to change, with the introduction of being clean with Gloves and also making sure that people were soon to have no choice but stay at home, which for some will be the un happy days and times. 

Websites to be updated 

Streets at night were going to be empty 

Gloves were soon to be used more often
And rooms turning to offices

Which then it was also the chaos of the end of McDonald's Monopoly and even fast food restaurants closing, now that in itself is a shock if even they have to close their doors due to this, which means things were BIG and they knew things most of the public would not know, but it ends up on that Friday, people were agitated, most of work neighbours inc myself in mini huddles of groups and watching the news for those big announcements which then on the Monday after, it was finally the one we had no liking or wanting to hear. 

Which means we go back into to the weekend before, well it had to happen and time to do a clear-out of work, which I really appreciate my mum helping me on this. 

This meant alot of things, it was first ending a lease 2 months early which could of been expensive. Secondly its the access to the stuff and stock which might be needed later on for customers. So 2 days to clear it all, well here we go. 

More vitamins before we start this day

Finley was wanting outside more and more 

The final time I would see that blue digital Display up, even as i type this

The Car stuffed full of goods 

Things are looking more empty by the day

The Room was slowly filling up 

Which most of the day was used for that and it was scary how time has changed and things like this happened, but it was also Good weather which for most is starting to make this year an irritating time to have lockdown happen.  But well it was soon on to day 2. 

Now this day was more the final preparations and the goodbyes and the cleaning, It felt emotional, 
it was also tough with having my former colleague getting not many things done and that was just the start of more stress I did not need which later on we will explain hints of the truth. and Lidl sometimes have some amazing sacktrucks., 

Cleaning with Paint stripper is a powerful tool

The signs being carried home as the final part to bring back with me, the rest was for the colleague to sort out, which sadly didn't happen much from what i heard later on

Toasted sandwiches were becoming my fave 

Also trying to cook new things lime Tempura Battered burgers 

omelettes were also making a comeback too

But with the admin side, since this was leaving my rent agreement 2 months early which  was not fault or my choice in terms of better to do it now then to wait until July an then leave (which would have been the only way up to return to have my stock back) and also it was time to finally want to get the bit steps to plan out how to finally bring gaming in the town when its a safer legal choice to, which for this is a long way off, Rishi and the Finance team on the government were offering grants and all sorts, which I've not been eligible for any of it and well, like life, you have to work and make your own luck and later on borrow the choices. I emailed the landlord and handed in the notice so they were going to decide on what to do, the rent was still paid up as normal for that month so not much changed. But we then have a new timeline to follow. Which the beginning of it was to get the vlogs done and also start to plan idea of a blogpost every 2 weeks, since there wasn't really many special events to happen, at all. 

Lockdown Begins:

Well its the first day of lockdown, really, we are that far in to the year (which was less than 4 months of 2020) where the world turned to shit, well not as bad for me but others had it bad or worse or even new experiences to appear. But it starts off with getting some bits and pieces done first which even was a home visit  and also walking on the moors, even with the travel ban in place. 

The Cat interrupts when doing video editing 

More food and meals including those big crackers 

Dogwalking was a long time , since both me and mum were not working 

The views are always amazing

Some Tempura Batter from the Wholefoods shop which was only open a few days before they closed for the rest of the first lockdown. The final shop before lockdown happened.

Which it was already a home visit on those first few days since unfinished business was to be done, even with my mum dropping me off for one while she walked the dog on the moors on that few days, it was also learning of the nasty Coronavirus Bill which was for 3 years which planned laws in an instant, making it tough to keep up as well. 

That and minus more turn on trendings  It was just that sinking feeling of quietness and the lockdown really happening, Since as well as this it was the time the second job really did make its mark for money, which means I had to be very quiet for 3 weeks in this case, but that was not this week, that was nearing the Easter time. Then another flat tyre for cycling which would be soon to be a LOT more of them, which makes things even more stressful, but with that occasion, it was pretty much the end of the bike since the bearings had been starting to die on them as well. Which means it was time to swap bikes again. and it was finally time to knuckle down and do the second job, and really help customers online which was going to be 3 weeks of alot of typing and screen and little things other than that. 

Plus the first time of it the Government did put out a warning on text message for everyone to read, which both of my networks were not in that list so no text for me, Which this was the last of these networks of a positive note, since later on new network choices were to be made. My regret was might not be doing it sooner, but at the same time it was the choice of who to go with as well. It was also a time for Geocaching which i still planned to get a video on that done someday. 

But for now, it was the final few days before April, and well the real time to work, which also was attempting to stream on the desktop and use the Web around which I had in stock but no buyers for it, so mine....

The Web around

More rice mixes and onions

Smoothies and biscuit sandwiches were needed so much 

This was also the time for another first shopping in Supermarkets so actually the final final shop before I had to begin, work, the weather was amazing and this was me wearing masks before masks even were a legal requirement. But god, the roads were really quiet, maybe the most quiet I've been on, running to Plymouth and back in this would have been actually safe in the day, That level of quiet I can predict. But more food and more snacks to go as well, which eventually would make me pile on a few lbs. 

The streets quiet 

Getting the essential shop, for family, even though dad was worried and anxious about it all 

More of the essential shop 

which make some of the views

and then sometimes, its has to be the best way with the second job and Gfuel needed for this, 
part of me misses using Gfuel (Not had it for 3 months now) 

This was also in the convened timing with both Animal Crossing and also Disney + which means thing were going to be lucrative for tech.  With having to post off a switch lite  around this time along with Animal crossing and it was also getting to pay some of the bills off from work with some of the suppliers as well. But it was very much the final day of March at this point. But more shopping and also fixing a capture box which now only work as a standalone recorder which thinking about it is the way to go for some projects as I'm typing this up 9 months later. 

It was time to try to get this to work for streams

More Lidl essential shopping 

Spread and dippable drinks

More smoothies to keep me going 

Finely was always wanting to say hello

More memories were about to happen for the end of this month, like 5 years since I had my first date with Gracie and more food to enjoy and video ideas were to happen.

And then it was time for the first full month of 3 when it comes down to a lockdown. 


Here we go, we first start out with Rosie wanting that sleep on me, this ends up a very nasty habit which makes this a lot more stressful and very uncomfortable to sleep as time progresses which can be a sign on how bad this ended up and the dog has really changed a lot this year and this was the starting signs of it. That and more snacks for lunch while working on the questions, and cutting off a lot of the work life was important for this to work and it was not looking like I could handle both. 

The cuddles with rosie 

Biscuit sandwiches are still good. 

MY mind was not really focuses on anything else except work which was nearly sometimes 50 questions per day and that means a lot of time I cant focus on normal life as it work, which that and there were some Xbox Bonuses showing as well which was more incentive, and trust me the videos I've watched while typing to keep me focused, well sort of, from Train Simulator videos, to TV shows and some other bits which sometimes it was long nights until 2am and it can take its toll. But mum was making some amazing Pasties and Egg and bacon pies using the Nest Home I bought her 2 years ago. This was also the last time I spoke to Kaylee after giving her a just eat card, but at least the cut off was not a bad reason like others would be later on and well after what happened with 

This still kept me going and well it was more time to work on it before the week is up. IT was also the growth of tiktok and where internet memes can thrive when lockdown is happening, Sadly i missed out a bit on it and well, sure I could try but money is more important for the future in this case it will be really important. But people were having food date opinions and also more mixed bread roll sandwiches were on the cards too.

More sandwiches with double chocolates spread

Views of the town for the quick break #dogwalkingwithomracer

As it some positive thing to it, work was so busy I've haven't had much time to relax, like even fapping relax, which later on my hormones was  going to go to overdrive from this happening. But it was also when a former feeding friend wanted me to get her Indian, but A didn't really be fair to me enough, well its more if you don't like me why ask for food, is the question. Even if eventually it was time for a cleanout on snapchat later on this year.   But Also it was time to get something special and a waffle maker was it along with a BBQ kit for the heat which was perfect for lockdown but sadly that was months later.

It was also like soon the end of the focused 3 weeks and time to really make effort with getting videos back and also the work life in real world was happening, Since a really good friend of mine was still wanting visits every 2 weeks and i went and risked the law for them and it gave me chance to make sure things worked out, since later on new problems would end up on my mind. But it gave me chance to get food shopping done. 

Then it was time to get the fist pumping video sorted out, which I know I could have chosen more meme-ful music and it was showing how unfit I had been from not leaving the house much compared to almost everyday before lockdown happened.

This then leads to the first time I show you a new field to explore with some incredible views of the town, well at night and even with the dog barking from being scared as much as she loves walking at night, it was something different and actually a retake of a vlog I attempted but never finished off. This was also the second catch-up and starting a full box of 20 gfuel sachets 

a Selfie with a torch 

The Views at night even if its windy. 

Then it was more of working life and even a quiz on Anxiety that was trending, since I'll be honest and saying that well a lot of things were on my mind and I really should and next year, will have to get a therapist to see what is the issue and work them out. But knowing me, I push them to the back of my mind and still work as usual, plus more walking by the canal in the hot weather that was happening too. Even with Exercises still not much lifted and limited to 1 exercise a day. 

The results 

More lunches which is homemade egg bacon pasties 

Rosie in the canal

But we continue on with the life and it was more homemade omelettes and 

Sadly though, we have to go through the repeat of the reason I left feabie, when messages appear to friends of mine as well as shitty ones to me and well it gets to the point of it needing to stop and this be out in the open. Since things like this get out of hand and actually can break friendships and a lot of trust which made this year to the point of feeling lost and wanting to jump off a viaduct, especially with knowing that I People special to me,  knowing something Once amazing ruined to ash can really ruin life. 

But you have to learn from the past is the rules said, but we then have the chance to do a bit of planning to get more videos sorted out for the next few weeks as well, to keep my mind from not collapsing, which meant 2 videos to get done, a shopping vlog and a review of Apple juice 

More Selfies before filming

Rustlers burgers 

Frozen fruit was a godsend 

and those stand and stuff kits and aloe vera juice were amazing

This is a 4 leave clover I found the day after my mum found one, which made me hope that luck was going to be on my side 

The Apple juice drink 

As April was nearing its final moments, work was getting busy with nearly 3 visits every Monday planned, gfuel with vitamin tablets, and even a feabie friend moved to Plymouth with her ex which not much will lead from it but maybe it was a ponder of fate which is a of course not factor. But May was now to be approached and well it was more arguments and truths to find out as well as new anxieties from family. Soon to Happen around about. But Finley was being his own boss. Zara also messaged me and turns out she's settled down with someone but also blimped up yet would have still wanted me to feed her, but times have to be about the ones that meet and can have time to spend with. 

Like a Boss or some say like a slob


As we approach some of the hardest times of this year for me, with knowing a lot of changes to make me realise the fallout from last weeks still hurt but well hopes were to be high, it was also the time. Plus Orders for new streaming kits which were soon to be reviews and a problematic printer I'll find out about in the future. 

More food shopping

And more, like cat food since this boy was growing

Epson I'll never be a happy friend with anymore

With all the stress, its made me not shave and that is needing and overdue which does help my confidence as well, But we know its always the way and it was finding the time to squeeze working/cycling around, directly work and always YouTube in at the same time. But sometimes skip some to fit others in is the plan, oh and cake mix leftover for breakfast is actually Peng. 

IT was also the time that work orders had to happen, Which means Headsets for Zoom meetings for customers and well even as i type this, some of this stock is still with me, but cant beat stealth, the return rate has not been as bad as local suppliers which I've walked away from, maybe one day it will catch up with me but for now its still to keep going and more times and boxes will be stacked. This was also the day i had closure from a friend I was worried i lost which actually I know both of us were in a bad place which time can heal. 

but more food is all i can post in the between time but also it was a trip to a local farm shop which actually have some of the best ideas and plants were getting popular, especially when going to see local family in a support bubble in the safe way. Even on #VEday food shopping was a must and to celebrate means that people could easily break the rules. I mean fucking CONGAS and swaying like 2 months since lockdown began, okay hot weather is a valid excuse and trust me, soon life would be painful for the celebrations.

The Farm Shop near me, which does have some good things 

Work always needs headsets and well on a discount day is what better way 

It was also trying to get in to the cooking 

Lidl is always the best quick way to get bits 

It was soon time to get more deliveries and visits done this year before planning to get another video sorted and it was also to catch up in the past 2 weeks to keep it easier to maintain this. . But the skies were clear and there was further distance to cycle up for visits. There wer some good night shots but later was the better chance to have them done, Still not the best idea for the ones i wanted to go to this year but That might be a next year choice, But later this year i did get to attempt it. 

This was also the first time the Epic Game Store was still pushing out Free games to the point it crashed (I still got it 1 day later since its for that week) which would prove useful later on for a review, but then memories of hot weather a year ago when the life I had taken now was or could have been different. Then we had the intro of the R Rating, which in the end was scrapped then suddenly reintroduced when it was a feel like it, by a government at least. But sometimes is what do you advise or have advice from people that went to banard castle, which eventually times get what coming to him, which no sadly that did not happen as we find out later. But also whoop the first BBQ of the year.

Oh and now we come to the best times of final chances with poor performance of the Redmi Note 7, which was the introduction of the Amazfit Bip S and also a overdue review on the Waffle maker, since it was 2 reviews to make, one which made some waffle based donuts and the other which would finally check where my exercise would go and in the future, some real miles would be used for this, I still wish life was normal before I could test this, but later on I tried to make the best I can of it and proud of where its been with me for a long time, especially for its budget. It was useful for new journeys and places to explore in the next few days, no this is a one day visit, not a holiday happening.


The Box

Making Yorkshire Pudding Donuts

Then frying bacon and Yorkshire pudding waffles

Which then it leads to the best one with the Bip S since GPS watches is the life saver I needed and even there was some issues with the saving of it in the future, but that was me trying to keep Mi Fit working with it since it doesn't stop since V1.25 or something like that which was the may 2020 update/version. 



This was the box for it 

The time and steps

The steps and modes offered 

Testing it for a walk in the moors 

its useful for the bath as well. 

And for this to conclude, it was an #omracereats as well to go back to. Which means it was time to enjoy them, since toasted sandwiches were such a quick filling lunch to have as well. 


The Bacon Sadnwiches

Then it was time to have a explore to a part of Saltash I've never seen before, with it being tranquil and peacefully and also very hot as well with the heatwave in them midst of the pandemic, it was also nice having family and also more ideas of one day being with someone special to the same spots and talking and relaxing and maybe a picnic, but who knows. This was the first time I spent time with my sister since she decided to accept an engagement. This was also the first time to experiment with the feature of using the VR mode or the 360 mode aka photo sphere on Google camera, which would lead on to be some good extras for Google Maps. This was also the final time I would maybe see my grandad's fiancé before things go worse and it would be time to say goodbye in the few months ahead. 

The Views on the road were great 

More homemade pasties 

The views of a estuary near the tamar is so good

Panoramic views

The bees love these type of flowers 

And then it was the longer evenings which is perfect for taking rosie out for walkies in a river to cool her down, and make here swim for the ball, but still she will not return it very close to you at all. 

The dog in the river

Which then it leads to another Monday with visits and making another tutorial on a type of PC which is called a NUC, But it was the time to also get the 2 weekly catchup sorted as well. Plus it was the time to enjoy a decent deal on a Xbox one. 

But with that laptop review not going to happen and instead one in the future was to happen, But sadly the world was about to morn and actually change was to be happening, Yes, the big awareness of the BLM movement was to happen, Which this is not a fad and will sustain for months and maybe the years to come, even at the cost of some jobs for people and the term Karen was about to be unveiled. Amazon was becoming racist due to a hack and it was time to put google camera to good use and see the #spacexdragon and more BBQ shopping at Tesco before the final days of May were up. 

More Night views

Even the purple sky

More Feast shopping and that Satay sauce was really good


2020 halfway and now thing really start to change, I mean I know i was not as much part in the change as others but still, this year was facing things I would never understand and also yet learning is important this year as well, but we start with a new tutorial on shaving, well again. 

As things were getting hotter and slowly but surely, restrictions were going to end ins small stages but still illegal for feeding to be a thing which is a shame and the start of the protests were to begin. This I still should have done and the migration of learning the best way to show support which trends ended up making harm to the cause. The weather was still showing no sign of cooling off. 

Work was still underway and one of the second selfies with a mask was going to happen, the blurred effect is still amazing in this case and used well, but this month was more of real life visits and the issues with the second job were starting to ease off, since it really crashed and made it unbearable to use after the blast of work I did on it back in April. Cycling around and on dry weather, the weather was less for punctures as well. But soon would be a day in the life video get going and more tutorials of an overdue topic I was meant to do back even in April. But there was your yearly reminder to get a STI test, even if you are a virgin,

Then it was more working and cycling about, since it was soon time to add another customer to the list for Monday visits in the summer, even if it was a short term arrangement when things happen later on in the family. Which also means another visit to the farm shop and ending up to pay for some spices I've not even seen in supermarkets as of when i purchased it, like the sticky sauce used with Duck in Plum sauce, well plum sauce itself. Also memories of what could have happened, even when wanting to me a model i used to crush on from years back which well we stopped talking from April with not much reason why, but fat always brings back to the people that support us and its best to make sure they are helped in the best way they can which is one of this years important lessons.

As time progress, some new faces did appear for me talking to them but it just felt very one sided and it was like a weird diet vibe with her of reassuring and some wasted fund on food. But eventually the replies didn't happen too much a few months later. But more shopping to occur and this time it was time to get another day in the life sorted, this time testing how 4K can work and only using the Redmi Note 7 filming in 4K and editing in 4K in FCP X, but editing this was a nightmare and this was also the introduction of a monitor which I would later get the chance to review, 5 months later.... Even then it was soon time to have a unique and different type of weekend coming up.

Now that weekend, it was the time of more family to spend and something different in the weekend and well the fruit of the labour, in a literally sense actually. Which was a Sunday all of the family went fruit picking and more of that, which means a lot of it will be the heat and just something varied which is good. The heat was good and its nice to do things every so often, the allotment is really a good chance to relax in some of the best ways, especially with family.

The bug on the mat

The redcurrants on the tree

The owl in the paddock

As the day went on, it was one day until another catchup post had to be done, which actually this months there was only one post which meant it was me getting sloppy with my productivity and yes I was actually being the same as I type this post. 

Sign posts by the road 

It was very close to being Fathers Day to as well, Which means we need to get presents and Lidl was the best to go to. It was about £18 odd but worth it, since it was also time to reflect on why bars and pubs were very loud and is the reason I write orders down, fun fact I've never been to pubs at all this year.

The lidl shop for fathers day 

Then it was another time to have a lunch at nans with my mum, since its good to see them and they were starting to actually be affected from the lockdown, but it was good to spend time with them in-between the stress of pandemic and also days off from work, Fish and chips from the local takeout is nice too. But it was soon time to start getting 2 tutorials sorted out on video and it was very close to saying goodbye to a girl I used to feed whom I never even knew her last name. But I told her a truth about me and we never spoke from that, I know I'll give a voucher for Christmas as a goodbye present. Also by this time, I realised I lost one of my best customers hours after I told her truths about issues I was facing, not of her choice to leave either, her health wasn't good and went down from there, which soon was to happen to a relative in a similar situation.

Fish and chips 

Rip the mouse 
The H110m and PC ready to build 

Ready to install windows 10 
A chocolate cake I made 
and a mixed scone 

But as it was also the time that a new change is here, the hair is yet to be done and well that's lasted me a good few months, but maybe another re-dye happened 2 months later from there. It was also the last time videos were made for the rest of June and almost a month apart. Which its needed to keep my vibe here, which works and it even involves after more shopping done too. But it it was the start of the internet playing up, which has to cause more issues since it means less work for me, well actually no since I had to purchase smarty. . It was a good time to play some PS4 and do some platinum relic of crash 4

more lidl shopping 

mixed fruit and cart food for finley

The before hair dye 
After the hair dye 

Walking at night 

Then it was nearing the end of the month and more visits had to be done, it was also chance for Pokémon Go to work and me and someone special had been sending each other gifts on there which is cool, luckily its free gifts but mean a lot and its to help make things right, its the same with starting to watch SpongeBob more as well. Plus Tesco had an offer I needed with a router due to the internet still being down 2 weeks later, this was after Vodafone had a crisis and it affected the landline as well.

Pokémon Go in the fields

As time passed, it was nearing the end of the months, people on snapchat were bugging me quite a fair bit which had me with vrchat memes which really did piss me off, eventually it was time to cut people like him off, but 2 months away yet and also the time to get the internet up and running was soon upon me and it was looking like the final days if I didn't decide to move, which since I did, I still had time off to myself as well as well as more things to do. But also the reflections on long work trips as well 

Reflections on a bike ride home 

But my mind was feeling lost and maybe I was feeling burnout on a high scale and little did I know the choice was soon to be mine and also truths on a scale of long were to find out from the life of work, this doesn't make it easier for me but it will be what it can be and over half of the year done in this climate is a success story. 


Lockdown Ends: 

Now this month has a lot more endings and more closure than I last would have thought. But this has overdue reviews and also more catching up to do on this end, my mind was nearly having to start planning and work catches up with me to find out truths and perform jobs that I've never done before. But Goals were sadly not the best and I had still some work to do on them. Plus work is still going with all nighter for  live chats to get that money in the account. I also did join to apply for therapy via gp but they asked for a phone call so i never replied back 

Then we come to more chores to happen while reflecting on things, from taking things to the tip, Rosie on my bed and jeans ripping as I was nearly 20lbs heavier than when this years started, which also it was time to get yet another catchup of the days ahead done, since soon there was time to be busy and work was going to have to happen as much as I hated it, and some reaction to a selfie on drinks is a highlight to kick in with. And things were going to be as they thought, Goose Fair 2020, is cancelled but a video on that follows since its still important for a video on that day.

talk on a dog walk 

more ripped holes 

The garden tip 
The curled up Rosie 

It was also finding that chance to really catch-up and also my mind was having to soon look at shops, Emails were being sent to a local estate agent for it which makes sense on it. It was going to be a tough time and well that meeting with the colleague made me realise a lot of things, I was rude on treating him the way I did when he was facing the challenges happening to him due to choices of others but it eventually made sense why the past was disastrous in work as it was, like eventually financially it would be clear on how bad it went, but still accounts were overdue and not long before I had to get that sorted or at least started. Even having to hire an accountant which long term, well no that was not useful at all. It was also making some projects and second job delayed due to nagging customers from overdue issues which I really didn't have time for but sadly we have to and well, reps were calling about more orders which later on its a bit more closer-ish between one rep and me, which does remind me of an ex WB rep who was close but then left shortly after we talked 2 years ago. Plus it was also memoires of running with the festival truck which was memories and such from the last holiday, which I can not wait for in 2021.

There was some redemption since I did manage to film both the review for the TP Link router which did fix the issues on the internet and also the parcel from AliExpress arrived for a laptop that would actually have a lot more power than I would expect, like this is important due to the problem of cycling due to a headset . But due to work, the delays to them are the hard part of any productive timeframe.

The router in the box 

The router set up 

The box from Aliexpress

In the earphones are 

More attempts to wear them 

In-between this, was normal daily life and some scenes in that. But it was also more pictures

But as this weekend approaches, it was seeming close to finding out a lot of things which hit me hard in reality, well for now, it had to be planning to pickup some customers devices as well as more night shots and sunsets on the moors with mum which those walks are always nice, especially in summer and early autumn. Memories from 5 years ago was coming back and it still affects me today.

Which eventually it leads to my first iPad screen replacement which took a lot of nerves and sometimes things will go wrong, or mini forgets but its a one shot and cant just repeat it if it goes wrong since it can cause more damage if that one mistake happens, which lead a screen protector to be left on but taking it out could have cracked it. I id get lucky on this but took 3 hours longer than what is charged which is common on these repairs.

partway repair 

it was done 
cottage pie and beans 

It was the first time of having an Indian takeout since lockdown began which felt good and also felt nostalgic due to the fact since the best Indian I had was with someone special last year, and it was also rumours of the star signs changing and the addition of a new one, but that was found in the ancient Greek times so why now do we just reacknowldege it it, I don't really know. Plus Henry cavil built a pc and now most of the component firms sponsor him, like he got a RTX sponsored to him from the stunt of a video of his own pc build wile in a tank top, but has a gamer just like mostly everyone, so really no worries there.

It was soon my twitterversary of 11 years. Which it was also close to a new project for the #lifeinaday Collab on YouTube and well it makes total sense to get another day in the life done, well which is mostly visits sorted as well. The day before that was a walk about a place I've not been for over 10 years called Siblyback lake which was a lovely view and the day was nice and warm in peak summer really. Last time I remember here was a school trip for a training activity or something.

chocolate spread on a bagel 

the lake 

The dam 

The glistening on the water 

A thread had to appear which was one of the trips to lifton I was going to do and well, things start to show the saga of how bad a flat tyre can be. It was also here I managed to call the accountant called James and well that was an ok call but the long term it did not go so well.

The wind turbine by the farm shop 
a purchase from a posh food shop 
The final journey of the bike 

This was also the time that Masks were now a legal requirement and trust me, its too complex even as i type this some people just ignore it and then you have some refusing to let people in due to the mask exemption the government use and even then you get arrested for it as someone did on a train up north of the country later on, but well it has to happen. Plus it was a house party online one night after the second job since its good to and this was also the day I got to catch up and find out more about one of my reps from works and see her cat which is a more slimmer and violent version of Finley bless. Then on the 23rd, I had a text from someone in the past and we chatted, which turns out was related to a production and might have to have a skype interview and also loan her £60 on top of the £200 I really should ask to have her pay back but reality means walk away. We did apologise for what happened in March and we both went a bit rash and even though it was frustration from multiple times in 2019 and 2020, apologising is the right thing to do, but it makes amends and as much as it was great for her figure, there has to be more and this year I've been learning that.

Then it was coming to the chance of the Life in a day vlog, which was a fun one to do and had to change some of the editing techniques in to make it more raw and unedited to appeal to the method of what was needed for production. The day was wet and the time was actually working on Saturday too since soon things of work and family will collide and cause issue for the long term and a loss of a regular during the past few months, luckily not 2 of them. 

A selfie 

Rosie and Finley were getting along just fine 

First and only KFC of the year with a homemade pasty 



Selfie as i got up 

More shopping 

and even more which reminded me to make some sushi one day again 


It was soon to be the launch of #eatouttohelpout, which is a feeders dream but in a pandemic, this would come at a BIG price that would happen at a bad time, well not bad but inconvenient is the key. Which one of those ended up having something different and it was also the time FreedomPop was letting me down and time to think about changing was to happen. Now there was something new in rice and oh my god it was tasty and really fattening called Nasi Goering and it was like a mixed fried rice

The final time to go to Lifton was the time of buying reduced curried scotch eggs which were proper lush but that's why they normally cost £5.75 on their own, but That time was not a bad thing or having issues with the bike tyres, but the hills leaving Lifton are fucking steep.

Then it was now coming to the day of almost regret in work at the cost of family. Since my sister booked us all for a trip to Dartmoor Zoo, I was close to saying no for it due to work and they were happy with that but that would cause some arguments later on down the line is the issue there and well part of me regrets it, since sure the day was nice and the food was overpriced yet. It was also memories for my dad since some of the features are STILL there over 35 years later, But it did have about 10 phone calls from work and I warned them, thank me for the Zimai earphones since it makes situations so much easier than it seems to be. As well as this I had another rep wanting me   to order so I had to even call them and order PDP gaming bits while eating ice cream as well. It was nice also getting lost their we and the way back was seeing where my sister works in some posh hotel near the zoo. 

The view from the restaurant 

The bacon sandwich which was expensive AF 

Views of the Barbican 

The marina and the Hoe 

A view out to the world south from us 

Lakes in a Zoo

More Animals 

The map 

Birds tweeting 

The view which just after I had the phone call and lost a customer even 6 months later 

Ice cream while ordering from a Capcom rep 

Tigers pacing 

Lions sunbathing 

Reptiles basking fake heat 

Hidden Panthers 

Beavers and Ponds 

Ostriches wanting food 

The cutest goat but you know something isn't right with the poor soul 

After this we went back to the sister's place to have cake and open some presents for dad, which he got some nice bits really, then it was the drive home but we went to saw hid dad's dad for one last time with the truth of his fiancé was soon to be not lasting long and still in hospital many months later from when she went in but that was 2 months of waiting and well a shock will come when that times is typed up. But for the day after and last day of over half of the year +1 it was a Chinese takeout ,,the first in lockdown for us too. 

The cake when we got to my sisters place 

The final time we would go here before a death in the family 

The first Chinese takeout since lockdown began 

Then we head into the months where it was time to finally get time FOR ME BACK to make things work and big projects to go for like what was happening in the month after and hearing bad news towards the end of this month ..


Now we go into the hole of time and first I see the first real life mouse in my garden which Finley decided to kill a mice for the first time and well it was a real first time on that one like how he found it close was beyond me, but I did bury it and give it a funeral. But then it was more to the point of learning how things work with more dog walking, then time to get working on more things, The ISS was supposed to be seen over the skies and also it was time for another #omracereats. 

The mouse

As the mouse was buried and the days were still to be had parents with walking dog on the moors in the heat, which the weather was getting better as well and soon it was time to deal with trolls. But that making things a bit tricky to deal with without being offensive enough to get reported. 

Rosie on the moors in the leat 

The space station in the sunset 

The cornflakes and soup. 

Trolls being the way they are 

As it was coming up to the peak of the 10th anniversary  of a title beloved to me It was also time to prepare for that, but this month was finally time to catch-up with another post and also more time to walk Rosie before a customer wanted me to see them. 

More Dog walking

As it was soon to be a visit to Plymouth for a customer, it was possibly and actually was the final time of me visiting there this year, which means its the time to get the bike out to make sure I can get there safely. Since it was also good to get some extras such as more bits from Poundland, Sure I could have reached out to meet but with the pandemic, it was sometimes surreal to find out how it looks.

The bike parked up 

A mask selfie 

The clothes from Primark

The Poundland haul 

AS I had to then pay money into something on the way back, it worked out and then it was a nice warm cycle back on the main road home and felt nice. My spirits were in high and adrenalin trying to not die. Plus the customer and i had a nice chat and did offer to loan me money for the future if I need it.  

The bike parked up

The roundabout before the hill 

The tunnel in the dark 

The school

a Cold drink after an exhausting day

Which then it was a case of trying to find the time to get the video up as well, since people still wanted visits and also I had to get soon plans for the future sorted, which was to get a shop open up. Since at one point I would have to go back to normal life with the main job since it was also me needing to be better productive as well, which eventually does happen. Also some girl from Exeter blocked me since they still consider Nando's to be be classed as a date which actually is is, but a petty excuse to be blocked in this case. 

Now Jamaica had independence day appear and it was also the order of outdated Strawberry slush mix from Approved Food. Which there is still some left even as I type this today. Plus it was more time to get the drink I didn't get to have this time around like the Cans of KA grape and even bottles of Apple Cinnamon which are perfect with a mug of hot/warm water, but that was 5 days away from arriving. But It makes me want to order more imported drinks too but sadly I had to wait a bit more.

Then it was time to finish the vlog and then something was about to happen on one of the hottest days I felt so far, it was another trip to Plymouth but this time with my parents, since they wanted to go and get something from B&Q, Which lead to some KFC and then time to have a walk by royal William yard, which part of it just gave me a memory of both good and bad. But the weather was lush, nice drinks even with a bbw serving me and also the views are still so beautiful, I can tell my dad likes it here and always said about the hoe, he would have heard loads of stories of me going there back in the 2010s of #crappycityplym. 

The First time in KFC in 2020

Views of the Hoe and the East of the Bay 

The last can of drink and a paper cup 

Rebuilding in a pandemic 

A View of the Ferry Leaving

This was also the release of Fall guys which It was the time I had to get plus which gives me the free copy of it, like the best reason to get PS plus and it means I will have to get more streams of it done, but soon there was a chance to get that done. With the review of the laptop and prif box soon to happen, but that week was a chance to actually have a meeting with the estate agent about moving into the future, But before that, was more 12 hour days were to happen, But we have a parcel arrive. Which was the drinks. And the beer festival at Lidl introduced an amazing drink called nix ands kix.

The Drinks that arrived 

Then it was more shopping to get which includes a top up of Nix and Kix which was a lush mocktail, and someone reminded me about how sushi is soo good. Since there was a few requests about a sushi tutorial. But its always the summer so cool drinks and I was enjoying my craving for buffalo sauce which was over a year ago I had that in spoons. 
More Summer drinks to purchase
From popcorn, Buffalo and more nix and kix to enjoy. 
More Sunsets

At this point it was time to edit the Scott pilgrim video for its 10th anniversary. Since it wanted to make an occasion of that with another playthrough and what do you know, I got another trophy for finishing the game in under 90 minutes. 

By this point, it was time to enjoy the day of having the meeting for the shop, which was about 45 minutes and also was a visit to a customer afterwards which was down the road for an elderly customer. Which reminded me of the help i had to do by joining those local Facebook groups, but sometimes you had to leave them since the general public can be a mega raving nuisance, later on i would have no choice but to go back to them for advertising but ah well.

But it was supposed to be the final week or so before I could have FREE TIME which was actually to get the accounts sorted due to J wanting it sorted with me and to start it properly, but sadly it means that is not the case, due to customers being demanding at this point and keeping doing it will cause issues in the long term which eventually I managed to not leave it too late. But before the time to take off and get content filmed, it was a Day of getting some chores done with my Dad with regards to delivering some compost after purchasing it via BQ and then seeing my mum and sister later for shopping in morrisons which also mean the case of a mains extension lead I would be able to use for the shop which later would be mine. 
Parking at B&Q 
A Selfie in the Mask again 
The moors in the back road 

Sausage Rolls for lunch 
The mains cable for work 

After this day, it was finally time o start the review for the Maibenben laptop now I had time to myself. It was time to se what this could really doo, which actually This was capable of a lot of  things more than the original Xiaomai 6 and even 1080p for GTA V is pretty rare. 

the package for the laptop 
a look at the laptop 
a laptop selfie 
GTA V for the first time 

AS time went on this week, it was also time to get the Capture Card reviewed from Prif which actually is incredible and really can make this laptop ideal for streaming and it works for things like the PC and PS4 which is the intended goal. And well I've still not had the chance to test it properly, not even 4 months later.

The box 
A selfie when walking 
Setting up the stream 

AS these days of video editing were going on, it was finding out the news of my grandad's fiancé was going to go into a care home, a good friend of mine was surviving hospital and it was hard for me to check on things, plus it was nearing the end of summer and well also the plan of more shopping, Frozen fruit in a cheap way and more toasted sandwiches and smoothies

more mocktails and cold drinks 
another toasted sandwich 

Then it was another august trip to the Allotment, which was more on the raspberries to pick during the Sunday sun, it was a nice change to it.

The Berries on the Bush
Huge Apples 
More Berries in my hand 

Now this was the time that the cat was starting to walk with me and Rosie to the railway line at night for her, its a nice companion and they were getting very bonding in their own was too, its really cute and risky.
The pets on the railway line 
Finley sniffing in the bushes 

Things were going to be productive, with some things to do and also the time for the chance to seeing family, Taking the pictures with Finley for a soon to be relatives last moments, cooking more food like hunters sauce for meals and even late night astrophotography in the garden . 
The tree in front of the moon

Finley on the focus stare 

Aiming for the fish n in the pond 

Then it was a tough one and time to use my legs to run to make one delivery that was over 1 hour. Since the roads were wet and also my legs were not used to the distance running like this and soon this was going to happen more and more, why is proactive for a half marathon if I do that in 2021 as well. Also a good friend reached out to me a few times who actually has always been good and nice to me. I told her the truth and she understood and well a friend does. 

Running on a wet road to deliver a box or cable 

The Sprite and the little Zero  from Tesco 

A Fish and chips even with a delay 

Pokemon and my buddy which I was getting fits for 

Rosie in the garden 

Cooking a chcken and vegetable sauce thingy 

As things and days went on which was finding out to know a day to finally learn the truth. Which was really going to be the final Day of seeing my grandad's relative which the final moments anyone saw of her before she died the day after me and my sister Saw her, which means the rest of this year was going to be a slightly sad one.
A biscuit and smoothie 

more views from the fields 

This was finally it, the end of another month, and it was now the month is over the change is really  going to happen and reality is a changing, Sure i would get 1 week left before 2 weeks to myself then after that, would be the time to finally move into the shop and well the start of a new life.


Now we get into a big crucial month, which as much as the time off m to myself comes to an end, it was a lot of overdue work, hair dyes and also the chance to finally do another all nighter too. We begin to the rumour that I was actually sold up to another shop. But well it was actually having to order Avengers and tony Hawk from friendly repss. 

But it was the weekend soon to appear, which was time to myself and ALOT of accounts work and minor things to do. Winter Wonderland was now Cancelled and the rumours of fall guys season 2, it was now the start of the end of summer and well that was also the start of earlier dusk as well. But it was also the time that I had to plan out accounts and well online work more since my nerves were on high since something special happened which was earlier than I thought, but made me happy as well. Plus it was finally time to get the network changed since times were really changing and ready to have the 2 weeks off. The voicemail ended up to go to LycaMobile which was the first week of the holiday/time to myself. There is a poll about standards which made me realise some facts about how things were before I had the time of my life last year.

Then it was arrival of the product that helps with the teeth, which last month was a hint about dentists which i was planning to visit and later on E-mailed a local mydentist to see if there was any room to have an appointment before things really took shape, Sadly that didn't happen which makes no change for me at all, instead it just means more time to avoid. Later on we get to test that toothpaste, but for not its preparing for time to myself and overdue things. That and more sunsets and dog walking which was to be a Bain of my life in the next few weeks. This was also time that it was a catch-up. 

The Toothpaste 
The red sunset sky which winter shows off more and more 

The omelettes and onion rings 
The sunset 

But it means finally time to get the freedom I needed and more productivity and the first thing we do is a shaving livestream, which stats out the plans of those 2 weeks off to myself, games were having driver issues and well I was even offered to have a profession make some of my brownies mixes, which soon another cooking video will be out, which I've not done for years.

Before this however, it was the start of a family important time which after my grandads fiancé died, It was time to spend time with him and my sister, which means we can bond and reflect and also support someone in their time of need, which was good in the sun as it was the end of the summer. And well a start of change. Plus it was more overnight accounting and a NowTV binge to help.
Picking up the food
a Takeaway roast
#dogwalkingwithomracer on warm fields 

Now it was time to really get productive with the accounts side and the YouTube content, from cooking brownies to even getting my hair died again and overleaving it so it burns the scalp.

The hair dyed 
Before the dying 
The hair after dying 
It washed out so its aa ginger look again 

The chicken burger brownies were a mixed success but worked really well, the taste was not as filling as i guessed and leftovers went for a meal of its own. and by this point, it was time to port over to LycaMobile and also that took like 1 day but it was also the time of waiting for a telecoms engineer to fit the wire over the garden, so technically there was FTTP to the house now. This was the time of having to deliver a laptop to a customer which means the surfboard bag was a success. Or not since it turns out there was a crack in the laptop screen 2 days after I sold it apparently. 

But it was soon a weekend and well it was more work and also phone calls with friends along with the all nightery to get the second job done. Even when it was coming to the chance of a massive migraine and shaky feeling from up all night.
More easy lunches and meals 
The headache when walking the dog 

a Curry pasta potato mix some what to happen 

Then it was another Sunday and the first of a time-lapse  in the vlog which  worked nice as well more Sunday shopping , the heat was amazing as well, maybe even too hot. But it works out right to get the chance to  do this . 


Shopping in Tesco 

More Lidl shopping 

Key in the mouth 

The raspberries being picked from the bush in the garden 

Organising the waste to go out on the street for the rubbish collection 

a Nice mixed meal of food from hot dog waffles to even fried chicken 

Then it was time to have one late night dog walking, which actually was not as long as it wanted it to be since I wanted to go to a place of complete darkness but instead I went to the Pimple for some night shooting, it was cool to even see a bat fly around me and well the chance to really feel the darkness in reality, well with a small distance from the light. 

Walking on Paths 

The lights of the town and the stars above 

Looking towards the moors 

A blurred star and selfie 

a bat was flying around this lampost


As it was the final week of the time to myself, it was more accounts to get done and the second job, Plus it was now the starting stages to get the shop a real thing, even if it costs me a fair bit of money, Especially as by this time, I was in possession of the BBLS Loan was in place, But paperwork and contracts were to be looked at as well. While this was happening, it was also having a long chat with a good friend of mine for hours, even until 2am but it makes sense with it all and means a lot considering the last time we chatted was back in March when I had the first week off to myself. As the last few days of the time off were happening, more food was being cooked plus overdue times to get the vlog edited.

Fruit and a glass of water for one lunch 

More mixed food and corn dogs are amazing 

Nachos and ham and ketchup 

The road at night but not in a lockdown 

Left over food with a nice mug soup 

As the last few days of the time off to myself were coming to a close, It was time to really get chores done such as the washing, drying and organizing of clothes but sadly even that can get interrupted due to the risks of customers needing urgent visits and having to push chores back to make sure that I get them done before Parents return home. But it was also good to finally watch some films such as Man of Steel and even some more Disney classics before they get moved onto Disney+ which was roaring away in its popularity.

The washing to organise 
The final meal of the time to myself which were wraps 

As it came to the 19th, it was the start of the review of the toothpaste which the editing and typing was well over a week and overdue to how it was filmed, since one clip everyday was going to be a nightmare at best to edit as well as prepare the main bits of the shop since that was less than 2 weeks away from existing.

Time to review toothpaste 
the paste itself  
The first smile to see if any improvements 

AS it was time and the parents got back home, they and I  greeted and Rosie missed her so much too, Which the gave me some goodies back from their travels such as a face mask if Finley and more warmish soaked which still hold up nicely today .

The socks and the customer face mask of Finley 
Shopping for more things and jeans are good  value 

But as it comes down to it , my mum got a card which was a very poor quality moonpig joke which we feel quite offended at even if it was a sort of true statement (sort of not try due to dogwalking and mum working with dad a fair bit this year)  

But it was also more walking with mum on the field at dusk since the days were getting more dimpsy s

Another cleaning teeth selfie 
More food from salmon and Bami goreing too. 
The tree in Sunset 

But finally it was time to get an important job done along with another blogpost to catch-up with. But this was also the time that I was about to hand a document in to change my life, since the Shop lease was signed and getting that to be signed was a major struggle too with finding someone to sign for it. But eventually a neighbour opposite did and then It was to walk the dog to get it signed which was the start of the end of my Lockdown/aka back to normal work. Which means for me planning and I did reward Rosie when she went with me, plus learning hon how bad rawhide chews can bed for dogs, yet Rosie loves them way too much.

Another Selfie 
Rosie and the chews 

As the news of this was being done, it was also the time to start to know of moving things in and the earliest I could move in was from the 26th, which well, was only 3 days away. And time was to be prepared with that.

Eventually we come to the big day and it was now going to be a massive weekend of moving it in sure there was a selfie and a then a phone call just before the meeting with the shop landlord and then it was to browse and have a run through of what to expect.
The final selfie of the teeth 
The window in work 
and the floormat too 

Then it was me and mum getting some extras on the way back and even purchasing a bookcase which ends up useful for the games, there is no double about that, I mean refurnish has loads of goods which means we can get it done and more to add in when I get to stock it up, which was the day after …

A Saturday lunch 
The £20 bookcase 

Then it was finally time to plan the moving out of the room with the stuff in the van and a big Chinese to celebrate , and nerves ramped up for the first time of a new future, which the weather was on our side, my dad forgot i was allergic to milk due to a smoothie he purchased and also this was the only day I could get things in and sorted until Wednesday, since the weather was not going to be Kind to me at all.

The room was full of stuff 
The van was stocked up 

The celebratory Chinese 

The room was empty 

a van in the loading bay to help us unload 

Getting the layout there 
The front of the shop 
And Empty room 

After this it was time to visit the allotment once again to see how's its been and also find out how or what was taken on the nature Camera I got for my dad on his birthday, that and also a stressful encounter with a ride on lawnmower which I could have fallen off from, but the sun was out and the apples were ripe.

Fresh cooking apples as well as eaters too 
Raspberries in a Tub 

Which after this was a another Family get together which was to celebrate my grandad's 90th birthday too. Which he really loves everyone mixing up and also making sure he feels special and a 90 balloon along with an afternoon tea helps really well. Especially with seeing my sister there as well.

The afternoon Tea bits 
My share 
the night sky 

The next few days were back to working on visits and then the preparation of the shop as well, since I was going to be open on the 1st and well there was no going back after this. Even if cycling in the pissing rain made me just go home on Tuesday after a emergency visit instead. Plus it was time to get a table moved in which helped loads in the future plan of things 

More foggy Roads 
Walks for Rosie by a river for the last time 
The Ponies together 
A Sausage Roll for Lunch 
The shop was getting there 

The bedroom was more organised 

After this, it was finally time to enter a new month and a feeling of a new life. with well what I didn't know but would be a sign of change and well, fresh beginning and exciting times as much as it will be expensive too. But we start to deal with the first weekend, and it was filming the day 1. Which was also soon to be the mixed with Crash 4 arriving which was to be ONE tricky title to sell and later on its gets reduced. But for now we enjoy the first weekend.

A selfie in the morning 
Stock on the floor 
Posters on the door plus the cardboard to make a stand 
Stock arriving 

We also enjoy the first midnight release of a title which does not work out but gives a fresh life of things, but now this was the next 2 weeks of work until it was soon time for a traditional week of vlogging but now cancelled due to the pandemic.

A midnight opening 
The start of the turkey twizzles 

As things were progressing the time, customers were slowly coming back and with the internet following in a few weeks, it was also more to keep things going, my mind was in work mode and also felt a unproductive turn but it was good to learn the secrets of minecraft as well. Which actually plays really nice on a mouse and keyboard, but it was also time to have another catch-up to deal with as well.

More of the town at midnight 
Running on the hill 
The moon shines bright at night 

Now it was the start to get another review done, which was the monitors purchased back in June and well it was finally ready to use them and they were effective for it to be used, especially for the maibenben.

The monitor in the box 
Dual monitor 
how it fits on the monitor 
A dusk dogwalking with omracer 

But it was also the second week of October, which would normally be the highlight of October with goose fair, but sadly with COVID10 cancelling it, turns out we have just a normal Wednesday upon, us, well with a shout out as well. That feels a very unique situation and well all we can do is go back to work.

The views from the sun 
The monitor working out 
Free muffins from a customer 
The view of the town 

The times were to be had and it was more covid and plans looming to darkness, plus the excitement of the PS5 was a side few weeks off, but it was preparing for it with the POS/advertising bits arriving 

During this, it was also time to plan and think about upgrading the HDD on the PS4 to an old hybrid drive I had which was going to be useful for a lot of new released I wanted to download and play and still as i type this have not had the chance to, that and more Chinese food makes me really miss the best date I've ever had.

another local Chinese takeout 
The Ps4 HDD transferring 

But it was soon nearing a warning about life as a really good friend/customer has now moved into a care home which meant it was the end of me and her visiting each other, well More having lessons every 2 weeks for the past 5 years, even at the beginning at the first lockdown she still insisted. But to make sure she was ok, I had to get flowers, But this day was the start of having to really exercise, I mean REALLY having to start to run around for customers, Since the bike decided to have the start of almost bi-monthly flat tires. But it was some intense exercise especially Running to a customer that was a former regular which was over 2 years ago. But then it was left to cancel another regular customer due to time limits and instead skip them and the other customer offered to drive me back to town, Then to use a different card to get the flowers form a local florist and then run my way to Deliver the flowers to the care home she is in, luckily they let me do that with the chaos and scare of the current pandemic too.

Running distances 
Shoes running 
The flowers 

As it was entering the last week of October and also the fact that voice notes can be the most effective form of communication for those time that just talking on the phone can be nerve wracking, which for me I've started to notice more and more in recent times. Also it was strange with this bloke called ash wanting this fashion brand to collab but having to change the way i eat for it to work, which really is actually a no, I did E-mail the brand he said he partly owns and they did not get back to me, so a scam I think it was and back to late nights of working as well as the shop to run.

This was also the start of the Tier system being unfair to the north with the tiers being changed and that meant a lot of freedom but little did the UK know how much freedom would be lost to save lives. Especially with half term being a big clenches.

The world was in shambles from how the corrupt were taking their toll in places I've never even heard of, the BLM movement has proven this time and time again. But it was also making the point of how people are trying to make awareness of these wrongs in the world. but reality check comes down to when a chap called George was high on PCP and used messenger to call me when I was in a bath, like just out of the blue too.

With the Winter months coming in, My mum was making a lot more of the Slow cook Casseroles, which sometimes you have to add extras in to cover the flavour, since I don't like it on its own, like curry in this case, horseradish in others. Plus Lidl have the pretzels in stock

The casserole with curry and extras 
christmas tee pretzels

As time was to the last few days of the Weekend and the end of freedom and the start of real pisstaking, Watch Dogs Legion was the last Ubisoft title worked ordered and well the time to contact that supplier was going to be tricky. Which means another midnight release to copy with and also donuts are really good, well courtesy of mum.

Donuts and Fanta 
Blurred running 
The shop at night 

But it was also time to enjoy more of the chances with Lidl Plus having my faves on offer, Which was little excuse to not purchase it. Even in the night sky. But it was soon to be the end of days, the end of the freedom and #nationalrestrctions . Which this was the best way to introduce Netflix now that internet was back in the shop and also the NowTV gift cards are not even valid anymore from the machine at work.
Lidl again 
A lidl shop with some of the Lidl plus offers 

Jeans were stating to rip and the last few days of shop freedom was to happen. But it was coming up to the last 2 months of the year, as some say, Winter is coming, and a Halloween blogpost is always a good way to sum it up. Plus ripped jeans which have been happening now I was nearing the 200lbs mark as well. But also that and cycling in jeans never is the best idea .

Boxes from a place in Hackney of all things, to secure more games 
Another lot of ripped jeans 

Now its time to really nuke the concept of easy going and the life was now going to be tough with what was to come.


Now we begin with the stress, since it was time to have 4 days of last minute sales before the quest to click and collect was to happen but for now it was Work work work, to get a massive sale of games at crazy low prices to make sure enough was clear and it was also going to happen during the WORST time for Gaming, when a NEW consoles or 3 NEW consoles launch

That week was also the time of the US Election and that was going to be a big change for the World if things didn't go the way of the right wing nut job. Which later one find out that change is the truth, Plus it was nice to binge Netflix like others have had the chance to this year, Plus times to focus on the second job were to happen, now I had my own E-mail from it which is really cool.

#Nationalrestrictions begin

But it was finally 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and lockdowns. Which well it was going to be tough due a lot of releases in the next few weeks, but we first have a nice delay of things and Go to take Rosie for her vet check-up and kennel cough vaccine, even though she's not be going to in for the moment so that's safe, during that time was a plan to get a heat gun, So £21.99 for one was lucky and actually was to be useful too. Plus it was also having a call and feeling a bit emosh regarding what just happened and work had to be re-organised it which was the plan. Mum even got me some Fanta and digestive slices too. Plus the Burrito pockets were a amazing ideal and I will try it again

Rosie outside of the vets 
Fanta and the caramel slices 
The new El Passo Pockets 

But we have to make sure of the plans coming and even to make sure that the click and collect idea could survive which arranging the shop to make it like that and I thought it would have been a safe idea, but it was also soon the time that I realised my maibenben earphones were in the wash which means the mic died, and it was time to get a replacement arranged, which by luck an order for work mean I got in wireless earphones. But it was nearing the weekend and it was also the first Sunday I had to work for a while since plans get pushed forward and now with another lockdown, it was time to focus on the second job, well actually in-between more marvel series to watch on netflix and as well as that, soon to deal with the PS5 sales.

Leftovers and peperoni was nice 
The layout of the shop changed 
The way to have it is blocked entrances 
A Mask selfie 

But it was finally a good excuse to try a brand called Mixx Audio . And it was time to get the review sorted for their cardio air. Especially for how long the rides the day after would take, which was a nice convenient route as well.

The earphones 
The earphones on the mask

But then it was rememberance  Sunday and the work had to be done, with losing where I was going but managed it along with another visit on the quiet roads on day 3 of lockdown2. Which it felt nice to explore the main roads as I got there, even if it could have killed me. Even though I did stay too long for the last visit and it means I will be cycling in the dark. Which was another feeling of my balls being numb which has happened for the past few month recently. There also was a parcel arriving which was my mums present overdue . of an elderflower bush which did look a bit strange. Plus its been the same time that WE adopted Finley a year ago, bless him, he's adjusted to life nicely as well.

The vitamin c drink 
a selfie before cycling 

the road in the lights at dusk

Now it was the start of working online more and also to get the video editing done, but sadly it risks on time and also false accusation, especially has to take its toll and make life a misery for many, I mean fucking cops come in to the shop with reports of being open when there is clearly doors closed. But that just makes things really uncomfortable for me being there, in work, which should not be a case but in 2020, anything goes. I kept quiet about it since its a risk not to take and cause open stress. But to compensate, it was time to get an upgrade for the Maibenben, the 1TB SN550 SSD for it. . But a bit of Jessica Jones on Netflix to binge to rest that night while the cloning was taking place. Plus Funny fact , the drive converted up is similar model to the one used in a Xbox Series S

The laptop before the SSD 
The cloning 

Times were progressing and plans were trying to reveal themselves, its was time to have more materials sent in to prepare for one rough ride of console launches. Which actually, suppliers did send me some official Promo PS5 T-shirts for the occasion although, Not myself showing a way of wearing them since well remember click and collect and the shop is cold, but it was plenty of time to get things done, Plus save the soul of the chaos at Ubisoft Montreal during a hostage of all things. Plus hearing more goals for next year is a vibe too.

Ps5 shirts 
Cycling in the Dark 

But as it life goes, things come to an end, even with the positive finds of turning a friend to enjoy time with me one day which is one step further to a happy empty space filled, but that and well it was the end of the Maibenben, I fell asleep from the second job with the laptop next to me and well that ended up a weird end for the motherboard, and the way I had to plead them to send one, that took almost 3 weeks from now. It was just another way of feeling lost and how much a SSD can really make life a pain in the neck for day in and day but its still 2020. Plus it was finally time to accept that virgins are still not accepted in society and people get mocked about it, especially on shows like naked attraction, but what's important is having supportive people that don't really care about being a virgin and support me no matter.

The end of the laptop ? 

Now this was the real test and the shock of November to find FUCKING BEEs still exist, and while running for over 3 hours, one STUNG me on my FOOT while wearing socks. like OWWWWWWW. But this was a true test of my skill to make sure I can run, Which I did and no lifts were taking, but this was almost a 12 hour day. It was well worth the bath and leftovers afterwards.

Running on wet roads 
Leaving to ruin home at almost 9pm 
a rewarding bath 
Amazing leftovers 

Now we have the biggest and most expensive week for people the launch of the PS5s and even though some people were being delayed, it always comes to twitter to save the day. Which 2 followers purchased a PS5 from me, and then it begins of the risk and expensive season and the fact I had to pay for these upfront a week before they arrived, but here we are, the first shipment of them. Plus my first time using UPS for delivery and they were very good too.

The PS5s Arrived 
A still itchy foot 

This was also the weekend I was with a bit of free time to talk about more so it was soon to be another catch-up of the chaos and also was meant to be the chance to finally get out of work due to the stress of cops coming back any minute, but alas customer still don't know that closes is closed. This was also one year since I got home from London and the past caught up, but it was a better time and soon to remember that I'll be able to have better life with her maybe next year. But it was also close to YouTube getting partnership again. Plus I was talking to a fashion insta model about cooking crispy seaweed and she guides me on a recipe and well, me and mum tried to do it, it went salty the first time but weak the second time.

A meal with Crispy Kale attempt#1
The Foot healed 

This was also the in-between moments of trying those gambling make money apps which a friend said to make sure want over £1000 and it did let her pay out, even though over a 1month later, no money received. Plus it was finally time to get that PC built since it was THATLONG over 3 WEEKS TO GET THE PARTS from the supplier, but the chap was really chill to work on with supplier and the customer was good and happy about it too. Plus more cycling at night for work too.

PC Parts 
The build is finished 
Cycling at night 

Then it was the last few days, which I was meant to take off, sadly no luck and also it was something to behold as I had to thank mum and dad for so it was time to get both of them advent calendars. Mum has never had her own one for a long time, so it was a nice treat, but I could have died to make an insurance claim from those fake car accident lines. And more casseroles to beat the life.

Calendars for the Parents 
The second batch of PS5 consoles 
Crispy Kale attempt #2

Over a year since we adopted him 
A lush leftover meal 

Finally it was very close to the end of the month and the end of #nationalrestrictions and it was leading on a more positive  note actually. Well work was about to be Bussyyyyyyyy. Plus only 3 pairs of jeans left and a fair bit of ideas on the mind for next year and maybe even myself feeling stupid and risking it all but who knows....

December :

#NationalRestrictions  End 

Now we can finally admit that the year was coming to the end, the pressure was soon to be on and well it was not too long until time to myself was coming to an end. But it was finally first we start with a Vlog of preparing for the shop to be open on the 2nd of December, Which involves a lot of stress and kneeling on the floor. Plus my mum got me a peanut butter advent calendar of all things.

Bits to pile on 
The shop looking normal with the bookcase 
The start of the advent calendar 

As it was now back up to opening day and well the start of loads of work to appear plus Christmas being the boon it is, I had to work for the last few days before I was having the last day off before the week of Christmas, well the 3 days. So customers came in and also it was more games to sort out the purchasing for, NDA to sign when it comes to Cyberpunk which was the final delay before that was to be released.

The shire horses in the square 
The trees in the square 

It was almost the second to last Indian before the year was up, plus walking back to see the lights as well as the horse and then it was finally time to have a early buffet for my sister for a early celebration of her birthday which even though the tiers were stronger, the support bubble is the same as it has been, so we get to celebrate it which for my sister was the last time She sees us in person for 2020, its a shame really but its another sign of the virus taking control.

Another buffet
My plate 

This was also the time I planned a poll to see what people wanted me to do for Christmas and soon that was to be the truth, but it was also very close to the beginning of the partnership of YouTube again. And also there as a temptation for fall guys Christmas jumpers but another poll said it was not worth the expense. But it was another day of work on the cycling for visits, which was on an anniversary for something special of a choice 1 year ago.

But after that it was now to risk my life for a emergency visit for a customer which sadly means I had to deal with ice physics in real life as well as the fact i I had to get the bike out and close the shop for the one day I needed to get things done like pay for the next batch of the PS5s which was the final batch of 2020 for work anyway. Bless the reps for looking after me. Plus i reflect on the make money apps I started to try out the past few weeks.

Now the area in crapstone 
The views as i was heading down 
The leftover meal when I got home 

Now then, We finally come to cyberpunk day and Christ the one day I did not do a midnight release is the one that I should have but at the end of the day, I'm glad I didn't when we find out the truth of how buggy the game was, sure I had loads of posters and balloons for it.

The shop ready with the Sales adverts 

This was also the time to finally plan some things out, With Tiers about to be changed and well that was going to be a bit of stress for us all and I was not having the time to plan out the Christmas shopping and a plan of 2 presents + gift card which is thoughtful way to spend on the family. So Lidl had some of the nice stocking filler based ones, but the San Miguel for dad, Mum had the socks and rose wine, and the stationary sets were good for mum and my sister too. But its not as best bargains unlike the ones in B&M and Home Bargains. But more casseroles and also the Christmas tree was up earlier than ever in recent history.

The Christmas shopping 
The casserole 
The Christmas tree is up 

This was also the time where the timeline from where I could have bee on TV if someone went to join the documentary and could have had skype interviews, but since she didn't, then I didn't get contacted from them either, but ah well, in a way it could have ruined a lot of things for next year for me, so a choice I avoided. Plus I finally got to the partnership of YouTube again, 2 days before the stronger Tier 4 started which for some means it was the end of Christmas and for others, well plans have to be cut back. Plus it was the final catch-up of 2020 before it was time to get this review of the year sorted.

This was also the start of me maybe feeling a bit left out and actually aroused which makes me miss what happened or what could have been but its Christmas after all so fun to let down some time and also keeps me happy while being able to catch-up on the blogpost, since I think I left it until the last moment for it But we still stride to type on this. That and Netflix and mix of YouTube while getting it done, which can be frustrating on the single basic plan, but I get there in the end. But Rosie and Finley was bonding even if it was social distancing on the bed.

Rosie and Finley 

But as it comes to the last day before the deadline of the postage which means to get presents wrapped up and also more customers getting me a flapjack as well but well it was work and being there for special friends. Even if it was harder to post off with both in Tier 3 and soon to be Tier 4 .

The flapjack 
present #1 
#present 2 
The wrapped presents 
Gfuel and a vouchers for my sister 

Then it was the final 5 days of work, which for me means the push to get consoles, especially with the customers demanding the PS5s which were sold out by then, and even PS4 were being spiked up in price. But well suppliers from the midlands are always the best for that, but well the laptop suddenly started working as the motherboard arrived, that and more unique recopies such as jerk chicken wraps. Plus the final Sunday before Christmas was a great excuse for marketing and typing up the review of the year.

Jerk kits and nandos sauces from Co-op 
The lapot is working again 

product shoots at work 

a catch-up and reflect of what could have been 

But the final week before Christmas and customers with presents, the bike was surviving for when it needed it the most and it was then soon to be making sure of the last minute gifts to get for parents and gift cards for friends in the past. Plus it was with Google product which a luck of the night means A free Chromecast with Google TV was to be had since mum wanted to watch Netflix in the bedroom TV, but a hint of luck meant my grandad might be better suited for the TV too. But that and imported pretzels were soon to be tested as well which maybe tonight on the last day of the year to try them.

The imported Food 
Google deliveries 

But then it was the preperation for Christmas, with the final bits of shopping and well present wrapping which did cause the delay on this post. But was worth it for being the chance to make sure this Christmas was covered on the vlog and blogpost. Which that and chatting to someone I don't know if real or not along with a few overload of watching eating and feasting to get my buzz.

The final bit of shopping  from Lidl 
Las shop from Tesco 
In a basket and sack trolley 
Presents to wrap 
The sky at 1am 
Leaving work on Christmas eve 
Whiskas for finley 
Mums gingerbread 
The end of the advent calendar 
The lamb shank 

Now finally it was time for Christmas Day, which the festivities were nice, sure it was feeling different and sure it was nice to give appreciation but it was also time to think on the future before the world was going to go even tighter but the fun was nice while it lasted. But some good highlights and also Glass is not being as fun as it should be but I need to get that sorted too.

The selfie in the onesie  

The views on moors 
Presents in the car 
Roast on Christmas day 
Stroodle and yule log 
presents in the bag
Finley looking at us 
Wonder Woman and the fire 

As it was the final few days of the year, times were just catching up, the tiers were getting stronger and well chats had to help me get my mind off this but also it was finally time to really wrap up this year, from the Food being extra like that rich brownies with chocolate orange and Choco nussa as well as even getting given a pasty as a payment for fixing a phone as well, it was time to really close the year, with new ideas but also surviving the pandemic which felt like it was getting worse.

the bun with extras for breakfast 
Christmas videos done 
a really rich brownies 
The end of the old laptop before selling it on 
Gingerbread and soup 
a windy view on the moors 

But Alas this year comes to an end, with a chance to build on the goals of just surviving this year is important, sure there will be a tiny bit of celebration and a all nighter as 2021 comes in with little joy due to passing on something that was still lingering over 2020 but the main thing is that next year should be better than this year is what most of us will hope for. Even if I might end up hurting someone if I make bad choices. But the end of the year was the last spell check and also making the chance to warm my feet up as well as a foggy icy run home. 

A selfie in the moon  light 

The sky in the light 

a free pasty and the coke I didn't drink so I gave it to a customer for a pc building lesson 

Resting my feet on a 90C heat mat 

leaving the shop for the final time of 2020

a foggy icy run home 

The final tea of 2020. Chinese chicken curry, turmeric rice, rack of hoisin ribs, potato sticks, peshwari naan and ketchup too 

 Have a good new year and we will see you n 2021 with new goals, better content and also maybe more than just myself next year but that is all i can say for now./div>