Thursday, 21 May 2015

a first Thursday of birthday shopping

lansso. with many changes happening, one of them is now I work Tuesdays instead of Thursday which means something. anyway on my first Thursday off since 2012 (excluding national holidays like Xmas etc) I needed to go into Plymouth to sort a birthday present for ash for the day after.
waking up after my alarm at 8am is OK, but checking all the social medias along with reddit now and emails is a a good start. but just after I work up and had a shower we lost the cat and decided to look for her which turned out she was in the kitchen somewhere.

By 10:15, I was on my way to Plymouth. it was a longer ride since for a change, I decide to pass through saltram and go on q bridge recently rebuilt nearby. I ended up at drakes circus by 12:15 exactly, pretty good.

Then there was the wandering around, which was pretty cool-ish but sadly there were no reduced jeans in primark and krispy kreme was not as busy as once was, so later on there would be a chance to order what I need. While looking around i saw a few things like:
  • £15.00 for 4GB of DDR3 laptop ram
  • £35 for a used Hipstreet W7
  • a lady was being annoyed at someone since a galaxy tab 7 was not responding and it was all virus talk
  • Various bargains for rucksacks in the Sony Store.
  • A bottle of vinegar and a bottle of soy sauce for £1.99 at the oriental shop, managers special
  • I also saw a former lecturer of mine, he nodded as did I

Then when back in the mall, I came across Pete. We walked around aimlessly to pound land, catching up with each other as we were wandering. like ex house roomies anbs relationship stuff, even saw some girl he nodded too. Then we got Poundland which Pete bought 2 bottles of aloe vera water. one for him and  me. Actually it was nice but there tern "tastes like what a washing machine smells like" was quite true. there were gel like bits in there as well which I swallowed but very refreshing indeed. 
2 for £1 of these in Poundland

Then we had the walk to their barbican since his lunch break was nearly over, which we talked of rumours and plans that could happen soon. Another wander to the hoe happened after, sure it was windy but very beautiful views around. it was useful to type this up on the onda while charging glass via the solar charger as well.
More views of the Barbican

The hoe was windy but nice

Charging using a Solar Panel

But by 14:45 I headed back to town and popping inside the casino which after killing time by a toilet break, i played against 5 other guys and they were pretty good, the dealer had nice looks to her as well, Hollie she was called. But i managed to win £6 then cashed the money in and walked to town to buy cards and jeans. 

I managed to pick up a nice cute panda bithday card for £0.59 and then the walk up to Drake's Circus, sure i saw others around and saw something which made me rage but i walked on.But it was time for the jeans, which i managed to pick up a pair for £5, seriously, £5 NOT REDUCED, YAY So i bought one of those. 
The jeans for £5, my ideal size too
Then there was the KK, which after waiting a minute or 2, i managed to order a box of originals for home and the green card to the gift. which came to £20.95, i Paid on the card and then time to pack and deliver.
The original dozen

The panda card and the green card. Ready to pack 
Then i was about to go back and boom, my earphone right side had died :@. after undoing my bike from the lock, i got to maplin and rushed to fine cheaper ones, nope. So i cycled home as it was, passing to deliver the gift on the way, Ash did say "Hi mattie" then walked into a room with a embrrassed look on her face, i was worried so i just left before things could go worse, but she had it which was the main thing.  Then a tiring and squeaking journey home.

I got home and the dog was over excited then it was a case of relaxing and then a fish and chippy. That was a tasty meal but it ended the day very nicely. 

Well this was a good day and more posts coming soon


Friday, 1 May 2015

May Catching up

Well, to be honest this past few day since the 21st has been quiet, i mean to be honest i've been playing games and working for those days. Maybe some geocaching and dogwalking (not on vlog, that will be later this month) but nothing else. Also i've had a surge of views on the last Bank Holiday Weekend, its interesting to see its popular, (more popular than the feeding sessions at the house 2 years ago this weekend). Also Feabie has pretty much been a great bit of excitement but false hope since people complain if you message them, complain if your quiet and shit tags like #thirstthursday

I've been keeping up with playing and finishing Kingdom Hearts 2.5. Now from today, i will start exporting the crucial stuff to my YT (a lets play perhaps) and also with oddworld now released on PS3, i can play that soon. But every month, Keep reminds me on those new years resolutions and Goals, lets see how my progress is

  • Get into my first relationship - Maybe a slight chance but gone
  • Have a mates or friends day out - This might happen in the next few days
  • Cook for a girl or group of girls - Maybe not
  • Finish KH 2.5 HD Remix - level 69 on kh II FM - now starting the lets play to publish
  • Purchase and finish Oddworld New N Tasty - purchased and downloaded to PS3
  • Finish 2 prisions on The Escapists
  • Watch a studio Ghibli Film - Tis is down
  • Enjoy a meal with friends or a date at a Restaurant - Escort

Well that is the end of this and hope to see you soon for another story