Sunday, 29 September 2019

The Birthday Catchup

So the week back from the chance of meetups and chances to get productive, Time felt back to normal. But things I had planned which actually went wrong in some way. But we finally get to build up new things.

The past week. 

So after coming home on Saturday after work, One girl wanted to meet but I did say we could have met but since I was busy last weekend it didn't work out. But then I also got a message from one but 2 different girls, Now one I did message since she did look lovely. Eventually, we chatted and I got her an Indian, then dessert then her number, which for some unknown reason I found out later that week that when her screen was fixed, the number was changed but I think that was about £60 later. But getting a real name and actual real number out of it made it a very close call since it was close reporting her since there was a vibe of scam in the air. Hopefully, we do call but I think nothing serious will come from it yet but I and S found her real Bank address so its a unique twist in the plot. 

That and work was busy, almost every evening was booked which is great, but also there were the thoughts of chatting to the amazing girl i met and also wanting to plan when to see her. Its looking like November but still a decision on that according to a poll will be before the Pokemon Pop up Shop Closes, Which actually I did the poll today but still it is looking like sure the food dates i've planned will be covered but I will do my best to get some footage of the pokemon pop up shop, but that closes on the day Sword and shield comes out. And I did send my phone to her which was just to do the right thing since its important to help friends out that actually need it,   

The phone to send and settings up a 5C for me to get Goose Fair Vlogs done 

Also, it was a chance of a new review. 

I'm surprised you want to see more of a 4G router for £35 instead of Gfuel Hydration but okay. Maybe I might get a collab for the review of Gfuel for a bit of attention or views. Also, I now have used my £10 credit on Cuniq and that now gets me 80GB of data for 2 months, which will be ideal 

But also with announcement of Kik shutting down, it was looking glum for some of the chats. Well one feedee that I did chat too but she's engaged so it's just purely business on that end, but it also made closure on something that's been happening for the past 2 months which all I know is, for now, nothing will happen or not meeting at  least, But its friends only which is good actually so its not bad terms. And things have progressed locally with soon I will be able to see a friend in her new flat which will be great with her new place. But time will tell. Another girl from FF I talked to on Kik was one message then disappeared. 

Now the main reason is that one of the other messages was from this girl,, we chatted and turns out she goes to one of the holiday parks near Exmouth which is cute, BUT she wanted £40 for her number and well okay I did take the bait and we chatted and yes fed her twice or so more after, but then it was getting to the stage like she was saying phone screen smashed AND she was robbed last night. Now that is a big burn on the skin so I reported her. But doing that is just stupid of Ka to do it but Feabie can sort that another day. 

That and one girl I used to talk to ages ago i've gotten her number and its good to chat to her, she's really nice and again its just friends but she's a busy lady and does well to gain with the responsibility she has. But maybe I might meet her one feabie meet away. 

That and well FIFA 20 yada yada game ruined #Fixcarreermode yada yada PS4 Pro + 10 games for £399 yada yada. I think I hit my head on the cardboard promo boxes twice. 

PS4s in 

The boxes above that did hit me

Then it came to Sunday. Saturday was a wet finale

The birthday of a relative. 

Well it was nice to catch up, I woke up at 9:45, was walking Rosie about 11 or so, then tech support on Directly until 12 which was shower time. 

Rosie with a ball to stare at
Then by about 12:10, my sister and grandparents arrived and we got in her car in the rain and we were off to the Prince of Wales again. I was in the car with my sister and grandparents, I had the chance to catch up with them, I said I was going to London again and they were intrigued. But then it was in the rain to drop off the grandparents outside while we parked in the main car park. 

The outside of the Pub

Then we walked in and got a seat, the cute girl from last time served us and well we all went on a roast Beef normal for all. Not bad for £8.90 each and they portions were huge and the pint of lime and lemonade is soo good.

The pint of lime and lemonade

The Massive roast with some vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and Gravy. 

Then we chatted and ate, I was hungry. We all enjoyed the roast and actually got really full so we skipped the dessert and then we walked out of there. It was slightly drying off as we left

The odd picture when leaving

Then it was more of catch up before we got home and the Rosie got really excited. Then we settled down and the cake was lit and we ate the Lidl chocolate celebration cake and then chatted. I also chatted to Kaylee and the other girl which was really nice. I might be getting both foods soon too.

Then it was time to say goodbye to the grandparents and sister at 4pm, which then we said it and I chatted then went to go #dogwalkingwithomracer. It was nice she enjoyed it and still chatting on WhatsApp and then as I walked back, the rainbow appeared. 

The rainbow and the east

Then I relaxed and got chatting and planned a few things and things went okay. 

Later on, I managed to get the phone call but it seems it was a bloke on the phone, a male scouse accent it had the feeling of a catfish and asked some questions but its still something I have to work on. And well cookie dough to cheer a friend up is important as well. 

But well that was it, another day done and new things await. 

See you soon

Monday, 23 September 2019

The 2 weeks of as sugar september

Well, this was it, the past 2 weeks have been interesting but also sadly nothing special in o9ther ways, sure I did realise some truths and also got some videos up but well, there are more plans for the future planned out here.

The first week, 

Well, there hasn't been much happening, sure the Maibenben 6A Laptop arrived and the review was mostly done towards the end of the week. But the chats involved were good, I and S were getting on nicely and she was excited for me of what I might get up to, but well as I found out, things didn't go to plan for reasons I can't talk about. But there was a chance of a sleepover for the weekend. Plus I did get that phone call from another girl and I didn't hear a thing after. 

Toasted Sandwiches 

The Maibenben laptop 

This rash on my thigh near the testical is sore and even now it can be sort sometimes. 

But that and I did make more than the first week using Directly, which is a good benefit for me. But that also helped caused the chaos for plans next week.

Second week. 

Now this was the first part of some amazing times I hoped in my mind, but there was sadly it didn't end up like that, chats sometimes confuse, but learning the facts of me and the lovely girl i met  have done really well, plus the local lady has got a new freedom ahead of her which i've helped which time will tell but it seems positive. That and also I chatted to 2 new girls, one lives in Oke which means a 2-hour cycle but will she actually arrange a meet, it is close I hope, but Kik was looking a promising way. 

On top of that, I had more work and home visits were piling on the week which was hard to get the organisation to get even the chance for an evening meetup. So things happened instead like another eating video:

Cooking the curry

But then it was more directly and longer nights which made things tricky to get videos filmed and the conversations were still looking hard to get into, Things were looking like it was close but still far away. Christea was feeling her element and I think a November trip is on the cards. Plus I made a new friend near the Chelsea area so its good to get to know new people as well, okay sure its been £45 spent on her and then just as that happens to get her number, her phone screen cracks. But i think this will seem to much of a fake ride for me/.

Then it was still a day of having a nice meal of Tempura Battered Sausages while watching Pokemon detective Pikachu, it was also time for chores to be done and this was then chatting until 3am, this was most nights actually and then it was eventually the Friday.

The tempura and fish

The Link Delivery Day. 

So this is a good time of dun and well not fun but customer after customer and the usual stress. From iPhone Repairs and more stock and clutter all over the place.

The dog waking up 

The gfuel works nicely

Shes greeting me as usual 

This is her readu for her walk.

Getting things packed up. 

Feeding Time 

I woke up and managed to get the dog walked for a short while, then it was the start of getting things done, sure there was a chance of a fun time and the hauling of the Trolley.

The things ready 

The Day at work: 

Things are never easy as they seem, Work was no exception, customers did pop in for bits and also not one person asked for Zelda, I did show one customer a switch lite. This was also getting iPhone Batteries fixed which then cracked the screen. But I managed to get things sorted the day after. 

The box with all of the Nintendo out 

The Bizzbee NCC screens and batteries arrived

Now things can get fun when I had to pick up a parcel from DPD. This normally is the place to pick up the things which made things a bit easier BUT when parcels get mixed up it makes it tricky to pick up. But it was a good old walk to the pharmacy for all of this to happen.

The Tayside to pick up the pay

Then i got to Central and had a potato dog as well as a bit of Ribena which is always nice. That was £1.50. 

The Ribena and the Potato dog

Then it was more of working and one of my customers I've had to pretty much talk to give him motivation, he popped in and it helped him but wasted my afternoon. My colleague didn't turn up but that is normality. 

Eventually, It was the end of the day and it was time to make sure that stuff was packed up and also I had 2 sacktrucks to bring home, one from Lidl and the other from the Range. But then it was getting there to get some Pandora Bracelet for £35.00 It was nice and actually an old school friend sold me it. But well then it was running up the hill to sort it and i was home at 5:30. 

The evening: 

Well, I got home and it was the first time to walk the dog, well she was excited for this to happen and it was a nice sunny walk past the roundabout of Bovis that was being made up. 

a blurred welcome

The lead

Getting to the roundabout 
Then it was playing ball until she lost it in the field, which is about right for her. But Then it was time to get some more packages organised since I did get a delivery of Fifa 20 Stuff. 

The Field 

Fifa20 sal things
Then it was time to get some toasted sandwiches for tea. I made some toasted sandwiches and they were spicy but tasty. especially with some blue raspberry slush to enjoy. 

The toasted sandwiches for tea with the ice-cold blue slush. 

But then it was finally editing that and also parents home, with friends to chat to some meetups on a hopeful chance. But we will see what happens. Also a new girl I might visit in Exmouth nearing next month but we shall see if the £40 feeding gets that happening. 

All for now


Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Sunday Dogsitting Catchup

Well, for the next two weeks things are going to be amazing. With things, i've planned and not mentioned to supporting those extra people here and there which have meant alot to me and also taking a new program up to make extra money to save up for things that might happen if some people get their own well is important too. But the vlog is below:

Directly plans to meets

So we begin by actually doing the small things, sure the one i met with  was on a diet which I did help her cheat on it on Friday and other things between us close together as friends. That helped with another fact that I did something special with the local lady by helping her change her life which also means I might get to see more of her soon with no issues on meetups. But it will take a few more delays before that happens I guess but the main thing is it's good there. 

But there is something good happening next weekend with someone and I'm not allowed to say anything about it so it will be hush-hush until it happens, but I'm mega excited for it. That and I ordered a laptop from Aliexpress. The Maibenben Xiaomai 6a which has an N4100 and an MX250 which I got for a staggering £270 ish. I did risk something for this but without realising what came next I just have to accept it. That will be reviewed as soon as I can. 

But I also joined a program with Directly which was just on a whim to see if I could help out for some extra money as those support agents. I started it and helped a few customers, from using Rufus to make their own USB for installing windows to even fixing sound problems and throw a dash of the chance to enjoy their own dealings with people purchasing the wrong version of Minecraft indeed. I guess it was based on how many happy customers answers you got paid. But actually its based on points and in that week I got about 11,000 points, sure 45 happy customers and 1 meh customers but thinking that would make me $50, it didn't, it made me nearly triple which is a shocking amount but then again I was using it up to 2 am on some of the nights. If you do apply. Then good luck and be patient and helpful and loads of copy-paste if you use advice from non-Microsoft sites. 

That and work is hectic with orders for games, 2K now taking the spotlight of the place and also a glass cabinet I and my colleague bought (split fiver each). But I'll show you in a day in the life vlog. 

The Morning. 

So I actually went to sleep at like 4am and also had a call with a former friend like just on the off chance, just out of the blue like do you want a phone call with me while her friend was there.  (this was a friend from many years ago I did have subway with and one of the first girls I bought food for online too). But it was nice catchup which helps things and now I have the privacy to do calls for the next two weeks. I smiled and then had a nice look at some fun bits before I woke up from the alarm clock of Google home. Which reminds me I need to check the sound for that to make it more me. 

Then I woke up, about 8am from that sound and then checked my phone to check the balance and my jaw fucking dropped Like it actually makes me feel like vincent after he cheated (you'll get that reference when I play Catherine Full body during this time off ). 

But then my mind still buzzed and shocked I made that much I was having a moment and did just well have a fap over what next week brings. But for that, I then got up and had the internet to check before a walk with Rosie and start the vlog. 

She enjoyed it but losing the balls for about 10 minutes at least which is a bit of a shame in away. But hey ho. I got back at 10:45 and then got changed and fed Rosie her breakfast and eyes watering to near luke in the process. I  then had to get more internet stuff done and type this up along with some laundry chores, to begin with.

The dog and her toy

By about 1:30  I gave Rosie one last quick walk before I was time to go off and a shower was done.  Since I was going to his at 2 instead of 12:30 so I had a chance to make some extra toasted sandwiches for lunch.

Before the PRess

After the Press

A Torchy stream moving. 

Well, it's back to the collabs, So I ran to his by 2:15, I got there and then we caught up since he just woke up then it was down to the basement to get the equipment setup. Which actually didn't take long and then a few test streams and settings in SLOBS and teaching him how to remux in OBS. by 5PM, it was time to leave since he was about to have his tea, It was a run in the slight rain indeed by this point. But most of that had been done and plans for the future to be made later. Sure things were limiting him indeed which we can say but it might be looking good there.

The Final chores of the day. 

I ran back home and got there, not that long spent, Sundays of a place of closing and all and well it was good that I then did the washing in the tumble as well as one final walk with Rosie (well not final but one before I end the post) and directly had more customers to go and help. But also Rubbish to be taken out and then that was it, I was finally done and also the parents called to see how things were and they enjoyed more cornish timings 

And there we have it, Stay turned for 2 reviews, a Q&A and also something very amazing to happen this weekend which will be soo good if I can tell you :)