Monday, 28 August 2017

Swimming and Dogwalking on a Bank Holiday Monday

The final bank holiday of 2017 before its year end is right here, with the weather actually being hot and nice for it, it was time to do something different. This was how the idea came about to tak rosie swimming and I went as well. There was no vlog for this since another one might happen soon. But enjoy anyway.

The Morning to prepare: 

Lets be honest, bank holidays usually don't have me waking up earlier than usual and this was no exception, the alarm went off at my usual time, I was ok considering i Didn't sleep until 1:30 after buying bus tickets for pics and helping someone out with that, romance has to be built with doing favours for each other :). But after fapping, I was up by 9:15 and got the internet checked, Kinguin replied to my application and also charging up the action camera while reading on how to upgrade the firmware while having a toilet. But by 10:20, we were on our way to doublewaters again. The sun was shining, the sky clear with little clouds to block out the heat and the green grass as we started walking.

The moors before walking down

The walk down:

As me and mum walked down, Rosie playing ball and hiding them often, it was interesting to chat to her about plans in the next couple of weeks and just some reminders since me and Rosie by ourselves for 2 weeks will be interesting, since she hates me for the most part at home but outside shes ok. The hills were fresh with ferns and the heat was not blazing but it was normal august supposed to be weather, before the zigzag, a 4x4  passed us so the lead was on her then took Rosie off it and she carried on walking, with hopes to play ball. 

Where the 2 rivers meet

We then were passing to the bridge, a friend of mums started chatting to us, Rosie barked to nag us to move on and then we shortly did. Rosie was near the river and she was excited about it, drinking from the clear water this time compared to other places we had been recently. But shortly after, that we had made it down the 2 hills to the swimming spot in 34 minutes.

The walk

The River

The wet swim. 

We all got laid out on the gravel, well more unpacked on the gravel, with the mat resting and the training lead attached to her ball which the was time for her to play ball and get her nice n wet for a good cool down. She was diving her nose in, the ball was sadly sinking which makes it a bit harder to get her to grab it , but he Action Cam had died just at this point, which was around the time I got changed, to swim. 

Rosie in the Water

I went in the river and m legs did feel the chill and then slowly walked further in, feeling the cold, the D was feeling it, the thighs were and well it was adjusting to the climate for me mainly.

In the Water

Then mall ball games for a while which was nice, Rosie started to shiver partway through. But she didn't really seem to worry except barking at the ball not being thrown. But before we had lunch, I decided to put her lead on and get her to paddle a little bit, she did but it was a bit worrying for her, she tried to run back and then wanted to play more ball again. But it was soon time for me to change then lunch

More in the water shots

Rosie trying to paddle

Selfie attempt in the waterproof case

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A relaxing lunch:

Once I had changed, which actually was getting towards 12pm. It was a nice bit of snack for lunch, whih changing was at the right time since 2 people with three dogs has passed us by. The lunch was a tuna crisps sandwich, It was nice and the tuna is a mix of pasta in a tomato sauce. The bread roll was soft and not filling soft but fresh soft.

The lunch

Rosie was being barky with wanting my crisps but not mums, then she wanted some of her biscuits then it was time to play ball for one more time before we made our way up the hill. 

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Me and Rosie

The views

Are tranquil

But rocky

The way back:

By 12:33, we decided to make ourway back,with Rosie enjoying the balls,I dried up my legs and put my socks on then it was the walk back up. The heat was hotter and the journey back was not as long as we were guessing but it was more people around which knew we did this at the right time. 
As we were getting to the top of the first hill, another 4x4 drove past us and then we noticed a sign tht said "Josh's Party" which must of been the way we just come back from. By that time it was only 15 minutes. Then it was time to play ball for the last bit of the hill. 

The Ferns on the hill

Then it was getting up this hill, Rosie was herding the ball off the track since it was getting hot for her, then another 4x4 was passing us, by then we had rosie on the lead sicne it was the top of the hill and near the car. Which it was 28 minutes when we arrived back to the car. 


Rosie didn't want a drink so we got in the car and then drove of to lidl which we were going to pick up some bits for a BBQ but things were missing so we got some bits for home.  But then once we were home, it was nice to sunbathe and catch up with typing this up.

That makes this august a interesting one full of change and new times, new chatter and new ways of working. Also with starting a business, time feels shorter but I have new videos planned soon. For now, have a rest.


Saturday, 19 August 2017

The 2nd Saturday

Well, this was a nice intresting day, with work, chatter and casual what could happen more often. But with a day in the life coming up soon, this could be an idea to peek into my daily bit more.

A checking Morning, 

I got up, there was no alarm, but 7am and checking the phone is the way to go. Checking snapchats of wedding preps, pigging out, girls night and more antics, I then woke up and checked e-mails. A niced onion burger sauce sandwich breakfast was REALLY Good.

The onion and burger sauce sandwich
Eventually i was browsing some drama about a person taking money and then it was time to go to walk rosie, with the rain happening just as we go there to being clear sky when we left and then more rain when driving, it played out nicely. Rosie was not happy about wanting to go and also jumping across a leat was fun.

She was not happy about wanting to go

The clouds

Trying to jump across this leat

The clients to see, 

Now, once that was done, I was dropped off to the market to see a few people which was to do with sorting e-mails out and then a chat with a few people on plans. After that was the run to another client who was a Roku bit of lessons and the annoying point of the TV providers requiring sign ups for watching shows :@. But that was sorted and i nearly locked her out of house, woops. Hills are a nightmare in Tavi too.

The hills to run up

Then it was to run to another client and it was a bit of a wait and I was one hour early. So I got a look at it and getting ig platform Id is a nightmare then it lead to no sound later on. But it was nice to chat to him which was pretty deep about things. But that was eventually fixed at 3:30 and then a run home in the sun and it was ok.

Passing to the meadows. 

An evening,

So it was then a phone call when I was home, caught up with Rosie and then after that long call with sound issues, has odd voip and I was pretty much in a bath which was nice, hot and refreshed me to get a Review done of a Donor Kebab. That was nice and good end to my evening.

While that was being made, I did have a second lunch as well which was a bit of tuna and BBQ sauce

The mixed 2nd tea after

And that was it, I will try to get a day in the life done next month as well as a couple of blogposts before then as well as maybe a few mini vlogs if I get time. Until then, enjoy a weekend. 


Friday, 11 August 2017

A calm fireworks championship (day 2)

The second day, now this is the first time I've ever vlogged both days, with the first one finished and uploaded just as I was getting change to get ready for tonight. This time I had to go earlier which was for getting something from drakes circus before it closed at 8pm. the vlog is below.

The plan

So, I finished the day before's vlog, it was not too bad, one power cut due to me not plugging in the charger can be annoying but it hasn't done too much damage this time. That was in-between walking Rosie and snacking every so often. But by 4:25, the vlog was ready to tender while the dogwalk was happening. The morning dogwalk was with a friendly chap who has 4 dogs and Rosie didn't mind them. Also the battery in the LED shoes are rip with the wire for the switch dying out, no charging for that one.

I was running to get the bus by 6:10 and it arrived at 6:25, this was interesting since there was more people, the cost was the 5.50 day rider and some kids at the back decided to get a speaker out and a bit of fiddy cent. then Romanians behind me as the bus got into roborough, it was getting packed pretty quickly. Time was ticking but on my side since I had a bit of time to get the cable.

The sunny evening near uni

After getting the cable and exploring drakes circus, it was time to make my way to see the taking place for beyond at game, this was really nice and that competition to win a Xbox one I didn't enter since I don't need it. Then I made my way to the barbican to have a look, it was not crowded but it was nice to see a few singers and cap n jaspers was stocked up. I made past there my way to the hoe.

The dusk as I passed royal parade

The hoe

Now I was wandering around, but walking up on the road from the barbican, the crowds were building up and it was peaceful as it was busy.

A stage on the barbican too

Looking back with the crowds behind

The hoe was getting busy

Jetskis on the hoe

I walked to the fair, the crowds were in different places and the energy was just as busy.

Crowds by the tower

In air orbit

I also went to the screen, spar had free cans of coke, fanta and sprite to be had and I went for fanta.

The collection of drinks left to just grab

A nice fanta orange

As I wandered to the kids area, I noticed a phone call on glass, it was swaggy, it turns out that him and Pete were here and I walked to meet them, it was only near a fish and chip van. I saw pete, leather jacket, same phone case as me, ripped jeans and then we chatted or more a girl near me chatted to him which then I caught up with him slightly while walking to see Libby and swaggy.
in trackies and a white shirt, Libby in jeans and furry jumper, more interesting than I thought. her daughter was with her, we chatted and then me and Pete decides to walk to the barbican to get donuts. We had a good catch up, I found out the house has split and also I told him the truth about leaving games and computer's, he was shocked a little bit but all was good,we got to the stand by cap njaspers and he ordered 10 donuts for £6.00. it was already prepared. We walked back up, I saved swaggys new number and we then delivered the donuts, I was offered one, me and swaggy chatted whole Libby was playing on a stall with the daughter.

The doughnut

Swaggy and the tower
They came back, she won a fidget spinner and I noted down the company for a friend to help buy them since they were CE approved. After that, I walked to the viewing spot, it was much less crowded this time and then it was soon time to watch the fireworks. the first lot were pretty good

A look back at the fair

The view before the display

Nice redness
a short spark

it gets brighter

after, it was looking at the 15 minute break before the second lot, the sun was finally leaving us, and the rides lit up the sky.

The bright fair sky
The second lot started, it was actually quite nice, it was quiet but started to hang up and really explode the life in the end.

A small spike

Red sparks

a boom

a coloured boom

Then it was the last wait before the 3rd one, this was a pretty intense amount and the explosions were no short of incredible at the end.

here comes a real boom




the red woah
Then I walked my way back to the hoe, the grass was damp and I nearly slipped in the flora, but I wobbled on up and got to the fair in the end.

The walk back

the crowds walking on the road

I explored the fair for one more time, it was a really normal fair fun, but by the slushes, I saw a soft lady I think I follow on Instagram, Brooke, obviously she has never seen me before so I didn't introduce myself. by 10:53, I was deciding to walk back.

the swing out in air

The spar and the tower

nightly fairscapes

I ran a backroad to royal parade and that was packed, so I decided to go f it and run further up until the bus gets unpacked. That worked for 18 minutes and just as I got to a bus stop, the bus was behind me and let me in.
Blurry running

As I was on the bus, some 2 people were chatting and I found out about a tapas on the hoe which isn't the done and do really good food, both were off by the time I was at marjon, that as well as seeing a cute BBW I was standing next to, with lovely black eyes and a amazing figure. then I saw a former schoolmate with a lovely supersized blonde,  she reminded me of someone I follow on feabie, he said hi to me as he got off at yelverton. Then it was quiet from there out, I was off the bus by 00:05, yawning, smoke was in the air, I know it will be a long night but this week off allows me to get things done better.

see you for more vlogs soon