Sunday, 27 January 2019

the 5th date....or not

well, this was a surprise that I really wanted to have happened and hopefully, it was one of the big moments of this year, it certainly feels like it. but it is indeed a date, one that got planned actually right after the blog post last week, of course, I'm nervous, who wouldn't be but she was the one that offered. There might be a vlog but then again, this is one important moment and typing is better than videos in one way, but you might see soon 

How it happened. 

well a lovely girl I saw joined feabie, she was a grey face originally and she message me and we chatted, while that was happening  she did upload pic and it looked real as far axe I was concerned, but she was an ex feedee since her ex was a feeder and also down here doing nursing in uni of plym, but we did talk and she was surprised I've never had s girlfriend and never had sex even after I told her about Gracie, but she was keen to impress me in a way.

But we did talk about work and the shop since that's important too and though £18k loss this tax year, it was still nice she seemed interested and then she said about meeting THIS weekend, which was what I call progress, so I happily agreed and she liked going to the burger bar I wanted to try out, by the uni. so we got that arranged for 1pm, which that is what I wanted so badly.

A few days later we chatted again an asked if I wanted to go still, I said yes and we chatted more and I did explain my issue with the phimosis and she was okay about that, sure she did say  can't wait to taste my cum, give me a bj and also wanted to get a maccies uniform since I told her I am into fast food uniforms to feed till prep.

but then she wanted a Uber voucher in exchange for a selfie, just so I can see her face, which actually when chatting she wanted to see my penis, so we exchanged pics. she was beautiful, slightly double chin, blonde hair, normal lips, cute nails and she did show boobs but not my thing haha.

but then I sent her a Uber voucher next day and talked about KFC, but she also offers that we could go for back shopping then go to hers for feeding if I'd like to which I did say yes for that. so that was something BIG to look forward too.

then I didn't hear from her again, she has my number so it's not like I'm relying on her via feabie, but a worrying streak according to fewhale (nickname for an amazing girl I chat to on snap, that's another story) I need a girl best friend and she will stand me up.
so my mind wax aflutter.

The other chance

new times happened and another girl call Lucy added Me in FB and then messaged me saying her ex stole money off her and wanted me to take her food shopping and would let me feed her, so that gave off a Nasty Matt O Kane vibe, so I was reluctant to do anything and removed her, but she did apologise the next day and chatted and she was keen to get fat and really wanted to meet me, but I said I was going on  date but did say we could if I get stood up, since that anxiety of if things happen is painful, so she was trying to want me to just meet her instead, bit said I'll let her know, it's harsh but at the end of the day, wanting money quickly is scammy. that and okay I did get her food from Atlantic fryers for the burger, 2 chips, drink and delivery, so it ain't a major loss. but that's that.

The day 

I wake up with Spotify blasting some jpop on home mini then I forgot a muted the mic, so shouted at Google to turn then Aland off, then checked snap and S was going to sleep since she finished her night shift and wished me luck, actually Katie, Molly, Leah,, and Zita did to be fair too.

 but I checked feabie ABC then fapped then got up and that was 9:10 and checked desktop and to see a Scottish KH3 stream and realized UPS never delivered works copies of KH3 on Saturday since my rep said that an "unexpected task" in the warehouse meant it could not be shipped on Thursday and she asked for me to say if I was open on Saturday, which I was .

but then family got up and then we chatted and then I got change go #dogwaalmigwitnkrmscer and the HAIL was immense, the amount of it was so scary actually  but it was not settling from what I saw, the winds were flowing and that was 18 minutes before got home then had a shower and change into a nice cut jeans backstops outfit, that shirt had really gotten loose in me too, but by 10:45 I had started running to the bus.

I got there by 10:55 and chatted with a customer who already is a nice chap and he'll pop in to see me soon about something,  it then it was a 10-minute wait for a £5.80 day rider plus.

The view before leaving

A selfie

I got on and the sun was shining, I was typing and messaged her on that I was on the bus to plym now. the journey was quiet and I was passing mutely by 11:55, wet roads were slightly starting to dry. but I got off the bus by 12:10.

The view on the bus at mutley

Off the Bus

Time to explore

an hour to less to explore, the thing, so there's, wasn't much around, I first got to the coach station and saw falcon prices which were not too bad but actually more expensive for z pre-booked London return.

but some good deals in Poundland like microwave popcorn for £1 and then I went to menkind looking for bongs to funnel one girl maybe but we'll that's not there but there were Lots of retro stuff on offer which looks good. Belong Game had nothing much minus some Elgato stuff and maybe tested some mech keyboard as well as others. Then it was CEX which had some bargains in but then it was more cute stuff in the other Poundland like earphones. also, the screen has gone, some good memories there.

RIP Screen

but then I was in the oriental supermarket some good food and possible reviews to try out, but then it was heading back up to Drake's circus.

The date to wait

so, it was 12:50 and I was heading my way there, nerves up, needing a pre ab got my way to the toilets to refresh myself. the phone was in charge in the box while I did it and 1pm passed, so it was time to walk around Drake's circus. I messaged her to say I was there but heard no reply.

I then went to the Apple store and got told about the pros with quad-core i5 for £1548 but still too pricey for me. so I walked down to the comfy chairs at Waterstones to have a check and wait and see. but by 1:40 nothing was happening so I decided to text lucy about meeting and heard NO word from her at all. so it was time to explore and do some shopping.

the pricy buying

I walked into town again to get bits I saw and wanted, though hoping for a reply,  I went to menkind to buy the GPS cable first, £4.97 for a cable with GPS on it. maybe an omracer reviews soon.
then I went to BrandMax and saw some things, like jeans for £14 ( bit posh) a shirt that was £34.99 but reduced to £6.99 and then £9 for 5 2XL boxers which are a perfect size to fap in. so that was £30 for 3 things, paid that in Card. Then I went to Poundland and got the popcorn, rice, pot noodles, a 4 pack of instant noodles and that was it for £5.00.
then I made my way back to the bus.

as I did that, I got messages from both ladies, one said since I planned the other day, she didn't both to let me know since she felt disrespected and Lucy pretty much "forgot" since she was having a roast at her mum's and the phone was in charge. so basically both girls stood me up, oh great, but how the fuck was I supposed to predict one girl would just message me out of the blue and wanted to meet me on the same day which is the only day i had off  for the (else i would have to cancel my work customers to have a girl possibly pick me up) date which was booked with another girl a week before.

Another time of wasting and back to the same, maybe I have dug in too deep, but I walked to the bus stop and the bus was there, so a wait, chat with a working neighbour and then got on the bus and on my way home, so basically a wasted day

I got on the bus home and typed this up, my hands were cold, my heart and body were feeling pulsing and sinking, this hurts. but hey, how else can I plan dates now since this will probably just happen again with Somone else and life will repeat, maybe I should just travel up to have a weekend in London and meet Christea, Emma, and maybe spend time with chubby cupcake since I can't even try locally anymore it seems, I fed both girls so I'm not a fake feeder, actually 3 with another feeder that's local but that was actually a voucher for her she didn't use and forgot but it worked anyway so no money spent this week on her. I got home by 4:20.

The lidl when i got home

The gifts  I got from today

 But I got home and then my parents got me some shoes and I told them the shoes they got me for Christmas I've slipped twice when wearing in just a couple of weeks apart (the second time, 2 cars were coming on the road so nearly hit by a car) on and they did get annoyed and the dog farted in my room which didn't help, but no replies from either girl so I made a very tasty stuffing chicken noodle bowl.

The nice meal to make when I was home. Chicken noodles, stuffing, coco pops and mayo. 

Then it was a nice night of typing up accounts and also warming up and reflecting on the sadness of today,. 

Hopefully, February is a better chance to get resolutions done. 


Monday, 21 January 2019

A Nippy monday to visit

well, January has been an expensive start already and this was the only non-work day off minus Sunday I had, well I would say none work actually all I had to visit a customer near my Nana's, so it's back the old times. But I did go dogwalking earlier on Sunday, oh and also got a laptop partly built for streaming soon.

A Laptop setup for me to stream

The views when dogwalking before seeing my nan

Love catch up

before this though, times have been good and even more girls I've chatted to, like hopefully a new local feedee to meet up with soon though she had issues with the Uber vouchers I get from work, which is fine. S is wanting to go on a diet and won't have sex with me if I ever get that chance to meet her but I'm happy to accept that. Also, the FF chatroom has been full of fun and even have a 638lb feedee my number but her Pete is feeding her anyway.

but also I did get stood up since I was close to going on a coach holiday to see a feedee but she was unsure of her work rota, now that's fine and all BUT she removed me on snap the week before I was meant to visit her which was last week. that seriously bummed me out.

also, I have been offered to feed a girl in real life for special rates too and I did see a Schweppes and banana bloat and used the spoons app for a meetup she planned up 100 miles out but hey, progress is progress and I got her number and also christea's as well.

then it comes to last night and a new girl came upon feabie, called Chloe and well she messaged me and we got chatting and she's down to earth and lovely, and well she offered to meet me for this weekend coming (26th/27th) so that means my 5th ever date is fast approaching 😍.

The message of meeting up

The visit

after the gap, I got up and got changed before making a smoothies, a nice berry one actually, then after email checking and changing, I was in the bus to get to where I needed to go. The smoothie was an orange, grape and strawberry one along with a ham cookie sandwich.

The breakfast

then I was in and started to tyoe up after paying the £3.70 return fare, which has gone up pretty steep. but then eventually I got to the outskirts of the village and then ran my way to the customers which were only 3 minutes away,

The road when getting the bus again

Then I had to get devices setup and one after another in quick time and teknique cameras are a load o shit. but then I finished at 1:30 and walked up to get the bus home and also got a padlock from the premier and look at some tasty deals o will admit, then I waited for the bus.

The cold wait for the bus

as I aS waiting, a greyfacd from plym on feabie replied to me after I said I wish I could f3eed her, asking what with so I said things like donuts, cake, pizza and more but she wants more of a casual date, but we chatted and then suddenly the chat disappeared which is a shame. But I then got home and relaxed with some work to do and also then it was #dogwalkingwithomracer at the field. Then a ham and Pineapple crunchybran sandwich for lunch since that's good too.

the Ham, Pineapple, crunchybran and ketchup sandwich

A relaxing afternoon

Pretty much after this was the chance to chat with girls and ended using a spare uber voucher from work since one girl I bought one for was not able to use it and I said "I'll have to get you another one if uber support cant help out" which I didn't hear a reply from that at all. I also did speak to the 688lb lady but she did leave conversation after teasing of "I wish I could gaze at your belly" so that didn't go so well. But the girl I got the uber to was so nice and down to earth and also said 

What a good example of what this website should be about. 💕
3 hours ago

Which really makes it great is that I get to impress her buy using money but she did apologise for other messing me about but sometimes you have to endure that to get the end result. But then it was time for some casual normalish tea. That and one phone call for an Xbox part that isn't mine to repair soi have to nag colleagues to sort it out.

The pasty,. pasta, crisps, baked beans and ketchup for tonight. 

Then it was time to get the post up and chat to S after her day at work before relaxing and movies, so maybe things are on the mend and up. Also, new streams coming out this week as well. 


Friday, 4 January 2019

A Grey, Mild New Year - 2019 Resolutions

Happy 2019 to all of you, hope you have a great and amazing Year. But now 2018 has been and gone, the time of my life is been and gone and hope we deal with another amazing year. But for now, we get to go into the new year with a bit of peace and quiet and also video editing in between.

The New Years Eve.

Well now we start to  have our final fap, which is from a lovely lady on Feabie whos also a curvage model, but we get on pretty well, shes got a feeder already though, then my dad ends up going out and my mum has work, so that means actually some time to get footage organised for this year's video and also getting my bedroom setup to be able to video edit much easier.

The mess on the desk

Videos and footage to copy

Then it was time to get one second to the last #dogwalkingwithomracer done in the field and playing ball, it was dry but dull and a nice way of ending the walk. but she was being hyperactive towards the end.

Rosie in the field

But then it was more chance to get a #omracearts done which is a tasty trend of seafood and chocolate spread, which sure some people hate but its a lush quick combo and so tasty. 

The final breakfast of 2019

Then while editing that, I was on the FF chat and well i got on well with a cute gainer and we were about to have a skype call but she never added me and left the chat, I never heard from her again. But then it was soon time to get the video up and also get the desk tidy for this night of editing.

Tidy and ready to go. 

Then my parents came home and it was time to get the fun of having lunch which is a nice bit of pasty and sausage roll.

The pasy and crisps

After that, it was more time for me to finish copying stuff over and getting a bit of planning work to be done then it was more chance for a final dogwalking with omracer.

The sky and grass

The open moorland

While we were walking, it was a nice chance for me and mum to catch up, before some streaming and then it was time for a Chinese. This was actually really tasty but maybe the satay was too rich, but the crispy seaweed was too good.

The Chinese

Then it was time to get the bath sorted which will be a nice relaxing end, sure I was buzzed off my face with regen and chatting on snap and starting to type this up when killing time. But that bath was amazing actually, I did have to heat it up a bit more. But then it was time for a bit of Bond with Spectre. That and then it was soon time for one last walk before bringing in the new year.

The tree lit up near my house

Then it was finally the last few minutes of the day. Glass was turned on and it was then drinks out for all. Sure madness was on BBC1 then and ITV news was all about the planning of the event but then we cheered in the last few seconds and watched the Fireworks. I tweeted and shouted and also whatsapped a few girls, including my WB rep but that caused an argument with her BF. But then it was watching a bit of Total impact then time to get a coffee before editing. 


The cup of Coffee

The New year of editing

Joking aside, this was exciting and after getting external Hard drives setup, but then editing over the night, the air was fresh outside and the video was done in about 14 hours (take 2 hours off the actual length since of breaks and lunch in between, but i got it ready and done eventually. 


Then it was finally time to relax with parents after those stressful hours of it. I did have some leftovers for tea that day as well.

The leftovers

Then it was the timing of the night and I was ready to go to bed after watching films. Another day was about to begin. 

The day of working. 

Like always, time is back to work and chatting to girls, like nothing changes. But it was chatting to reps, admin work, tidying up and then getting to a customers house after, though I did a double book/ But then it was time to head home and have a nice meal that caused drama on twitter, some boxing favourites and a cute girl tweeted me too. 

The end of the night

Also, it was back to arguing with some folks, but apparently this guy thinks what i eat is a joke too.

But then it was me chatting on snap, sure I managed to send 2 ubereats vouchers i sent to 2 girls i hope i might cross paths with one day and even Zara was messaging to want some takeout but that didn't happen. then it was bed for me.

The 2nd Day. 

Well another day at work, I woke up late from fapping, sure, but a cold run to work and also it was time for me to get some orders done, work finished and also a bit of 2 visits afterwards, but then it was some stock to book in like controllers. 

controllers booked in for work


Then I get home and type this up, chatting to a cutie and also. But there we go.

The Recap. 

Let's have a recap of some facts of 2018.

  • Weight last of 2018  - 181.2lbs
  • Total spent on Just Eat  - £300.62
  • Total spent on PP for others last year  - £377.49
  • Total Feabie Profile Views - 1,540
  • Total Followers Gain in 2018 - 287
  • New messages from Girls on Feabie - 37
  • New Snapchat regualr friends - 13

The Resolutions of 2018

Well, how did I Finally Get on? 

  • Get Crash N Sane trilogy Finished - FAILED, stuck on time trials on Crash 2
  • Get blog posts and vlogs up quicker - PARTIAL, sometimes good, sometimes slow, better when on the holiday though
  • Have a Holiday or Weekend away by myself - PASSED, London and Silverstone DONE
  • Meet up with a girl from Feabie - This happened more than once so HIGH FIVE
  • Be able to make enough money from work to Pay me - Yes but that was only one time
  • Get myself ready for sex - PASSED  According to the GP I'm Physically ready 
All in all i did well but was lazy in a lot of cases and in a way.

The Resolutions. 

Well, this year feels the same yet different, maybe boring old normality is starting to be held, being 26 in the months ahead might do it but either way, let's see what we can do.

  • Finish N Sane Trilogy  - NEED TO DO THIS BEFORE CTR
  • Finish CTR Nitro Fueled - A great Game I can really show myself in.
  • Finish KH3 - This will be important since saga has got to end. 
  • Take at least 3 weekends away on holiday  - Might be tricky but might also be easier with the new ladies I've been speaking too. 
  • Have a kiss and cuddle with a girl  - Well this should be easier if my plans come true soon. 
  • Have a fast food or Buffet date with a girl - Seems easy but never is for an unlucky feeder.
  • Lose my virginity - This might be scary but time to get it out of the way now I'm physically prepared. 
  • Blog More - Noticed this is the 3rd lowest year of blogposts this year.
  • Get back to YT Partner - I'm actually about 120 subs off that limit this year and will be nice to get some income back in extra. 
  • Feed Online Less - Really this should ease itself if I meet up with girls this year. 

And there we have it, That is the new goals and let's see what I can do to achieve them, some overlap which can help me 

But enjoy your year.