Friday, 13 April 2012

A week of work mostly.

Well this week was quite a nice one, it was easter weekend to be exact. Here's whats "went down" the past 5 days for me.

To be honest, it was a relaxing day playing PS3 and PC games. Gotten back into Rage Racer recently so i had a thrash at that :) But i did have a nice roast chicken for lunch :)
Well here's a nice roast chicken for today. With stuffin... on Twitpic
It was a nice meal and i don't think there was much else that happened on that day. Apart from having a phone call with my sister who was on her way back to the US (Hawaii) on the Radiance of the Seas Cruise ship and next month she flies back home for a few months holiday :)

Monday (Bank Holiday):
Well the weather was utter shite and so i woke up about 10:30, listened to music, then i was playing more Rage Racer and Simcity 4 Deluxe all day. Trying to get 1st place in every race using the same class isn't as easy as it might be. But i got to class 3 on Extra GP. Then also i was playing some of "The Last Guy". its one of the games i got free as part of the PSN reward program which was to do with the Data/hacking scare. But for lunch was a microwaved Chinese Chicken curry with a whole chocolate easter egg with rice, crisps and more :
Well a Chinese chicken curry with one of my Easter eggs, cris... on Twitpic
I got a few worried replies when that was tweeted, one from a girl called Grace and another from someone else. Apart from this, my days was just relaxing and so on :)

Well after this rather boring Bank Holiday weekend, its time to head off to work. So i cycled down to work, quite happily racing along and feeling the breeze downhill. Arrived and started getting various customer jobs done, also started tidying up some of the upper shelves. That and ordered something my work colleagues wanted which was about £8. My lunch for that day was this:

Well my lunch for today cost me £1.84. Looks tasty and fatten... on Twitpic
Now that was a nice amount, them sausages have been selling alot in co-op recently and they taste nice :)
Anyways, finished at normal time then cycled home then had tea then played some more Rage Racer :)

Yet again another day at work. Cycled in, arrived. It wasn't too busy but there was various advices being asked from me and i had to cover the shop floor for a bit as well. Its nice to cover since it really is funny playing Windows XP version of Spider Solitare on a touchscreen till. But anyways after work, cycled back earlier then i went to the fairground to gamble and lost which was a shame then had tea then played some more PS3. My lunch for that day was a steak pasty was nice and was £0.80 :) and a sausage roll for £0.40 :)

Now my lunch for today cost me £1.20. Funny since its a pasty... on Twitpic

Another nice day at work, cycled in. Then it was various jobs again, from soldering, to checking keyboards that had tea spilt on them and a reinstall as well. Nice to have one of the guys that work once a day to pop in and some relatives of one asked for some advice which was nice. Then i had lunch which was this:

Well my lunch for today cost me £1.49. Cookies and a sausage ... on Twitpic
Later on, before it was closing time, a customer traded in Ridge Racer Unbounded, work brought it off the person for 20 and i brought it from work for 30. The Limited edtion which had a working DLC code. It was looking like new :)
So I treated myself since a customer sold this to work :-)  £... on Twitpic
Then decided to head off home after helping to lock the shop up, but as i was getting the bike unlocked, the bike fell and it broke the ipod dock, that really annoyed me and it was hard trying to unlock the bike and reach to pick up the dock that fell.

Once i got back i played some more of The Last Guy, then started playing Unbounded and it is actually quite good game and the graphics are impressive. Finished just about the first two lot of events at that point.

Well it looks great weather so i decided to not wear a jumper and cycle down to work (of course after fapping like i have done the past few days). But headed off, was nice weather. Then i arrived in work, had to take a dvd drive out of works gold demo machine to sell to a customer, then had to install windows on a macbook pro for a customer using bootcamp. it didn't work using a windows 7 HP sp1 x64 disc but using a non SP1 x64 worked ???
That and reinstalled vista on a different laptop. That and had to research a problem with a Dell Insipron 1525 not charging the battery, ends up the power board is the best option.
Had an amazing lunch though:

Well a Mega nice bundle for lunch today. Bacon and sausage Ba... on Twitpic

Then locked up around 5:20 after having to install Kaspersky IS 2012 to a netbook. But it was pissing it down outside and it was getting soaked, and cycling back home was a nightmare, hard to see. But got home just after my parents did, they took the piss out me looking wet, had a shower, had tea, played RR unbounded then had a bath and typed this up.

Hope to chat shit to you lot next week (based on the face Curtis Evans says i talk utter shit)

omracer out