Sunday, 16 August 2015

A warm 1940s Sunday at Harrowbeer

With the middle of August upon us, its the Annual 1940s weekend at RAF harrowbeer, Working the 2nd year in a row and things were going smoothly on the Saturday, but today was my turn to join in and it was warm and pretty good. Lets start

I woke up and got out of bed about the 9ish mark and got prepared, especially since i bought a bike case from lidl a few weeks back which was £4 and actually fitted my phone and the nokia as well. But after getting that on, i left about 9:30 to get to Yelverton.

The bike with the case on

The route to get there

Nearing the event and a part of it was sealed 
It was good to see that actually the GPS was working amazingly well, as you see from the smooth lines, it was calibrated so it was good to see where the signal lies, the gap was the tunnel i slowed down to let the GPS get a fix and then when getting just past the steep hill near Yelverton, the chain locked :@. But i made it by 10:15 and it was getting a bit busy, the food stall was piling but the names of the burgers were really WWII based.  and it was slow to start, explored and saw various pin badges, charity stalls and a space set for RC Flying as well as the Birmingham Uni showing off 3d imagry made solely with drone footage, also Alienware and dell laptops.

An interesting Menu

A view of what is around

Another view of what is around

Also we were selling raffle tickets for £1 or 5 tickets for £4 and that was really popular, £200 of airfix kit (which i had to order a week or more before on the phone was a nightmare). That and also i spoke to a friend of my nans and my mum introduced (reintroduced) to him then he embarrassed me infront of my boss which was funny. But after i saw my parents, i was covering the place. Also a can of tango for £1 was ok.
The can of Tango for £1

Throughout the day there was something nearby with 1940s entertainment with a really loud but happy and vibrant, with a slightly famous singer couple who showed off the current dance moves but some frank Sinatra style to other classic songs and even singing like Marilyn Monroe was cute and made me think of kaylee. But that eventually finished at 4:30. I got hungry so i bought a coffee and walnut slice for £1.50. That was tasty then it caused nice conversation about #GBBO. Exploring was still nice :)
The coffee and walnut cake

Another view

But by 4pm, it was time for contests to end and we announced our raffle (there was a joke about the announcer cheating tickets to win a prize but it was just a joke and light banter things). Packing up too about 45 minutes, loading into cars, folding tables, stacking chairs and by 5:05 i was ready to leave, the clouds were greying and there was a final spitfire test as well as RC model spitfire going off. But after letting my phone reboot and my 80 seconds of getting the GPS to fix with no EPO data. I left and the rush home was smooth and going over 10kmh at one point was wow.
A photo of the spitfire before i left

Just about to leave

A RC plane flying high above me

Cycling back was fun 

I got home about 5:45 and it was relaxing to eat a nice roast spicy chicken when watching Ted 2. And that was another day done.

I'll have some more blog posts up soon, since its been a year since i finally checked my health for romance and also since the RAF event last year. But then we have Fireworks to repeat and i might be doing both nights (at least Wednesday night is one of them).

Until Then