Monday, 25 September 2017

A Calstock Outing

This one is work related but it's also a place I've not been for a while, so calstock is the place. The September was doing ok, the BPD is interesting to say the least and a few projects were to be done. To be fair, there wasn't much to vlog in this, so it's just a blogpost.

The morning

So, waking up at 8am and the usual social stuff to check, a new wooplus match happened from a girl up Edinburgh and Snap had all the fun moments in others lives. Eventually I got the needs out of the way and time to get up.

I woke up and checked e-mails, it was handy on a project for next month was on the way, got a step further in planning, geofilter for the first time.

Then it was some accounting to do with paying people before a nice shower and a quick dogwalk. Rosie did her business, but the bus I needed to get on went past me (into Tavi). Another bus let me cross, I got home and changed and packed what needed before heading out to the bus stop.

The journey 

as I waited 5 mini, a friend walked by with her dog , she sat down then sniffed me before I held my hand up for the bus that arrived. I got on it, paid £3.30 for a return to calstock and on the way there, the sun was out and the heat was humid. I called my customer up to let her know I was on my way.

Arriving in Calstock

The visit

I got there, then waited and another bus appeared, that was the bus back to tavi, then she greeted me, we chatted and it was time to fix her devices. A few tricks were done and Gmail ready, I then left by 1:30 and I walked down to the stop.

A nice street

The browse.

Then it was 10 minutes of browsing, so a visit to a shop which was a van is the plan, the views around are nice.

The view from the bus stop

The van shop
Then, I was in the gelato place and both buses turned up, so it was time for me to get in or. The return worked fine. After this, it was a busier journey, more people a longer bus and even a chap I knew sat in front of me.
Passing a train station

Heading Home

I was home by 2:10.  Which meant that's a nice bit of exploring done and money made. I know I have a vlog to make still, which might be soon. Crash 1 is almost finished minus Stormy Ascent. See you soon