Saturday, 7 October 2017

A Drizzle Saturday Shopping Spree

This was a mix of expecting and unexpected, with goose fair only days aways, I had chance to get another vlog and blog done, especially with the fact that I had a voucher to spend (the remaining 70 odd quid from the POWWOWTV competition) and also might be needing a spare hard drive for things as well.  enjoy the vlog below

A Calling Morning

I was waking up at the normal alarm time, I checked the social stuff and a few snaps and Reddit posts before a moment of fap. but just as I finished, a call came up with a customer so I had to answer that which I got the crash 1 final part rendering by then which I also got uploaded via the tablet, the router can power it nicely. After saying a plan about going to plymouth, for shopping, that was ready to go. sure I had an eBay customer to deal with and breakfast too. a nice ham salad sasuagesroll sandwich.

The Ham Sausage Roll Salad Sandwich

Then by 12, we were off, driving in the rain, chantell was talking on snap to me, some body snaps of her gains which were nice. Then we got to go on the bus. we went on the George park and ride.

The Bus journey and wait.

We got on after waiting 15 minutes or so for the bus, a few people got on and £6.60 for a return for 3 people ain't half bad. We paid and went to the back of the bus, it was not too busy but more stops on the way and listening to chatter was a good way to go, by argyle, it wax heaving and eventually we got off at the usual stop I do for events or nights out in town.

The usual Bus stop. in rain

We went to oggys first and a chicken pasty, chips and beans was the deal, sure £6.5 but it's nice for what it was. The chips were like fries which i did like, the beans were not that hot which is good and the pasty is tasty from them.

The Pasty, Chip[s and Beans

The shopping

So, Just as I leave, a customer called me on how to install; Spotify on his Mac, Once that was it, we were in Sports Direct, where I needed to buy 2 BIG BAGS. Well for work anyway, It was £3 for each bag. But Then we split up and the vlog began.

2 of these MASSIVE Sports direct bags top put stuff in work with. A useful thing
My first stop was actually Game Zone, some nice Japanese import titles but not stuff i need,. Then it was time for Cash Converters, which that was some deals, like a £229 retro game emulation station,
Then it was time to visit WANTS which me and the rep had a chat on Hard Drives. 

AS i was heading to computer Base, I noticed the building that rhythm city use to be. Then it was on my way there, Seeing some HDDS and a Ryzen 1600 which a client wanted a 1500x but wanted it for £110, I then walked my way in the rain to the Asian Supermarket, this is where things really went on a shopping spree. Like I really spent £25 on things, Topping up on the Aloe Vera juice and also some snacks to review at some point, also I did get some noodles that a cute girl on snapchat recommended to me years ago. 

The £25.20 

After that was my way to Drakes Circus, Passing CEX and also METRX since the girl i said i was falling in love with was thinking about weight gain shakes, so It was a picture of Serious Mass Strawberry, since a girl i did buy clips from used to love that stuff. 

CEX was quite popular, busy queues. CPUs for a bit and some laptop hard drives for a few £38 quid and also 3 SNES Minis, Then it was time to head off to Game. Which i saw deals, some like Cuphead and Sonic Mania and other facts. But then it was time to get up to Drake's Circus. 

Then it was to Primark, which the start of Jeans shopping, I did see this lovely girl i follow on insta when i was waiting in the Queue to get the jeans, it was £33.00 for 4 pars. £8 each for 2 of them, £10 for one and £7.00 for another. I will be able to cut them to my style, though my parents hate it. 

The 4 pairs of jeans for £33.00 

The queue was really long, I was gripping onto this bag like mad, but that was Paid up on the gift card and then it was a Rush to the Other Game since it was a few bits to spent. Now this was where I got Cuphead and a PS hoodie, which i could use for vlogs and maybe PS Streaming too. But that came to £36ish. 

The Hoodie and Cuphead

Then it was time to meet the parents and head off for the bus home, we left town at 4pm, this was wet and my back was soaked in sweat, the grip on my hands in a sore mess and the rain was there. Then it was into the car and off to B&Q for bits and shopping then it was time to go home.

A late afternoon in B&Q

Then it was time by 6pm, it was then the journey home and that was it for this vlog.

Now i'm going to get this up soon and then it s time for Goose Fair Prep. Check out the Snapchat filter next week if you get chance to use it. @me or send me some using the #tavistockgoosefair17  hashtag. 

All the best