Monday, 29 January 2018

A Weekend of 2 halves

So, its January fading over and the Final weekend before the second month. In all honesty, its been a weak one with some good and some bad happening. But I'll let you know the full story in a catchup. But for now, it was one of those weekends where things happened and maybe it will lead to more fun but well will see.

A Spectra Saturday. 

Saturday, well things were actually swapped over, since the relocation is closed on Saturdays until some time in February and this meant I do get some sort of a long weekend now. But with the start of making the Collab with Team Spectra, things were going to go interestingly. But usually its a Sunday with hanging out and getting the stream done. So it was a day of streaming.

The morning. 

I woke up at 8:40 or so am. After the internet checking and it was time to get some Admin work and E-mails checked out Which then it was also the time to get packed up just in case i needed any editing to do with the team. But I got prepared with a Smoothie, berries in the fridge was a nice way of doing it and the 2 games ready to pack up. 

Rocket League, Berry Smoothie and PUBG
I then got ready after a shower and changing into the filming outfit which then I pelted it down in the not heavy but showing rain down to the Team location. 10 minutes later, I get in and then I find Torchy was asleep. With me creeping in but the door was loud, we greeted and chatted and he showed me the Blackwidow Chroma he got given by his fiance'. It felt amazing but also at the same time, it was just too good for me to want to buy. Considering they are nearly £150, that will be a pass on me. Heck, i can get in a similar performance PC to what i have for £155. But anyway, I helped him make his bed and then we got ready to go and pick up 2 members. Mr Flarry Ollo and also one member I've yet to meet, but we got in the car, Papa Johns was left in there from the night before. But we got in and then it was a drive to pick both up. We all chatted about different things, the stream, listened to som Youtube via the AUX Cable. We then got to pick Ollo up after staying in his driveway and calling him.

He got in and was astounded by the papa johns, but we got going and headed our way to pick the other member up. But we did head over to tesco to fuel up. Some banter was eunsuring. Also we tried to call the other team member, but it went a bit dead in that respect. We carried on to the member's place but even after calls, still no reply. Then we called Teetz and he was busy. So we headed back to the place to get the stream going. 

The Stream

We got back after dropping Flarry off to get some food bits in Pasty house and Co-Op
We got everything setup, so it was a case of a bit of Fortnite first and then Rocket League and then PUBG and back to fortnite. But all the banter ensured, this was about 5 hours long. Toilet breaks and phone calls with customers as well

Enjoy the stream below: 

The Setup for the Stream

Installing Rocket League

The Evening. 

Eventually it was 5:45 and we had been going for 5 hours, from snacks to banter and shocks alike, We pack up and since someone called me on Friday to book the evening, so I was to run to his, which with spitty rain aside, I visited him and gave him a lesson on his Moto G and then fun times with recovering his Google Account, which is another go. 

Heading out
Once that was done, it was time to head home, with the rain and the hills and more, it really made some good timing and greet my parents. So after catching up, I had some phone calls to deal with, but then I managed to have a nice roast turkey with extras too

Running up the steepest hill i've ever been up in Tavi

The Roast Turkey and extras for that night, including salad and biscuits. 

Then we finish off with relaxing and then on to the Sunday. With a family affair.

The Supporting Sunday. 

Well this was actually happening Due to on the 11th Jan, My granded went on a roof and fell off when tiling it back when one of the storms hit the town it was in. But since then, things went quite bad and panics ensured and some plans went out of the Window. Now we have to change some plans of ours to get family checked out. Things were going to eventually make things come to the point of I needed to see him, since I was busy on Sundays with the Spectra collab. But swapping it made the day free, so it was a day of it. 

The Morning. 

I eventually got up about 9am after the fap and the checking, but since snapchat is starting to play up on me, it does make some extra time for things. But once that was done, it was some checking e-mails as well as then to get a shower before a #dogwalkingwithomracer. That was fun with so many dogs around Rosie, but she took little notice of it.

A selfie before walking

The Moors

Waiting for the ball
There was so much chatter with a chap that worked in Dubai and also had some really nice beagle that was a Rescue. But then a crossbreed king charles and poodle who was hype. Eventually it was half an hour later and we got back home again to get changed for the big meal. 

The Meal: 

So we drive out to get my Granddads Fiance's house, with the Road being surfaced, it was quite interesting with the arguments of if it had been resurfaced or not. But then it was more along the lines of when we got there, we greeted her, she kissed all of us on the cheek, it felt really forced and very one sided. But want to be family members have to be treated like family so...

But she wanted to know about the Collab (my family are not really understandable about being a Youtuber or streamer, so i had to make a lie or story about a project  which is aka the Spectra Collab)
But I said it was a secret and she will find out one day, even thought she doesn't even use the internet, not one bit. Anyways, we headed off  to her Favorite pub where a cornishman owns it and his sons now run it, but the food is nice there.

We parked in the Carpark opposite which it was dry but then we got in and sat in the corner. More chatter about work and other bitsor now, it was the owner having a chat and a nice glass of lime and . lemonade which had that onpoint to it. But then some friends of hers came in and she went up a and greeted them and then hugged him in front of his wife and said what had happened, it felt hmm. Okay it is a scary thought and emotional but it was a bit like how I used to be with my feelings when my heart was broken when falling in love with Abbey.

Eventually the food arrived and it was incredibly tasty, french apples in the apple sauce and the nice amount to eat as well.
The Roast Beef for lunch today

Eating was good and it was more chatter about things, brownie points for my uncle and more on the way. But then we felt full and it was time for the Puddings, and she was told to pay and besides, its food for favours, like how my sex life is currently going haha. But in all seriousness, the fair method was she pay one, we pay other and repeat. But Treacle puddings and Apple Pies were ordered, mine with nothing else with it. But minus the heat it produced, it was amazing.

The stick toffee pudding
Eventually it was time to finish up and we headed to the Hospital, not the big Derriford (which i might need to go to get one of those new years resolutions sorted) but to a local one to see how he is getting on, so we walked out of there and chatting. Got into the car and drove our way there. 

The Hosptial. 

It was actually simple when we got there after the usual car chats and the like. But we parked quite close and then walked in. We had to go down the stars to this ward and he was right by the ward by the desk, it did look like a theme hospital level (now with 2 point carrying that on, expect a video), but we then greeted him and saw a neighbor had visitors as well. He looked really normal, well, normal, healthy, the bruising was minimal on the higher up. But we then caught up and chatted about different topics, once I had the chairs in of course.

Entering the Hospital. 
It was about an hour and a half of catching up and there was moaning, gossip, even fixing a vacuum that tripped an electric switch twice and still told to KEEP IT. But eventually it was time to head back home, so we ended up going past my sister's place which was good since I needed to pick up Chromecast.

A quick sis catchup. 

So, we got to my sisters and greeted, she gave me some orange squash and also i chatted with her boyfriend and introduced him to fortnite, which we watched a stream on mixer on a basic internet connection. But eventually we said our goodbyes. It was getting colder outside as well. We got in the car and drove off into the fog and mist to drop my grandad's fiance back. 

The drop off.

It was finally time to get her home, we did and then we did some mini chores with her before saying our goodbyes and heading home. Which was dark and foggy and well once we got back, I started typing this up until tea was ready at 8pm, but chatting to this cute girl after which might bring some chances back up. That and it was one of those mixed light teas but was really tasty. 

The meal for tonight. 
But then it was typing this up after a bath. Before a morning of filming and ordering games for work. 

Enjoy and more blogposts coming soon.