Sunday, 12 August 2018

A Watching of a Fireworks Championships

Well its that season again, well literally, I mean August has arrived and recently a few truths have come out which have made things difficult for me and maybe has peaked my interest   at one point or bot. but this hopefully action packed vlog should keep me going

August chaotic catchup

Things have been odd since the catchup and I mean that . well by august 1st, me and zara are talking and that is great with me and her but she did feel like I had to ghost her since queen was interested e in me and even when she did call me a space raider ketchup nonce because of us arguing, things carried on. Then it was even a dealing with lexi, well we had a deal of her eating an entire whatever she bought food shop (whatever £20 of snacks i hope) on video for me but she's on holiday now, hopefully she is true to the word but her and gabi are doing fun videos together. also my sister out of the blue whats mapped me about me and her going to do another cycle out to padstow. it felt nice but made me wonder why or what was going on.

But the day after that, it turns out someone told my parents about part of this (buying food or money to get girls) and this might explain it. To be honest they are right in a sense but then again most the best parts of my love life have started s from buying food which only distance is the reason why nothings happens. oh and I also don't listen to advice or take advice I've been told then whine when nothing happens, according to shorty anyway . simple changes isn'tt always simple. Anyways things have been focused on work and also being a year since I had my first full week off after no week off for 5 year's, wow. thats been a whole year since working more and I'm back to working even more.

but alas with a fortnite date missed and now a possibly collab with Torchy this Sunday, maybe things will look up, well that and a fan on Instagram wanted to meet me which I'm really planning on saying yes to.

The busy day.

it's been busy in work, stock to order and also that of an idea to hang games up didn't go to plan. but I also got a vegan cake as a thanks for helping with wifi.

The adhesive tab tape 

The vegan biscuits and cake

Then I got home and parents had car trouble so they sneaked off while I was on the toilet to check FF and social stuff. but then charging glass and getting showers and I left by 5:56. Which that was a bit late, I pelted  it for the bus and well i missed it. so i had a thought and another pelt to the halfway house or drakes cafe was the plan. it was knackering but i made it by 6:22.

The view getting to the bus stop

The journey

the  arrived and  paid, £5.80 is a day rider plus now,  that to me, I've not been on a bus since the holiday in April.  how long it's been. But the journey was quick. i mean was at maybe 7:10. the fireworks were on at 8:30 or  so i had plenty of time to explore, late night shopping was a bonus too. I  got off the bus by 7:20. Well i got off by the stop near north hill and it was nice to walk and run down to the barbican with visiting some new sights like Cuba being revamped and also Breton side now having its restaurants and cinema which will really mix this city up. but i ran my way to the barbican which i got there by about 7:45 which there were some lovely views.

insergp icsh here

I checked cap n jasper since lucy used to work there before the us trip, i also passed the greek bar which Alana waved at me when i was checking price like £6 for a salad,  but then i made my back up passing a desert place or three, like one called bubbles is epic according to a friend of a friend. the guy was helpful too.Then i walked my way to the how, it was nice and mixed with the clouds but hey, it's sun out too, walked past some views which were nice, the waves were far from tranquil too. i think i even walked past Lucy but might of been a lookalike. ah well. I got to the hoe, it was spacious and well i managed to see a few rides, there were plenty of lovely sized ladies around, but none i know of but ah well. rides like danger zone and city of hell were there, some new ones and classics too. also food stalls, now there's a debate about racist calling takeouts but its sadly the culture we have and we all do it accidentally. but then the rain came in.

Clouds and Fairs

Entering the fair from the other side 


Stargate #throughglass

Tagada #throughglass

Danger Zone

now that made a Double rainbow, like i kid you not it was quite cool. but it was getting heavy-ish so i walked my way to the casino to gamble a bit. i passed through crowds, seeing new buildings, fever looked great and i got in, the rep said i swiped the card wrong, but then she offered vouchers i won't be using so i decide not to take it. then it was resting on the toilet for the short time. i was out and playing blackjack for a bit. There was just me and a guy there. the deal was nice and won thrice and lost twice, so in the end i won £3, but £8 did help for later in.  so by 8:30. it was time to explore or get some food. but i checked popworld which was closes and i made the run back to the hoe.

The casino it was to go

Passing the Pavilions

but then i reached the hoe and it was time to visit wet wok. now i was hinted the guy thought i had a takeout ordered, but instead i ordered seaweed for £4 and waited a few min.

Entering the Wet Wok

The £4.00 seaweed

Then i manage to walk my way to the viewing place which was busy and i manage to then relax in that spot and eat the seaweed.  the ferry was leaving while i was settling down and typing up another one was arriving

Walking about

Danger Zone #throughglass

Thwe crowds on the Hoe

HDR Sunsets

Finding the viewpoint

That view

The ferries and sunsets #throughglass

More HDR Views

Another HDR view of the Hoe

The display

it was then 9:30 and it was time to have the display. the wind was making it cold and i was somewhat comfy while filming.




Much nicer
Then it was a break before the second display, which then just happened. like 9:50, bang and off we go. this was the best in my opinion and maybe a few others




Its darker now

The Torch HDR View
Then a slightly longer break until the this was whistling its way up, but that had a nice bang at the end.

More sights 

Very glowly

Light up the Sky

it was then 10:27 and we finished, it was done and the meme helped me down the hill and then jumping on a seat before getting a long run from the how to the bus station. like i was worried i would have to pelt it like last time. but i did and in 8 minutes 24 secs, i for there. minus a near trip and also a massive crowd for buses.

The distance with the running on the road

There was a crowd to say the least , a few students, Gammons and a few hipsters but it was a wait and then 2 buses arrived so it helped get us all on. i was on top and it was nice and empty next to me until a student sat next to me. facing behind me and chatting to mates. that was until mutley, where seats got free and i was back to myself. But eventually places went out and it was nearer and nearer to tavi and a deciding time on to edit the vlog or not, since although i had gfuel it was going to be a long stint. so maybe just the photo uploading was the easier part. then again, work is going to feel hectic tomorrow so many it night be better to Cain it. In the end family came over so I was delayed until Saturday.

Either way, it wasn't until midnight i got to  tavi and then it was getting tiring. but I eventually got home at 00:20 and then a drink before going to bed. but I found out a girl on feabie would make me the top of the list to bang which I wonder if he's serious bit I was arguing with her mate earlier, But

well that's it, another august event down and it's better that this was done, okay sure I have a day with Torchy on Sunday but that's a nice extra day to get back into the Online celeb life