Sunday, 14 September 2014

omracer's Night Out: The wild all nighter

So, we approach the halfway past this month, its a sign of things are changing, people maybe settling down, Uni starts and people's wild yolo moments get it pushed out of that special place men like. But all in all, September hasn't been as cruel of a month as i though it would be  Best friends arrive back, maybe more smitten than ever, someone that means the world to me just arrived back from holiday with :@, Work has been busier and better with more plans.

This weekend, is going to be an ok one, well its a night out i'll probably regret or not forget, but it still an opportunity to get further ahead with catching up in life. Well now i've had the first kiss which is crucial to well i'm being a cunt here but a confidence boost. Especially when i gave a girl my number earlier this week. So with another chance, i should make another chance. Sadly the weather is colder, which means i've got no choice but a hoodie for this time.  We'll see what happens.

After leaving busy day at work from PC cleanups to keyboard replacements, Tablet selling and ordering. Also we have a supplier for chromecast and even attempting to glue my glasses together, which partly worked to not at all. it was nearing 4:35 and i closed the shop, got the end of day done then rushed home, sure it was going to be cold and my legs will not want to make this much effort if they have raving, running and even chasing if the worst comes out of me.

When i got home, i decided that i would walk the dog and the cat, since both had leads and collars. It almost worked, sure it took a while to get the dog's lead on and the cat wasn't as easy either, i mean she almost scratched my belly. But as we walked she ended up underneath the caravan and after 20 minutes of attempts, i gave up and let both walk in.

Then i was thinking of going to get change , or actually just snacking after getting the washing in, i mean a ham, fudge and BBQ ketchup sandwich. It was alright, i mean it wasn't going to be enough to fill me up but it was the first bit of food since a late night snack last night. Since it was about 6:30 i was pretty much knowing i had an hour left until the bus, since i would be going to more places i used to go to before heading to that oceana. Also i did offer chelsie goodbodies or some pizza tonight, i hope that happens but it won't, i also offered a recent OTT gym girl a foot-long subway date, since i still have that voucher from a bus ticket in august. oh and i now have over 6000 snapchats in one folder alone, ah.

By 7:30 . I had my first coffee and was clean from a shower, my sis had walked the dog again, i was also tweeting sandy about ideas for tonight. But it was time to make sure i got changed and packed for the all nighter antics tonight. The shower was interesting when the cat didn't want to get out of the bath tub until i got in there and then she just stated and gleemed her eyes at me, when having a medium to hot shower, then i had to stand over her like she was underneath a statue when cleaning my teeth which are looking kind of white. Then after getting out, i had to find a shirt while films were copying over to my usb drive, its a stupid thought to plan that far ahead when i will end up probably just walking around town for the whole night after leaving jesters at 3 or something.

But by 5:35, i was out of here and i ran to the bus stop, sadly i had to wear a hoodie since it was cold this evening, i mean its that time of year where the nights get darker and the weather gets colder, summer turns to fall and well i needed to make a better life.

The GPS was not playing ball but I made it a few minutes early. Ash wanted me to fit a new cooler tomorrow but since this is an all nighter, there was a bad chance I couldn't fit it. But I'm working next week al week anyway, so I might be able to sort that out whenever. But I was actually asked my age, I said 18 in a rush, why. But he got me the day rider, saving £0.30 compared to a single. It was getting dark on the journey and this was only about 8pm. It was a single decker for a change. 

Getting to the bus stop before it went dark

I got into Plymouth at about 8:30, sure it was not too bad running to walkabout, but I got off just near Cuba and that coffee was kicking in, I'm hyper. The journey was a smooth run, I mean, everything feels good listening to chemical plant zone. The air was still mild, the lights were bright, I walked to the casino first.

Looking down towards the casino

Getting in the casino, I walked up and was hearing a older lady talk about when she spent £10 in Vegas and the stairs getting into here were tiring, a older chap held the door for me. As i walked by the bar, I saw some good looking waitresses and barmaids. One was looking really nice, but I'm not disturbing her. So I went to take a piss. Sure I feeling the sweat and washed my face down afterwards. 
Then it was a time to go and play some bj. Sadly I didn't make a profit, but I broke even, bet £3, won then lost then won it back. As I changed the chips into notes, I noticed a familiar faces. Erin, a friend of James and Emily's, she smiled but then walked away, but a nice blonde changed the chips into two 5ers. 

After, it was walkabout, free entry before 10 and not much dancing, some bbws and I was offered shots, the girl was a nice smiled blonde, a nice kind voice too, I stuttered saying no but there were bbws. But all were occupies with either "the girls" or lovers. Also some football match was on. With that, I decided to rest legs then go to union rooms. 

Union rooms was good, after getting on Facebook to get the entry password which was "tuborg". I got in and I was wild, dancing, trying to dance with various people, with smooth moothes that even a girl tried to copy them then she said " I like you dance moves dance". She was a nice plush black haired girl with soft cheeks and cuddled arms. I also met lawri and Lucy, we danced and introduced me to her blonde friend, she smiled while drinking. I also saw two other nice girls that recognised me, they smiled wryly and I did dance next toone but that ddidn't work out. As I wandered into a packed beer garden, I saw a chap that was on a night out before his mate tom, leaves for uni. He was chilled and smoking. More dancing and flirting continues until 9:58, and walkabout was taking payment, so I skipped it. 
But as I was outside there, I saw an amazing girl with a sexy figure and sensational smile on a girl I follow on instagram, I was close to talking to her but she was having a good chat with a friend of hers. Also it might be awkward saying "i'm a fan of you on instagram".

I ran to the barbican, as I pelted it, I met ash, we caught up and the house has now had their shower broken, I met his girlfriend, she was kind and not as bad as I was told. They went caffeine club and had a huge feast, I mentioned the burger I had last night, which I was craving a little bit. Then I ran ahead. 

As I got to the barbican, it felt slightly packed, but walkable, some guy was trying to convince me that my phone was nicked, I shown him my quickpic, gallery, he said "carry on". But I realised a shit problem, I've lost my backup battery that was with the phone, which means I have to be careful on usage. But the place looked nice, barakuda, was very bad for the nose, it made me feel sick. But the air was nice and I'm ok on energy.

Looking towards OMG and the Swann

Looking towards the ferr

Then I had to make my journey to oceana, since its before 11, it was quiet. I might be facing arguments from chelsie's friends since I might of "given her a complex" a legit quote from jade.
I ran past my favourite vegan worker, she was a bit less happier than usual, but I smiled as I was high on caffeine. As I got in, I ended up chatting to hannah, with that nice smile and soft sitting figure. She asked if i was out woth charley, then i wandered into woo woo. Then found Juliet and Jodie, we started chatting, they were shocked I don't drink and "its always best to experience life as soon". Then I wandered some more. 

I ended up chatting to Brett, we chatted and I explained the whole first kiss story, he knew who I was on about, but it went well. Then it was work, the money I get is a piss take. But I know the plan is getting better. He then introduced me to his mates, then one was ending up seeing Chelsie, but we talked on advice and it feels harsh just ignoring her after making effort to tweet/talk to her. He bet £20 it would help. I partly mentioned Emma to him, it was a mixed reaction. 

Then I had to rave, my mind was buzzing, I saw so many girls during the night ash gave me a funny look and spoke to her mate who served me a nice shot of water, yep i had to show her the keep note, since it was too loud i the ice room. a fair amount of chatting and even talked IT suppliers with a ex college mate of mine. Aria, Westcoast, trusttech, spire and many more. Halfway through I had a guy dressed in a very ball style outfit and asked if I was on YouTube. Then I was speaking to Lauren, we had a selfie together. But I was speaking to Steve for a good half hour but by 11:50 I wandered and raved, even in VIP with Brett. 

While in the French room, it was nice chatting with various people, like Emma, she's a nice ginger who likes the meals and she introduced me to her mate. But it was also a case of a real heart to heart with Lee. Now this guy likes what I do, but his message was this. 
In the french room but its really dark

"If you really want girls badly, you will have to be generic. diet, gym, haircut. Either way, you will have to play Plymouth's game". He said I was a nice guy but there were home truths. My question ends up if "I have to change life to get the chance, then prove myself ?". He also said that drunk people speak their truths.

I spoke to issie twice, she wondered why I don't drink, but was nice, Hannah was just "you like food, fuck off", that might of been mumured, she was nicer at other times :). I also jiggled issies amazing face I have a crush on. She wiped it afterwards. It was nice hugging jess and she said niamh was nearby, she was speaking to some chap. I tried to say hi later on. 

While raving, some girl grabbed me by the neck and raved, she could of strangled me if she wished, but I'm ok about it. Issie giggled at me raving. I hugged becky and admired her whooty, but it was getting slightly tired for me, but I kept going, while seeking and speaking to people. Many a brofist and high five. Also it turns out someone was really excited to meet me and we did have a selfie.

As I was walking around, Jasminne got me by the hand and then she introduced me tofluer and ash. Then we chatted about things from drink, aka "i would love to watch you drink, would you have a beer" then she even said about the green powder and it doesn't affect her then it was about the eyebrows but what she said could be applied to actually almost anything, her advice was the opposite to Lee's.then I did poses and a Snapchat intro. After, I raved more.

When I walked into the ice room, some girl just shouted " Mattie, Chloe wants to see you" so she guided me around and we eventually found her. Chloe was a good looking girl, no joke. Plush, happy and we had a Snapchat selfie. Later I wandered and then saw Alannah.  We hugged then raved to black eyed peas, then gold digger, yep kanye west, back in the days kardashans didn't exist. Then it was a visit to the French room again. I needed water, the guy gave a glass instead of a shot.

Asking for a shot and getting a glass instead 

After that, it was more raving, now there was this one guy that was going to try and want sex with me, I noticed it in his eyes. But sooner or later, I was hugged by a familiar face. Ruby, with her lush blonde hair and her eyes gleaming as well a a nicer illusioned skirt.  and she asked me "have you seen Chelsie", I said no by shaking my head. " let's go find her" then she held my hand and we were on a search. But just as we looked, I saw the cutest forced double smile and brown hair. It turns out it was her, I hinted ruby, maybe like a toddler hints their mum and we walked over. 
We hugged more than once, and trust me when I say it was too good. I mean I could even say I cuddled the damsel, it was like sleeping on her (like a bed that tells you it wants to love you). Then we attempted to chat by shouting at each other, "having a good night", " yeah, you ?". It did end up about her wanting to keep her petite figure, I can tell that was going to happen since it was when I offered her a meal out if she wanted to tonight.

Then I left for more wandering and raving, I was dancing with a lovely blonde in woowoo and this guy who was all over her said some slightly egotistical appreciation. She was well worthy to be called that but it was a clear sign of a loved up couple, which was a sad sight. Then I was noticed by a girl that I had not seen since she was a dreamy bbw 3 stone ago. Jordan hugged me, or more so i hugged her from behind when she wanted a selfie, as I felt a nice soft belly when hugging, its not going to be the perfect one she had 3 stone ago. Her expression was almost priceless. Also some pics of outside the smoking area.

Outside in the smoking area, notice the full moon

Now I was passing by the ski lodge and a chap came up to me asking about a girl i've recently had dreams about, he was a genuine guy and although he tried to put me off her saying "she fucks with you head" and "a gaping vagina". Of course for me that doesn't matter yet since in all honesty, i don't understand much on the science without feeling a scary nervous type uncomfortable.  He was going to get something between me and her happen. Which I found out he is a friend of Pete's. So I might hope a dream comes true.

Before I left oceana, I saw Lauren, she said hi and we were on the nice " have you enjoyed your night ". Then just outside the lodge, I saw Chloe and the friend who grabbed me to get Chloe earlier, the tone flied to "go away Mattie", then sudden I got a punch in the arm. Chloe just lightly punched me. Oh and ruby and I hugged again then said, " go and find chels then kiss her". As I walked to kiss her, she was talking to the guy that mentioned to me she's with him, but she was arguing, I think she noticed me silently walk off.

By now it was nearing 3:30 and I was leaving, I was very close to have a mini fapping fantasy come true and I didn't realize it. as I left I was speaking to this couple and also this girl that was a nice size with blonde curly hair, she was happy and we talked about jobs to girls to even being famous on Facebook was my job, which its part of a job but not my main focus. Then the girl on the guys lap started seducing me with eating a hotdog, I wasn't turned on as I like to be.

Then I passed the burger van, issie and Hannah were about to order, I thought to myself, I might be able to pul this off and help her indulge or just watch her or encourage her. 
I walked up to the counter, then I started to get a £5 note out, miss h got the hint I was offering to pay, she was having mixed opinions about it, more so she knows what I was hoping, which went into a conversation about her feeling like shit for me finding her partly attractive from her appetite. Then Hannah joked about me buying everyone food. Then I mentioned buying Emma the pizza hut giftcard, which to date, its the best present I could of thought of on a surprise. Both were not surprised but more unsure on why and if I got an invite. I said a bit more, but they were not happy about me trying that. 

Now I ran to jesters, it was packed down there and I was about to realise there were more friends that I thought. As I started dancing after the £4 entry, I saw Hannah, we hugged and this guy was trying to get down with her and she actually said I was her boyfriend, I smiled a fair bit, me and Keisha hugged too, the dancefloor was not as slippery. Also a selfie of us

The selfie

Then I saw my favourite McDonald's worker, with her smile the same beauty as normal.  she hardly looked fat, since she's been worried about it sincer her appetite become well, goddess tier. We hugged and I squeezed a bit tightly. Then it got nice with her roommate I saw on Tuesday hugging me. She reminds me of Sammy very much. But just  single and a nicer to me mostly. Then we danced after they went to the bar, i had a shot of water, the bar tender was looking at me with evil intent and it was nice tp pour in. Then while trying to dance, the other friend was making out pretty quickly, with another guy in a white shirt trying to pull jess, I was jealous but I'm not starting fights there.

I noticed Alannah and checked on her, she said she was ok but swaying from left to right was a bit of a risk but she managed i did kiss her on the cheek. Soon after more nice tunes. Muneetha noticed me and I think the majority was hugging her, it was too good to stop, I was even aroused. Jess gave me odd looks, which I felt guilty, but she might forget. Then again, that's is how hugging girls can feel like. There was a point where muneetha slipped on the floor and I party saved her, she thanked me and most of what she said was "I love you". Then it was time to leave at 4:30. Jess had left way before then :(.

I ran to caffeine club to find no one there, ran u to goodbodies and I saw Alannah by Cuba, she was sleepy and I did offers her subway since the queue is long and she said she was ok then some guy told her how bad she looked in a drunk sense and I was not amused but as hermit says in memes now "but that's not my business". 

As I got to goodbodies, I was at the counter then I hear a " HI MATTIE". I try to rush the order of a black Americano and pay £1.99 then I sit with them, it turns out she was heartbroken from her being in the cleanup on fb a few months ago. It was a casual conversatiob for most of it, catching up, but it turned into a deep one, which I know was getting to me, I could feel years out of my eyes. But it covered

girls using me 
Sto searching for love and let it arrive
The Wagamamma story with Emma, 
Me running everywhere
Her carrer as a hair dresser and bar wench for towie celebs, I made that bit feel awkward. 
I put my heart on my sleeve. 

The americano for £1.99, i paid cash this time

She was singing some Adelle that was blasting on TV and also there was a relationship domestic with the table behind us, the security were nosing in but they took it outside. Then the staff had ketchup fights. But by 5:30, we left after I ate some of the leftover food then headed to Cuba

Now Cuba was closed, so I walked to the how, it was nearing 6am and I notice how nice it looked, dark wither the moon above but the calmness of the flags. Typing this up was a good plan at that point, but I felt drowsy.

The top view of the Hoe at 5:50 or so

Later on, it gets lighter

Much lighter but still before dawn

After getting drowsy, I needed a kick, so I wandered around, tesco had some reduced sushi and sandwich but not worth the price, so I went McDonalds for a muffin and smoothie. That was £4.18 and tasted nice, then more blog post typing for an hour. 

A Sausage and egg mcmuffin with no cheese and a Pear and Passionfruit medium smoothie, all for £4.18

We or I then walked to find a toilet, all the onesin drake circus were closed, so I found one in Breton side, as I walked down there, I noticed a couple kising each other goodbye, it made me feel alone, but I know I can make that real if I do life a certain way. The toilets were OK in cleanliness terms but hot tap water was a happy idea. 

After more wandering around, I was sitting down at a park near uni, with 2 fountains and a  nice seating area. That was a nice hour of reflection. The wind was getting to be chilly and then it was a walk around until 11:30.

Viewing at about 8:45

The park looking towards the spar with the subway in North Hill

But while in town, I was lucky enough to see not one but two girls of some dreams, of course there was the girl I offered my number to, but I didn't get the chance to say hi, instead, iI was served by a nice chap who was pushing to sell me a samsung galaxy fame to me and a contract, but nearly the moto g for my dad at £130 outright.
Then I browsed apple, not much, a girl was convincing her dad to buy her a macbook air and the old laptop died was an excuse. I was very tempted to copy fcp to my USB, it would not work to be unseen doing that. 

After I popped into bank (the fashion store. Now I saw one of the most amazing and beautiful girls I know of who was doing some stock checking, i did pass the time and looked at rucksacks before i made a big leap and said hi,  but the best part is, we know each other only through instagram and twitter, then we chatted, i might of shocked her when i said "lucky" when she was working :(, since this was a first time meet, its fresh slate. But hopefully the week after next will make a deciding factor on a chance or if it will be too late. But in the end, I didn't need that guy from last night's help to get this far. Then it was a case of running for the bus. 

Sadly, the bus didn't stop at mutley, it was the 83, so I had to run further which was going to be a knackering kill for me. But I got to Crownhill 5 minutes earlier and I saw no sign f the bus until 3 minutes later. But I paid and got on, with exact change too. 
And that ends a long blog. I mean a long one, maybe it was worth £4.18 to help me get energy to finish it on what happened. But for now, it is a lot of relaxation and drink except coffee and booze. 

You might see me when the geese are celebrated for another year.