Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Final day of my first Job

Well, its August 5th, with the final day for me at my first job, it was the end of a long and intresting to say the least job. All jobs have ups and downs and lessons and skills have been learned and decided, reputation has been brought up like a child and well theres a nice end to what happened today.

A final saturday morning (for a while)

As i woke up, after a day of not eating (its a way of a detox), i wondered to myself what would happen today, with my final day, the weather was mixed and also with chatting to Tash on feabie, which has been amazing and maybe its that time with romance maybe happening, shes feeling better anyway. But then i got up and got ready, putting my old work shirt in my rucksack. Then was off at 8:50. I ran the usual route, up ford street and down to west street and the sunrise was a slight reminder of a morning cloudy reminder in Rage Racer, it felt odd. 

Running to Work this morning
I got in, chatted to friends and reflected on things. A customer called and popped into see me, then another friend popped in and given me doughnuts and she was sad I was leaving when i told her. But then it was time to get cleaning, getting boxes out and then a customer bought a laptop after talking to him with a problem of replacing motherboards on his old one, which then it was that and getting to get some balloons hired up, this was for the summerfestival. 

The selfie in the work shirt for the last time

Then time went on and a old freind came in and we all started chatting, then a customer popped in which i served, shortly after, my boss came in and chatted and gave me a nice leaving card which was nice from all of the owners, it was nice. Then talked to a few other people, that was then before my mum popped in to ask if there were any boxes to take which there was only some rubbish to the dump, so she said she would pick me up.

Eventually my friend left a card which was lovely and said if I wanted any help, I could get in touch with him, that was nice of him, its just been under 2 years of us 2 next to each other. then it was to get things cleaned up and the usual end of the day routine, with one final difference which to write notes on what my colleague would have to do. it was ending up 2 pages long, which then afterwards, was putting things back before my parents popped in and we got the boxes out, that was fine. 

packign up for the last time

Soon, it was then time to decide what to do, so we went to the Ganges to order and indian and when we ordered, a £23 something cost, it was to the Queens Head for a Pint, I went for the glass of water which was so nice for a change.

The water at a whetherspoons
Then we talked and us three said cheers for the new life I might be leading. Then we picked up the Indian and I chatted to a customer and passed him details, which then it lead to getting home and then the noming after a quick film to setup, it was amazingly tasty. 

The indian for that night, it was lush

Then it was another card to open and nan to call about the day, then it was to relax and get this up before a tidy up of the contents in the car. Then it wass to relax before another time for the crash video to be edited up, Since also a replacement Glass i neded up buying for almost half price compared to when I bought it in 2014, its the tangerine version, but that will be ready for the fireworks next week. 

That was most of my day and now it means Meeko Networks is now ready to be real, Sites will be built eventually and this will be made and it seems like a busy "week off" for me next week, I will try to get a video up before that fireworks.