Sunday, 6 October 2019

A Pug Puppy Fast Food Day out

So, its the week before one of the big events of my life as per usual. Now things i've tried to plan out and will be getting things sorted for the Snapfilter and the like. But this day was a nice little day out filled with feeding online, a pug puppy and eve the reunion of eating a Bigmac meal and my first trip to Home Bargains.

The past week

Well, I needed a fresh shave for a start before this month of October was meant to kik in. Well that's because kik is closing Oct 19 and I'll show some mention of the fun from it this in the year in review

Another busy week at work, Sure there was as relaxation with chatting to a cute girl from Swansea and was really nice and cute, learned alot of things. It was also good that I and the amazing girl i met were getting along, especially late-night doughnut craves. And another friend and I have been chatting really nicely, Plus Just eat vouchers are as unpredictable as the lottery, but not even they can fix it, and sometimes old friends are important to help out with one as well, but I'll have to sort that out with the fun corp. But that in itself is tricky when I did get to chat more to that girl from last time, okay yes i've had no pics and she was selling snap but well the gamble continues. Also, the one I reported actually was nice to chat to on the phone but after a few days, we've gone distant, Pay for bills and get a phone call, hmm. 

Oh, and it's now the stage money was spent on the card didn't expect so that's a bit of a UGH and I'll contact the V next week before I'm busy, but 4 people booked me for Monday and one I don't have the cable I need. 

Also, Gfuel Hydration is great and i've actually felt buzzed from it after I drink it. especially on late nights, i've had recently. 

The Gfuel Hydration 

It is the mug

But eventually it was coming up to the end of the week, work decided to get the mega drive mini for release day instead of paying rent but that didn't arrive, Some games have sold nicely on Amazon and Directly helped recoup money wasted and lost these past 2 weeks. But also news of a new puppy emerged and also well I needed to have some time to plan what can be done soon.

That and I FINALLY realised I have Jocks Itch, which is like a ringworm near the D on the thigh, so I do need to get the Anti Fungal cream

The Sunday Saltash Day out: 

Well, I woke up at 9 or so am since we needed to get to my sister early. I checked Directly and saw a good amount, considering I was up until 2am to get questions answered and realised I did get a fair range of unhelpful vibes from my support replies, well actually 17 ever since I started 4 weeks ago.  But that's not bad out of 190 odd. But That and doughnuts and ice blast had to be bought that night too. 

Then I was up and changed and we were gone by 9:30. The drive was sunny, the roundabout near our house is now ready to use and well it was finally nice to do something different. The traffic was good, the sun was shining and also it was passing Mcdonalds and Home Bargains which I did say I wanted to visit, plus I was playing some lemonade tycoon and saw a cute outfit from a friend picking up the doughnuts. 

But we eventually got to my sister's house, it was nice and warm, sure pee pads almost everywhere but thats to be expected with a new puppy. Shes called peaches. 

blurred aww


tugging my hoode thing

So mostly mine and mums task was to get the chance to just look after both dogs while my sister and dad were getting rid of a pond which was dangerous for both dogs. So minus cookies and setting up their TV for Wifi to watch Simpsons, (just casting via youtube) I was relaxing until about 12:30 or so.

the mouth


what did i do

im getting tired

Bless, I''m Tired

But then it was both of them finished with the pond and it was one last chat before me, mum and dad left. But the main pug was relaxing on me.

Me and the puppy 
Bless the old lady
Then we went to Mcdonalds for lunch and it was soo good to go, I was chatting to the girl I gambled on and she got a call from just eat to say no luck and well she wanted food money, I said i would do this when I got home. Plus the girl showed me the doughnuts she finally got and it was so exciting and I showed her my McDonalds. I got a Large Big Mac meal with no cheese but extra sauce and onion.

The first McDonalds i've had this year 

Thwas was amazing and I still had the fries from my mums and dads meal and still walked out not full but then we went to Home Bargains. This reminded me of an old crush (actually fed her last week) about this but OMG IT WAS AMAZING. 

The shopping complex

Well, there was LOADS of choice, products i've never seen before and also some of the fave products that B&M sold and DIDN'T EVE SELL. Like Candy Crush ice cream, their own brand gaming keyboard and Grundig i've not heard of in Ages. Plus deals on cans of drink. But we were in there for a while and i got some bits for Work and also Chafing cream which might help me with the ringworm. But we shall See

Eventually, we made it to The Garden Centre. We firstly had a little toilet break then went to the GRocery Part which was nice, so much cheap food. There was a dream date occurring with if I was lucky, but that might happen one day. But then we bought 2 packets of Doritos and left to the car. 

The Barn of deals
Then we had some cake and drink for an afternoon snack. I had a coffee mocha cake along with Tango Apple.

The cake and can. 

We chatted and then looked at the Christmas stuff that was ALREADY THERE. Like WHAT. But then outside it looked normal but there was a cute peacock just hanging around. 

The Peacock
Then it was eventually time to go home, WEll it was nearing 3:30 or so and the drive home was quiet traffic was good and the views of the sun were still amazing. But Then it was time go #dogwalkingwithomracer a few minutes later since some internet bits to do and check before. We then drove to Magpie Bridge, it was quiet there, the sun was still out and it was looking amazing even with the muddy path. 

The toilets in the car park 
We walked and Rosie was leaving the ball in different places, the shoes I wore were okay but they had their moments of mud. But the evening was really nice and then we walked up the steep hill near the gem bridge. But Rosie was in the river barking for the ball but if we chucked it she would lose it

The evening at the bottom of a bridge, 

Then we walked our way back and it was again time to end the day, We got home about 5 and then after getting changed, to back up the laptop AND also get tea and chat to S. IT was a nice mini tea of Fajita wraps along with ham, beef, salad and burger sauce. 

Insert Pics here

Then That is is and I will see you for the BIG GOOSE FAIR.