Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Work life is the normal life on a 11th Twitterversary - Lockdown stage 7

In all honesty, it comes to a point where life just feels back to normal in some ways, maybe for me, this feels like 2018 before may normal which meant I had more time to myself but at the same time, things are seeming like I have to move forward now on some projects and also catch up with things I've been putting off in some ways. But I'll explain it.

We start off with having another family walk on the 5th, with the luck of no more talk from the moving, which later I found some relieving news about tall that. But at the same time, I was not prepared to realise about the demand I was in for. But it was nice to do another google street view too.

Which after that I was realising that work was going to be busy, and this Monday was the time to finally get 2 reviews sorted, which luckily I took the time to be able to film them all on Monday. The new router I had to get due to a coincidental issue with broadband I had in the previous blogpost. The TP-link Archer Vr400 and even when I went to Tesco during these 2 weeks, the price dropped again to £40 which is just crazy steal pricing.

The router 

the Router setup 

That and it was also the Earphones from Maibenben with an order of  6 Pro E5100 I did which arrived on the weekend of the last post. But the laptop is still a work in progress.

The box 

Looking at the box for the earphones

Which those were for the cycling I had to do which those were going to be really busy for me let alone how I was going to really work things out with progress for the shop on top. But that's life and accounts were now having to be done, well okay its 5 months until they are needed to be done but oh well. Plus there was a reminder of how you can save money in London .,

But then it was time to work and carry on with things, The earphones worked for a distance with no problem, I was exhausted but was lucky to get the review typing up for both of those products as well. But it was actually getting to work and having to plan the days around it since the demand was getting high for me and having customers message me about things out of my control,

There was a plan to soon to make videos on how to cook foods battered in Tempura Batter, the poll suggested a Penguin bar.

That and I had to get some bits from Lidl as well, which aloe vera juice, cookie mix and also the vitamin c tablets, indeed some bits for mum as well.

It was also the anniversary of the time I had the anxiety attack in Temptations 5 years ago which really makes me think of how things have been nervy that weekend. Which now I look into it, things were bad and it was showing how desperate I was back then and how lost i really felt,

But from there it was soon to be one fucking busy week and also a time to reflect. From also enjoying the beta of the Crash on the run mobile game that was only in some smaller app stores and that had some addicting moments too, maybe I'll do a video on it one day. The screen controls are pretty good for non-chubby fingers, but meh.

But before that, it was rumoured to be another comet heading in the night sky so after one late night, I was ready to be able to get some snaps of this, which actually for me was some success of it. There was some blue but the night sky is so beautiful really.

The bright moon and the Sky 

The roof and the stars 

Then it was the Sunday and it was a time to be productive as well as have that chance to go on a morning dogwalking, chat and catch up with a friend. This was sometimes good since I did have to prepare for a fair bit of repairs on this week due to customer's needs (not just one).

The views when on the Sunday morning walk 

The chance was then to have one nice lush evening walk after a day of preparing and productivity if remember, But my mind was focusing on other plans and feelings in ways too. But the photos here I did submit towards the Countryfile contest, well 2 of them anyway. 

Ponies by the watering hole 

The cuteness of the Ponies 

Views from the sunset and skyline 

But then it shows me the busy week and well I was dreading this, just repairs to get done and well having to just work like I used to except not in a shop most of the day, which okay it's needed for the reputation but at the same time, It leads less time for projects I wanted to get done like the laptop review and also possibly a Q&A.

But instead, it was time to catch up on a job I've not really ever done before but had no choice to due to works reputation., iPad screen repair, so I had to take the screen of which luckily was not stuck down properly then had to clean the glue off it. A glue remover actually worked better than I was every guessing but it was like £11.95. Learning the right way is sometimes the tricky part but it was just the screws in the right order, last summer year was learning iPhone screen replacements,

before the iPad screen was ready to fit

Well; it was on after a few attempts and getting the buttons in the right way around. 

But after that day, it was accounts and also starting to watch Spongebob a bit more to understand things, maybe get into the show, okay not like a mega fan but it's a fun easy going cartoon. That along with a lot of crash mods for the n sane trilogy. Since it was soon to be 4 days worth of visits.

Now the 1st day was the longest, the routes were long and the watch even ran out of storage. Which means a bit of pain to deal with there but the hills are always exhausting for me to cycle up, but I had to wait for some of them since one person was a bit late but the main thing is I got back about 7pm, had a late dinner and then make sure I caught up with accounting and scanning documents.

Wednesday was a nicer one since I got to cycle for one visit then see my nan which was really nice to catch up and she even cooked me a microwave meal which was really good before I had to cycle to the next visit and learn that the TP-LInk CPE210 did not do the distance I wanted which was from a tree to 2 bungalows (not using this as a WDS bridge)  but it was also an interesting 3 hours to prove what living in a rural place will be like too which This would take a bit of investment to get good internet, like an antenna and a pole to fit it on, Plus the star signs were not changing dates even with the 13th one being found which was already there but a smaller one none the less.

The nice meal with my grandparents

But that and no signal and customers wanting things, it was a long cycle in the heat with the stress of the mind but it was time to make sure I was still going and also ot make sure another day was done. Thursday this time it was more visits and well a quick post office top up to make sure I had enough for something and also I did spend on my dad's birthday present a few days before this. Maybe this was the sign I'm keeping the focus on what's important in my life.

Then it came to Friday which was only a few in the morning but It was still a fair amount of cycling and more orders to provide, that and messages were starting to appear of me hoping to get the time off next week to catch up on this post and also videos up, especially as the Day in the life Youtube film was planned (ridley Scott directing it) but my worry was when I've not done the second job for almost 2 weeks it was making me worried I would lose it so I have that to focus on as well. Plus it was interesting with seeing a celeb build a high end ryzen PC.

Then it was the Saturday which actually was a nice day to relax and catch up with accounts, yet i also was exhausted from 4 days work of cycling on top but that is life. Sometimes we have to take a bit of time out and it sometimes feels we do it in the worst of reality times. We have to still progress on. But soon it was making time to think about the past year and how life has rapidly changed without telling things that could cause drama.

So, fuck its a Sunday and well it was time to get things reflecting in my mind, which actually the morning was okay after a hot nights sleep and even having to use chafing clean to make the D fragrance and less sticky was a bad mistake.

But as the day struck and a nice half bagel for breakfast, it was time for another walk and this time we went to a lake which I've not been since the last years of Tavi College.

The toasted bagel

As it was the afternoon and a late lunch, we then drove (parents did) to Siblyback lake, which actually the weather was nothing short of amazing minus the strong wind and even it heads a chance to make me want to take a girl around here even if we walked a slower pace than I do with the family. From the amazing sky to the cool breeze and some lush hills on view. This was just one thing to live for in some ways. 

Those lush green scenes 

the colour of the lake 

the most geese I've ever seen in a field 

the other side of the lake 

the dam is high

The water is deep with the suction underneath

the cornish valley

This is those scenes from movies 

And a slight one in the same shot

But then it was more scanning and times to focus on things for Monday. Which actually was more 2 visits in the morning, then walking rose, Weighing in then a shave than to catch up with someone and then seeing something which just made me smile and realise progress in these past 8 months. But I am at my almost biggest now so lockdown has been a growing time in weight too. 

almost the big 200 marks by accident but I know I will have to try to tone a bit more soon for the comparison ideal

Then it comes with knowing about some of the odd and quirky things such as someone that blocks me for being a feeder if I recall (one model called aliss) feeds a girl I once bought onion rings in spoons at via the app on a feabie meet a friend of mine and hers was at  1 to 2 years ago ish.

 One girl that took 6 attempts to meet properly got asked for an interview for channel 5 as well as a few other girls did. 


Let's be clear that this year has been one of those rollercoasters of highs and lows and this year is no exception. I even made a quote. 

This time of year i usually reflect on things from events of over a decade ago and this year has been no exception, I've walked away from toxic communities,  walking away from local people that simple things like meeting up (before lockdown fyi) were just complex or too many attempts,  Leaving locations to plan for a better project (which is still unannounced) and trying to fill empty holes inside of me (not literally). But well we can see what the peak of the summer holds

Now I will elaborate on this at the end of the year blog post which I will make sure it not done last minute but also I did really well with planning that this year too.  But there is still time for hopefully good changes and better times to go ahead plus with gambling on business too.

The Year Resolutions: 

Well i can't really say anything has changed except one of the Goals for non-food videos has been much more well-received plus would say achieved, I've also had to set aside these goals due to the pandemic and also less time for myself than I was hoping for. 

The 2020 resolutions

  • Finish KHIII - No chance 
  • Finish most of CTR - No chance 
  • Stream more - once the maibenben laptop and the Prif capture box is reviewed
  • Have my 3rd kiss with someone special - Im fingers crosses 
  • Have a doughnut date with a girl and at least 24 doughnuts involved  - again fingers crosses 
  • Have at least 3 holidays or weekends away - No chance during this pandemic if get to do one 
  • Get back to YT partner - feels like  I'm further than before due to low watch hours 
  • Make more videos non-food - Complete as far as I'm concerned 

Well that's all for now and I'll see you in 2 weeks, the work pandemic has not stopped me so far.