Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A day off in the life of omracer

So, this is another march of another year which feels like a year i've already done with the same feelings repeating themselves. But this is technically a requested post, now i've done a day in the life vlog before, but with glass in my life, a better one could of been made, and i think it has.

Enjoy the vlog down below:

A morning of preperation and pet chaos

Well, its been strange since i'm always waking up around 7-7:30 and recently i've even been in a feeling that i've destressed twice in a morning (no joke, i fapped twice in a morning twice this past week) and this day was no exception, but i finally got up after the 2nd fap and the dog was on my bed, so i had to roll out. I also texted lauren to see if she was free, but she had family so maybe it wasn't going be a chance to catch up, maybe more so vent how i feel but i'll leave that for another time. 
The dog on my bed just as i was waking up
So, i got up and then greeted the cat, but it ended up the cat and dog fighting as they usually do, so i was brushing teeth and cleaning my face partly over with some nivia cream, i finished off and was time to check e-mails and facebook, which my boss asked me about something related to scanning but that was sorted then it was time to get the bike out and then it was time to put both Rosie and Aries in their cages and i cycled off. This was not too bad a journey, it was cold but then got warmer and one case of it spitting with rain but that was a very short amount of time, enjoy pics of the way there.
Passing and on to the trail

Getting to Clearbrook

wheee down the hill near derriford

more Wheeee time with the hill near the flyover

Nearing the Stadium

A hazy sky over from central park
The bike

Walking and pondering in a average crowded city. 

Well, getting in was nice and then i wandered up to go to a toilet and then it was off to primark. The toilets were clean as usual. But then it was from the top floor to the bottom and into there. As i was passing, i saw lauren, she didn't see me i think but we saw each other later. But getting into primark was good as well as picking up 2 pairs of jeans for £14, slim W34 L32, original price was £15 but now it was £14 for 2, i was happy. 
The jeans before purchasing 

Then i wandered around, first up was carphone warehouse, sure there was the hipstreet 7" and i saw emily and she looked her beautiful self, the same figure i've lusted for and a darker shade of hair too. Next up was HMV and not much new games and i saw breaking bad boxsets. After that, it was to GAME and i saw Hotline Miami 2 for £10.99 for the download code, which was really tempting but i said no.

Exploring the town like the other Game, a phone shop which didn't know what my phone was, a rip off pay weekly shop which had a 23" 3D PC monitor for £104 which was used and i almost regretted the HD monitor i bought last week. 
Various cash converter shops which has some 2nd hand goods, a decent-ish graphics card for £60 but that was not me even being sure what model it was. Also an elgato for £80 (not the hd60). There was also a British red cross rep who greeted me, one of the girls looked like liv a bit which i thought it was her, but nope i was too young and carried on. Poundland was also boring.

It was getting near the bottom and i explored PC shops, some good deals but then it was some games and i was tempted for Theme Park for £1 but then i can get it on PC which its better on. But sealed copies for FFVII going for £80, fuck me. I also passed Flavour Vapour to check if eloise was in, no luck either. 

The oriental store was nice, some options to consider, especially i've been into noodles, then i had a daydream of an oriental night in with charley at her old flat, i seriously had a vision of it but then i walked out of the store into the sony centre, it disappeared, but my mind wasn't all with it today anyway. There was also someone asking about bluetooth headphones, i almost corrected this girl and guy in there. 

As i walked up back to the mall, i popped in the sweet shop and thought to myself that if i was dating, i would be buying so much food in here, from nerds, twinkies and other US junk for nights in. Another daydream appeared, this felt blurry. I carried on up to maplins, i thought i saw Jasmine in specsavers, even though she is now hitched up so it would end up no point.

Then it was coming up to the mall and i saw lauren while she was having lunch at oggy oggy, we waved so thats probably the nicest thing that happened so far today, then some depressing much came on as as i walked up, i looked back with a tear in my eye. 

I walked into the apple store, went on a mac and looked at FCP X exams and update the details on my professional registry details for the apple certification. That was quick then it was looking at £29.95 for a £32 flash drive, ok it was USB 3.0 but thats a fucking rip. 

Walking out of there then another toilet break and i was going to relax but i walked to the casino instead, which was meh and there was this incredible looking girl outside, she had dark brown hair, nice smile, a denim jacket that was making her look like it was going to pop and she has a really amazing figure in her leggings, i was going to approach but i know it was going to be a stupid idea.

The gambling, well it was long, i mean i had 5 stands, won 3 lost 3 and eventually i lost it all, i only bet £6 but the plan was to win £6 then i would buy Hotline Miami 2. That plan failed but Hollie, the dealer, was a nice accent to her and she felt welcoming. 

Reflection on the peaceful side of an ocean city

I wondered up to the hoe, passing places, the girl was still waiting outside and i was about to approach until she slowly walked and her boyfriend was there, at least that was the jist of what i saw, then i walked up, they were behind me, but yes i was jealous of him. Eventually i got to the hoe and it was calm and the wind was not as strong as i was used to. I chilled for 10 minutes, before making my way to the barbican, some guy was cleaning out the bins and there was kids doing sk8boarding things.
The view

Glass Selfie
The view of mount batten #throughglass
The barbican was busier than i thought, but i was going to have a cap n jaspers (but eating food by myself not at home or work is a embarrassing feeling which i've tried to rid myself of the past 3 years) and decided against it, even though the food is great value, it reminded me of alannah a bit but shes back with exes too (months ago) so *sigh*. 

As i was around that area, i noticed a UKIP councillor strolling around, he passed me and just ignored me but was talking to fishermen that just arrived from a trip, resting my legs around her was nice and the view was like the one i saw when i was in plymouth for one evening last year. 
The view of the barbican from where i sat
Exploring a chocolate shop and a mix of a mini market was nice, but then i reminded myself of weddings when i was in there and felt sad then walked out, of course bronti's work was advertising st patricks day, as a natural pub would do. I also noticed that really nice florists i bought from are closing down or at least the store is, thats a shame :(

Then i decided to walk back into town around 3:15. I popped into Thomas Cook nearby but didn't really have the guts to admit or ask for a holiday for myself only (a alone trip, which some places don't accept), i was asked they could help and i just said i was looking, unsure and holding glass, i was still looking and then browsed one of the club 18-30 ibiza brochures and looked, oh look hinting at 3 people per holiday/room, i can't do that. Then i left and walked up & rested on the food court of drake's circus, with working out how much ££ i had, which then i could work out how much i had spent so far, which was actually £20 exactly, £14 for the jeans and £6 for blackjack. 

The food court

Then i walked down to another IT shop, browsed around, walked out and set up the GPS since it was time for me to leave, it was being fixed really quickly and i was out of Plymouth by 4. 

Heading back to relaxing reality

The bike ride was pretty good, sure some stops with lights and also cars and lorries right behind and passing me, but i did good, my legs were killing it by the time i got near home, which i managed to survive and all. 
Passing KFC and a good friend i like's former work

An empty bus stop on the borders of woolwell

Leaving plymouth behind

A Gem bridge of free riding speed

Getting home

Then it was time for me to get home and change and relax, i had made it, the bike was away, the dog was howling to be let out of her cage, i had a refreshing hot shower before hand, so i was that much in pain. Then it was just relaxing and a night of cooking meals and typing up was the plan. 

Well that concludes this day, more blogposts planned, and some of those will make you think or even shock you