Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Sad Catch up

Well, since the 3rd month is here, its time to continue on with how my goals are set. Sadly they haven't gone to plan and even though its still early on in the year, i can feel a deep sadness with 2014 almost repeating itself.

The changes

Well it turns out that last friday, i lost charley, not lost in terms of death but well, shes engaged too. I frozen just after i saw the ring and well i felt alot of feelings, i wanted to cry, i even wanted to just walk out in a road and say thats it but part of me knew that this was karma for not seeing her sooner and also not getting a better presents instead of the £210.
That saturday was not a good one, i felt low, sure i was chatting but i felt a tremor to the voice i used to serve and assist. But this feeling i've had a few times before, emma only last year which i still think about and now its two of the same in certain moments.

Now there was also a birthday and family portraits but i was looking up to the sky for an answer to see if it was time to thank her for everything then just say that we have to part our ways, since i know this could hurt us both, i put it off this time and even though we were supposed to go for a meal along with the house, the air has changed :(. Oh and then you have an over reaction to offering to have a mcdonalds coke and drinks with a rare diamond, it would actually be an honour to take tash on a mcdonalds date (or any food related date with her). Also Housewifeswag pigging out on burger king was nice £9.30's to see, she reminds me of Ashleigh but also reminds me of Liv from years ago but with black hair and nicer to everyone without a kid.

Even though this week has been slow, i also have bought a new PC monitor, which was a nice £82 and also i've got a plan of the Timeleak Capture kits have been ordered and is waiting to be shipped.
the new monitor

The Goals 

Actually i'm going to be honest here and say i've actually not completed any :(.

  • Get into my first relationship - There is a very little chance of this happening, but to be honest, this is still a long step ahead, i really need to read the dating for dummies pdf nightly to be fair. 
  • Have a mates or friends day out - This might go further but April is when the plans maybe starting. 
  • Enjoy a meal with friends or a date at a restaurant - Both of these might happen, one is for sure, the other has possibly changed.
  • Watch a Studio Ghibli Film - Film4 have announced a season of them, that might be me sorted. 
  • Cook for a girl or group of girls - This is too complex or more so too early to achieve,
  • Finish KH 2.5 HD Remix - Level 48 nearing the battle of the 1000 Heartless, so maybe over halfway there, also a better screen to play it on is me from tomorrow onwards.
  • Purchased and Finish Oddworld New N Tasty - Waiting for PS3 release, crossbuy means i've got it already but time to wait.
  • Escape from 2 prisons from the Escapists - Maybe a long shot at this moment

And this finshes off, its now time to sort things out, there are other ideas such as deepening my voice. The problem with being told your voice is like a girl's can be a pisstakingly embarrassing thing, i went to the pharmacists and the sales rep named emma nor the actual pharmacists could do anything, ok maybe the "go to your doctor" but the surgery i use is slower than me running from oceana to home overnight. Maybe googling will have to help. 

That sums most of this up, I didn't feel it was fair to do a long post and i'm technically up being 22 watching Sonic Runners on twitch, even though i have it on my iphone for vlogging. 

All the best