Wednesday, 25 March 2015

omracer's Night Out: A Late march American introduction meal

This has been planned but on NDA from swaggy until today, but its been a first meal of the year in all honesty and this will be a good one, from what i've heard, 10 people incl me and the house are in, long story short of this is that its a surprise meal for jake and his recent US Girlfriend, Ella. For some reason we all decided (or more so the surprise) was going to be at Royal william yard, no idea which will happen.

Today has been mostly a day of actually doing a video review of a new capture card which has been long due to the fact the dog has been a needy bitch, really needy and playful. Shes been a right pain today. But there was a video review done and luckily i started uploading it just as i got out the house.
The run was fresh and fast and i go to lidl in just over 10 minutes and 2 minutes early for the bus. Then 2 people were also at the bus stop, the older chap was the only one that got on, but paid the same fee as me and then the bus was off.

The usual run

Sunset over Lidl
The bus journey was quite quiet and it wasn't the slowest but felt longer than usual, either way i made it into town by 7:13 and it was quite a nice view of the rail station and the busy roads in a near dark scene.
This was a tease for snapchat friends of what was about to happen

The view from the rail station footbridge
I ran my way to Drake's Circus, only to remember the toilets were closed to i pushed myself to get to the casino, which by the time i had got there, i started the vlog and then it was some fun and business.
The casino and the bottom of town.
As i walked in, there were some lads chatting and i nearly bumped into one of them but he was apologetic so its not a bad thing, i walked in there and walked straight for the toilet, one of the bartenders did give me evil looks but i ignored it, she was blonde and slim ?.
Then the piss and handwash were done and my chance at blackjack was up, so i better £10 into 2 £5 chips, started to bet and i got a 21 first time, thats 7.50 profit, then i bet again and won another five by sticking at 15. So then i cut my ego and left to cash it in, which took AGES, like no staff was there until 5 minutes later. She was a bbw and called me sweet so i was happy with that.

the total to cash in
Then it was time to get to Royal William Yard, i was nervy but i pelted it and passed through the top of union street up to lidl then turned left and ran through that side of millbay, i saw the ferry in dock as well. But within a small amount of minutes, i was there and it was time to wait for others and see where to go.
Running in union street to the yard

The entrance was dark  and earey
Eventually once i was in Royal William Yard, it was dark but quiet and yet there were people walking around and cards leaving and coming into park as well. Which was intriguing, also i sat down hoping to see them all there, but i was the first one there. Naturally i check for restaurants to see which one was booked, i traveled up to seco lounge first to check. Seco had nothing, Las Iguanas had nothing until 8:30.Shortly after i get out of there, a Taxi Van shows up and it was the House (Pete, Swaggy, Nath & Taylor & Jakes brother). We get accquainted and then get in and funnily enough, it was the 8:30 booking, i shouted a bit of annoyance out but it was laughed and passed by, meh.

Now it gets fun with the fact that there was a seating arrangement, heck i've not dealt with those since the #crappycityplym days. It turns out i was opposite Ella and it was pretty much 7 on the row i was and 6 opposite (since theres only 13 people). The menus were all layed out and it was a long at least 30 minutes chat (10 minutes after the rest arrived) before food and almost all the drinks were ordered.

8:20 and all others arrive, jug of water or 2 were ordered with Jake and Ella opposite it, (most of the night he was whispering stuff in her ear then looking at me, i'm going with puzzled thoughts). then I drink hot sauce from glass, Which was was hot but not too insane, then we eventually order food. 

The jug of water with lime inside
The chilli sauce dare was ok, there was a sweetness to it but also it was nearly burning my tounge, i mean i even sucked it off a line. Speaking of lime, swaggy offered me a lime and i thought "A line, theres no coke here", which took a odd laugh of drug references here and there, But that was a funny scene, even though teaching glass is still a tricky thing. Then it was time to order the food.
I Went for burger and half of fries and curly fries for £10.50. Others went for Burritos and Fish curry. So many jokes about the names on the menu  Xinxim and Naked Skull (actually a cocktail). Eloise and Harry were sort of puzzled on what the difference was between tacos and burritos and fajitas. Lexi had mini burgers, Nath had one of those sizzling meals. Hayley had something else, i don't know of.

Later on i went for a slash while various chats were going on, come back and eventually i asked Ella where or what state she was from, that american accent replied back "ohio", i was happy since 2 bbws follow on twitter are from there, putting that across didn't really work.
The food arrived shortly afterwards and it was great, various food and mexican and latin dishes.
Then Pete wanted a pic with all of us, he got the waiter to take a pic of us, then i asked him to use glass, he was like "what" then i said "just try it and showed him the button then he looked and took a few shots. Once he handed them back to me he said they were "cool" and was stunned (gob smacked even) when i said they cost me £800.

The Glass version of the Pic with the £10.50 Burger
My phone has lighting which makes it look good

The waiter managed to get a good photo taken

Good old Glass Settings vignette on top of the pic
It turns out that i downed the food really quickly compared to everyone else and then it was nice to scoff it via glass and then pete wanted a go then jake, then ella, then harry then eloise. Alot of chatter was happening at this point like being offered to go to CS:GO event in Sweden with the house, was meh about it. Eloise was fascinated with fact people earn £ from CS:GO and steam trading cards. Jake joked about CPU pin. I also had to go to the bar to refill the Water jugs.

Picking up 2 jugs of water

Blurry shots



A mid laugh

Various poses

Not so good poses

Then I was dared to eat jalepeanos, also offered to sniff a line of the seeds which was a relation to when i thought i was offered a line of something earlier on that night. Desert menus were ordered soon after, which was tempting to see what  offered but choc fudge cake for £5.30 was good. James ordered the same.
The nice aztec Choc fudge cake for £5.30

Mine and Swaggys cake
Then it was nice to eat this on video oh and also there was feeding talk from eloise and harry being so adamant not feeding her. Then there was gossip and then there was chatter about things and i blurted out a dream i had earlier in the week. Ella thought the filming myself eating was weird. Oh and then she saw some bbw porn on my iphone and i showed almost everyone Kips commission. Most laughed but were fair about it. Eloise did think it was realistic :)

But soon the bill and time to finish everything up, in the end the total bill for all 13 of us came to £203.70 something, it was also fun how there was a feedback card with how people was getting on, Power glove was mentioned but everyone felt the speed of service was slow, the pricing was high etc. 3 People including me paid on card. Mine came to £15.80 (£10.50 + £5.30), others paid in cash and so on and so forth.
The feedback form

The reciept of how much it all came to

The £15.80 receipt from mine

Also it was nearing 10:40 when we all left, most of them were getting Taxi's to Bang Bang, but I ran back that way anyway. It was nice since there was fun banter, planning, being lectured on that fact prozzies won't let you pay for a kiss, me and pete were almost going to find some, but we bottled it.

The yard as i left

The route taken to get to north hill 

I got to cuba and it was pretty good, i mean i went for a quick toilet, but i popped out and saw jake and ella in Bang Bang, he said the rest of them went home. So i popped back into cuba, ordered a glass of water and it was interesting to see what was happening. I saw a familiar face with a guy with a ponytail, ordered a cold glass of water and saw this amazing girl,,tall and soft blonde, looked like passionbbw but slimmer and blonde hair, she tried to ignore me, I danced on table to impress her before making my leave.
The glass of water

Drinking Selfie

Then by 11:35, I walked to spar and listen to this girl with spots talk about her belly to this guy while ordering a subway,,no good deals, walked opposite the road and waited for the bus while uploading snapchats. By 11:49, the bus came and i got on and it was a quite night, which arrived by 0:40 and it was a quiet freezing run home.

The route home
I finally made it home, i was going to type most of this up but i fell asleep by 1am instead. Well thats a meal, the first of the year and more to come hopefully.