Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Day 10

its been a long & tiring day for me day. I apologise for the Shouting below but it will get the point across way much easier.

Well I had Mr Hake & Mr Kinsman confronted me about this blog. The main point they were trying to get across was the fact that its "inappropriate". That was really funny since I ALREADY KNEW THAT & THAT'S WHY THERE WERE WARNINGS ON HERE. Also they both had the cheek to ask me if i was think this through. YES I DID THINK IT THROUGH (well most of it anyway). So now the blog stays on the condition that its private. That meeting well pissed me off but i knew why they did it without even having to ask. I think that they were worried that the College's Reputation would be crushed or lower because of me & this. Or it was the fact that they were sickened cause of it (They are not the only ones but there are not many who are now). Well I'm going to be honest right here: IF PEOPLE NEVER LOOKED AT THIS IN SCHOOL THIS BLOG WOULD OF NEVER HAVE TO BE PRIVATE NOW. But I'm glad this is private since I have more control. That said i feel there is no need to put this on blogger but i will keep it.

Ok Enough of the rant.

Maths nothing happend interresting really. I still was annoyed with earlier (See above). But before i went in I was chatting to Millie & Max Scragg (Average height, blue eyes & can be wild sometimes with his mates which can end up embarassing). Mille look even better than she did on Friday. Then it occured to me that she might be flirting but i thought not.

Break was ok. Sadie & Liv asked about what happened earlier. I heard someone make a joke about it which was funny.

In Science we had practical which was ok. Most of the Lesson I was talking to Gabrielle (A Stuning tall blonde, with blue eyes, a nice nose piereing & is incredibly smart with a nice voice)
& Millie & Jamie, Ben & others. I accidently messed up the expirement (ouch). Matt Pridham (Short, blond hair and can be funny (joke kind of funny) sometimes) took a picture of Me & Millie. It was really sweet (Which means there might be a spark between us) & I might put it up here if shes ok with it. I helped her with her RE Homework (as well as David Hill) which was for last lesson.

PE was better than last time. I thought I peformed well in the matches.

After PE i went Home. I Signed out. When i got there i got changed into casual clothes & had lunch then before 1:00pm we headed out for City College (http://www.cityplym.ac.uk/) I was nervous like hell since I was worried about the interview and still stressed from this morning.
It actually turend out very well. The person that showed us round and gave the presentation was a nice guy. I think i messed up the assesment though really badly. He was watching the Obama inaguration ceremony (Well Done Barrack, You got my support even though it means nothing to you) and i was as well. The interview was better than i thought.
Well in the end the person that interviewed me says I have a guranteed place for the course i applied for but i might have to have the English & Maths Classes as well if I don't get a C in Both Maths & English.

Bye bye