Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tuesday 13th January 2009 (Day 4)

Well it been an average day for me Today.

Maths was good. We had a cover teacher (Mr Sutton). Which meant that everyone sat where they wanted to so i tried sitting next to Abbey Coombe then she moved somewhere different. Luckily by chance i got kicked out of the seat i was in & sat next to her (she didn't mind......i don't think anyway). Anyways we chatted & after the person opposite me (David Hill) saw my screensaver on my phone which was a picture of Courtney (Also known as Plump Princess http://www.plumpprincess.com/). He got shocked & then she asked me something along the lines of "If you like fat girls then why do you like me?" I said that i like her for who she is. Basically everyone i fancied was an exception. She was alright about that then we just chatted. Now this become funny & erotic (well for me anyway). She was hungry and she asked the person she usally sits next to in maths (Jake Westlake) for a Kitkat Chunky (I think they are the best product out of The Kitkat chocolate brand). He said no but she tried many times then she asked me to do it. I said yes & I asked him & tried many times. Then he said you can give to her if you buy it off me for £30. I said now. In then end she took it off him. Now for me seeing a stunning beautiful girl (such as Abbey) eating junk food is very erotic for me for some reason. Well she ate it but in a nice manner way. She througly enjoyed it though which make me happy that shes happy. Then we chatted for a while about many things such as when ramdom people asked you for money. We also talked about food used in sexual foreplay. She used whipped cream once. Then she told me about the best addition to homemade pancakes (well for her anyway) are Lemon, Sugar & Jam & something else i forgot. Then she said about doing a cooking show and eats what she cooks & blossoms into a bbw or ssbbw. That made me remember about http://marmalade-man.deviantart.com/art/Meet-Brandy-107779485 & http://marmalade-man.deviantart.com/art/Show-Promo-107780662 . I did tell her about that as well but she might not of heard me but I'll send her it later & explain then. If ever she does do that & has her cooking show she will be everything i would ever want. Love you Abbey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In IT not much happened except a guy dared me to put 3 Strawberry lockets in my mouth . Well I did & my mouth became cool (not as popular cool the other cool). Mind you it was hard to talk & my teeth couldn't crunch all of them. Oh and Millie Chinn is still really annoyed with me & I'm lost on ideas of making it up to her. if you wanna help please comment & say what i could do.

Then at 1:00pm I had my electronics exam. The time set by WJEBC/ADBC (the welsh exam boards i meant) was 45 minutes. I finished the whole exam in about 20 minute & triple checked it for the rest of the time.

Then it was lunch. Sadie Moss wanted to talk to me for a bit. Shes is one stunning girl with long bright, blond hair, very soft skin & has a nice bum. She is probably the nicest/kind hearted female student in Tavistock College. Very good friends with April. Then i walked around for a bit then i got forced & punched once to do sit ups so i did them..............problem was one of April's mates (you will know about her tomorrow so don't worry) had a go at me for doing them & Abbey was there.

You know I've realised something:
"Love's chances comes to you when you embarrass yourself."
I know its crazy but its given me chances with the people i love & loved, For Example:
  • I had to street dance (well dance anyway) for Abbey twice or so. Yesterday was the one time its really got me somewhere (read what happened).
  • Doing stuff on webcam can sort wrongs to rights (Sammy Place & Seona Sinclair...Very Good Example).
  • If it wasn't for Jimmy Lovering daring me to kiss Charlotte Rolls this blog & all of me feelings of love would of never existed.

Well there are more examples but i think that enough writing for today.

Good Night Everyone.