Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Well blogs like these can't even last 5 Fucking days anymore. From how many verbal complaints I received within about 10 to 15 mins was extraordinary. I could list the people that complained but it would be a waste of space. I don't get some people sometime. Ok i will admit some of it is abit sexually graphic but that is me personal thoughts. BUT THIS BLOG WILL STAY EVEN IF IT MEANS HAVING TO GO PRIVATE OR RATE AS ADULT CONTENT. Earlier I had to Amend some changes by request. Pissed me off doing it but i did it.

Just remember this:
this blog is like a public diary and some personal thoughts will appear here. The people mentioned in this blog are described in a postitive way and should not be offended. Its a big shame people can take this the wrong way.

What makes it worse for me it this:
Download & scoll down to the date 14/1/2009 or someting like that.

This really kind of pisses me off & some people exaggerated too much.