Saturday, 17 January 2009

Day 7

First off i will no longer put the day & date in since blogger does it for me.
Well today was good. I did fantasize over sadie this morning. It was good.
I went to town to do some stuff. Topped up my phone & brought & brought 3 Post office saving stamps for my mum. I made it up to Millie in a really romantic way. I brought a small white rose for £2.00 from one of the Florists in Tavistock (I know now what im going to get Sadie & Abbey for Vakentine's Day) & went to her work. I ordered a flapjack (Which was so tasty) as an excuse to give it to her. I gave it to her when she brought the flapjack out and she kinda got embarrassed when she brought it in (i was sitting outside btw). The flapjack was £1.65 which was good value.

Then i went to the Pasty House to get a drink. I spoke to Leah & Seona (She stunning which medium to long ginger hair, blue eyes and a sweet feminine voice) they asked me to go to the party which is currently happening as I type this. I said no for the same reason i told everyone else who asked me.

I walked home. I downloaded Every Extend Extra for the PC (link:
and played that for a bit.
Then I went to KFC (with my mum & dad of course) for a quick meal. After that we went in B&Q for a hour or more. Then we went to Tesco for some shopping. Saw David Hill (Average Height with Black Hair & friendly) & Matt Jefferies (Similar to David only a tiny bit shorter). Finally we came home & it was raining heavily.

Good night.