Sunday, 21 May 2017

omracer's Night Out - A Rave n Run in May

So, the unexpected night out, I've missed you and this one might be a bit fun but also I might of overdone things, with may in the middle, a month since the half marathon and parents off out, this was ready to happen. The vlog is below...

A long day 

In all honesty, work was quiet but with some jobs on and also a teenage market outside the town hall, it wasn't going to be busy big the rain made it quite good, a last minute home visit near my house was good, minus running in the road, I did enjoy a nice small snack to help me get by and also I'm back on vitamins which I actually was happy I did.

Once I got home, I got a call from nan telling me mum had gone away for the weekend, then she called up and make sure I was OK. Once that was done I decided to walk Rosie to town and get some cash out for this event, since I made sure I had a light gear on me. Then shower, change, coffee, vitamins and charging phone, I was actually ready and prepared.

The bus time were ummmm...

But I ran down to the bus station too early in the end, since the bus didn't have a 9 pm time and that was odd when I checked on stagecoach, but that time was actually for the Tavi inbound stop. I started to vlog anyway, now Instagram have filters I can get intros done nicely.

the insta selfie

waiting for a bus that won't turn up

I ran back up, soaked but only a panic run, getting home and greeted Rosie, then walked here before a quick change and then I walked out after making sure it was locked tight and paper if Rosie needed it. I got to lidl again by 9:55.

The bus Journey

Now I got on by 10:10 and the chap greeted me and it was a £3.00 ticket for a Nightrider, cool and told him I was running back. He was fair about it and smiled before I got up there.
Then the quiet ride before it was time to get off the bus. The house was now no longer an option since things have had a vast change now. I got into Plymouth by 10:45 and it was then a run to Pryzm, which is going to be my first visit.

The drop off after the bus

A PRYZM bit of fun, 

I managed to get in there by 11:00pm. With the queues hardly, the I'd was checked, now I got into the scanner, then alert showed up, but then a rescan showed double entry but I got in anyway. I explored and gosh, it has a nice charm now, posh stairs, more seats, nicer names but some lights and signs were the classic. The smoking or smirting area now has some roofs and lights to help keep the warmth there.

I raved before really going up to vlog, with a few bey's from Falmouth chatting too and failing at using a fidget spinner. They went off and I vlogged before a big more dancing and the shoes worked. It felt cool and I got in a selfie too. Pete was a nice lad, he did say I have a receding hairline at my young age, but meh. Then a bit of dancing in curve before a seat outside to see the views and catch up on typing, since I need to keep that going.  The weather was nice too.

the old wowoo smoking area
Photo by Ross Mackley

Raving was fun, now I made sure I had Rosie sorted, my mind was worried but there were so many lovely ladies out here, I danced with some , some took pics of the shoes and I've had some smiles and some ughs. But it was nearing the 12am mark, I was pondering while making sure I pace myself.

a selfie 1

More raving ensured and I actually had a few compliments, one of those selfies from the pryzm photo team and also seeing some bbws that were beautiful. The lights were going and the shoes really did make a difference, some guys did compliment them too. A relaxing stop at 12:22 and just people watching but it was maybe soon time for popworld too but that was after 1am, maybe the free entry should work, but it doesn't from the before 12am card.

a selfie 2

Then it was more raving and some cute girls I was dancing next too as well, we had a bit of a grind and she smiled at me, it was pretty blissful, then the shoes started to go wrong, maybe the pressure was too much for them, but sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn't.
But it was time to leave pryzm and try factory.

leaving pryzm

the streets were busy

the Shoes were failing on me

The fun of the town

A nice run to get there, passing formerly bretonside which had British Land fencing it off before working on the development.   also seeing girls shout threesome and then  "run mate run" to me. I got to Factory which was a basement of a posh white building, there was a small queue.

factory is the furthest white building away from you

When queuing, an argument nearly happened and then the bodyguard told me it was £10 to get in so I passed, that's alot of money :/. I walked my way to town and people alike and royal navy police vans about.

Town Views

Then I went into the casino for the first drinks of the night and a toilet break. My feet were stinging but my body was still active and not being too tired, then I yawn as I typed that, lol. The water was warm too, but it made things good inside a bit better. I was also at 5825 steps at this point.

the only glass of water for the night out. 

My time to travel to popworld was the next step I think, maybe I could meet Sophie and Megan, both look amazing on Instagram, one more for average people and the others my type.


Now we really enjoyed this, but just before I went in I talked to ash and we hugged, she had just left popworld too. I went in and had so many different people to see, and worth the £5 entry. Like I was dancing and high fiving Ashleigh, she smiled at me which is a good thing but was cuddling her boyfriend. This is something good since she has never done that with her best mates with her whom both i like.

Then I saw Eloise and she looked like a excited lady, shouting my name to her mates and danced to the mac-arena. A nice mash up was upstairs and people loved the one shoe light up, but then I got to the smoking area and as well as seeing Inds, I caught up with Harry and Sophie, I've not seen him since the meal with the house, before Gracie. Told him how I've been and both tried to ask about the love life , which hasn't changed really apart from Gracie but I didn't say that. I passed Inds when I was going to hang out in the smoking area. I also chatted to Scott who was a decent guy and I said it's my 2nd time here, he loves the music.

Then I caught up with Elosie who said about how bad the NHS was an I felt for her, it was not one of those nice stories to repeat and it tells how bad this UK government can be and how my age are rooting for labour and with some promises that can't be fulfilled, in How.

The selfie of us both

Then it was the classic pop songs from grease to YMCA and cotton eye Joe and vengaboys are awesome. My legs were starting to ache and I sat down and I was next to this beautiful ssbbw, okay she did go ugh at me when I smiled at her but I tried to say hi but this other 24 year old started chatting. It was nearly 2:45 at this point. So I headed for Jesters at 3am ish.

THE Phone Squabble at JESTERS

Now, I get to jesters by about 3am and it's not much going on, I rave and there are some cute bbws around, my legs are not as rave able as they were earlier. But I get to enjoy the £4 entry and some classics. But as I enter the smoking area for a second time, a big argument arises about stolen iPhone 4 and it gets nasty, so I try to offer to help since she looks amazing but the words "FUCK OFF YOU" is her reply to me when standing next to her just as I was about to speak.  One of her mates said hi before that to be fair which makes him nice. One girl was signing summer nights with me and twirling and everything.
It gets colder so I dance a bit more before maybe walking my way to Cuba and North hill begins.

The footbridge near jesters

I get to McDonald's but that has no one really, one guys asks why I'm taking a pic but thats about it, as I walk slightly further up, a rave in a car is happening and I join in with them, a nice girl to be fair.

walking selfie

But the walk to Cuba was slow and nice, then it was time for the last part. But you couldn't go past caffeine club there, since the library is being redone.

The road closed off

The North Rave, 

Now we enter north hill, the uni party zone, with queues outside switch and Cuba was no queue. Scholar wasn't really much there.

a sort of busy north hill vibe

Now I pay £2 to get in and then explore, a dance and then some guys know me and hug and get a selfie, one of their girlfriends got :@ about her being in it or the vlog, but then he told me to get a vodka redbull for himself, paid me £3.30 for it. That was quick to order though, the sales rep was simple to uinderstand his voice and read my order easily on  Google Keep.

A selfie of us both

Raving with boomerang happened and then my tiredness was showing as it was getting on, I did go toilet but since it didn't lock properly, some drunk guys saw my ass. But my feet were feeling numb and a chair to sit on and let them dangle in the air was so good, it was nearing 4:45 by then. Sunrise was 5:21 so I can get a head of time which I think it was an ideal way.

An Exhausting run home

Now before I ran home, or at least attempted to. I visited Spar which had action cameras and even other electronic devices while there is a massive queue for Subway as per usual, I walk my way to Goodbody's and the mutley Premier is full of the cheap drinks, but i was not sure so i walked into Goodbody's and only one group was actually eating in there and prices were a not for me along type thing. So I ran it.

Starting near here, back home
I was getting tired, slowing down, checking the phone, and all types of excuses which was making me run slower, the weather was getting brighter towards the end. But I also saw a hash brown fully ready that just wasn't eaten and left on a table, so I had a bite of that. But it was actually a very quiet run with not many people walking past me or driving past me when on the roads. Some kids went out of a tent in a field near The Dartmoor diner.

The empty flyover

The big mickey D's with the construction chaos next to it 

The uneaten hash brown so i Took a bite out of it
Once I got to clearbrook, I was slowing so much it was worrying me, but pains happen and I even had to go and have a cleanup in the Toilets in Yelverton to maker sure I was clean and ready to try to run, which in the end didn't work, especially with the following to buy...

The view from the footbridge at Roborough

A horse and a fowl decide to stare at me when running past them

The toilets to get changed it

Looking back towards Horrabridge

I then went ot the Petrol station at Morrison's, which for me was deciding on drinks but then the £0.05 bag free would make it not straight. In the end i went with:
  • Still Strawberry Water
  • Sparking Raspberry and Blueberry Water
  • Still Apple and Raspberry Water
  • Cheeryade
  • Appleade
  • Cookies
That came to £2.99 INCLUDING the bag, 

The combo

Then it was a struggle uphill which i eventually got home about 9:20 and the timing was pretty lazy and almost 7 minutes later than my last time. 

The screenshot